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  2. Could be animist Rat Hsunchen that were Malkionized.
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    I'd say the sources are a little mixed on that one. At least if you count oral ones. I can recall Greg on a couple of occasions saying "those guys are mystical materialists", and expanding on the point somewhat. And then on another, having that quoted back to him by some obnoxious pedant -- not excluded to have been your present humble scribe -- and saying something along the lines of, "yeah well, I say a lot of things". FWIW it has has a strong whiff of High Theism/self-sacrificial mysticism to me, at any rate. Somewhat like initiating to one of the Greater Gods whose aspects you can
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  5. MW isn't held back by its mechanics, it was held back by its lackluster presentation and the scant product line support that followed it. Bringing the rules inline with CoC 7 wouldn't be a selling point for me.
  6. Thank you. Do you know if there are Wererats in Glorantha?
  7. Probably came out of Mike Dawson's campaigns since he developed Arlaten. There might be more in the Codex fanzines but I don't recall, and don't have them immediately accessible. Wolfblood is in southern Ralios towards Tanisor. See the Guide p.387: "Wolfblood (small city): The keep of this ancient city was built by a Dawn Age wizard who used wolf blood instead of water for the mortar. Tucked away amid difficult hills, it has an ancient reputation for the ferocity of its inhabitants in its defense. For several centuries it has also been the seat for the Counts of Daran."
  8. In Strangers in Prax, Arlaten had bragged about defeating the cult of Father Rat in the city of Wolfbood. Is there any more information anywhere on this cult or the situation in Wolfbood? How often do Malkeoni have to suppress outbreaks of this (or such) cults?
  9. Magic world is a big part of our frakenbrp. We use it for s&s alla lieber, howard, moorcock. Lots of fun. We're the lost children of RQ3 and SB
  10. Yeah, it depends a lot on the game. in D&D, points-buy would be a given, but in RQ, I like the simulationist "work with what you got (although it shouldn't get too bad)". It should be noted that (the errata:ed) research rules for characteristics are super generous, so as long as you do the one adventure per season, salvaging poor stats is pretty easy (as long as it's not INT or SIZ, and those are 2D6+6 already).
  11. Me too, but I understand why some people don't like it. It's essentially the same as points-buy but with each player having a different random total to spend. Sometimes you can't quite distribute them exactly as you'd want, and it does reduce how often people can have four super-stats and three terrible ones. My spreadsheet tool actually goes one further than that, and allows you to reassign all rolls freely regardless of the dice. It generates random numbers between 0 and 1, and scales each to the appropriate dice type that you have assigned it to. If you reassign it from a D6 to a D8, i
  12. My players got to roll two sets, from up to down (no free placement), and pick one, but could re-roll any full set lower than average. This resulted in somewhat better statlines, but mostly just avoided outright bad and boring ones.
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    The four approaches to magic can also be seen as philosophical attitudes towards the Otherside. Theism involves ritual submission to it, sorcery involves ritual domination of it, shamanism involves ritual equality with it... and mysticism says that there's no meaningful difference between This Side and the Otherside. Or to put it another way, mysticism allows you to disrupt the hierarchies of the Otherside rather than navigate within them. The three/four-way division of the sons of Aether replicates an idealized vision of Solar society- you have priests who keep themselves aloof from the
  14. Pulsed lasers can have an energy output a lot higher than continuous lasers. Continuous lasers will mostly heat the ablated matter as a hot plasma cloud, a cloud expanding away from the target. The laser needs to interact with the target matter. If the target behaves like glass towards the laser used, comparatively little energy will be absorbed. Rather than focussed lasers, you could simply slow-cook a target with by heating it constantly at a rather low rate. Heat disposal is a problem in vacuum. A space vessel in the rough focus of a lense may be in trouble. Rathe
  15. Yes I have read it, but for some reason I couldn't find the part where it says that extension doesn't exist as a separate spell after casting. I hope that in the future Runequest rulebooks are properly playtested and proofread before publishing. So all necessary rules with complete info are in the actual rulebooks, and not in some forum, Q&A, Facebook group etc. I also hope that Chaosium learns from this and does a better job next time.
  16. I am using since years the same rule as Soltakss, exactly for the same reasons (and with the same caveats)
  17. Sure, but do you think it is evil? Inimical? Intrinsically wrong? Like, literally you think we'd be better off not having developed it? Right, so you think it is practically problematic, but ... philosophically... you are ok with it? Somewhat... neutral?
  18. If you want an official answer to a rules question and then want to disagree with the answer with it that's fine. Please read the Q&A before asking future questions.
  19. Ablative Anti-Dispel Formula Because Dispel-type magic goes for the largest defensive spell first, if you have critical offensive spells cast on you or an item (like an enormously-boosted Sword Trance, a big Slash, or an extended Truesword), you can protect this important spell by spamming small defensive spells on the same target - these will consume incoming Dispels. Obviously there's a time aspect here, but getting a single one-point spirit magic spell in won't be too bad. (Be careful about using Countermagic for this though, as it's at risk of being popped by other spells.)
  20. If you think ascetism and an obsession with purity and isolation makes mysticism, then you are on the wrong track. I mean, it would be a big surprise to medieval monastic orders that they aren't about worship. Ascetism is used by all forms of magic, and ritual purity seems to be related. Meditation likewise. He is certainly unworldly, but I think Dayzatar monks are trying to essentially arrange their entire life around worshipping Dayzatar. For a broad definition of 'mystic methods' you might say Dayzatar is using mythic methods for theist goals - but I'm not really sure there meth
  21. Scotty has answered to this question, although I disagree with him (I think extension should be treated as a separate spell):
  22. Elemental Zoo Since elementals have rolled characteristics, this means that they can be more or less good (and you might even hope for a low POW in order to Command them more easily). Summon Elemental: "Having once successfully summoned an elemental, the deity sends the same elemental every time the adventurer summons an elemental of that size and type. If the caster summons more than one elemental of that size, they can choose which one they summon in the future." This means that it will be beneficial to have a "stable" of elementals to choose from - depending on how yo
  23. Well, yes. But are we then to assume that any mystic who is not walking around is therefore invalid? The point is, are his teachings still followable to achieve some mystic effect. His *other* magic has been lost. But that's a different thing. And his path is clearly incomplete. But that is also a different thing. Mysticism is the method, Nysalor documented a method, and how to teach it. If Nysalorism was dead, then Nysalor Riddles wouldn't work. But they do. Once again, it seems you confuse mysticism with mystics use of other magic. The guide says 'The magic provided is inconse
  24. Unless they, say, had support from others or heroquested, or had access to extremely powerful magic? Why not? And even if we accept it wasn't a heroquest (though I don't follow your reasoning at all), why jump then to mysticism, without any evidence to indicate it? Seriously, this is asking about two sentences about Xemela to bear an extraordinary amount of weight. is there anything, anywhere, which says Xemela did not have some magical support from her community, in her efforts to save them? It looks to me you inferred it, simply because in that handful of sentences it does
  25. why ? Aldryami chamans (and priests) take care of the forest spirits (and spirituality) Aldryami garderners take care of the forest "sedentary" inhabitants Aldryami warriors take care of the forest security (and conquest too, and political issue too) etc... The Forest provides everything, because Aldryami are part of the forest, without them, what is the Forest ?
  26. It probably makes the most sense (if you’re house-ruling, which perhaps you should here) to define Extension not as a Temporal spell with its own separate existence, but as an Instantaneous spell which modifies the primary spell as it’s being cast but doesn’t exist after that.
  27. and I've answered that multiple times already - most likely by essentially theistic techniques, probably grabbing from numerous sources. That you can take source of magical power and access them via different methods than the original is not a new idea, not in dispute, and actually kind of routine. Yes, shamans can talk to the same entities on the spirit plan that might be sacrificed to by a priest or invoked by a sorcerer and it all works. I know no one wants to bring back the idea of Misapplied Worship (well, I don't, I no longer understand what Darius wants), but let's call it D
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