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  2. I love all of the pictures of the hand-drawn maps you all have shared! For me, the Argan Argar Atlas and the maps in other books (RQG, HQ, classic adventures such as Borderlands, etc) are detailed enough so that I can tailor the Gloranthan geography with my own touches such as foot trails, cattle trails, grazelands, ancient plinths, etc. I go with the spirit of Your Glorantha Will Vary (YGWV).
  3. I don't see any evidence of RQ3 sorcery being copy-pasted, or any indication that that is likely to happen. I'd love to play a crazy old firebug librarian trickster. Yep, pretty sure that RQ3 familiars are not coming back.
  4. I see. Thanks for the reply @Cultist of Sooty . I wasn't aware that they may be busy with fulfilling a plethora of orders. Thanks, also, for sharing your satisfaction with their products and service. I realize that they're probably doing this in their spare time since most gaming publishers, writers, and artists do it for the love of the hobby.
  5. Generally speaking, my Heroquest rewards have followed Joseph Campbell's model of individual vs community. You can have a +big number sword and keep it yourself or give the power to your community so everyone gets a +much smaller sword ability. Likewise you can be super farmer or everyone in your village gets better crops than average. I've normally tailored the boon to the quest, however if the adventurers leave the path anything is possible. In one heroquest the entire group were yelmalians (sun county had just come out) and at a certain point when the maguffin flew off to the horizon, one player said "I turn myself into a spear and fly after it" They all made their Light rune rolls and off they went. At the end they paid a point of POW and got become spear as an HeroQuest ability. The currency of HeroQuests was POW and Will, no magic points POW was the magic point equivalent and Will was permanent POW on the Heroplane. No magic points for the reasons others have mentioned. I used superworld powers as the model for Heroquest abilities. Pretty much the same for Heroquest Glorantha. Now we've shamanic abilities to use as the model of HeroQuest boons.
  6. I think Move Quietly is Sneak. Hide is just hiding. In some respects augments get too much attention, bear in mind that until you are over 50% you are more likely to hurt your chances with an augment than to help. Augments should not be taken for granted or baked into a mechanic, like "Sneak is Move Quietly augmented by Hide", because teenagers are likely to end up with a negative chance due to failed augments.
  7. With regard to enclosed sewage tunnels, GMs should be encouraged to keep a variety of gases up their sleeves. Confined spaces are great places for the accumulation of gases and terrible places for people to crawl about in. Carbon Dioxide - Nothing exotic, but an oxygen-poor environment that'll make you confused, sleepy, and weak. Denser than air, so it settles into low points and can displace breathable atmosphere. Carbon Monoxide - Just plain poisonous and all-too-common. Slightly lighter than air, so it rises toward breathing height. Methane - Combustible and explosive, depending on concentration. Lighter than air, so it'll bubble up out of fluids and collect in ceiling spaces. Hydrogen Sulfide - Another common "swamp gas" (along with CO2 and methane). Poisonous, flammable, and stinks to high heavens. Heavier than air. These gases aren't everywhere in sewage tunnels, but they're common enough to make me give the ending of The Shawshank Redemption the hairy eyeball. Used sparingly, they make great natural traps to employ against intrusive adventurers. I recommend the following link as a jumping-off point: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/confinedspaces/hazards_solutions.html !i!
  8. I will need to double-check the Conversion doc to get the exact maths*; but you are AFAIK correct that A(aug)B or B(Aug)A does not appear to be the same as AxB. * unless another mathematically-inclined user gets to it before I do.
  9. During battles and combat for love I still use the normal rules for damage, except that al damage is healed when the PK gets some time to catch his breath. The only exception id when you roll critical. We roll first normal damage. If this exceeds armor (+shield) real blood is shed and real damage is struck. Then a second time damage is rolled. This damage is added to the first but is not real damage and is healed after the PK gets some time. Of course the total may cause a knight to be knocked from his horse of course. Major wound is ignored as most damage is not real. When a knights is damage brings him below his unconscious level he has to stop fighting and give up. Furthermore point 4 of @Atgxtg is a good one. also give them the option to seek them out specifically. The melee is after all the event to show off and many 'duels' will be fought I guess.
  10. Unfortunately, this magic is not present in the new edition. Given the level of copy-paste I presume we'll get something similar when sorcery's actually developed. SO I'VE BEEN READING. And I'd not say I'm certain what the best options are, but at this stage I do have some thoughts. Currently, I'm focusing on what choices seem optimal at adventurer creation and shortly after, since I feel it's unlikely any games have gone long enough to develop high-complexity play--meaning having developed sorcery-using adventurers who've nearly filled out their Rune/Technique choices, learned 10+ spells, and so on, shamans with a large amount of powers, Rune Priests with their CHA full of RP, and have climbed temple hierarchy, etc. I think an Eurmali Philosopher might be the strongest start-of-play combination for a sorcerer. Plus, there's some elements which just tickle the roleplay side of me, and I'd personally enjoy trying out. In all of the ideas and combinations I've considered, the best Rune choices are probably Moon and then Fire/Sky--yes, you want more POW than INT because in these combo-builds you can sacrifice POW for RP, Inscriptions, and most importantly for casting Magic Point Enchantment. For the Eurmal sorcerer, you want Illusion high and the rest of your Runes don't really matter. Additionally, for each adventurer I've contemplated, I think the Philosopher sorcery choices remain the same. There's a lot more variability if you're a Lhankor Mhy initiate, naturally, You get one Rune, one Technique, and three spells. Choosing the Water Rune gets you Fire/Sky and Air as its minor Runes, and choosing the Tap technique gets you all of the techniques implicitly. For spells, the best combination is Enhance INT (Fire/Sky, Summon), Magic Point Enchantment (Magic, Command) and Steal Breath (Air, Tap). This combination allows one to both generate and maintain large amounts of MP, and to refill your large MP stores all you need is 5 MP (4 to cast a double-costed Steal Breath, and one to remain conscious). You do need a reasonably high INT still, but can sort-of operate on the 13-INT minimum to learn one Rune and one Technique, then start boosting with Enhance INT from there. The biggest challenge here is that Steal Breath is an active spell. According to p.247, you can cast other spells while an active spell is up, but you must make an INTx3 roll for the active spell to continue. On my reading, this does mean that you can acquire large amounts of MP with Steal Breath--above what you can store--and then cast a nice fat Enhance INT, and repeat castings of the two spells back and forth until satisfied; occasionally, the Steal Breath will even persist, but you can't count on that. After that, we're looking at what's available courtesy of cult options to abuse massive amounts of MP. The Eurmal Cult's choices are fairly good in this regard; if you expect your POW to remain high-ish after character creation (say, 13-15+?) then Disruption is excellent. Other buffing spells are good, particularly Strength, Protection, and Countermagic (all of which you can get through associated cults). You don't really want your full five points because that will limit your Free INT, and you need to ensure you have enough Free INT to at least start an Enhance INT ramp. For common Rune spells, Eurmal only offers Divination, Extension, and Multispell. The big one here's Multispell. In my eyes, the best use of enormous amounts of MP for a starting adventuring sorcerer probably isn't attempting some big sorcery spell, but rather to sac POW to build up a few points of Extension and Multispell both, then to cast mass buffs quickly and simultaneously, or to shotgun down foes with Disruption. This strategy is horribly expensive MP-wise--but you should have plenty to spare. The real challenge is that if you're sacrificing POW for MP Enchant as well as additional RP, it's quite difficult for a thrown Disruption or mass Befuddle to reliably affect the foe. If you have the POW to pull it off, remember that Multispell'd spirit magic activates on DEX SR + MP in the highest cost spell, not the total MP. So in magical Christmasland where you have Multispell 5, you can Befuddle six guys on DEX SR + 2! Cast Steal Breath after every fight, and be ready for the next round whether you're buffing, debuffing, or blasting. Don't forget you can augment with your high Moon Rune in order to get a bonus to your rolls overcoming enemy POW, or for your casting percentages. Another important flaw in the Eurmal build is that you don't get access to Heal Wound, unlike most cults. The Seven Mothers has a lot of similar utility in these aspects, and better common Rune magic, but as a starting character you have worse spirit magic access (at double cost), I prefer Eurmal in this build over Seven Mothers largely because I think the special Rune magic has greater potential, in addition to the possible cultural issues of following a Lunar cult. The magic which really strikes my eye is Hallucinate. Given the Flight discussion earlier, I figure you can get that effect by casting Hallucinate 1 and save some RP in the process; there's no explicit rules for the strength of illusions, only what SIZ they make up, their MOV rate, and how much damage they deal, so this will require some amount of GM's discretion or interpretation. Additionally, if your GM allows, an Extension'd Invisibility or Reflection is quite strong. But, I'd say that RAW you only get one subcult special Rune spell at adventurer creation. For extra munchkin points, claim the twelve points of Illusion Rune magic you get from Hallucinate are going to one point of Illusory Substance (1 SIZ, about 5kg) and eleven points of Illusory Motion to get an air elemental illusion carrying you around at MOV 11 since STR isn't specified in the spells and 5kg limit seems plenty reasonable for a person-sized volume of air. The advantage of Issaries seems more long-term to me. You have greater access to a variety of magics, but not as many strong combinations for a starting adventurer. Arguably it has access to all of the above spirit magic spells through a combination of associated cults, but the Rune spells feel more specific and less "tight" to me. you can sacrifice for Flight, for instance, and for Analyze Magic, but those both rely on Rune ratings which might not have been notable at character creation. As an adventures-going, hack n' slash type of player, the Eurmal Rune magic choices are a lot more appealing. Also I must confess that a Moon'd, Illusion'd sorcery-wielding Trickster just tickles the hell outta me. I only really found one other possibly-viable method of abusing masses of MP. If it's a sorcery-permitting cult, Argan Argar has the spell Safe, which you can boost with MP, and which only costs 1RP to guard a passage or box. Set it up, blow a bunch of MP, breathe deeply, then go to sleep safe in the knowledge that no one can leave that cave for eight weeks without serious trouble. Obviously things like Sword Trance and Oath are out there, but I avoided multi-adventurer combinations for the time being since Humakt seemed clearly like a no-fun-allowed god who won't let his initiates tinker with sorcery. In combination, you could hand your MP storage to a Humakt worshipper and let them go to town with an insanely high Trance (or any of the other Trance cults). Oh, also worth noting that the Philospher occupation implies the Seven Mothers allows sorcery (surprise surprise) as it's listed as one of the cults. So we can add that to the book-confirmed Lhankor Mhy and Chalana Arroy. Unfortunately it looks like there'll be a change from RQ3's familiars, since they use that to describe spirits bound into animals. But I like your petty distinction-making . Of course, surely a no-fun-allowed god like Orlanth will be awful grouchy if one of his initiates suddenly started having fun... What're his Spirits of Reprisal again?
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  12. The conversion rules are quite clear, as are hide and move quietly, one augmenting the other for sneaking. I'm not sure the maths is right here. If you succeed in your augment you get a bonus to your skill. Surely it's not a straight multiplication (.75 x .75)
  13. Yeah, but a typical hour long adventure for a radio or television show can easily fill up an entire game session or even two. So the 15 minute episode might be a short 1 hour adventure. I still don't know why Supermans' friends don't drown. No it didn't, but there were a lot of PUlp style adventures that could be adapted, as could many of the science fiction stories of the time, as they tended to be more fantasy than science fiction. Horr and mystery stories also port over well. Of course if someone is running a more modern or futurstic setting then they have more options. Somneone running a campaign set in the 1920-1950s era has it made. Supense is very good. Chandu is good, but 15 minutes with two commercial breaks bookended with other commercials kills the pacing. I vague recall one episode where he was going somewhere and by the time he got to his cloak (commercial), hat (commercial)and cane (commercial), he barely made it out the front door before the end credits. I find the Shadow a mixed bag, especially compared to the pulp version.Some of my favorites are Inner Sanctum, CBS Radio Mystery Theatre (it's from the 70s but was made by Hiram Brown, and showcased a lot of OTR actors), X-Minus One, the Green Hornet, and the Saint. More than one rushed RPG session had me adapting a favorite 60 year old radio program that I knew by heart on the fly. OTR shows are great that way because you get a nice adventure framework that your players won't be familiar with. There were a lot of stinkers, even with the good series, and the face pace, need to come up with scripts fast, and the reworking of older scrips led to a lot of stories being reused over and over and over (never trust any of Lamont Cranstons old friends, and in Detroit the corrupt politician is behind it), but that's forgivable when you realize that these writers had to write multiple episodes each week, and usually for several shows at the same time.
  14. ENFERALDA THE SUPPORTER (Helper, Supporter, Heroquester) Enferalda is the form Ernalda took when she went disguised with Orlanth to help him battle his foes in the Lesser Darkness. She is the most adventurous of Ernalda’s subcults. She wears a swan cape and is also the goddess of Swammaidens. CULT PERSONALITY SKILLS: Supportive, Encouraging, Tireless HARMONY RUNE MAGIC SHIELD CARRY BURDEN (Rune Magic, Self, Stackable, 1 pt) Doubles the amount the caster can carry without penalty. Each additional pt adds another 1x so 2 pts is 3x normal, 3 pts is 4x normal, etc. GO WITHOUT FOOD (Rune Magic, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt) Each pt of Go Without Food allows the target to function normally for 24 hrs without food or drink. (Cannot be extended with Extension) GO WITHOUT SLEEP (Rune Magic, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt) Each pt of Go Without Sleep allows the target to function normally for 24 hrs without sleep. (Cannot be extended with Extension) LIFE RUNE MAGIC ENDURE WOUND (Rune Magic, Touch, 1 pt) Cast on a single wound on a still living target. The targeted wound can be ignored for the duration of this spell. It does not count against total HP, injured or lost limbs are restored to function. Once the spell expires or is dispelled, the full effect of the wound returns. HEAL FATIGUE (Rune Magic, Touch, Instant, 1 pt) The target of the spell is no longer fatigued. All penalties from being fatigued or tired are removed. IGNORE PAIN (Rune Magic, Touch, 1 pt) Allows the target to ignore the debilitating effects of pain for the duration of the spell. ENFERNALDA’S SECRET (LIFE RUNE MAGIC) TRANSFORM TO SWAN (Rune Magic, Self, 3 pts). The casters becomes a giant swan. Stats and bonuses remain unchanged. Armor and gear are absorbed into the caster. Matrixes and spirit binding objects and MP Storage Crystals remain usable, though armor and weapons do not. The caster can swim at her normal move rate or fly at her normal move rate x3. Her move rate on land is halved. The caster can cast spells but cannot perform any skills that require the use of her hands.
  15. Yeah there are about a half dozen people, sort of disciples of DM Scotty, who post videos of this kinda stuff. Most of it is made with inexpensive supplies and some of the results are stunning.
  16. That can work. I'd probably toss in a minor penalty (-2?) to further social rolls for the rest evening, as it's harder to be impressive once you've embarrassed yourself.
  17. IMG the lowland Dragon Pass duck clans herd beavers for carpentry, for pulling swamp chariots and sleds, and for fur and meat. So they're kind of like horses. The lowland clans also herd giant snails, and they're kind of like cows. Then there are highland clans that herd and ride sheep.
  18. I don't see what you mean. In the BoB in real battles we kinda found out that rolling damage against the NPC doesn't have much meaning.. It is the PKs win/loss record that determines the unit results, all the damage does is determine a glory multiplier, and possibly reveal is someone is vulnerable to capture for ransom. Use knockdown. I apply rebated weapon and withheld blow modifiers after knockdown. The idea is that the knight will still hit his opponent hard, but will do so on areas that are protected rather than poking at the exposed parts. Typically if a knight gets knocked down two or three times he acknowledges defeat. It becomes rather obvious. Force Knights to act like the damage was real. Historically when someone took a good hit, in a mock fight, they were supposed to act like it. So look at the damage as if it were real and if significant, the knight should fall down, surrender and whatnot. If knights fails to do so, he could get spotted by the Marshall, who might start calling out his wounds from then on, to the Knight embarrassment (and possibly a reduction on the glory he earned for his victories, or even a loss of Honor).This could also be a good place for Honest or Deceitful rolls. You could add in a winner of the grand melee award. Roll a random value for a NPC. maybe something like 1d6x10 per round (with a modifier for the size of the tournament and quality of the opponents. Maybe just a best of multiple rolls), and if a PK beats he wins the grand melee and gets an extra 100 glory. That makes the melee personal and important to the PKs. Sometimes there are prizes for winning the joust and/or grand melee so that alos makes the outcome more interesting to the PKs. Put in rivals and enemies. PKs get more interested as to who wins a mock battle if it is against an enemy.
  19. Valid. I was never a huge fan of Nandan. I prefer the approach to Orlanthi sexuality/gender identity presented in Eleven Lights. I'm not proposing that my old adapted cults are better in any way than what's out now. (Except more of them have Shield =P ) Just presenting them for bits and pieces that folks might find useful. I'm going to re-edit the above though to eliminate Nandan.
  20. It is a very nice review, too. Thanks for sharing it! The one for Odd Soot is also very nicely done (and very flattering).
  21. That's a good idea. I was noting that in the published adventures there are a lot of time where a character's virtues are tested, and rolls are required. It makes sense too. While we would all like to be paragons of virtue the reality is that in real life people don't always live up to the ideal. But in most RPGs it is a lot easier to do so, because the player ususally has complete control over his character and doesn't have to deal with the temptations and threats that the character would have to. The gorgeous temptress that might sway a man's actions , the pot of gold and the like are all illusionary rewards, and thus easy for a player to resist. That would be one Ozsome poppy field.
  22. A five player game? Way to start playing. Who let the Yelm out?
  23. There are other senses that can pick up your presence when you approach clandestinely. There is no straightforward skill for "Mask Smell" or "Hide from Darksense/Earthsense/Heat Sense/whatever". Thankfully... There are lots of situational modifiers with this activity. Moving unseen and unheard across a well-lit maze of strings with bells attached should be a lot harder than keeping to the shadows on soft ground or clean rock surfaces. Magic will make all the difference. Invisibility takes care of being seen directly, although indirect detection from stuff disturbed or displaced will still be possible. Silence spells will take care of the worst audible blunders. Nothing of that will be worth anything if you tread on someone's limbs (e.g. an earth elemental covering the entire floor of the corridor you just crossed). And nothing will get you inside a Market spell with malign intentions without triggering both the alarm and the defenses, except successfully banishing those intentions. (Befuddling or Sleeping yourself, then have someone innocent guide or carry you to your target before the spell expires, but you'll still suffer both the alarm and the magical attack when returning to your senses and remembering your nefarious scheme, but the damage can be avoided with a sufficient dose of Countermagic applied to you shortly after knocking you out, I suppose.) There is nothing to stop an evil GM to demand multiple skill checks or to apply hefty situational modifiers if he has to fill an unforeseen plot hole quickly. Premature detection of a sneak may be a good way to avoid a certain TPK in the hands of a not so evil evil GM.
  24. Totally true! One thing is guaranteed in any U.S.-based friendly, local game store: You can always find a group of D&D players. Getting them into Glorantha via RQG, HQ or any of the other incarnations of Gloranthan RPGs is not an evangelical exercise to convert them from "inferior" RPGs.
  25. Just thinking about this on the way into town... Of the seven Lightbringers... two are somewhat unknown or not worshipped now (Ginna Jar and Mortal Flesh), leaving 5. Of those 5 Lightbringers (who were major characters), only 1 has a problem with sorcery! And, ironically enough, it's the dude who tells us "No-one can tell you what to do" 😛
  26. I'm glad to hear about the the conscious decision to rework Ernalda following feedback from women Glorantha players, and that the Glorantha we currently have in RQG is inclusive of all players.
  27. The munchkin response would then be "but, I'm not a full sorcerer.. As an assistant shaman hasn't got a fetch yet, and so could join, my sorcery student doesn't have a familiar yet. Thus..."
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