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  2. Fish Road Gravel Description A small flat piece of an unknown material that looks like a piece of white shale or flattened pearl or ivory. It’s iridescent like the inside of an abalone shell with the size and thickness of a clack, it varies but they’re small. Cults Associated: Water cults Knowledge Automatic, Cult Secret. Those in the Holy Country recognize and know how to use these. But only the initiate level and higher of Water cults and Lurdoch associated with the Mirrorsea Bay know how to find them and they keep it a secret. History In 1616 when the God-king Belintar disappeared at the Masters of Luck and Death tournament, part of the Holy Country’s magical infrastructure suffered. The Fish Roads were damaged and part of the magical damage manifested as pieces of Fish Road gravel… broken white chips of shale looking material that fell to the sea floor from the Fish Roads in the Mirrorsea Bay (they are not found in the Syphon River). Procedure Only the Lurdoch and Water cults in and around the Mirrorsea Bay know how to find these… first, it seems there must be a water affinity. The first pieces of Fish Road Gravel were found by accident. To find them, one must merely look for them. However, it takes luck and knowledge. One must be lucky to be searching in an area where a Fish Road was damaged, then also possess the knowledge of the general area to look and know what they’re looking for. For every 8 hours spent searching and sifting the Mirrorsea Bay floor, several rolls need to be successfully made. *First, must be at 60% or greater in the Water rune. *Make a Special success on a Search roll. *Roll POW as a percentage. Success results in a piece of Fish Road Gravel found for that 8 hour period. Powers 1. Land dwellers can breathe underwater as long as the gravel is in the user’s mouth. 2. Water dwellers can breathe out of water as long as the gavel is in the user’s mouth. Value 300 Guilders in areas where large bodies of water are present (prized by fisherman as it can triple their annual income).The value is much less in desert areas.
  3. You mean as Yemalio Rune Magic rather than as a spell from Yelm as an associated cult ? Interesting.
  4. If it's for a specific person, I'd be considering their personal Runic Affinity/ies, and possibly cult interests, rather than merely generic.
  5. So, if food trollkin are only eating... And the trolls are eating the food trollkin...... That means.........
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  7. Hi @Crel, I got a bunch of updates done tonight. The app now allows stats of 0 and continues to function with skills, attributes and such Dragonewt and Spirit (empty) locations added Fixes to the image issue you ran into above - you can now add skills, magic & passions for characters with no image Updates to the add skills, passions & magic pages Added Hit Locations to Homelands - so you can now create a Dragonewt, centaur or other homeland and create working PCs from it Here is a sample Spirit: https://www.cradleofheroes.net/view_character/5918 Cheers! C
  8. ... which he models for JarEel.
  9. EricW

    Eurmali Troll(kin?)

    Of course Dark Eurmel could teach dragon magic if Eurmal did the mind split thing again - or PCs could be led to believe this might have happened. The thought of PCs rooting around trollkin camps looking for mystic wisdom, with some very suspicious trolls looking on, wouldn’t that be a delicious twist of cruelty? ”you know the trolls been having trouble with the trollkin lately, some say trickster taught them magic. One of them, their leader, some folks say he even did some dragon magic a few years back, or so they say, just like the olden days...”
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  11. Harrek's hobby is to design woman's underwear.
  12. I guess the question is how much do they connect Yu-Kargzant with Kargzant? Of course then there's the question of Pentans and their worship of Golden Bow and Kargzant, but no apparent record of the Imperial Sun after his death. I've got to wonder if Yu-Kargzant is (in the third age) peculiar to the Pure Horse Tribe of the Grazelanders, and the legend of Harfraftos the founder and his quest to commune with the Sun God and reunite them with his children (thus separating centaurs into man and horse) a memory of him returning their ancestral cult to them after the Pure Horse myths had been influenced by Dara Happans. I'm assuming the differences between Yelm the Sun Horse and Yelm the other one are similar to Orlanth Adventurous and Orlanth Thunderous? Two very different subcults to the same entity?
  13. Strange that the upcoming Dreamlands cover has more of a horror feel to it, when a 1920s CoC scenario collection doesn't.
  14. Yup. She's the current incarnation of the Lunar Goddess. She was also a pre-existing goddess in both Pelanda & Dara Happa as an underworld goddess of balance and murder. Here's the entry from the God's Wall in GtG:
  15. Uzuz MIGHT be able to digest all that they consume, but I doubt it - they are still man-rune beings, and barring a significant mythological reason not to, will still produce waste. Uzko certainly do - their digestion is quite impressive compared to humans, but not nearly perfect. I suspect that your average troll would produce roughly the same quantity of waste as a human, while eating roughly three times as much, given the chance. [possible TMI WARNING: you might not really want to know this part] In most clans, an Uzkos "leavings" are consumed by their trollkin. "Visit the pens" is a common euphemism. Better quality trollkin obviously prefer to augment their diet with pretty much anything else they can get their hands on, but lower-status worker and food types may find themselves entirely coprophagous. Eventually, after several cycles through the weakest of the food trollkin, what you have left over is basically just sand. As a consequence, Trolls can support large populations in quite tight quarters without the plumbing or other sanitary infrastructure that humans would need. Before the curse of kin, it is likely that a communities weakest and most desperate uzko would take the role, but modern Uzko don't care to speculate too closely on the subject.
  16. My memory maybe faulty, but isn't Natha, the name for the current incarnation of Sedenya?
  17. Thanks Jeff. I posted to FB as well, if someone is going, I'd happily prepay them the $80 plus something for their trouble, for one.
  18. Thread derailment is an action of a trickster, so technically it's still world-centric. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  19. Tristram did the whole outlaw in the forest thing, so it's not entirely true that no knights do this sort of thing. There are some other 'outlaw-knights' in folklore besides him (Fulk Fitzwarin comes to mind). Mainly the game has not supported this sort of thing, but we shouldn't reject these stories as inauthentic, because they assuredly are. Interestingly, many episodes in the romances specifically involve the knights being unarmored (there are multiple incidents in Tristram's life, but Lancelot caught in Guinevere's bedroom is another) and yet forced to fight. Having a decent DEX and some cunning are pretty important in these circumstances, and may well be the difference between life and death. I'd argue that these sort of stories, i.e, 'unprepared knight faces overwhelming odds' stories are so common that the fact they don't come up in the game is more an oversight than an intentional thing. Certainly they happen to the players in my game, whether escaping from an angry husband, an ambush inside the castle, or some other underhanded attempt by some low villain. PS. Of course, a high-DEX, high-APP knight may be precisely the sort of fellow to be caught in some lady's bedchamber away from his equipment... So the answer to my mind, is make a story that corresponds to what the PK is good at and wants to do. His friends can help with his escape, but the initial situation is perfect for this kind of character.
  20. And it's also good to remember "Error" in whose eyes. The Entekosiad is blurry about it, but there are a lot of traditions layered on top of one another, and I suspect that some of them view Vogestes as more in error (Carmanian religion focused on dualism, the Jernotian Way and its rejection of human sacrifice), than others (Pelanda before the High Gods were established by Jernotia, the revival by Natha the Sacrificer during the Bleak Times, which I'm assuming is strongly related to Spolitism).
  21. I don't have anything to say about tea really but I'm just happy my meme found its way here and started more discussion.
  22. Nice! I'm signed up to play in your CoC: The Shadow Over Providence game on Friday at 4:30 at NecronomiCON. I'm looking forward to meeting you! I like both as well but it definitely has a more of a Pulp feel to it. Not saying its bad or wrong, just different, which I know can throw some people into a tizzy I personally like it
  23. Which introduces a very similar complaint about the treatment of Teshnos, which I understand is under some revision. It's been a little too on-the-nose, especially geographically. Oddly, the semi-analogue of Japan, Vormain, seems to duck much of the typical Orientalism. !i!
  24. There are quite a few useful bits on this line in Thunder Rebels (which I've extended as noted in [italics] ). This first set invokes Ernalda. p.180: Where Ernalda looks, life moves. When she looks away, life withers. [Ernalda look upon me now!] p.177: You are the Fortune, the Powerful One whose visions animate the world. Wherever you look is Life and Power. [Ernalda turn your gaze upon me.] p.180: [You are] the Loom Woman, who binds the universe. [I pray you bind me to our mortal world.] p.180: She will not hide from us. Do not hide from me. p.180: from a priestess: You are Her vessel of Life. [Open yourself to power of Ernalda.] p.183: from a priestess: There is always another way. Let me show you the Flower of Life. The next set invokes Orlanth. p.207: You are the wind, you are the Breath, you are the Motion of the Cosmos! Where change is needed, you make it! [Change me, fill me with your Breath, so I may walk in your path.] p.210: Errors are made and fixed. [Orlanth aid me in fixing this error!]
  25. "May Grandfather Mortal watch over my frame, keep it safe from injury, and judge me kindly when it fails"
  26. g33k

    Tea in Glorantha

    I too would love to see Kralorela with much broader influences... including non-Asian influences! I mean... We can see Mongol and N.American influences (among others) in Prax. We can see Norse and Vedic influences (among others) in Sartar. BOTH have a healthy dose of Gloranthan Wierdness without much RW antecedent... I hope for no less from a more-realized Kralorela!
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