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  2. Nice spot. Even moving past the obvious "I call the spirit of Sartar/Tada/famous ancestor X/Grandfather Mortal" cheesiness (which I feel a GM probably wouldn't allow unless the adventurer's big and bad enough to actually get those folks' attention) surely the spirit of the shaman who initiated you into adulthood and died a few years later would be someone you know, know well, and who would be a pretty significant spirit. I suppose for some you could just futz the Ancestral Summons table to give a 4-5D6 Friendly, Neutral, or Malign spirit (maybe that shaman's pissy about getting woken from his nap). Another question that came up for me was, don't other cultures worship ancestors too? Maybe not in the full shaman path that Daka Fal does, but it suits my imagination (although I got no clue if it exists in canon-Glorantha) to think that matrilineal Esrolia, for example, has Earth priestesses casting Summon Specific Ancestor to call upon the great mothers of the past for advice and succor. Would ancestor worship exist in Esrolia or Sartar as a sub-cult of one of the big gods maybe?
  3. IIRC Hallucinate only works on its own caster (although it'd give you a nice quick getaway). 1 RP versus 2 or 3 RP depending on the murderbot's SIZ. But yeah, POW v STR is still... iffy, if they've got a Strength spell up. Probably worse, although failure doesn't hurt as badly. Overall I feel like the best answer is still trying to just overwhelm the murderbot with quantity and variety of attacks. Spirit Combat while an air elemental tosses him up in the sky and archers fill him with arrows. Toss in some Lightning or a Thunderbolt for good measure, and don't let him get within MOV of anyone you want to see tomorrow.
  4. The obvious gap is *known* ancestors. In a tribal community, everyone is somewhere related to everyone who came before... Which would include tribal shamans, priests, heroes etc.
  5. The Wyter is something like a sensation of common sense, and that may be expressed more strongly by somthing that is a huge magical beacon rather than a quite wilted plant. One might simulate that by capping the effective (resonating, not hate) passion rating to that community by the Wyter POWx5.
  6. You should have said that earlier - at least I was arguing from "this doesn't fit Glorantha". Personally, I don't worry much about cultural appropriation. It's not like it doesn't happen in the other direction, too. Adapting RQ to other settings to make the magic fit is quite a different proposal than houserule one's Glorantha game. I am content with the knowledge that this was written by someone who was practicing those beliefs and who wouldn't treat them disrepectfully. With the current bunch of rules. The other end of the power scale (the black of the Moldvay D&D boxes) hasn't been published yet, probably not written yet either. If you mean clearly distinguishable and quantifiable deities, yes, that's a refusal. That is inherent in the mythology approach to the world building. It took me about four years of playing RuneQuest before I played in Glorantha, back in those days when the first German language RQ was published (too little way too late). I am still happy with my Viking Age themed fantasy setting I created for my game.
  7. Just flight the Humakti. Not sure which resistance roll would be better, POW v POW, or vs STR... I thought about Dullblade, but would need a super strength to be even mildly useful.
  8. Adding other options to the fun of annoying Humakti murderbots... Crack the sword (presuming enchanted metals don't count as magical... And that's what's being wielded. Hallucinate... Possibly more fun than the Befuddle option, but need to be mindlinked... Turning their allies into Broos would be fun
  9. Well, there is the writings of Robert W. Chalmers, who is referenced through Call of Cthulhu too, and to be honest there is enough scope in CoC to do most gothic horror tales. TSR dd make a Masque of the Red Death box set for it's Ravenloft, based on the Edgar Allen Poe story, although it had little to do with that story, truth be told. Other games have close influences - like Vampire: The Masquerade being similar to the writings of Anne Rice or Kult being similar to the writings of Clive Barker. Ken Hite's Night's Black Agents directly references Dracula in a campaign too. There isn't many as a result of direct licensing though. As much as anything, I think many horror writers tend to write individual stories rather than trying to create an overarching mythos. It would be quite difficult to create a unified 'Worlds of Stephen King RPG' for example, because the stories he tells aren't really connected in terms of backstory.
  10. True. I'm hoping Chalana Arroy can get their hands on it in the GaGoG. Very thematic and appropriate. Besides, this is a munchkin thread
  11. Why not? You're not effected by the spell. It effects everyone but Rune masters IIRC and again IIRC, to gain the spell you must first be a Rune Priest, ergo... But it's definitely bad form to point and laugh. Definitely bad form.
  12. Yeah... With Befuddle you get to point and laugh at them... Then counter their magic, then coup de grace. (GM allowing). With Peace, I'm not even sure you'd be allowed the pointing or laughing.
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  14. This is the track I also used. Cerdic is half-Cymri. He is rightfully a noble and as a Saxon King, can prove direct Lineage to Vortigern. I had his forces used cavalry, although only a few fought that way. He always was using diplomacy with Salisbury and the players did agree to trade agreements. Of course, they did not trust him and eventually it fell apart, but the campaign was almost going to go YPMV in a major way.
  15. Is there any reason that a fetch's CHA can't increase in the same way as an adventurer? If the shaman accomplishes some famous deed in which his fetch plays a prominent roll, I think the GM could give a point to the fetch.
  16. That's fair. I was making an assumption not explicit in the post, that murderbot.Humakt.exe would have some sort of antimagic bubble already up. If you manage to get them with a Befuddle, good on ya! (Though if they're a Rune Lord it might be tough... POW 21 resistance is no joke.) I missed this, too. There's some dickering available about the actual numbers, but yeah most spirits just don't have enough POW to take more than two swings to slay. Still, I feel like a swarm of spirits might have a better shot than a swarm of trollkin--can't parry/dodge the ghost. Or cast Flight on the Humakti's buffed-up sword? Though I don't recall if the "can you cast Dullblade/other spell without overcoming POW" argument a while back ever actually was resolved... If there's a spirit in the sword, you'd definitely have to overcome that spirit. But I don't think you'd need to overcome a Countermagic or Shield on the Humakti himself? (Just maybe overcome his POW.) Only almost as fun? Knocks out everyone but Rune Masters from aggressive stuff. Also, I read the text as implying that it's a bit of a pain in the arse to get the spell (IIRC from book and forums become a High Priestess of Ernalda or Eiritha then go to the Paps and learn Peace from the Three Bean Circus). Apart from difficulty of access yeah, it's easily the most OP Rune spell in the game.
  17. The shaman ability "Expanded Presence" gives 3D6 "temporary" CHA to the fetch, explicitly for the purpose of learning more spirit magic spells (p. 360). This CHA doesn't increase the shaman's skill modifiers, SC damage, etc. It doesn't say if this CHA affects the fetch's SC damage, but I think the section's intent is that it does not. As far as I can tell, a shaman's fetch is intended to be stuck at the CHA rolled when it is made (but houseruling a new ability which increases its CHA, in order to increase the fetch's SC damage, spirits controlled, etc. seems reasonable to me).
  18. Hi, In the rules about fetch, mention that the Chapman can sacrifices POW to the fetch and this gain the same amount of POW (same with witers). With time when a spirit become stronger, shouldn't the spirit CHAR increase? Thanks
  19. That would be great, if the rules say that somewhere. Otherwise it's open to interpretation. Edit: Okay, I saw the new piece that was written. Also, how does the POW of the Wyter weaken or strengthen the community? What are the exact pros and cons here? Right now, none that I can see. Protecting from invading spirits, yes, but otherwise?
  20. For the time being, I have matched the cults to my setting's own gods. Since my setting only has 9 true gods, they have subcults (like Orlanth). So for example, three of my players worship the same god (the Lawful God of War) but mechanically one is in a Humakt style cult, one is Yelmalion, and one is Storm Bull. It's quick and dirty, and given more time I would probably build correct cults of the individual gods, but I really wanted to play with the system asap so...this was the compromise. Since only two players have ever played rq and for both it was a long time ago (during RQ3...I'm not even sure they played in Glorantha), this doesn't really cause any problems. Most of them have zero familiarity and no attachment to the core setting but they have played other games set in my world, so that is familiar to them.
  21. So I've been fiddling a bit with the Summon Ancestor spell in our RQG game (and to a lesser extent with its adjacent spells) and it seems both powerful and fun to use, but also a bit incomplete. Thus I figured it might be interesting to see how others have used the spell, and if y'all feel similar holes exist in the description, and how they've been filled. One of the first things I've done is, at the start of play, let an adventurer who knows Summon Ancestor have D6 ancestors generated using the charts on p. 342-343 of the Core. To my mind this represents past use of the Summon Ancestor spell, which can then be called up if Summon Ancestor is stacked with Summon Specific Ancestor per those spell rules. For me, generating some of these random ancestors was a big revelation. Over time, even just an initiate of Daka Fal generates a huge pool of different ancestors they can call upon, giving access to a wide variety of spirit magic spells for 2 RP (well, for friendly ancestors). Although there are some limitations involved, often substantial, it still introduces a great deal of strategic flexibility for the adventurer. That being said, there are several gaps in the spell's material as written: Ancestors are described as being able to engage in spirit combat, but have neither a skill percentage assigned nor a CHA characteristic to roll for determining SC damage. INT can sometimes be relevant too--for instance, ancestors probably possess INT and therefore require a 3-POW Binding Enchantment to be contained--but this isn't as important for spirit mechanics. My solution was to approximate the ancestor's POW roll on the Ancestral Summons table to the POW and CHA rolls for random spirits on p.165 of the Bestiary in order to determine the ancestor's CHA, and then determine SC damage as usual. Additionally, there's no Spirit Combat skill rating attributed to ancestor spirits. I assigned such spirits a Spirit Combat skill of POWx3% because they're the spirits of random mortals from stickpickers to shaman-priests. A POWerful ancestor (5D6+6, average 23-24, SC 69-72%) still maybe doesn't have the high percentage it ought, but this felt more representative than using POWx5% for unremarkable Uncle Joe who's spirit has POW 12 (max of 1D6+6). As far as I can tell, there's no actual generic entry for ancestor spirits in the Bestiary. Ghosts have a flat Spirit Combat 70%, but that didn't feel right as an approximation of an ancestor spirit due to a ghost's malign nature. I'm not certain what to do if a randomized ancestor's spirit magic is rolled twice. My solution, for variable spells, was to roll 2D6-5 again and add the new points atop the old. In one case, this resulted in a spirit which knew Heal 9 (which was interesting, but is basically fine). I think I've been rerolling non-variable spells. I'm not certain how to handle ancestral spirits which know enchantment spells (like the Magic Point Enchantment, random spell 52-54 on the D100 table). For the moment if a player brings it up, I'm thinking to handle it that if the caster sacrifices POW in worship of the summoned ancestor, the ancestor would then use some or all of that POW casting the relevant enchantment. Alternately I suppose you could use Control Ancestor Spirit on one, and force it to cast the enchantment, but even doing this on a malign ancestor feels super sketchy and Chaotic to me... Finally, ancestor spirits who have Rune points only know Daka Fal Rune magic; but most Daka Fal rune magic deals with summoning more ancestors, or manipulating ancestor spirits. This feels... odd, to me? For the moment, I'm ruling that such an ancestor can use spells like Spirit Guardian and Spirit Melding upon its summoner, and the result is effectively as if the summoner had cast the spell himself. Or maybe an ancestor's Discorporation can target willing mortals, to bring them into the Spirit World? I could see myself varying up the cult from just Daka Fal, depending on the caster's culture. For example, a Bison Tribe worshiper of Daka Fal might call forth an ancestor who worshiped Waha, Eiritha, Storm Bull, or even perhaps Orlanth. Does anyone else have tips for utilizing ancestor spirits? Felt there are gaps in the spell description too, and filled them another way?
  22. Yup, characters with enchanted and or iron weapons wreck spirits. Much quicker to stab a ghost then try and defeat them in spirit combat!
  23. So do you use the actual RQ cults then, or do you have your own? I've been reading prior posts as using the same cults in the Core (though probably with setting differences due to your remarks in passing about shamanism).
  24. I agree that a mix of style in any one off or RPG campaign most often creates more enjoyment. I would reccomend that any narrator, and certainly writers of RPGs read the following: Vogler, C. (2007). Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers https://www.amazon.co.uk/Writers-Journey-Mythic-Structure/dp/193290736X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+Writers+Journey%3A+Mythic+Structure+for+Writers&qid=1558598672&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  25. Isn't the point of many a heroquest to pull an enemy into a rather predictable set of options by assigning him a well-known (and disadvantageous to him) role? An out of mythical context situation is what happens if you lose your path while heroquesting. Biturian did not want to face Chaos that would kill an accomplished Sword of Humakt and keep his soul prisoner. That's different from "do not want to heroquest as the active quester." Being on the receiving end of other people's quests twice (Strikes of Anger in Sun County, the Zorak Zoran encounter) and wishing to remain a trader rather than a desert tracker in Corflu just means that these were not his causes. No, that's a Green Age event. More like "Orlanth and the Broom", or "How the dust mice became visible to men". 😉 That sounds a bit like what happened to Biturian on his ZZ encounter. Probably still "marked" as a stand-in for Orlanth, he may have been dragged into Rurik's partial (?) Hill of Gold quest (?) to pin down that ZZ death lord. Not just some places. The historical world of Glorantha is a mosaic of surviving shards from the God Time, with some spider glue in between, and those areas of spider glue are fairly common, and weaker in reality. That.
  26. There are a lot of reasons, but none of them have to do with the mechanics of the game. I hesitate to even mention these because I imagine I'm going to get a lot of grief, or people trying to talk me out of them, and frankly I am not interested. These aren't really up for discussion. They have always felt like cultural appropriation to me, even before I understood that concept. That makes me uncomfortable. Like if this was written by a bunch of indigenous people in an attempt to share their culture and beliefs through an rpg, that would be one thing. But it isn't. That's the primary reason. Along those lines, since I have little knowledge of native tribal cultures, I don't really want to put them in my games (except in the broadest of strokes) because I don't want to rely on potentially harmful stereotypes in their portrayal. Of course any fantasy culture is going to be based on half-knowledge and stereotypes, but when I'm playing fantasy Europe/Mediterranean I'm messing with my own ancestry so I don't have an issue with that. While I find Glorantha fascinating, I don't actually set my games there. There are various reasons for that, but its incompleteness (in the sense that you can only really play on the low end of the power-scale officially) and the refusal to establish objective facts about the world and its overreliance on metaplot are all big turn offs as a place to run the game. On the other hand, it has one of, if not the, best religious magic systems and I love how everyone can use magic. So since I am using it to play in my home setting, and shamanism has never been a thing there, really. Druids are about as close as you come and they are basically just Earth worshippers. However, the new rules provide a cool suite of powers to a character type I will never use. That's why I want to repurpose them for my game.
  27. Atgxtg gave a good answer in above, although I note that Raid doesn't cause 3 permanent damage, only temporary ones. Fully agreed that the tribute payment is just to keep THESE Saxons from raiding (danegeld) rather than paying for them to protect you against other Saxons. That would take swearing allegiance to a Saxon King. Then he is supposed to give you protection, too (and probably doesn't demand tribute from you anymore, but expects you to bring knights to fight in his wars and raids). Do keep in mind that not all Salisbury lands are in Salisbury! Countess Ellen will be lucky to have 100 or so manors sworn to her during the Anarchy. Also, I wouldn't worry about the conversion rate, since if you use that, you again end up in a situation where it is better to risk getting raided than pay the tribute (see the link below). Here is a link to the post I just made with some GMing advice for Anarchy:
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