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Elmal IMGU Plain Text Format 1.0.0

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Had some formatting issues with the previous download of Elmal IMGU. Changed the format to plain text, re-edited, and have d/l'd the corrected version here.

Thanks for your patience.

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Darius West

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There has been a push to pretend that Elmal is simply part of the cult of Yelmalio recently, but the fact is, this Thunder Brother is not the same as the Solar God of the Frontier Yelmalio.  This is a very good cult write-up, but I would like to see the format expanded into a full cult write up as in Cults of Prax or the forthcoming Gods of Glorantha supplements.  It is worth pointing out that there is quite a lot of info about Elmal in the Stafford Library's "Book of Heortling Mythology" which should be incorporated into the write-up.  I love seeing this available on the website for people to have access to, 5 stars for that, but we could make it even better.

Response from the author:

Thanks, @Darius West . Nice of you to say.

I'll take the time to pick up the BHM and read into what it has to say about Elmal. My only source of myths was Sartar Kingdom of Heroes and that description seemed very 'Yelmalio-centric' to me. That was one of the reasons why I did the 'one-page' writeup format. OTOH, it's very gratifying to see the level of interest.

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