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  2. If Cthulhu 7th really is out-selling Dungeons & Dragons 5th across the planet, that means y'all are in the big leagues now. Your competition is no longer little one- and two-man shops such as Goblinoid Games or Monkey House Games. You are up against freaking Hasbro and other giant toy companies of their ilk. Scary, but it is a good thing. And it means you need to think, plan and market your wares differently than you may have in the past. You can't simply maintain a pretty and functional website, post links on DriveThru RPG, and expect customers to somehow discover you online. You must pursue potential buyers like Hounds of Tindalos chase dimensional travelers.
  3. I would be interested in helping out with the project. I like the kind of detail-orientated work that seems to be involved. DM me if you want assistance.
  4. Good news all around! I'm glad that the backers got a concrete update. And it sounds like the rest of us will be able to buy the books someday.
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  6. So , it was about 1/10th the population and 1/10th the size of it's contemporary, Uruk, and they want to call it a 'New York'? Talk about gilding the lily. If you're curious about how big a 'large city' was in history, Wikipedia has an interesting (though hardly definitive) chart: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_cities_throughout_history
  7. Wow. I'm sure you folks will get a LOT of interest on this topic! But since you ask... There've been a bunch of innovations in BRP since the BGB, so I'd like to see those brought aboard! Even things that may have been less than stellar in their initial format, should be revisited and polished up for possible BRP2.0'ing. I'd like to see Stunts from BloodTide, Arete from AdvSrc, 3d6vsd100 stats (offer both), RQG's Augments, Pulp-style tunings from Pulp Cthulhu, Hero/Luck points, etc etc etc. I would love to see a BRP-engined mini's/skirmish game, that could integrate as desired for either the combat element of traditional RPG's, and/or for doing larger "Battle" scenarios (I understand something in this direction is already in development for RQG?) I'd want more n00b-support. I don't feel like the BGB is something I can throw at my players (unless they're being really annoying, in which case the 1d3 damage is only what they deserve); its too wide-open, and pre-supposes too much systems mastery that they don't have, don't want to acquire. Same goes for when I'm making a recommendation to 3rd parties, e.g. via online (non-BRPcentral) forums, in-person in FLGS, etc: it's great, BUT you need to invest the time to figure it out. Now, @Chaosium: brace for incoming. Please know that it's Friendly Fire... but I recognize that it's still incoming fire... To be brutally honest -- and specifically because you ask -- take a good hard look at Mythras' organization & presentation. It's easier to grasp their content than yours. I see this sentiment widely echoed online, too... Mythras is widely praised for how approachable and comprehensible it is. I think it's worth looking at a bunch of online reviews, even OUTSIDE the extended BRP family of games, and look for books where there is wide reviewer/fan agreement that they are comprehensible, accessible, clear... study those books (and the elements the reviews praise) in considering a BGB2. BRP-BGB fans will point out that it's far more comprehensive (as opposed to comprehensible) than Mythras... but even from them I've read more than once it's "a bit of a hot mess" (or similar) in other regards. I don't find it that bad, personally... but then I'm coming up on my 40th BRPthday (late '80 / early '81 (I forget, it was my freshman year at college... before or after winter break???)) so it's not like I'm going to hit the BGB and discover a concept that's strange, novel, or confusing to me... So I'm NOT the person to best evaluate these issues (indeed, that I notice them at all is a testament to their severity, since I'm already familiar with their content). Which leads me to the topic of the playtest/edit cycle. Get a BUNCH more playtesters onboard. Solicit MANY more never-BRP'ed folk, WITHOUT a grognard in those groups to ease their way. Make this e-a-s-y to learn... and for fans to unreservedly recommend! And find an editor who isn't a BRP-grognard... it's clear we're (ALL of us, not excluding Jeff & Jason & everyone else at Chaosium) far too capable of glossing over cross-edition discrepancies, preconceptions, expectations, etc. It should be clear from the online criticism & support threads that you guys were at least 1 cycle (of playtest and/or edit) short, on RQG... it's a great game, and IMHO the best RQ ever; good work and don't let my (or anyone else's) criticisms take that away from you! But it's REALLY close to being a LOT better than it is, and I honestly put the blame on the dev-team having so much systems mastery: you needed more late-cycle eyeballs and editors who did NOT know all those 45 years of prior iterations so well... === I think it might be worth doing something that looked kind of like a BGB X WorldsOfWonder hybrid, a slipcase set (with separately-buy'able pieces) ... BRP-core + Supers + Tech + Fantasy, each a toolkit ... without the Superworld/FutureWorld/MagicWorld settings. I presume Chris Spivey's work (possibly with Ringworld RPG? Or possibly that IS the core from which Mr. Spivey is already working?) could give you the foundation of the "Tech" book. Maybe a "BRPadvanced" or "BRPcompanion" for non-"core" (but not Supe/Tech/Fant specific) options. Possibly also a "retro-tech & alt-science" book for steampunk, clock/mech, crystal-tech, retro-future, etc. I think other genres might occur, too. Um... I think I'm done. For now.
  8. Just make sure you have one iron horse crash through a barn and come out covered in chickens and straw, it's compulsory!
  9. I like that — the First and Last Duck, rumored to be Grandfather Duck. The EWF knew him as the Dragon-Duck, the God Learners as the Reconstructed Duck. The great thing about looking for a guy is he can turn up whenever the campaign starts to run out of steam.
  10. That's a good point. If it's the Ducks who are the PCs, you can do well to do some genre-messing. Stuff that's very serious for other races might be silly for them. And conversely, stuff that's comical for other races is deadly serious for the Durulz.
  11. The issue with retractively changing the past is that it may very well be possible, but considering that it's already happened, we cannot reliably verify that it.... happened. You know? For example, the unified Lunar goddess might always have existed, or we might have a case where Sedenyan Heroquesters managed to imprint their idea of a unified Lunar goddess backwards into Myth so strongly that she has now always existed. The same goes for Yelm. Was there always a Great Sun, or did someone manage to heroquest a Great Sun into being retroactively by mashing together the different mythologies of the Little Suns? In the end, of course, it doesn't matter for practical purposes. The apes have always ruled the planet. Humanity has always been their pray. How could it possibly ever have been differently?
  12. Here is another take on the project.
  13. Bastard children are still your kids and need love, too. If Magic World can reach customers uninterested in the complexities of the RuneQuest multiverse, sell it, sell it, sell it! POD and PDF means you don't have to maintain physical product. Despise no potential revenue stream, especially since you have titles already written, play-tested and edited. The work is already done; go make money off of it. You have no guarantees of what titles will appeal to which customers, so promote all your excellent products, even the ones that may not be your personal favorites. The money you get for them is just as green.
  14. We are making no promises, but if we were to update the BGB, what could be improved? NOTE: The printed BGB is available for sale still on our website, and certainly in PDF form on our website and DTRPG.
  15. I will have to check the conspiracy theory... Mmm.. it seems to me that we are not that much of a disagreement... if I rephrase it... we could even be totally agreeing let's see.... 1. the D8 damage bonus for impale attack is good enough no need for by pass armour bonus, mm.. something to think about (since I was thinking bypass armour 4 top anyway, it's even better) 2. you said what about a stunt give -3 coverage roll.. well I said I was just thinking about such stunt, but make it usable only with short range weapon (mostly specific daggers) But I was also thinking to help those weapon when coverage is 0.... for example the gothic armor has 0 coverage on many location, but there are still many joint that can be used.... 3. you said to combo stun and coup de grace, it is even better than coverage roll modifier, there is just no armour! Yeah I guess I have to work that angle... ^^ one of my player can't use it though, with his strength 0 of 10 and main weapon is a sword... I guess wrestling it is Point 1 and 3 would be better use of the rules that my initial thinking, thanks hey! Point 2 is a bit of a difference (maybe?) which is, after some consideration, weapon that have the best coverage modifier should be the small ones, like narrow and pointy daggers. On another topic, coup de grace makes me think.. it implies (like other realism issue) that magical armour is not a totally impervious thing. We had an "argument" my player and I, (nothing serious, more like a debate really) I created a swarm of (magically summoned and venomous) spiders, while small and easy to kill they were fast, numerous, and climb on player and bite them with poison ignoring armour. And they were like.. Protection (spell) should help! And I was like... protection is not an impervious bubble.. one can breath through it.. and... be "coup de grace", ho well , something to think about for next time
  16. If they ever get off the ground. At this point we are still waiting on Mythic Iceland, which is actually in the cycle, and while the others have been tossed around before, I've seen no concrete commitment to any of them. I fear that Mythic Iceland will be the last fantasy BRP supplements, as Chaosiums interest seem to extend little outside of Glorantha and Cthulhu; and honestly I think they would prefer it die (along with MagicWorld). That being said, you can use The Design Mechanisms excellent supplements with BRP with a little work. They already have a ROME, Constantinople, Britain settings in their Mythic Earth line; all very excellent. ROME started life as a BRP supplement, and you might want to peruse NobleKnight if your interested and want to minimize work needed to get things going. SDLeary
  17. If I remember correctly, the numbers for France were around 30-35 for men and 13-15 for women from circa 1000 to 1789.
  18. I would have Glue affect undeads, as it is a creative (moderately so, but still) application of magic ... and you still have to touch them so there is no risk it will be overused. But I would also have the zombies tear apart, the skellies would be in a pickle tho.
  19. Area-wise, mainly. Most of the ones I have seen on maps are very small compared to normal English towns, for example. They would normally fit into a city-centre area in England. Population-wise, I can't remember how big they normally got, but our populations are a lot larger than at any other time, so they don;t really compare. A city of 5,000 people is big in the Bronze Age, a village of 5,000 people in England is unremarkable.
  20. Rich story with simple rule. I love this game too.
  21. While Kerofinela was wiped clear by two successive events less than 80 years apart, there was Kethaela which kept the records pretty much unbroken. Sure, both God Learners and EWF invaded northern Esrolia aka Kotor, and infected Nochet, but this infection also makes Nochet a conservatory for their lore. Sure, Nochet too was hit by the 1050 cataclysm, and retracted into a shadow of its former self, but it wasn't the only place of lore conservation. Of the Lhankor Mhy Great Libraries some always remained functional. (And then there is the possibility of L-Space, possibly as a weird survival of the Hero Wars rpg period essence planes.) Halwal made sure that God Learner documentation survived (as enemy secrets essential for their destruction) in Fronela and Ralios. His mutual annihilation with Yomili did take a lot of the most advanced secrets with them, yes. But those aren't all there is to setting yourself up as a God Learner heroquester or an "orthodox" Malkioni ultra-sorcerer. There are plenty God Learner methods that were inefficient and wasteful, due to their inexperience with the mythic fabric they tampered with. Arkati-schooled heroquesters were likely a lot more efficient than their God Learner counterparts. Belintar's Tournaments of the Masters of Luck and Death and the Lunar Dart Competitions are as much training grounds for badass questers as the Kralori camp Sheng Seleris emerged from.
  22. Area big but population 5,000. By comparison, Pauls Valley, OK, Garvin County seat, had a population of 2,000 circa 1983. Site apparently discovered in the 1950s but only now being excavated by archaeologists with the help of an Israeli road construction company.
  23. Love it. One super easy suggestion would be to pick a favorite Carl Barks travel plot . . . maybe "Lost in the Andes" or "Race to the South Seas" or even "Serum to Codfish Cove" if you want to put your people in parkas . . . and repaint all the surfaces with what you see in Glorantha. Doesn't have to be hyper canonical. Ducks see the world from a different angle anyway.
  24. this is what the God Learners did. when the changes got too big, the web snapped back into place and it was like nothing they had ever done had ever changed. Heroquesting can change things, but changing the actual past in big ways isn't gonna work - things that affect the literal past rather than affecting the way things work now, like "the story where the spirit leaps the river now isn't about tricking the fish but simply using it as a springboard" is kosher but "I stopped the Sun Stop" is treyf. You can't stop the Dragonkill, or the Red Emperor's Egi from being maimed by the Sultanate of Tork. It's too big a change. Think of time travel rules. But you can change small things. You could probably change the fate of a minor spirit at the Battle of Castle Blue, thus ensuring it lives (or dies). It's like... Doctor Who rules. There are fixed points. Mostly we heroquest about the future. We fix heroquests that Chaos has tried to change, or use them to empower ourselves by mimicking the god until we, too, can take its form. Or we use it, as the famous Valare Addi did, to learn the truth of history (or create propaganda about it): what happened in the past? What did the gods do? What lore was lost?
  25. The core rules in RD100 already work well for heavily armoured fighters, both in gothic and Renaissance armour. The suggestions you made seem either pointless or counter-productive to me. Weapon-armour interactions work perfectly and provide different outcomes depending on the type of weapon, rather than relying on a generic "ignore" effect. Note also that the concept of Coverage gives you more realistic outcomes in this case, because it differentiates between armour types: chain mail, which is a very popular armour type, offers little protection but it is very easy to clad a fighter completely in it (see Simon's comment in the other thread). Doing the same with plate increases the cost and cumbersomeness of armour dramatically, and very few cultures were able to do this. Muskets: plate cuirasses DID stop bullets. In fact, all Renaissance breastplates came with a dent which the artisan did by firing a bullet at short distance to prove the plate could take hits without being pierced. There is still a chance of piercing a plate, of course, but it is connected to the Impale effect which muskets have, and it is not easy to take down someone so protected. Do not forget that cuirasses were still in use in the 19th Century (and later) to protect charging cavalry from bullets, so giving muskets an anti-armour effect translates to making some armour pieces ineffective in stopping exactly the type of attack they were designed to stop. Cuirasses are ineffective against swords, which can easily target the back of the cuirassier by manoeuvring in melee, not against muskets which cannot strike from your angle of choice. Note that RD100 represents this in a very simple way with the +2 to armour coverage for ranged attacks. The difference you remark between bullet and sword is represented in RD100 not by making armour ineffective, but by applying the three damage effects, Slash, Impale and Crush. A sword is devastating against an unarmoured opponent, as it can easily sever limbs or cut you in two by applying the slash effect. However, this means that armour is doubly effective against swords as the extra damage applies after armour. Spears and bullets, on the other hand, while doing potentially less damage apply their effect before armour, and thus are much more effective against armour. A mere mail shirt will block the average slashing attack completely, while piercing attacks with weapons with the same base damage will go through. In addition to this, you can use the version of the Choose Location that comes with the Conspiracy Theory to represent aiming at weak spots in armour. A good stunt could allow you to gain a -3 to Coverage with your weapon of choice. Of course, the gap needs to be there to strike through it, otherwise you have to use one of the techniques below to open a gap where there is none. Stilettos: RD100 is probably the system that better represents their usefulness in combat without introducing super-complicate rules. If you have one in your left hand, you are almost certain to end the round with at least one attack available when your opponent has 0 readiness, which means you roll at full skill and he defends at -30%. And if you manage to drop his SR to 0 with a Stun with your main weapon, then you can ignore armour with a non-critical roll with Coup de Grace. Terribly deadly, and it corresponds to actual combat techniques used against heavily armoured opponents: stun with a mace, then finish with a smaller pointy weapon through a gap in the armour. Hammers can do both parts of the sequence if you prefer to have one weapon only, and in fact they were known as armour-killers on Renaissance era battlefields. Half-swording/ Rather than just "bypass armour", the half-swording techniques shown in page 1 should give more opportunities to use Coup de Grace, as the technique aims at creating a gap that is normally not there in the armour. I cannot remember whether I put this kind of stunt as a suggestion in a sidebar, but you can make up your own stunt in any case. There are a lot of other interactions that already implement most of the techniques used in armoured combat. It is just that not all rules that influence armour effects have been labelled as "anti-armour". But they are there, do not worry. We have studied and tested the subject intensively.
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