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RuneQuest-Glorantha-CharacterSheet-Word 1.0.0

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About This File

Yet another character sheet...

It's very close to the version in the core rules for RuneQuest in Glorantha,

Text boxes (in MS word) for filling in electronically

I have made the following slight modifications:

  • More room for passions (my players rolled up *very* interesting past history)
  • Room to fit damage bonus in weapon records
  • Removed sorcery section, as none of my players have any.  But adding it back in is just typing in the text boxes that are already there.
  • Room for more languages (3 only allowed for native/cult/trade, and some of my characters came from Prax, so needed to speak to the other Sartarite players)
  • An extra ally/mount - a player rolled a noble with a horse and intelligent Hawk side kick...

Whilst editing text boxes in MS Word probably isn't that popular - I'm afraid I'm a numpty writing editable PDF.  It does mean you can use runes as fonts (downloadable ttf elsewhere on the site), whilst the entry text uses Candara, a font for which I have a penchant.

Being from the UK it's in A4.  Not sure what happens to all the text boxes if you save in something more American friendly...

Hope its of use to someone...


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