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NPC-Squads-txt.zip; NPC-Squads.pdf 2.2.0

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About This File

If anyone finds them useful, here are some squads of NPCs I’ve generated. 

My campaign goes to Balazar, Huzzah!

Added are Balazaring hunters, warriors, dogs (hunting and fighting) and Ogres.

There are:

txt files (which print to one side of A4 if font is set to 8, and margins small, 0.5 cm all round.  Works best with a fixed font such as Consolas)

and a PDF of them all (to A4, I’m afraid I’m UK based).

There are now:

  • Humans (All Regenerated or New for v2.0)
    • Orlanthi-Warriors
    • Orlanthi-Travellers
    • Orlanthi-Light-Warriors
    • Orlanthi-Thanes
    • Orlanthi-Thanes-Mounted
    • Pavis-Watch
    • Pavis Thugs
    • Praxians
    • SableRider
    • Lunar-Irregulars
    • Lunar-Light-Infantry
    • Lunar-Heavy-Infantry
    • Lunar-Chaos-Infantry
    • Lunar-Elite-Infantry
    • Lunar-Heavy-Cavalry
    • Lunar-Magician
    • Marble-Phalanx-Hoplite
    • Silver Shields Hypaspist
    • Balazaring-Hunters
    • Balazaring-Warriors
  • Morokanth
    • Morokanth (New for v2.0)
  • Mounts
    • Horses
    • Bison
    • Sable Antelope (New for v2.0)
  • Dragonewts (All New for v2.0)
    • Beaked
    • Crested
  • Aldryami (All Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Dryad
    • Elf-Brown
    • Elf-Green
    • Runner
  • Uz (All Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Trollkin-Bandits and Warriors
    • Dark Trolls
    • Dark Trolls Tough
    • Great Trolls
    • Cave Trolls
  • Mostali
    • Copper (New for v2.0)
    • Iron (Regenerated for v2.0)
  • Tusk-Riders
    • Riders (Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Tuskers
  • Chaos (All Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Broo
    • Broo-Nasty
    • Broo-Scary
    • ScorpionMen
    • Skeletons
    • Balazaring Ogres
    • Balazaring Ogres Mean
  • Beastmen
    • Ducks (Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Baboons
    • Centaurs (Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Minotaurs (Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Newtlings
    • Wind-Children (Regenerated for v2.0)
  • Animals
    • Bears - Black, Brown and White
    • Boar
    • Dogs - Hunting
    • Dogs - Fighting
    • Mammoth
    • Shadowcat
    • Spiders (all sizes)
    • Sakkar (normal, and chaos tainted
    • Sakkar-Chaos
    • Wolf (normal, Dire, shape-changed Telmori and chaos tainted Dire)
  • Monsters:
    • Griffin
    • Hippogriff
    • Sky-Bull
    • Unicorn
    • Wyrm (Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Wyvern
  • Dinosaurs
    • Allosaur
    • Ankylosaur
    • Brontosaur
    • Deinonychus
    • Elasmosaurus
    • Magus-Profundus
    • Magus-Mediocris
    • Magus-Magnus
    • Pteranodon
    • Spinosaurus
    • Trachodon (Regenerated for v2.0)
    • Triceratops
    • Tyrannosaurus

I will add to the above, as required for my campaign.  But it’s slow moving.  However, if you have any requests message me.  In general, it doesn’t take long to create the data file that controls NPC generation for a new species.  It’s about an hour’s work, and then you can have as many as you want.

They are, of course, generated by a program, driven by a data file.  Mostly lists of weighted probabilities for stuff.  It weights cults/weapons etc. to the NPC’s runes, and it tries to be intelligent with the probabilities for weapons and armour, so the equipment doesn’t look completely random (whilst matching STR DEX and Enc limits).

Anyway, what you see are all computer generated.

If anyone is interested, I’m happy to share the code (it’s windows .Net, C#, and driven by XML data files).  However, it’s designed for my own use, I’ve made no attempt for it to be user friendly, and input is solely by editing a XML data file, fine for those who’re happy with XML and have a decent editor.  If there is any desire, I could add a GUI, if anyone twists my arm.

Also, if you prefer a different layout (or want US paper sizes), shout and I can easily regenerate (or provide you the toolset and show you how the format’s controlled).

Edited by Stephen L
Update Contents

What's New in Version 2.2.0   See changelog


Added are Trollkin bandits (skirmishes), Newtlings, Mammoth, Skeletons (a few of the Balazaring warriors (just 0) and hunters (0 and 1) were updated, since I wasn’t happy with the originals

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