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About This File

This is an NPC Generator using the NBOS Character Sheet Designer.

Almost everything in this is automated to make generating an NPC as easy as 3 mouse clicks, using drop down menus.

The included file are ONLY for editing certain aspects to the program such as Races, Occupations, Sorcery Spells, Armor, Weapons, ect...

You will need to follow this link to download the Download actual Magic World NPC Sheet:


You will also need to Download the small NBOS program Character Sheet Designer found here:



I placed all these files in my MyDocuments\NBOS\CharacterSheet and they work well.


This sheet and the DOC files are pretty easy to edit and House Rule/ Homebrew how you like, once you get used to the program.

Feel free to post questions here, if I can help.

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Pardon my ignorance. How do I download the MW NPC sheet into my My Documents\NBOS\CharacterSheet folder? I tried to select and paste, but there is no "paste" feature when I get into the My Docs page. I am running XP Home Edition. Sad, I know.....


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When I went to the link, all I was able to see was the line by line code for the character sheet. I hit "select all" then "copy" and went to my Downloads\NBOS\Character sheet and there was no option to "paste"

I did not see a "download" feature anywhere on the linked page.

I CAN paste it here in the forum feed. But that would be bad....lol

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No lie. It's not hard but not user friendly either. Took me some playing around to figure out but if you're just using it as is you should be fine.

If I were a software genius I'd make it a stand alone .exe file but....

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Well, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. We'll see if I can get it to work. The group I game with isn't doing MW at the moment, so I have some time.

If I could get off Netflix watching The Walking Dead from the beginning, I would have some time that is. And I am sure they are going to start up Season 2 of "Fear The Walking Dead" pretty soon. Damn that Robert Kirkman and his cronies......

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Oh, I'm caught up. I started Season 6 on Amazon Prime, and decided to go back to the very beginning and watch it again. Up to Episode 50 at the moment, in five days.

I liked "Fear the Walking Dead". I bought the whole season on Amazon. If you just watch the first free episode, it isn't too captivating. It gets better the further along it goes. Mr Salazar isn't the nice shop keeper he seems to be. He has a hidden secret that comes out.

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