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  2. I'm running a Southern Reaches MW campaign and have re-read the various spell descriptions. When I come to the Walking spells (Wind-Walking, Wave-Walking and Earth-Walking) I find the caster seems to have no means of walking through that element (Flame-Walking is an exception to this). It seems a bit pointless that Wind-Walking doesn't allow the caster to fly, for instance. I'm thinking of tweaking these spells so the caster can (perhaps with a POW roll) control the distance and direction moved. I know that Southern Reaches Erdebroc Dwarfs can move at quarter speed when using their innate Earth-Walking ability and worry that allowing a Human caster to move through earth would, in some way, devalue that talent. Have you any experience with these spells? If so, would you care to share what you've learned? Thanks, Colin
  3. Yes, when speaking with Yelmalio-worshipping neighbors, it seems. One wonders what an Aldryami would tell a Harono-worshipping Esrolian, or Ehilm-worshipping Ralian or whatnot.
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  5. Okay so you are talking about Advanced Sorcery. Gotcha.
  6. Where are you getting the information from? Is that in Advanced Sorcery? To refresh myself I just looked through the base MW book and it is pretty basic on summoning costs: 6 for Lesser and 9 for Greater.
  7. I am tempted myself, and I believe the answer to both questions is yes. Now not having dealt with Bundle of Holding before, who are they and what's the deal about the deal. Cheers
  8. The sudden emergence of Brown Elves is one of the weirdest things to happen in Glorantha. Funny that especially you should say that, with the spirit of the Torch in the Redwood of Dagori Inkarth preserving just that kind of fire...
  9. I wonder if that isn't really the case. In Glorantha, it may well be just the Light that matters for (plant) fertility, and not the warmth. Fire (in the guise of Oakfed) is after all a pretty major enemy of the forests. If that is the case, then light without heat (Yelmalio) would be exactly the sort of god elves would appreciate. That said, I wonder if the elves have a god or named spirit for the smaller* fires that clear out underbrush/etc without harming trees. Or is such worship limited to isolate cults of Eucalyptus-Elf heretics? * smaller than Oakfed-fires, but still quite terrifying for anything smaller than an established tree.
  10. Well Halamalao is identified with Yelmalio by aldryami - presumably something about Him existing before Yelm and therefore not being the Sun. I don't think He's identified with the planet Lightfore, but in any case that identification is pre-existing.
  11. Finally finished watching it! It took me a couple sessions since the beginning was pretty slow and I was getting a bit bored. Once it gets started with the shadow-people it's pretty fun, though -- the production values are insane (see what I did there?) and the roleplaying is, as usual, quite solid. It was just difficult to watch at times because they got so many basic rules wrong... it felt that only Ashly actually read the starter rules and remember any of it. The most interesting thing, of course, was hearing them use so many "D&D-isms" which, in turn (I think) contributed to getting some of the rules wrong, because they were reverting to their old D&D habits and mixing them with CoC mechanics.
  12. Greetings. We are wanting to try a campaign where all of the PCs are non-humanoids. Such as centaurs, driders, gas cratures, land octopi, etc. The rules seem to make this generally possible. Are there any specific additional resources anyone would recommend to help us with this process? Specific books or other sources? This is a multiverse setting that starts out initially magical fantasy dystopic setting, but over time has mixture of science fiction etc. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  13. I don't know what you're working on, but so far the only packs that have been actually mentioned are the three from the original post: Supers, Pulp, and Sci-Fi, and another thread which mentions some interest in T├ękumel, but nothing solid. If you're looking at something outside those areas then the chance of overlap is minimal, and even those fields are pretty broad. Pulp alone can range from noir detectives to over-the-top adventures like the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Post-apocalyptic sci-fi is very different from space adventure. What you should be asking yourself is whether you have a clear and consistent vision for your idea and if you can convey that vision effectively. Give Chaosium a vision to sell rather than just a generic genre pack. Just look at Glorantha compared to the generic pseudo-medieval settings found in so many games. Show off your vision, not just your genre.
  14. Circumstantial. Melee weapons, penalty usually does not apply (see changing weapon and spell casting). Range weapons and spells, penalty usually applies . missiles and spells usually take the penalty each round (although one could conceivably have a spell or missile ready in the first round, again circumstantial). Melee weapons usully must be put away to cast a spell and taken out to wield, (or dropped picked up) usually though if the focus is the weapon... the penalty need not apply. That leaves me the question of taking out a weapon that has been put away, obviously a penalty, but the full 5. Spell casting in melee because a little more hazardous. Perhaps it should be. Also, I think a spell that is repeated might not need the penalty each round... Comments on these two questions, or anything? Found on page 194 of RQ AiG
  15. So I'm wondering do you start each new combat round with your spell or weapon prepared or do you have to pay the usual cost? e.g. in Round 1 I cast Demoralize, if I want to cast Demoralize again in Round 2 do I need to pay +5 SR to do so? Similarly if I end Round 1 with my missile weapon out of ammo do I need to reload it in Round 2 or is reloading subsumed into the "free" prepare?
  16. Tremble with fear, a godlearning barbarian. RUN AWAY!
  17. How do you add mastered Runes and Techniques for Sorcery? I thought I had seen it once, but can't find it now.
  18. I just find it strange that one would assume that the Aldryami would worship the Cold Sun of Winter and not the Life-Giving Hot/Full Sun. Sure, Yelmalio did the plant-folk a solid when he kept the sleeping forests safe during the Darkness alongside High King Elf and the waking Green Elves - but ultimately it's the Full Sun (ie. Yelm and his cognates) who makes plants blossom and grow, as a constitutent part of Grower.
  19. I agree - he's the Patriarch, the Father, and he's got his Wife. If we go beyond ReAscent, he even has multiple wives, as well as concubines. I'm not sure if "emanated" is ever used in relation to him begetting children, though it definitely is when speaking of the higher heaven gods like Dayzatar or Aether (iirc.). I'm going to assume these are still worshipped separately in various contexts and by various people since that's usually the way things go in Glorantha.
  20. Aren't magisaurs just aberrant neoplatonic dragons? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  21. It's not an official adventure, but some time back I had an evil knight seize a manor and kill the landholder and his family. The evil knight had some men, mostly low grade sergeants and bandits, plus a redcap! Legends of recaps note that they sometimes will serve an evil Lord. The "Lord of Pain" would seem to be just the sort of fellow for a redcap to follow. That could give the Robber Baron some firepower while still keeping the numbers small enough for PKs to deal with. A redcap with a bunch of rabble to keep enemies dispersed is a formidable threat.
  22. I was merely correcting your implication that there was no communication about CoC until about a year ahead of launch. That simply wasn't factually true. You know, you'd expect the licensor would remember things like that, I mean ... since they're working with the developers and all?
  23. DerKrieger

    Mythras Bundle!

    So i see both of the Mythras bundles up and they are quite tempting. I am enjoying the new RuneQuest and like the core mechanics though there are things Ive considered changing so I'm wondering if picking up Mythras would be a good deal for more historical campaigns and just to see the differences in what are similar core mechanics.
  24. Oh lots of very cool information. Thanks Tizun Thane for mentioning both Dragons of Britain and Saxons, as I have both! This group went through the Gorbudok the Fiend in the Forest Sauvage (or however it is all spelled) before, so another fiend might not make them blink as much. We will see.
  25. Have a look at Revolution D100 (link to the SRD is in the subforum) and the Red Moon Rising package (it is in the download section). It implements something similar, and works seamlessly with Innate powers and feats. In particular, Psionics and Red Moon Rising magic categorise powers in "families" which require knowledge of the basic power to learn the most advanced ones.
  26. You clearly know more than me. I guess I will stop working with the developers on it. Honestly, when the licensor says there is a game in the works, why on earth do you feel the need to correct the people working on the game?
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