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  2. Vostor Intrigue should be 10% not 15% Farm should be 40% not 35% Homeland Lore (Lunar Tarsh) should be 35% not 30% Meditate should be 10% not 15% Spirit Combat should be 40% not 45% Worship (Seven Mothers) should be 30% not 35% Perception modifier should be +5% not 0 Search should be 30% not 25% Track should be 10% not 5% To get the other skills in line I only needed 3 at +25% and 3 at +10% so he's missing out on 1 and 2 respectively. By the numbers, he's 45% down on what he should have.
  3. Joerg

    Broken Tower questions

    Depends on whether you can cut through the outskirts of other clans area without encounters, or whether you are forced to endure hospitality everywhere on your route.
  4. MOB

    RQG: Reviews Thread

    "Cheaper than its constituent parts, easier to assimilate, faster to run... this is the best-researched setting that fantasy roleplaying has ever seen, topped by a robust system that meshes integrally with the fluff."—Antonios S. review of the RQ Slipcase Set, RPGnet. https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/18/18064.phtml
  5. Nathem Dodge should be 44% not 49% Ride should be 20% not 15% Animal Lore should be 35%, not 30% Cult Lore (Odayla) should be 20%, not 15% Homeland Lore (Old Tarsh) should be 40%, not 30% Spirit Combat should be 40% not 35% Worship (Odayla) should be 30% not 15% Conceal should be 25% not 15% Listen can't be 50%, if he takes an elective +10 then it's 45%, +25% would give 60% Hide should be 25%, not 30% Move Quietly should be 40%, not 45%, if he takes an elective +25% Speak (Heortling) - should start at 10% as 1/5 of Tarshite, so 25% is not possible. I assume that this is an elective +25% and they didn't take into account the 1/5 default. Should be 35%. Composite Bow should be 80%, not 70%, assuming an elective +25% I make it 50% down on the numbers, as I had to take 7 skills at +10% instead of 5 to make all the others line up.
  6. Kloster

    "Quick" Sorcery Question

    Sorry, I've not checked before: There is nothing extra for spells in the various sorcery schools, only rune and techniques (I am using the current version, in my case downloaded when I purchased the slipcase). Yes, for me, the Sorcery spell score is: 1D6%+Magic Category modifier (RQG p390)+What you add at creation (from profession)+experience (when later).
  7. My players will likely choose to enter the Dreamlands shortly (this choice is possible in my game) and I want to give them a great experience. The purpose of the excursion is for them to find levels of Gate knowledge that "doesn't exist" in the Waking World. Once again, my spin. They have a Cat of Ulthar ally who has been with them for a while, giving them subtle aid and dropping them Dreams periodically. But, now they will likely choose to walk the staircase. So far, I've mostly focused on Dreamlands 4th and Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man to give them their own "QOUK" but with the end goal of finding the Gate knowledge. I need to rely on published materials for a lot of what I do as I have limited prep time. Tentative plan: 1) Staircase as presented in Dreamlands 2) Intro to the Lost Woods and Ulthar 3) Suggestion to visit Randolph Carter, loosely following the Ilek-Vad chapter of Sense. Along the way they meet the Black Man and get their first real introduction to one of the major Outer Gods of my campaign (so far it has been just lesser independent races). Saving Randolph Carter will get them the knowledge they need. 4) Seek out The Book of Keys and Gates highlighted in Sense. Does anyone have any suggestions for other Dreamlands scenarios that might fit into this? Or other "tasks" they may need to complete in order to "earn" the Book of Keys and Gates? I also considered that training/practice of the Dreaming skill could be a component. They will have to warp their experience to ultimately get the book. I will not be using the "notch" system in Sense.
  8. Today
  9. Our friends and licensees Dayspring Games are currently crowdfunding MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP in Korean. In the first 72 hours they've raised 103million Won (roughly USD$90,000). Their record-breaking Call of Cthulhu crowdfunding project in 2016 only reached that point after 26 days. There's still 40 days to go, so this campaign has the possibility of making a new crowdfunding record in Korea! https://www.tumblbug.com/nyarla
  10. I don't think these are nearly as significant as you think, Cornelius. 1. You need 2 stat points to increase your defaults by 1 (assuming that you are not already at the cusp after chargen, which, let's face it, you shouldn't be). This is about equivalent to 10 skill points (9 if you use 1d6+1 rather than flat 5). Which means you would have to be raising 10 skills by 1 to break even. Which feels a bit far fetched, IMHO, especially since your main skills would already be higher than the default. You are much more likely to focus on, say, 3 skills which means you get 3 points in each, x3 the amount you'd get from stat raises, in the skills you are interested in. 2. Same thing here, the Attribute defaults mainly function at the chargen, giving you higher starting skills and hence more skill points to spare on things you'd like. That is their major impact. Any minor experience lost has been more than made up by the fact that the starting skills are now 2-3 points higher, on average. Again, your main skills are likely 10+ anyway, so if your Play suddenly 'loses' an experience point, it is more than made up by the fact that the other low DEX skills (Dancing, most weapons that you didn't spend points on) went up by 1, too. Something you wouldn't get in the base system. 3. See 1. You still see focus on skill training, but if you want, you will get some benefit from DEX or APP increases, if you want to be more of a generalist.
  11. klecser

    Starting skill top?

    Also worth noting that, even at 100%, a character will still only attain a critical success 5% of the time. 100% skill only guarantees a Regular success. Thanks for posting TC! As others have said, it's your game and you can choose to alter any parameter. There is no rule that says that anyone has to play any RPG "as written."
  12. David Scott

    Broken Tower questions

    It's Clearwine Village just outside the fort on the map. Page 28 "Clearwine Fort: The main settlement of the Colymar tribe and the village of the Ernaldoring clan". He likely casts Axis Mundi - This summoning ritual creates a holy sanctuary 10 meters in radius, use his Man Rune % to resolve the ritual. Exploring the Ruins page 34 has guidelines for loot. No one is very good at this, it just takes longer. Although Vishi Dunn has 50% if you use him.
  13. PhilHibbs

    Broken Tower questions

    I think where they live is left deliberately vague, but I agree that "a couple of days" is a lot. When I ran it, I decided that the ghost is there, in the Middle World, bound by the trauma of kinslaying, but not visible unless you use Second Sight which Carthalo has pernanently as a shaman. As a fresh ghost maybe she hasn't the knack of becoming visible yet. She probably doesn't even know that she is dead until Carthalo (or Vishi Dunn) tells her what has happened. I ruled this in order to give Vishi Dunn an opportunity to do something, and Carthalo was not there. I can't see any player choosing Herd as a starting skill, none of the pregens did! I think the bonus percentage for Sartarites should be a lot higher. Vishi Dunn (not in the Quickstart) has 50, but the highest any of the other pregens has is 25%. Yes, this is a real problem!
  14. Crel

    "Quick" Sorcery Question

    I keep forgetting to check the pre-gens for comparison. Thanks for the reminder. Once you've generated that 1D6+Mod+X skill, do you then add your modifier when in play? The way I read it, the modifier is used in calculating your initial skill with the spell, and might double-dip. What do you mean by modifiers of your school? I don't see anything listed in the book (p.388-9). Are you referring to older material?
  15. Number 2 in my series recreating the pregen characters. Vishi Dunn was in his own thread. Sorala Sing should be 35% instead of 30%. Battle should be 45% instead of 50%, if I have traced her history correctly. Customs (Esrolian) should be 65%, not 35%. I can't get the Lore skills to line up, by my reckoning one of Old Pavis or Troll should be 10% lower. Speak (Heortling) is tricky, as far as I can tell they've taken her Esrolian of 60, halved it as per p173, and added 10 for occupation and 10 elective. Seems ok to me. Broadsword 70%? She doesn't get any thing from culture, occupation, or cult, so the only option for increasing is an elective +25% which brings it to 55%. Battle Axe should be 45% instead of 35%, if she added the 25% to this then she could start with a weapon skill at 70%. Sling, she gets nothing from culture, occupation, or cult so this should start at 25% so 45% is not possible. I can only assume that the Esrolian culture used to give Sling +10% in some prior version, and that she's put an elective +10 into it. If she puts that +10 into Self Bow instead then that would be 45% so that's an option for a missile weapon at the same level. Sorcery skills are ok assuming a +25 and a +10 as elective choices. In total that required 5 skills to be raised by +25% and 7 with +10%, one and two more than is allowed respectively. All in all, not too bad apart from Customs (Esrolian) being just over half what it should be, Broadsword instead of Battle Axe, Sling instead of Self Bow, and significantly more elective skill choices. I haven't checked exhaustively, but I think she's 15 or 20% up in total.
  16. David Scott

    Regalia of Sartar

    RQ GM Screen Pack page 15 The best are in KoS 2ed pages 187 (Sartar's Westfaring) & 217 (Leika). Heortling Mythology page 94 - Good King Oskul's Crown Test was killing Bad King Urgrain.
  17. Nevun

    Broken Tower questions

    Heyas. I'm hoping to run the Broken Tower scenario soon and am currently trying to get to grips with the scenario. I have a few questions. Where is the player's village? They have apparently been "on the road for a couple of days, riding in pursuit" but the cattle raid occurred fairly close to Clearwine Fort. I Can see the player's tribe and clan but not their village. I mean, I could use the reasoning "You have just returned from escorting the cattle to Sun Dome temple. You aren't needed for the return trip so you've come home again. After a couple of days riding you near home. Now this..." I'd still like to know where they live. Carthalo. He needs to summon the ghost of the slain Greydog women. What skill does he use? I can't see anything obvious listed. He also has 6 points of Daka Fal rune pool but no spells. Any suggestions? He also has Spirit Lore as a skill but no percentage. Loot from the Broken Tower. Players can "keep any treasures they found in the ruins" but I can't see any listed, nor can I see when they might find some. Presumably the loot table has some use here but I'm not sure when or how often they should roll. Ay ideas? The players will need to "Herd" the cattle at some point. I can't see that any have any reasonable amount of herd ability. About 25% at the most. Is that an oversight? There's nothing in the erata that I can see. Give someone a 'bump' in skill maybe? Any ideas?
  18. I done it both ways, now that I understand your gist. In the first case, yes, it is usually a successful Passion that gets you to be inspired in a Trait, or attribute. However, I have used a trait itself when that PK had a ultimate value to remain true to his vow of chastity (he made it when it was not required by the church or another person).
  19. David Scott

    Logician - seriously OP???

    Magic doesn't equal culture. For example the influence of the main storm mountains means that Storm worship will always arise within their influence, even if overcome by a sorcerous culture. I'd have a look at the Guide's population figures, the west is hardly a little part of the World.
  20. Kloster

    "Quick" Sorcery Question

    For me (and my GM), 1D6+ Mag Mod+10. You start at 1D6%, and philosopher adds you 20 on 1 spell and 10 on 2 others. And you add the modifiers of your magic school (Aeolianism, Lhankor Mhy, Lunar or Malkion).
  21. PhilHibbs

    "Quick" Sorcery Question

    Sorala does not have the extra 1D6% so I'd take that as indicating no.
  22. Crel

    "Quick" Sorcery Question

    How do y'all think we should calculate sorcery spell percentages for starting adventurers? My initial instinct was that the actual percentages were equal to the percentiles gained from Philosopher and/or starting membership in Lhankor Mhy. However, as I've been re-reading some of the material I'm second-guessing that because on p. 390 it notes that new spells are learned at 1D6+Mag Mod after the requisite training or research. So for example, the Philosopher occupation notes they start with three spells, and has (Sorcery spell) +10% twice and +20% once in the Occupational Skills on p.70. I'm trying to see if this would really be 1D6+Mag Mod+10, or just a flat 10% (or 20%) start. The further correlation of this, I think, is that if those Occupational Skill percentiles don't need to be assigned to the spells gained from Philosopher, you might be able to double-dip spell +%s from LM and Phi to get a better starting percentage. But, the more munchkinny applications can end up on that thread (I just didn't want to clog that thread up with another interpretive debate).
  23. Oracle

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    Lucky me two đŸ˜‰
  24. Joerg

    Regalia of Sartar

    Sartar's Crown Test was a Westfaring to bring back a wyter for his new principality.
  25. Cornelius

    Underage Knights and Inherited Attributes

    Ok. some consequences: - Training a skill at default by 1 or 2 points is not interesting, as an increase in the STAT is a better option. This is not a big problem as you would probably put all your yearly training into a skill if your want to raise it to some level. This is of course different if you have a default skill at 8 and increase it to 10, for instance. - Increases gained by Experience checks may become 'lost' when you increase the Attribute linked to the skill. The experience checks is a integral part of the increase in level of the characters for KAP (in other systems you get XP or advancement points to do this). So it feels as if the experience your character has gained gets lost. It somehow feels wrong. - It will make the increase of an Attribute over a skill, trait or passion even more important until the age of 35.
  26. Jakob

    Recruiting for OpenQuest 3 Playtest game

    I'm extremely tempted, but it would probably be impractical ... If it turns out to be on wednesday, however, I'd be in if there's a spot left. I might be a tad late occassionally, depending on if it get the children to bed in time. I might have to add that I'm not a native English speaker, so you'd all be in for some awkward phrasing.
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