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  2. I think of the adventurers sheets as just a summary of the characters - there is a lot more to them. I allow characters to add narrative to a game with ‘folk magic’ mainly linked to their profession more than cult. A 1mp cost is reasonable. I also don’t think you need a list of such spells, it is all about flavour and immersion.
  3. My opinion is this magic (I agree there is magic in all these cases) is so "folk", so common that it is "included" in the skills. Don't need to burn magic point, don't need to define spells characteristics. that is a room for narration and description by the players, if they wish I organize some flowers in my hair to seduce this beautifull unknown, I succeed my roll, the flowers become bright and smell well, drawing attention; I failed, the pollen makes the "target" sneeze, driving him/her away.
  4. Ralzakark's Egi - put them on the Moon...
  5. Wouldn't judge too harshly...happens to me too every time I assemble something from IKEA. So, we have reassembled Nysalor, but what are we going to do with the bits left over? I know, let's make Nysalor's child.
  6. Thanks! At some point, I might write up our Balazar Campaign for the Jonstown Compendium. It had a lot of faffing about in the Elf Sea and restoring the Elder Council, proving that Balazar worshipped Yelm and finding Balazar's Crown.
  7. Today
  8. Since Cavendishs "Men, Myth & Magic" was published from 1970 to 1972 you might be correct.
  9. Oh, and if you are wondering why the question ended up here, it's because Scotty referred me to it from the Q&A thread, seeing this as a design question. For sure, if the Yelorna temple in the Big Rubble can crank out Arrow Tranced arrows for gift or sale with the greatest of ease, that could have an impact on the Pavis pack?
  10. Probably because except for SIZ, even tougher to improve, it's the only attribute you really can't improve in real life either.
  11. In preparation for our Munchrooms game we stumbled over the rule that a successful parry draws the damage from that attack to the arm wielding the parrying weapon. While this is looking like the logical consequence of a shield parry, it is quite different from a shaft or blade parry as I have been taught in the most basic Eskrima lessons (which make even a parry with a one-handed weapon involve the off-hand to prevent the shaft/blade from being pushed back onto the parrying fencer, making it effectively a two-handed parry). Also, in case of two-handed weapons, which arm is affected b
  12. And it’s already at Copper. Congrats! Got my PoD copy of Griffin Mountain and I must say I like the updates. They do help to flesh out what is already the best fantasy RPG sandbox supplement ever (IMHO). Some of the stuff from Griffin Island threw me for a minute (people of Nidik wha?), and what is it with the cellars of inns? (q.v. Highwall Inn) Coupled with other goodies like the Glorantha Bestiary and I’m getting all kinds of new scenario ideas. For example, I never knew that Tusk Riders ranged far north of the Elf Sea, but there it is on p. 15. So now I’ve got a new bad guy
  13. That's actually the weird thing about the Windstop winter effect. Valind's realm reached its greatest extent before Wakboth and the Unholy Trio entered the world again from the far North. That advance broke the icy hold Valind had on the world. (Zzabur's magical efforts to break Valind's grip on the world in general and on Brithos in specific, and the Breaking of the World afterwards which destroyed the Vadeli-controlled lands of the West, both aided and abetted the Greater Darkness. But that Greater Darkness started with the Battle of Icebreak, ending Valind's grasp on the world. The Cha
  14. Got a question about Shooting Star, which hopefully you will consider interesting. Our campaign is in Pavis now, and I'm running a Yelornan. In RQ2 Shooting Star was Extendible if I remember right, very handy as you could prepare an arrow in advance. Now it's listed as an "instant" spell, so you can't cast Extension on it. Or since the spell doesn't trigger till the arrow is fired, does that mean that it just lies fallow till it is fired, therefore theoretically (if Yelorna does not object) available forever, effectively like an arrow *enchanted* with Shooting Star? My Yelornan is just about t
  15. In Heroquest 2, there is a community resources chapter. If we do not take into account that the characters may also had some kind of internal resources, why take into account the resources of a community if that does not help in any way to make '' better stories'' ? If everything should always be infinite, why not remove the health levels as well ?
  16. Agree. Of course you make the traditional invocation over the sourdough - how else would the magic happen?
  17. I'm impressed that it went as well as it did with so little lead-up (from what I've heard.) Wish I could have made it! As for John's SSG, I was under the impression that it was just a really basic and quick intro to Glorantha and RQG - which I'd love to see (my own intro document is ... um.... not very brief. Ugh.) Didn't realize it was it's own game.
  18. And, as a follow-up. You cast Shooting Star and carefully place that arrow into a specially marked quiver. Tomorrow is your holy day. What happens?
  19. I've never used such or seen the need for such a rule in my HQG games, and would not want to see that limited. It's really no different than adding fatigue in for combat - another factor that tends to get in the way of the story.
  20. Edit: meant to edit my last post not quote it, oops
  21. I think it depends on the type of game you're running. In a game or world where attacking with a spell is no different than attacking with a sword, there's not really any point to restricting the use of either, unless magic is supposed to be especially draining or taxing, in which case using magic may inflict a penalty on future uses for a short while. Which one you use in Questworlds should depend entirely on what is best for the overall narrative. Instead of asking yourself: which should I use to make more effective use of my limited resources, like you would in D&D or Runequest, you sho
  22. We are working on an errata / correction sheet (to be incorporated into a revised 1.1 version of The Dare). I hope to have it ready shortly and will announce its availability widely when it is out. Purchasers will also get a notification from DTRPG.
  23. So we all know the Uleria spell reflects a divinatory technique promoted under that name by Aleister Crowley. Greg was in touch with a lot of deep cats, read widely and Chaosium publications have always been packed with in-jokes, so the nod and the wink make sense, right? But there's a problem. Unlike the public "Energised Enthusiasm" available to all, Crowley never published the technique or any description of it in his lifetime. It's still officially a secret teaching. The details only appear in manuscript instructions for very high level initiates (maybe 20 people worldwide in 1985 if
  24. Yesterday
  25. I went to look for something in King of Sartar and while I was there I figured I would once again measure the distance from Clearwine to Boldhome. It ended up being somewhere between AAA/GtG (~45km) and the RQ/HQ books (~62km) (as far as the "assumed correct" scale goes, see previous post). Fun stuff.
  26. I see, thanks. I would personally do it in an HQG game because it's easy for the players to see something and say "oh that's cool, can I do that?". The freeform system makes is not only possible but desirable. In an RQG game however it's trickier, you end up describing magic that the players may or may not be able to perform... it depends on your playstyle and how creative you get with the rules. I have a thread on that very topic actually. So IMHO yes if the players can do it (assuming they're in the appropriate cult, etc.), no otherwise.
  27. All systems that are based on 5% steps (which is every variant discussed so far, and indeed the rules for RQii/iii/RQinG) break down if you have a wider distribution. However, I don't think the complexity of having smaller steps than 5% is worth it, for what is a very small edge case. Technically I don't like 2D6 + mod, because it doesn't give a bell curve. And I don't understand why 3D6 range is believable for STR for humans, but not SIZ or INT. But its only a slight not like, and not worth the radical change to how characteristics work. And I have to say, an increase pr
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