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  2. I got my large order of Infinity Engine miniatures, which also included the Dragonnewts from the kickstarter, and I'm totally loving them. These are some hella sculpts! Bravo to Richard and company for producing a fine series of Glorantha miniatures.
  3. I got my order of Morokanths and many more Rapier miniatures (it was more economical to place an oder for multiple miniatures due to international postage) and I'm extremely happy with all of the figures. The sculpts are marvelous! I'm now saving up for an order of the Scorpionmen and others.
  4. <snark> Nah, still going to be only two, but they are going to be the size of The Guide now</snark> 😉 SDLeary
  5. Hmmm. <Idly observes that it was quite a few Cults ago that GaGoG was split into 2 volumes... wonders about 3, now ...>
  6. Harrek secretly despises the Rathori, and the BEST way to befriend him is saying things like, "The Rathori are all kinda... soft... weaklings, y'know? And there's never been one who wasn't a coward at heart."
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  8. In the Post-Vulgate the decline is linked directly to the Grail Quest and how it tears the Round Table apart, so in that regard the pestilence works well with an earlier date. The Post-Vulgate Quest itself (and the Perlesvaus) seems to show a countryside with many robber barons and ruins. There is also the synchronization of the timeline to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, with the Yellow Plague being the 'Black Death' event. The subsequent mystical period of the Lollards and Richard II (and the second flowering of Middle English Arthurian romances) might then follow as the Grail Period. We all know the Downfall is the War of the Roses (this in fact was probably Malory's conscious sense of it). PS. Regarding illicit romance in a 'historical setting', well, the Tristan and the Dairmait and Grainne stories are pre-chivalric in origin (and a very old concept, really), so one could run a bunch of post-Roman cavalry or a warrior band and keep the whole sleeping with the chieftain's wife plot without making it 'romantic' per se. Of course it might be Moderatus (Mordred) rather than Lancelot.
  9. Fire mares! Fire mares can travel a thousand leagues in a day!
  10. "Everything I say is a lie, and that's the truth."
  11. "The Great Purge of the Shelves" has been underway, and I came across my Jack Whyte novels. Needless to say, I've had the thought of a campaign starting with The Great Conspiracy running through my brain. SDLeary
  12. Just an FYI... regarding the collapse of cities, this viewpoint is not considered as hard and fast as it was even just a few years ago. Many sites in recent digs show some evidence of a switch from stone to more perishable materials for building (read wood). As far as the Plague of Justinian is concerned... I'd pull the timeline forward, so that the Plague hits after the Lonazep Tounament (not a big shift), so that the beginning of the decline and the plague track each other... as does the fragmentation and fall of the countryside to the Saxons after. SDLeary
  13. "I have never used the Lie spell in Sartar."
  14. Nah, I am done. But while adding the Starting As An Initiate of XXXX sections for each cult, I managed to unblock what I wanted to write about Yara Aranis. It also brings us to 100 cults and spirit cults.
  15. I hear there's a rare bog, Kraljaki bog, a bog down by the Blocky-o...
  16. At the rate you're adding new cults, we aren't going to get the book until the next edition of RQ comes out!
  17. And how could I forget - Yara Aranis!
  18. I'm not really a fan of using DEX/2 or APP/2 as a base for Melee skills, as it would mean people that invested a few points in a skill are likeley to lose them if they grow the appropriate characteristic. I also disagree DEX is as useless as APP is, as it basically covers all Agility and Stealth skills from other BRP games. It can be useful if you use Feint a lot, but you need to reach a very high level in DEX to make it reliable. Concerning APP, it would be possible to borrow the Generic Conflict rule from Revolution D100 and use APP as a base value for "Social Hit Points" and/or "Social Damage" in social situations. Alternatively, Social Hit Point could be a function of a personality trait instead.
  19. Yeah, but I think that could play out just fine in a pseudo-historical Arthurian game. One of the nice things about Pendragon is that we have so much to work with. We have information, both historical and mythical from sources both modern and back at least 15 centuries to work with. It mostly comes down to just what sort of King Arthur and campaign the GM and players want. Quite a lot of the Arthurian lore is really optional. For example , you don't need Lancelot or the illicit romance. A campaign set around a group of Roman Equites/Cataphracti defending the remnants of Roman Britain could be an excellent Arthurian campaign.
  20. Jar-eel likes to be told if she looks fat in that outfit.
  21. I was refering to the real sub-Roman era. For instance, the Roman settlement of Cirencester. In 410 the city was a thriving town with a large forum to a few houses on the site of the amphitheatre by 440. Even though Saxon expansion was halted for 40 years, outside of the far North England, urban populations collaspsed. The country was reduced to a patch work of petty warlords and when the Justinian plague hit perhaps as much as 30% of the population died.
  22. Call of Cthulhu's new Australian supplement Terror Australis has already earned the distinction of being acquired by the National Library of Australia, as a work "of national significance relating to Australia and the Australian people". As Kotaku writes in their piece In His House At Australia's National Library, Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming, the NLA's acquisitions team reached out to us at Chaosium and we cheerfully obliged, considering it a great honour as well as a tremendous credit to all the talented authors and artists involved. And now Terror Australis has also scored two ENnie nominations - for Best Setting, and for Best Cover Art! Please support Chaosium and our licensees, partners and friends - ENnies voting is live now, and runs until 11.00PM EST on July 21st: http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019
  23. I disagree. KAP1 certainly seemed to follow a sub-Roman view too, with a lot more Roman Names in use and Cadbury Castle as Camelot, and why the Romans as a people and military force continue to exist in the game. I think Pendragon could (and has) worked out fine for such a campaign. I think Greg's shift in empahsis from KAP1 to KAP 3/4 was becuase of his love of Mallory's work. KAP5 seemed to be shifting thing further towards a more feudal, Norman Britain with more of the dark and gritty historical stuff coming back, even if it was from a later period of history. Personally, I'm for starting the campaign more Roman-post Roman in flavor and having the culture evolve through the Periods.
  24. You're not completely rewrting character generation. They are nearly worthless. 5 points of DEX do not equal 1 point of SIZ or CON. As does STR. With 10 points of DEX needed for 1 point of Movement, and DEX on a 3-18 range the difference between a high dex and a low one is 1 point of Move. That hardly matches up with SIZ, CON or STR.. Furthermore Move is a pretty weak stat for a knight, who is going to be mounted in most fights and rely on his horse's move score instead. Which themselves do nothing and have no function in the game. Then why bothering using game mechanics to track it? Really, the whole "why don't you just roleplay it" objection doesn't hold water. Why don't we just roleplay sword duels, jousts, singing, and every other facet of the game? THey could all be handled through roleplaying just as well as APP can. Probably easier, as we have more common ground as to what constitutes a high SIZ or STR than we do with something as subjective as APP. And roleplaying wise, I've yet to see a guard being seduced into looking the other way by an APP score (KAP uses traits for that) or APP having any impact in the game other than bragging rights among the players for who scored with or wedded the prettiest girl. The point is that: 1) DEX is nearly useless in game, so nobody spends character points on it. It's major function in the game for knights is to resist knockdown. There are some other uses but most of those won't be attempted by armored knights, and probably not by unarmored knights either. 2) APP is virtually useless. Other than its being used for seating at feasts, and to resist the effects of aging by spreading around the point loss, it serves no function and could be dropped and replaced with a character description. Both of these things lead to players pretty much ignoring or even buying low on DEX and APP in order to have more points to spend on STR, CON and especially SIZ. Another problem with this is with lady characters for whom APP and DEX tend to be thier best stats. In game terms Lady Grocery Bag (APP 4, Flirt 15) is going to be more successful than Lady Helen (APP 22, Flirt 4). But if neither of those are enough for you, consider this: If the stats serve no significant purpose then removing them would streamline and simply the game making it easier to play. APP is about as useful in Pendragon as Armor Class is. Few games have stats that serve no game purpose, like APP does. Even something like D&D, where CHA isn't all that important for most characters, still has use among Bards, Sorcerors and Paladins. In KAP the APP stat isn't useful to anybody. Then you probably haven't considered lady player character much. As they stand now, attributes are nearly pointless for them. That high APP that is supposed to be important in some way, isn't. Courtly skills completely override APP and DEX. Okay. I don't mind discussing or debating this, but this isn't supposed to be the thread for that. We had a thread for that awhile back. This is supposed to be a thread for testing the idea out and seeing what the results look like. I'd honestly love to see you write up a character or two using this alternate method and use it to validate your objections.
  25. That's rather a post-apocalyptic scape-goating of Eurmal. If something turned out to be a bad idea, Eurmal was to fault. Basically, a very common use of the Lie spell is "I didn't do it", which unfortunately won't help more than in a situation. And even if the crowd accepts that as truth, they can still scape-goat the Trickster. "You may not have done it, but your god takes the blame."
  26. He he - it already did - EWF. Eurmel did start it, when he split the tongue and brain of Rostand the Speaker, according to King of Sartar.
  27. Yes, and if you make it open-ended on a 20 (akin to a d20-ified RoleMaster) and count a crit if roll > threshold+20, you'd have critical success chance similar to RQ for skills below 20. HeroQuest does it quite well, I think, even though I think the "bump" mechanism could be elegantly replaced by a "success counting" mechanism : count 1 base success per mastery, then add 1 or 2 successes depending on the d20 roll.
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