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Mythras - Master of Magic.docx 1.0.4

About This File

(the word version, the navigation with section title is handy if you can read it)

Alternate power and magic system.
With a magic system inspired by Master of Magic: https://masterofmagic.fandom.com/

It has perks (general character improvements) and magic. Perk help tailor your character's adventuring power however you like it. But also limits it since one has at most INT Perks. By the way, it's targeted at Mythra - as opposed to BRP - with tame damage number (on spells) and small number of additional skills.

Magic is divided into 6 branches (Arcane, Chaos, Death, Life, Nature, Sorcery) and requires lots of perks to be good at it. It also has a sort of inbuild levelling, which prevent beginner to start with end game spells. Some spell cost thousands of mana and affect the whole world, not ideal for adventuring.

Overall 30 perks and 250 spells and a complete magic item creation ruleset. All sort of spells: buff, summons, elementals bolts, you name it!

This was designed for Mythras rule set in mind, some numbers and skills might require tweak if used with BRP.



Edited by Lloyd Dupont

What's New in Version 1.0.4


- updated for clarity
- updated skills used around magic for both fairness and simplicity and a few other XP adjustments
- added more well (combat and adventuring non magic) known drugs

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