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About This File

This is historical military unit 1920s information for those PCs who chose a military occupation. It will provide the historical detail so one can say, “I was in H Company, 2nd Battalion, 104th Infantry Regiment in the 26th Infantry Division and fought at Chateau-Thierry and Soissons”. (GMs can also use it for NPC backgrounds).

My goal is to make it easy for a player to flesh out a historical military background. And to provide anchor bits of information the players can use to research more if they wish. This is a very early draft and I will be updating alot. I already have the additional units written and just need to format.

What's New in Version 2.0.0


I added more divisions, some info and did some editing. The changes made are;
Added Table of contents
Added to General AEF/WW1 info
Edited the Marines and 42nd division entries, added Medal of Honor recipients (maybe your PCs new them).
Added the rest of the 2nd division, which the Marines are part of.
Added the 77th, 82nd and 90th divisions.
Added the 8th Division elements to the AEFS draft.

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