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  2. Wait so who is gonna be Heler's best friend?!?!?!
  3. For the broadest generalisation, they are Agi ("The Maslo culture is made up of a variety of Agimori peoples living along the coasts of Elamle and Onlaks" Guide p600). They originally are made out of "red earth, brown sand, gray earth, and black mud" Guide p683 so they have a variety of skin tones, including blues, vithelans and other people (who would have come later). The Teleono who live to their north and may be related are seem to be similar Guid p523.
  4. Yeah see this is why I feel like they are Easterners who ended up in Pamaltela. There's no evidence of Agimori culture or religion; in fact there's an independent religion based on Islander myths, and it's shamanic. They have their own creator. Also, as you say, they have no First Drinkers among them. Seems like a little bit of the Eastern Islands 🌴 "many islands and gods divided" principle, but they got cut off somehow yet survived. Less like the peoples of New Guinea and more like the Oceanic peoples who arrived and settled in New Guinea much much later and adopted a lot of local customs.
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  6. I just bought the Book of Records - Knights to make character creation a bit faster. But whereas the 5.2 rulebook says you need the 6 Chivalry Traits to equal 80 or higher to get the bonus, the BoR says 96. Should I go with the core book, since it came out later?
  7. August 24, 2019: I completely agreed with Jeff 2x in the same day. https://tenor.com/view/whats-going-on-the-office-jim-what-is-going-on-wtf-gif-3926604
  8. We do have war-trees. They just aren't tree shepherds, but get animated/awakened on necessity. You can have the Birnam Wood equivalent with Aldryami assaults. Although thorny or strangling vines rolling out in advance of such a force would keep any defenders too busy to take in the scenery. Death by thousand pinpricks is more in the realm of pixie waves of attackers.
  9. The Pelaskites aren't pirates, they are the navy. That's one degree better than a letter of marque... There are a number of independent "pirate hunter" vessels based in the major ports of Kethaela which may also target vessels of business rivals of their sponsors. Certain cargo may leave a port more than once. As to pirate coves: Seriously, most of the Pelaskite territory is coastal flats. There are a few volcanic domes sticking out, but most of the place is mudflats. The Poison Shore isn't named thus for nothing, volcanic fumes can turn any hideout there into death traps. The Hendrikilander coastal folk are Pelaskites, too, as are a majority of the Esrolian seagoing folk (and possibly even some of the river folk, at least in the tidal influence zones of the estuaries, which may reach inland quite a bit). The Heortland plateau has its deep river gorges before turning into coastal flats. There may be some beach robbery going on on the Pelaskite shores - at least foreign ships running aground on sand banks may see some Pelaskite salvage efforts that make short thrift with protesting occupators of the helpless "wrecks". However, the rhythm of the Gloranthan tides makes running aground on a sandbar not much of a threat if the hull didn't take leaking damage. The slowly rising flood will take the ship awash sooner or later, provided it survives the wave action of the Solkathi Sea. More problematic are Sea Troll boarders or Ludoch pirates (who guide the ships onto sharp reefs, then harvest the underwater bounty). Ludoch pirates may enlist local Pelaskites as auxiliary troops for action above the water line.
  10. 1000% agree with the reasoning, both in game and meta. Good call.
  11. Honestly, the lack of ent-sized treemen being unleashed on someone who's angered The Forest seems like a missed opportunity. IMG there are a few of these ancient giants, possibly first-generation seedlings of the local Great Tree or [insert mythic explanation], mostly slumbering, but who can be awoken with rituals for various purposes. I know it's outside established lore, buuut, um, I plead Rule of Cool. Although hordes of runners overrunning the offenders with a million tiny branches gouging in every orifice like a brambly tidal wave is also pretty evocative.
  12. Joerg

    Nature of Metals

    As far as I am concerned, yes. The Thunderbolt is indeed the damage done by the sound effect, or in old superstition "when the lightning strikes cold". Lightning is the plasma zap of the Tesla coil, mainly visible, and nerve numbing.
  13. It's odd that we've never heard much of Pelaskite or Hendrikilander pirates, consider the myriad of places to hide, and the relatively rough terrain of their homelands.
  14. Are lightning and thunderbolts separate concepts in Glorantha? I always assume that "thunderbolt" was a poetic name for lightning by referring to it by the sound it makes.
  15. While Lodril undoubtedly has a liquid home element, it isn't water. In fact, we have at least two quite bad interactions of phallic molten rock mountains and water, resulting in the citadel of Brass and Castle Blue. We have two beheaded mountain myths, one with an Earth Walker as beheader, the other with Argan Argar using the phallic spear on its original owner. Greetings from Eurmal... Lodril's descent was balanced by Dayzatar's ascent. Lorion's rise resulted from Yelm's fall.
  16. Joerg

    Nature of Metals

    My problem with these impulses to scream "Let me go!" is that I cannot decide whether I am following the text of the Bohemian or the Pelorian Rhapsody here... http://etyries.albionsoft.com/etyries.com/songbook/rhapsody.html
  17. Thinobutu was an island north or northeast of Pamaltela (in a time when the God Learner maps tell us that that region was Yellow Elf jungle). They have their own creation myth, of how the Creator Soli or Masdoumari lifted their island (or possibly the whole world) out of the Sea, then made the eight ancestors, two paiirs of men and women from four different types of Clay which then went and had offspring in every possible combination of clays. The stories are in Revealed Mythologies, p.56 onward. They are of "agimori racial type" despite having a rather wide spectrum of skin tones, generally lighter than those of the Doraddi, Pithdarans or Men-and-a-Half. Personally, I would make them the skin tone equivalent of Polynesia and New Guinea. We only have fragmented stories of emigration to intermediate kingdoms as Serelazam, the Doom Current child of Togaro, made its way through their homeland, then their first places of exile, in the torrential wars. Coastal life appears to have been a feature even in the earliest of those stories, so not all seas were harmful, and fishing was a way of life. The God Learner maps in Appendix E make a heroic but ultimately futile attempt to insert the island into the dogma of the Late Golden Age and afterwards. What all stories have in common is the arrival of the sacred outrigger ship, of Sendereven origin, as an unexpected and invaluable aid against the onslaught of the seas. This also gives the various outrigger folk a distinct East Isles ancestry from the two saviors crewing that ship. The origina lands (or island) of Thinobutu was sunk, but people emigrated from there - mostly using the new expanse of water to reach new shores where they built up their exile communities. These all suffered further invasions - by Artmali cloud-ships, by Vithelan Antigods from Duravan, and by the seas. Let me enumerate the Thinobutan descendants that made it into Time first. This is an unusual approach, made necessary by the fragmentary myths of these distinct groups. The westernmost group are the folk of the Kumanku archipelago. Next are the natives of Thinokos, on the Marthino Sea shore of eastern Fonrit. Next are the weird folk of Kimos, on the far side of Laskal, with their endless war against the Gorger antigods. Next are the people of Loral, who disappeared during the Closing. Next are the people of Elamle, elf friends. Easternmost are the people of Onlaks, of the same homeland as those of Elamle, but from a later migration. Potentially Thinobutan (but without any known origin myths) are the people of Teleos (agimori race, rainbow hues of skin) who also suffered a curse during the Closing. Prior to the Closing they had notoriety as pirates, which makes an outrigger ancestry possible. In short, all of the humans south of Magasta's Pool but north of the Elf forests in coastal and island Pamaltela, except for the Fonritian blues (shown on the map of p.697). So let's look at Appendix E for Thinobutu and its heirs: p.683 has Thinobutu inside a river bend of Sshorg River, east of the continuous yellow elf jungle. Almost enough to make it conform to the native "island" myths. p.684 shows Duravan and Fozeranto as fragments of the Vithelan empire in the Flood Age, and a (too?) small island named Thinobutu. King Thakinda of that island uses secret tidal powers to resist the first torrent. The maps on p.688 and p.691 show pretty much the same coast line for northeastern Pamaltela, which has the three interim kingdoms Ulrana, Alarlaverir and Dakuputlo Elamle and the land of Genjera. The seas have advanced only slihtly from one map to the other. Thinobutu Isle remains on both of these maps, too. Only the Breaking of the World / Zzabur's blast / the implosion of the Spike opens the seas between Umathela and Maslo. The veracity of these maps in the area of northern Pamaltela has been doubted across the trenches of decades old debates. The blue cloudships could have attacked floating above that elf jungle (or green elf forest), but a sea route along northern Pamaltela prior to the Firefall appears to be the more likely answer. Still, the descriptions of the refuge places are the best (or rather only) map representation of the various interim refugee lands. As far as I am concerned, the Thinobutans are the continuation of the East Isles naval developments with northern Pamaltelan personnel. Antigod demons from Fozeranto entered their realm, but so did Artmali navies. Their first stories of coexistance and conflicts with the yellow elves are from Maslo. Whether Teleos with its own yellow elf population played a role is uncertain. Significant portions of their ancestral culture and almost all of their ancestral lands have been drowned (or in case of Loral, depopulated). So, to sum up, they are a human people of agimori racial type without being descended from the First Drinkers. They have heroic admixture by a the crew of a stranded Sendereven ship (each of the intermediate lands has this, with different names for the helmswoman and the navigator), and they culture attracted the hostility of western Artmali (IMO) and Fozeranto antigods alongside the invasive seas. IMO they were an island culture from the beginning, with a sea not shown in the Golden Age maps because it doesn't conform to the monomyth sequence of dry lands in the Golden Age. But then, neither does Ivaro's Pool and subsequent drowning in the East. The various cultures don't seem to have interacted with Vovisibor directly, although both Fozeranto and the Artmali interactions may have been tainted by Vovisibor association. Their myths are one of the main reasons why there is a serious debate whether there ever has been a single Cosmic Mountain in the Surface World, or whether that edifice/landmark was rather limited to a magically unified combination of various localized archetypical mountains which got conflated.
  18. Very happy to hear this is still in development. I am a big fan of the previous edition Dark Ages book and was disappointed the 7E version seemed to drop off the schedule.
  19. As creativehum says, the distinction between Homage, Fealty and Loyalty is more academic than anything else. However, that being said... Homage is to your primary Liege Lord. Who is your liege? By default, Count Roderick. Hence, your old Loyalty (Lord) should become Homage (Count Roderick). The PKs should not have Homage (Uther) unless they are Uther's household knights or direct vassals (which might happen if they kill Gorlois and/or capture Octa). In this case, as the King, Uther would demand the Homage, and their previous Homage (Count Roderick) would become Fealty (Count Roderick). The PKs should not even have Loyalty (Uther) by default, unless they have a particular reason to swear allegiance to Uther. Like it says on p. 96 (KAP 5.2): "Loyalty (Pendragon): Likely, only a few characters will ever become direct vassals of the High King." The chain of command is simple: Count Roderick is your liege. You obey him. King Uther is Count Roderick's liege. The Count obeys Uther. If Uther gives you an order, you obey him, since he is the King (your liege's liege) and has a temper. But technically, since your oath is to Count Roderick, he can countermand the order (and gets into a ton of trouble with the King for it, no doubt). If Duke Corneus of Lindsey gives you an order, you may obey it (since you don't want trouble), but since he is not in your chain of command, you can ignore it (at your peril).
  20. Maybe Heler is just Lorion with blue lipstick too?
  21. This is kind of a minor question but: What is the origin of the Thinobutans? They end up in Masko-Elamle but they start out a specific distinct ethnic group way out at sea. * They're not blue-skinned - they're mocked as blueskins because apparently they like woad, but are specifically not, but I can't find much evidence of their origin. I am really confident they aren't displaced Theyalans ("Worlanthi"). * They are discussed in Pamaltela * I'm not sure they are Agimori, they might be Easterners or something. Does anyone have any idea? I'm just curious because I'm kind of confused even after reading a bunch of books. @Joerg? @jajagappa
  22. Thanks Soltkas for your reply and comment.s... To discuss the multiple attack point in particular.... My first reaction would be when I went from Mythras (with AP, and bonus AP like CF) to BRP: 1 attack per round, I felt relieved, so much simpler.. so I am afraid it might get complicated again this way... However... I used feat to still provide multiple attack.. (occasionally) and was counting down attack rank by 5 increment.. and it proved relatively simple... I guess I shall read the point you mention again And the power more in details...
  23. Byll

    Nature of Metals

    Thunderdolt? lightning? Easy come, easy go...
  24. The power of Up and Down (or rising water and falling water) seems to recur endlessly with them, from esoteric Heler (who also has Movement but probably plays only a limited role in triolini religion under that name) to the surface tension mysteries of Wachaza. Two forms of sa-metal. Maybe it's as "simple" as Lodril and Lorion doubling in an early cosmic cycle, not a conflict of Sky and Storm then but only falling and rising forces. In this model of course the third blue eye that negotiates between them signifies the alchemist.
  25. Music as punishment? That's unusually cruel, even for barbarian standards. (Although Iron Maiden might be preferable to country yodeling...) Wacken!
  26. in premodern times they were more commonly buried in liminal places in many places in Western Europe: doorframes, crossroads, and the like. being unchristened, they were not people yet so despite Church doctrine, they were considered to be upcycled into a new baby. In Ireland and Wales, at least, it was colonialism that lead to a reification of strict beliefs about children and baptism and abortion.
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