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The Town of Tindale 1.0.0

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The Town of Tindale

Welp, after a LONG time, here it finally is. 1 file for the town and 1 book for player maps without room titles or secret areas

  This book contains descriptions and maps of hundreds of shops, vendors, temples, smiths, shrines, apartments, homes, guilds, towers, castle, keeps, exterior areas, caves, mines, and caverns in and around the town of Tindale. Your players may NEVER even visit some (or even most) of the areas as they are less than interesting to an adventuring party, but I included them anyway just in case.  They may never visit the chair makers shop looking for glory, but if they buy a house, or even a manor, they may want to furnish it.

  I also mapped a small hamlet outside of Tindale. A farming community of sorts. There should be 5 or 6 of these (That I didn't map) in the areas around the town, as well as Tindales main mine and namesake, and a logging camp. I may add these later, as they are an important part of Tindales economy. (Or someone else can feel free to add files as they wish. It would tickle me mightily if others made and posted adventures that revolved around the town.)

  Every medieval town in history has a lot of small hamlets and farmsteads surrounding it. Tindale should be no different.

  I didn't map EVERY building or apartment in the town (This book would have been 10 times as large) but this gives you, the chronicler, and me, room to expand and add stuff as needed. My idea for this town is to be a base for my own players. A place to call home.

  There is one main adventure tied to the town, Annabels Gift. A dozen small quests that can be found by talking to different NPCs, searching help wanted boards, or visiting the Adventurers Guild. Some of these are very dangerous to green adventurers and the Chronicler should read through them carefully so as no to over power the players. Intrepid and daring adventurers stand to make a fortune if they succeed at some of these, later in their careers. Maybe even becoming nobility themselves.

  You will notice the mapped area descriptions are pretty detailed. More so than most who run the game might need. This is because I have players who want to know exactly what is in the room they just broke into. What can be....misplaced? 

  OH! Almost forgot. I  broke down and bought a decent PDF editor and spent the last couple days adding links and bookmarks to pages for easier navigation.

  As always, thanks to Lynn Willis, Ben Monroe, Mark Morrison, and friends for giving ussuch a rich game as Magic World to adventure in.
And a big thanks to Jason Durall and Sam Johnson for the Big Gold Book which changed how I roll.
Thanks to Chaosium, inc. for making those materials available.
This book is not, in any way, a product of my artistic or writing ability. Every bit of art and most of the descriptions were “borrowed” from many other, much more talented
people from other books, the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset, and around the internet. Most of the Critters represented in these pages are from my Big Damn Book of Monsters.
Most of the NPCs were made using my Magic World NPC creator found on BRPcentral.
Most of the Treasures were generated using my Magic World Treasure Generator also found on found on BRPcentral.

LOTS of love to Trifletraxor for bringing so many great people together and allowing us to share our adventures!

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