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An in-depth explanation of the effects of damage for "RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha". 

Contains comprehensive examples.


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Some suggestions:

Terms, fourth bullet: "dur" -> "due"

Limbs, point A: "cumulated" -> "accumulated" or "cumulative" (?)

Limbs, point B: should "cannot exceed the LHP" be "cannot exceed twice the LHP"?

Limbs, point 😧 this might be better placed as the first point in this section to make the order of operations clearer. First you check to see whether the damage meets the 3×LHP threshold for maiming or severing, then you cap damage at the 2×LHP threshold before applying it to LHP and THP.

Example 3, point 1: "will reduce it to below –4 LHP" -> "will not reduce it to below –4 LHP" (?)

Example 5: the numbering of the points should start at 1.

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OK, but one question.

When there's some THP damage which is not, let's say, "mirrored" by LHP damage (for example, when an already banged-up limb at negative uninjured LHP is it once again), when such damage is healed?

Like, for a plausible example, we have someone with a 3 LHP arm, who gets hit a few times in that arm: first for 2, then twice for 3 - which would bring it to 1, then -2 and then -3, but there would be still 2 more points of damage toward the THP. Even when the arm would be healed completely, there would be those 2 missing points.

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