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  2. I imagine the argument is more along the lines of, "You know, if we'd just tried talking to the Devil, and shown him the benefits of illumination, we'd see that Chaos isn't necessarily a destructive force. Sedenya knows how to harness it for good!" Of course you don't necessarily have to believe that (certainly most Orlanthi do not!) but I don't know that it can be argued as necessarily and objectively incorrect. Isn't Glorantha built around the idea that there is no objective mythical reality, and that from a certain point of view "all" beliefs are true?
  3. Do you want to add the Call of Cthulhu sci-fi/future and also colonial era settings mentioned by @Mike M to the "Upcoming, hinted or announced" subsection above? https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/11546-list-of-call-of-cthulhu-campaign-settings/?tab=comments#comment-176202
  4. Vile.. your argument edge me towards keeping APP after all... Also.. I am not using point buy... so that relieve the pressure against APP. Point buy suffer from dump stats... (I roll normally and mercilessly and give them a +6 bonus at the end!) Keeping APP, I think I will use the APP vs INT resistance roll after successful persuade/intimidate/fast talk... and also add some standard modifier to APP (say, grooming & nice clothes = +4, dirty bloody cloths = -4, for example) As for roleplaying social skill... I take it easy... of course I will ask "what are you trying to say" but I am not demanding any kind of good performance from the players, just a good enough idea of what they say... After all, their character is a hero, most likely more cunning that the players, let them enjoy that!
  5. I think APP is an artefact of an era when many systems were trying for maximum "realism", and physical appearance may have been seen as more definable than charisma. I remember splitting SIZ into SIZ and WGT (weight) at the time, too. There is an argument to be made that charisma is already represented by Oratory or other communication skills, which can be slightly improved by having a high APP (making a good first impression). I think either characteristic works fine, but I'm inclined to stick with APP in BRP-derived games just because it's one of the features that sets it apart from many other systems. One of the most important features of characteristics, and one which doesn't get much attention, is that they define a mental image of a character, and you could say that APP does this better than CHA. Adding descriptions to a character sheet is all well and good, but if characteristics can do that job, too, they are doing a better job of pulling their weight. I do think there is a fundamental difference between role-playing physical and social skills, though. We can't role-play piloting an aircraft or fighting a dragon at the table unless the referee knows quite a bit about flying or dragon slaying, but we can role-play two characters having a conversation because everyone is familiar with that (whether or not they are any good at it). I never let players just "roll for Oratory" without them having a good idea of what their character is going to say, same as I don't allow "Search" unless they tell me where they are looking and what they are looking for. I see skills as a resolution mechanism, but not a substitute for role-play.
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  7. characteristics used as opposed pools with successful opposed rolls doing damage to the pool. So pretty close.
  8. The Wind Word’s tribe loves to acknowledge artwork, and the artists behind them and express our gratitude as well. Nick Brooke gave us kind permission to use a cut from the Rough Guide to Glamour featured above and a bewildered Ludovic Chabant beautifully drew and donated Gonn Orta tossing a MoonShip for us at my request. Thanks all.... now go support 'em. ETA any error in Dario’s work is a result of failure in my still as a cutter not his skill as an artist. Great suff, both of you.
  9. Good job on the recently upgraded Chaosium website. The layout of the site has been improved. You must have decided that the last few months of increased Internet traffic was worth the investment in a better site - not that the previous version wasn't appealing. I found dead links on two pages in the Classic Cthulhu section: https://www.chaosium.com/classic-cthulhu-scenarios/ "Need the rules? Go to the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition section." "Just want the PDFs? Click here." https://www.chaosium.com/classic-cthulhu-scenario-pdfs/ "Need the rules? Go to the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition section." "Want the printed versions of the scenarios? Go here."
  10. So everybody needs a little cancer in their body to keep on existing? Chaos is not change, or disorder. Glorantha has those too. Anyone can fail a hero quest. According to some uncharitable estimates based on random encounter tables, 2% of gloranthans vanish every day.
  11. No, Humakt is in the recycling business, not the spiritually annihilating business.
  12. Thanks all. Alright APP or CHA is indeed not that useful... I will think about ditching it.... or, alternatively, of simple way to vary it. I.e. bloody dirty adventurer, will incur a APP/CHA penalty that would imper all their persuasion roll... and the reverse could be true with some preparation! Although, I just realise the character does the fast talk roll, while the opponent does the resistance roll, so it's not too gamey. And I am starting to like this idea more. Anyway, at that stage.. I have to let my unconscious process that idea for a while.. after a lifetime of using CHA as a characteristic I have a hard time letting go, need some perspective... Hix, did you mean, some Mythras game do just as I suggested in the second line of this thread? How clever of them!
  13. Sorry I said print option, but I really should have said POD. With Chaosium starting to offer classic RQ in POD, I thought it likely they might do the same for Pendragon.
  14. Those are fair points, though what does that mean about the nature of their worldview in general? Are they just venerating a Hero for the sake of tradition (and profit), almost like a pseudo-clan ancestor? Are they Henotheists who view Issaries as the truest identity of the Invisible God and engage in some loosey-goosey theism? Or rather, perhaps more specific, what do the Trader Princes' Zzaburi (provided they have any, and I'm presuming they do) believe? When a (talar) Trader Prince family member comes to his Zzaburi, what does the Zzaburi tell him? I have to admit I consider the chaotic aftermath of the God Learner collapse, coupled with the pluralistic and heterodox Safelster would open the idea for someone like Castelain, regardless of caste, to act as a philosopher of sorts, whether through complex mediations, or indeed through "saintly"/heroic example.
  15. You have to apply context - "what is actually happening" - with the Keeper being the arbiter of what is reasonable in the given situation. The rules are meant to be flexible to cope with numerous possibilities.
  16. The Pulp Cthulhu sheet was designed to be generic for use with any setting - but of course feel free to create era specific ones if the general Pulp sheet vibe is detracting.
  17. definitely a different take on D&D, but still has the same feel. it does a fair bit of twisting and manipulation of Mythras. good stuff, and worth the pick up
  18. I am unashamedly using the cavalry pictures twice - once as full-sized illustrations, and once to illustrate the evolution of the Western cataphract. At least two more to do...
  19. My abilities with pdf leave more than a little to be desired, so i'm here asking, has anyone made Pulp versions (higher HP max, talents, etc) of the different eras, i.e. modern, dark ages, reign of terror?
  20. How to get into RUNE QUEST: Role-Playing in Gloratha If you are new to the system, welcome! I recently started playing and running RuneQuest Role-Playing in Glorantha (RQ:G) and decided to create and compile some useful resources for those just entering the gates into this Mystical world of ancient powers, exciting yet lethal combat, and mythical Gods... Be forewarned: adventurer or storyteller, this is a path from which once followed, there is no turning back. Excerpt from Chaosium's website: "Glorantha is a world with a deep and rich setting, drawing influence from the Bronze Age and other ancient world cultures and mythologies, created by Greg Stafford in 1966. From its first appearance in print as a strategy boardgame titled White Bear, Red Moon in 1975 by The Chaosium (as it was then called) to the first edition of the roleplaying game RuneQuest in 1978, Glorantha has been used as the setting for roleplaying games, computer games, boardgames, novels, encyclopedias, comics, and other creative expressions, with a dedicated and global fan base. Now, Glorantha is firmly established as one of the most popular original game settings ever, and the influence of RuneQuest is everywhere in roleplaying and computer game design." The Quick Start Guide If you are completely new to the system and don't know where to start, fear not! For Chaosium has conveniently created a free guide to the important rules, which comes with everything you need to start your gaming in Dragon Pass, as well as a pre-made adventure module. Download the Quick Start from Chaosium's website to begin your journey and to see if you enjoy the system or not. Another thing you should definitely do is watch my currently on-going mini series on YouTube: How to get into RQ:G, and subscribe to the channel to join the Legion! Shameless plug aside, I really do cover a lot of ground and encourage you to check it out. Next is the- The Core Rules The main rulebook to obtain after discovering the power of this system and setting. Unlike some similar fantasy TTRPGs, RQ:G is set in the Bronze age and draws the majority of its inspiration from Mythology. This single book contains everything you need to run incredibly enjoyable games, and create deep, varied characters within the world of Glorantha. Inside you'll find... Fast paced, lethal, and variable combat which is both exciting and tactical. Deep and involved character creation that roots your character in the world and ties them to clan, cult, and family. Unique magic system with rules for spirit combat, sorcery, and shamanistic traditions. One can purchase a physical version of these rules here for $54.94 (at the time of writing). You could also get the PDF from the same site, but if you buy the rules as a physical copy Chaosium will give you the PDF free. Alternatively, if you buy the PDF, Chaosium will take the PDF price off your purchase of the physical. All rather convenient and useful. Next Steps So you love the rules and setting and are wondering how this could get any better? It can:) The next steps to take can include the Glorantha Bestiary, which includes both powerful and ancient monsters and Chaos Beings, but also many different races and rules on how to create characters of different styles. Along with lots of rich history and culture surrounding each entry. The Game Master Screen Pack is a handy and beautiful addition to your collection. Not only does it come with the gorgeous GM screen, but it also has a 100+ page booklet featuring some lore and cool pre-made adventure modules/scenarios, a Gloranthan Calendar, assorted collection of Gloranthan maps (some of which are quite large, and character sheets. Among even more stuff... And that is just the beginning. There is even more, and you can browse the various RQ:G source books and modules at https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-glorantha/ Other Assets and Resources I already mentioned my own channel, but there are even more useful and helpful articles and assets you can utilize as a Game Master of Player. Here are just a few I enjoy... English Gloranthan Podcast Wind Words RuneBlog on getting started on Glorantha RPG Imaginings YouTube Videos on making a RQ:G Character Jonstun Compendium on DriveThruRPG (community content creations) As I find stuff, I will probably add to this list, but currently these are my favorite assets. I hope you found this list of some ways to start RuneQuest useful. For reference, I began with the SlipCase set you can find on Chaosium's site. It comes with the core rules, the bestiary, and the screen pack. After my recent acquisition of the Rune Quest Glorantha Slipcase set, RQ:G has very much impressed me. Thank you to the community members who got me into this system!! And thank you for reading. And also, remember the two most important things (imo) about these Role-Playing games: 1. As they say in RQ:G, MGF. Which means, Maximum Game Fun. That is the end all be all, and very important for each and every game you play. 2. (Just gonna copy and paste this from a different post of mine): No matter if you're a Game Master or an Adventurer, the one thing all role-players need is imagination. At the end of the day, statistics aside, all RPGs are collaborative narrative exercises and you need to understand how a story or character works. One should discover all the richness of storytelling first, then purchase all the rulebooks and supplements. Learn about character arc and the three act story, solid backstory and world building, and anything else you can! Life is short, don't waste it on a sub-par role-playing experience.
  21. This is what I do exactly. The Stat is Charisma and the x5% roll is Influence. Here's the thing, appearance by its nature is fluid. If I spend a fortune on my wardrobe and grooming I will have a higher rating on appearance if I don't. It is also subjective. So I have a highly rated appearance but in what genre? Am I goth, preppy, fashionista, coffee-chic, etc? It fits terribly with the other stats. As soon as you change App to Cha the stats break down to Strength, Dexterity, Constitution as physical and Intelligence, Power and Charisma as mental. Size is that weirdo stat in the middle that separates them. If you go this route I would use Cha vs Int for both with the option of using Str vs Int for certain situations. I don't have to be strong to be intimidation.
  22. hhile it is true that luxury goods from the Lunar Empire may reach Kralorela via the Red-haired Etyries caravans, Karse has been a Lunar port city for the last six years, which allowed cutting out the middlemen handling transport into Lunar-controlled area. Less so after the Battle of Pennel Ford,, true. But then, the Windstop of early 1622 must have hit the Gloranthan naval trade worse than the current Corona pandemic, as all the trade winds were dysfunctional. Deplite the bad conditions, the waters of and around the Mirrorsea Bay may have filled up with ships that had no way of returning to wherever they came from against the winds.
  23. The Trader Princes are related and do have a common faith: Castelein. But making Castelein a Malkioni Philosopher just doesn't work in light of the new thinking on Sorcery (ie no churches or lay Malioni faith). It is better to make him a hero of Issaries as that creates fewer tensions.
  24. Awesome, I'm glad you liked it! I'm loving this system to a literal death at the moment.
  25. Unless you're Dragon Pass, of course, in which case there's almost nothing EXCEPT Mary Sues.
  26. There's definitely the Little Kralora neighborhood in Nochet (near other "foreign" enclaves just south of the main market. I hear black lotus dust is popular now. As for Karse, I think unlikely beyond a factor or two. But ships coming from Kralorela are much more likely to go directly to Nochet.
  27. That seems like some one-off payment outside the regular system, because she wants him to live with her clan, and this acts as compensation. 50 cows = 1000L = Noble ransom, so this is in line with my 50-100% estimate. Perhaps 100% instead of 50% means to signify that this is a very solid offer? (Man, they really did work out the economics in KoDP, didn't they?)
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