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  2. Hello, I just found an errata in the Down Darker Trails printed book. Page #15. In Table 7: Cash and assets it reads “1930’s Credit Rating” I guess that Pulp Cthulhu was used as a template and this line wasn’t changed. Hector.
  3. Notes from making NPCs: I don't think you have the hit location template for dragonewts? And, I'm not sure it's in the Bestiary's opening hit location templates either. It could be useful to be able to manually edit base SIZ & DEX SR. I noticed this when making the triceratops, because in the Bestiary it's listed with a "base SR" of 4--but it's SIZ SR is 0 on the app. I'm not sure how the tables from RQG interact with large critters. I feel like there's some hidden math behind the Bestiary entries. (Also worth noting that the triceratops only has attacks on SR8. I don't know how the Bestiary's authors determined that.) In the statblock columns in the Bestiary DEX comes after INT; in the app DEX comes between SIZ and INT. Though I note you place DEX in the same place as it is on the RQG adventurer sheet. This is pure speculation (I am not a programmer) but I wonder if some weirdness happens because in the "Add Creature" screen the attack and skills entry options include no drop-down menus, but are all manual entry. They don't appear to have the "Custom" tag in their titles, visually. Side note: Is there a mobile app version of this? Plans for one? Have you tried using this app on a phone in-browser? If you'd like, I can try bullying my players into trying it out for a session instead of paper play. I personally have zero experience using digital aids on the player side of the GM's Screen in any game. A system for adding other sources of MP could be useful for more developed/powerful adventurers & NPCs. Ex I get a POW Storage crystal that can hold 10MP and want to keep track of it. Similarly, a tab on adventurer pages for fetches, allied spirits, mounts, etc would be useful (I assume this is somewhere on a "eventual features" list already but felt I may as well mention it). When I try to Add Skills to Purple Glow of Knowledge, I get a broken thumbnail image and ": can't evaluate field Path in type *models.Image" appears. In the Edit Character page I can see its current skills, and edit those--changing Specialization and percentage and so on--but no menus are present for adding new skills. A little later, I re-uploaded the thumbnail and now I've got standard access to the Add Skills page again. Somewhere to mark down a creature or adventurer's MOV could be useful. When I was making Three Fangs, I think there's still something screwy in the background math. When I was on the Edit Character screen it showed Agility mod -4% and Manipulation et al as +11% instead of multiples of 5. And the Dragonewt 100% I wrote in somehow changed to 99% when I was searching through pages to change Three Fangs classification from Creature to Non-Player Character. I think some of the weirdness occurs when I put in 0 for a characteristic (since some creatures don't have it). When I've done so, that characteristic occasionally gets reset to a different number. For instance, while working on Average Demi-Bird I put in both INT and CHA of 0, and the creature ended up with INT 15 and CHA 11. I've also ended up in an odd situation once or twice where the general HP registers as full (say, 17/17) but all location HPs are 0. When I refill, it goes over normal HP, but then I save and everything loads and returns to normal. It'd be nice (but not vital) if description sections could be paragraphed when extra spaces are added. Powers don't show up on the Faction or Encounters page. The list is basically just a running commentary I kept tabbing back to while I worked. Hope it's interesting or helpful for you.
  4. Due to my game group having been spread over three countries by now (and even prior to that between different cities), we have been playing almost exclusively online since 2005, using (nowadays) Roll20 and Teamspeak. Works quite well, although face-to-face would still be preferable. But one does what one can.
  5. It's certainly very playable via video (some games are less suited to it than others, generally those requiring lots of cards, tokens or a Jenga tower) and my group went through a very enjoyable run using Google Hangouts a while ago. You really don't need any fancy extras, just a few people to game with; that can be the rub, of course.
  6. They found their inner wind and expressed it.
  7. EricW

    Eurmali Troll(kin?)

    The cult of dark Eurmel - wicked lightbringers who teach the food to bite back!
  8. I’m GMing a forum based campaign on rpol.net
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  10. It's hard to think that the Salantor Sun Dome Temple, in the middle of the woods, focuses on traditional Yelmalio phalanges.
  11. Actually there is a perfectly good reason to call the Pure Horse god as "Yelm the Sun Horse" - as everyone would agree that the sun god worshiped by the Dara Happans, by the Pure Horse People, and invoked as the rival of Orlanth by the Orlanthi is the SAME GOD. However, the Pure Horse People speak a different language from the Dara Happans and other Pelorians, so call Yelm "Yu-Kargzant". Yelmalio cultists are human beings, and so their elements are Fire/Sky, Earth, Air, Water, Darkness, and Moon. But Yelmalio only has the Light aspect of Fire/Sky (similar to Polaris, Dayzatar, and plenty of others). They are forbidden from calling on the Fire aspects of Fire/Sky, but for game mechanical reasons it is unnecessarily complex to have to trade your Runes around. The cult writeup makes it clear you can't use those spirit magic spells. But at the same time, senior priests of Yelmalio can call down the ultimate FIRE spell - Sunspear - using their Fire Rune, by calling upon Yelm (who most definitely is Fire and Sky)..
  12. Pol Joni Cloak of the Brave or Pol Joni Cloak Description A brown cloak made from the hindquarters of a horse. The horse’s tail is still attached and when worn, the tail hangs behind the wearer’s neck. Praxians refer to these derogatively as ‘horse-butt cloaks’. Cults Associated: Pol Joni tribe Friendly: Grazelanders Hostile: Waha, Praxian beast riders Knowledge Automatic, Cult Secret, Few History In 1489 at the Battle of Denzis Water against the Praxians, a Pol Joni warrior, single handedly rode out in front displaying horsemanship and bravery, and broke up an ambush of charging Rhino Riders. The only remains were the hindquarters of his valiant steed. To honor him, the tribe took the remains and made a cloak. In a ceremony to honor the fallen, the brave were recognized and the cloak revered. Derek Pol Joni leading the rituals, imbued the cloak with the below powers, to recognize the bravery of the fallen Pol Joni warrior. These cloaks are given to warriors of the Pol Joni clan or allies who have distinguished themselves. Several more cloaks of the brave were made in this manner. All Pol Joni know of these cloaks as well as most Praxian beast riders. Powers The cloak has the below powers where are bestowed on the wearer as long as he wears the cloak. 1. +50% to Ride skill. 2. Continual Mobility on any horse the wearer mounts as long as the wearer is mounted. 3. Can hold a bound or allied spirit. 4. Immune to the spirit magic spells Demoralize and Befuddle. Value It’s unknown what the value is as most are thought to be with Pol Joni warriors who wouldn’t sell it and none have been known to be bought or sold. But it’s rumored a Marcher Baron has offered 6,000 silver in land for one. (Note, i saw on the RQ facebook page someone post about a real horse butt cloak on ebay. I thought it would be cool to make this an item. Then i saw this contest and voila.)
  13. Yeah, I figure. I typically like working w/ paper so I can scribble random stuff down. Glad to hear! I'll post if/when I find more bugs. I'm planning to try out the app at my Tues session, so gotta put together a whole Dragonewt patrol, which might be interesting... On the Dragonewt Rune 100%, I had manually input that on my dragonewt. It was on the triceratops (which I tried to remove all Runes) that things got weird (and which it sounds like you've found the workaround).
  14. Well, in older RuneQuest, Moon and Light (and other runes) are swapped for the limited rune in question. Initiate into Yelmalio and you trade the "hot" bit of the rune for the benefits provided to a cultist of Yelmalio. It's not a separate rune; it's the same rune, so you just change your rune for the "limited" one. In the same way, We Are All Us principle meant that in earlier games you kindled your Moon rune (joined the Lunar Way) by trading your Fire or Change rune for Full Half Moon rune, your Earth or Life Rune for the Crescent Go Moon rune, and so forth. Each of these gave you access to powerful magics and elementals (Lunes) and set you on the path to Illumination. It also left you open to temptation, because the Chaos rune was always available to the Lunar initiate... The real difference for me, I guess, is that Yelmalio is not Yelm. While I am glad we aren't in older Runequest, where there was a unique rune for everything, reducing runes to a mere handful reduces the distinction between the gods to name only. Yelmalio cultists don't wield fire magic, only light, and is the Little Sun as rewritten by Nysalor. This is why He is different: he is Light, not the Sun, and has a fraught relationship with the Solar Pantheon. The Sun Dome Temples rebelled against the Lunar Empire and seem primarily interested in their own survival and in converting the heathens. Maybe this is nerdy? Idk, but they also write the Pure Horse god as "Yelm: the Sun Horse", which... I mean I certainly would never have written it that way. It's Yu-Kargzant (or Hyalor, I guess). There's really no reason to describe this god as Yelm. I'm not trying to be a grognard here about lore, I swear.
  15. I like the idea of setting sun and black mountains... hmmm...
  16. Yeah, reading the Entekosiad, I'm not 100% sure of any of the named characters being truly chaos beings, until you get down to the stories about Bisos. Mind you, there are definitely characters and events that make things worse, but they really don't seem to have as elaborated a notion of reality-destroying chaos as, say, the Orlanthi or the Praxians. That and death seemingly always existing whether or not people realized it, but that's a different thread.
  17. That would explain the similarity between the name Estaro and and Turo - The God who Gives and Takes, vs the God of Power.
  18. I would figure Disorder and Darkness, but not Chaos per se.
  19. ALTAR TO A SMALL GOD Description: A small altar which is set before a clay figure. Upon the alter is a shallow depression which sacrifices are usually burned. The clay figures come in a variety of styles but usually look like the alter's maker. Cults: Associated: Zabandan, Ethilrist Friendly: Arkati Hostile: Ethilrist (seeing an altar dedicated to anybody else makes him feel small). Knowledge Cult Secret, Few, Owner Only. History: These altars are sacred to Ralian God Zabandan, the Receiver of Sacrifices, whose worship was condemned and suppressed by the God Learners. Because of their oppressors, his worshippers found friendly faces in the lands of their enemies, such as the EWF, the Kingdom of Night or the Carmanian Empire. But the magnitude of sacrifices required meant the worshippers were never very strong in distant lands and they soon died out. Procedure: Both the idol and the altar are made from clay which is soaked with the maker's blood. The altar is plain while the idol is shaped and garbed in the image of the maker. It is thereafter hailed as the Great God Zabandan and sacrificed to regularly. Power: Any one rune affinity of the maker's becomes awakened and can act as a source of rune magic. Rune points to oneself may be obtained and regained at the altar. The acquisition of rune magics is more complex requiring This World Quests. For example, to learn the Truesword would require the maker's idol being gifted with an iron sword taken in battle from a powerful enemy. The Priests of Zabandan had Commentaries on the Red Book that would allow them to duplicate much of the rune magic that was known in their time but only fragments of those remain. Value: The Altar and Idol have value only to their maker. The accoutrements of the Idol could be worth a fortune depending on the idol's accoutrements. Forgotten altars to Zabandan have value as abandoned treasure troves.
  20. "Chaotic" doesn't have the same absolute condemnation in Peloria as it has in the Theyalan cultures. Non-conformist (outside of well-defined roles) is a much harsher verdict in Peloria than just Chaotic. Thus Shargash, a truly bad entity and as borderline chaotic as Zorak Zoran (which may or may not be a different entity) but who has an assigned role as such is an acceptable entity, while Orlanth is not. The Dara Happans and Pelorians either don't mind or don't like the observation that their ruling deity promoted Chaos by excluding all those who defy that absolute authority. I used to regard Ganesatarus as the acknowledged worshiped version of Vogmaradan, with Idovanus or Yelm as unacknowledged version of Vogmaradan.
  21. Nice, that's a good guideline to share, thanks. I bought directly from Chaosium, since there are perks like the physical/digital bundling, but sadly there's no notification for when PDFs are updated, and not even a "last updated" date or version number we can check -- I don't know any other way to do this than to regularly download the PDF and check the file modified date/time? (which gets silly when you own dozens of Chaosium products!)
  22. Those are some amazing suggestions, thank you. A friend of mine have the Doors to Darkness book, and in it there is the Servants of The Lake scenario. I think if tuned down with all the zombies and monsters could be really cool and frighting, I really think that people acting monstrously is a much more frighting and shocking prospect, than to discover they were monsters all along. This scenario can also work very well with the ideas you present in your "Perfect Timing Fallacy" article, as there are plenty of encounters there that will benefit from arriving to late or to early.
  23. All of the courtly skills, moreover, including falconry, are heavily hierarchical. The appropriateness and detailed rules of each are constructed to expose one's social position and reinforce the power of the courtier. Only a peasant uses the wrong bird, and only a villain can't dance the courtly way...
  24. Hi @Crel - the bugs should be squashed. Updates include: Split add Skills and add Passions into two separate pages Add Skills now includes space for 6 regular and 6 custom skills Reset form runes so that their base is 0 UNLESS it is a regular starting character, in which case they are set to 50. Set the app so that changing any skills provides the value chosen by the user even after taking into account Skill Base and Category Modifiers. In other words, if you say this person has an Acting of 90, that is exactly what they will have, regardless of the base skill and character stats. You should now be able to update your triceratops without issue. Cheers! C
  25. Black Mountains suggest the Red King because the Red King is the descending, twilight sun, going behind the Western Mountains. Of course, GanEstoro is also associated with the Western Mountains, because he is the dark god of Carmania, and the Enkosiad is from Pelanda, to the east. The Red King is ignorant of the West because the West is his own Death, his drowning in the broth of the sacrifice/Sweet Sea.
  26. I speculate that a modern Elmali would suck in an adherent of Danfive Xaron from the triumphant closing act of a Lunar Storm-fighting quest to appear as Yonesh. Sky Tribe symbolism sees Sedenya/Moon as an inconsistent and cold Sun. DX's Moon rune encompasses Storm much like cold Yonesh is "riddled with Storm runes." Fun part would be if that Elmali later did quests where Yavor's head is his ally/counselor, he'd probably drag that same Lunar along as the head. Perhaps an opportunity for detente arises.
  27. So supposedly the ToC 'bestiary' 'Hideous Creatures', does include for each creature, a lengthy listing of the forensic signs and evidence that visits from these horrors leave behind.
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