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  2. I was not, even though the thread is pinned! That will teach me to never click anything else besides "Unread Content", and maybe sometimes go in each sub-forum to see what's up with my own eyes. Thanks a lot for pointing it out! AFAICT The Cult Compendium isn't available in physical form anymore (it doesn't show up as orderable on the Chaosium website for me, at least). I think it might be obsoleted by the upcoming Gods & Goddesses of Glorantha anyway, no? I think a big part of my confusion was the subtle distinction between "HeroQuest" books and "HeroQuest Glorantha" books. But it's a bit clearer thanks to your explanations and that thread (and also actually looking at the covers of the books -- they have completely different designs). I guess the categorization of the Chaosium online store now makes more sense to me Thanks again!
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  4. I'm looking forward to the next installment, when Nyalda and even Ernalda die. Ok... I know, I know, they go to sleep.
  5. My vegetable love should grow Vaster than empires, and more slow;
  6. You know, the amount of dice rolled for Might is actually really frightening for players, once you have used the Mighty Blow Damage Effect as a GM. Players will never ever underestimate the size of a creature thereafter ... And the best thing: if using the effect, you do not roll the dice for Might at all ...
  7. Make an "Elasan" hero-cult specifically claiming blood relationship, if you need to. But honestly, I would allow any reasonably-Gloranthan group or relationship to be the source of an heirloom like that. For a comparable example -- in the Family History section of character generation, I don't require the "Parent" and "Grandparent" roles to be actual ancestors. A cousin? Sure. Great-Aunt? Absolutely. Part of the Gloranthan POV is close, "clannish" relations!!!
  8. BTW: a list of all Traits in the book categorised by Skill would be a helpful resource for the GM during play. Please include the Power Traits of the mail rule book, too. Just yesterday I found myself looking up Traits in the rule book many times, which was irritating. Oh, and is there a Trait like 'Library use' or 'Research' ? If not, would that be a Knowledge Trait? Cheers! Rob
  9. Chaosium has plans to create a RuneQuest fan-publishing initiative on DTRPG, like the DM's Guild for D&D (or their own CoC "Miskatonic Repository).
  10. IMO - At a 'Con event (where time is short)... Have everyone make a roll. Best roll determines outcome. No successes means they either go home with just a few cows, or allow a re-roll but a few cows are just GONE (predation / wandering away from herd / stolen by a lone bandit / they'll never know) Any Fumble give the GM a chance to narrate a funny ooops. --- If you have time (e.g. an at-home group) you might actually roll it out, forcing them to herd the cattle home and learn how BAD they really are at 25% skills... If you think the players would enjoy that or it'd be useful to learn in a "cattle" context instead of e.g. a "sneak past the Great Troll guards" context...
  11. I think that's reasonable, but I didn't for my Humakti example and still made it to 100% in both, but I had to use both the +20 and +10 cult weapon skills. For the Orlanthi, missing out on one of those +10s meant I had to use a +25 to get 100% instead of a +10 to get 95%. Wearing my +1 munchkin hat, sometimes, depending on your category modifiers and a few other factors, you can't get to exactly 100%.
  12. For extra credit, prove that the reader of the post doesn't exist, except in the imagination of the Aldryami ...
  13. I would count all modifiers except the professional ones. But culture, cults and Manipulation category, yes. For me, the +10% for Sartar and the +10% for Orlanth Adventurous have to be added to both hands.
  14. That's a quite good blog, by the way. Thanks for pointing it out.
  15. Also worth noting (maybe?) is that "Fate" is itself a set of narrative-ish rules that sit atop the crunchy-simulationist Fudge engine. And "Aspect-Only Fate" is a thing people have already done. It wouldn't be much work, really, to overlay those non-Fudge bits of Fate onto another crunchy-simulationist RPG engine ... if you had one in mind...? 🤣
  16. If I understand what you mean, if I have 5+10=15% left hand, but my right hand is 50%, I need a roll of 15 or less to get a tick, but a roll of 25 or less to succeed a roll with my left hand. Of course, the experience roll will also be based on the 15% value.
  17. Purely my opinion: despite being given as hide, wicker or wood, as in terrestrial history, most shields are of composite construction, and the type given is actually the main component. For example, in our world, a hoplite shield often consisted of a thin sheet of stressed bronze backed with a thick core of wood a glued-on leather lining, and a bronze rim; sometimes reinforcing bronze plates were added to the inside. In RQ terms, is this a wood, hide or bronze shield? Probably a large wooden shield because the wood is the primary defensive component. It has a bronze surface, which you can either shine up to look really impressive, or have painted. Having a shield where the primary defensive component is bronze is a contentious topic in this world, where there are ongoing debates about whether Bronze Age bronze shields were purely decorative high status objects (they certainly were high status) or practical shields (as some display signs of battle damage and repair, some were used in combat). So the safest take would be that your wooden shield can have a thin bronze surface - it just isn't going to add to its hit points in game terms. Similarly, your hide or wicker shield might have nice looking bronze studs etc. but they aren't going to add anything to it in game terms.
  18. It depends on the game system you are using: I don't remember for RQ2, RQIII had bronze (or more properly bronze plated) shields and RQG is using hide, wooden and wicker shields. I don't know for Heroquest.
  19. I can understand your issue absolutely. Are you are aware of this thread: As far as I can say all publications listed here are available at least in PDF format (except the computer games obviously 🙂). The list gives no clear hint, if a publication is available in hard copy format too, but maybe we can convince @Trifletraxor (who maintains this page) to add this information. You can check on the Chaosium web site always, but for a start going through the publications from above page: the system-less books at the top are all available in printed as well as in PDF format the RuneQuest books are all available in printed as well as in PDF format the four Glorantha Classic books (listed under RuneQuest Classic): Griffin Mountain and Pavis & Big Rubble are out of print and therefore available in PDF format only Borderlands & Beyond and The Cult Compandium are still available in printed format as well as in PDF format RuneQuest Classics RuneQuest - 2nd Edition and The RuneQuest Old School Resource Pack are available in printed format as well as in PDF format all other publications are available in PDF format only currently, but there were plans to make them available in printed format too, but no idea, when (and if at all) this will happen ... HeroQuest Glorantha the Sartar books and the Pavis book are out of print currently and therefore available in PDF format only Wyrms Footnotes 15 is available in PDF format only, but could be order as Print On Demand via Lulu all other entries from this group are available in print as well as in PDF format HeroQuest: all listed publications are out of print and mostly not canonical anymore. Nonetheless are the PDF version available in the HeroQuest and Glorantha Vault HeroWars: all listed publications are out of print and mostly not canonical anymore. Nonetheless are the PDF version available in the HeroQuest and Glorantha Vault The Stafford Library: all publications are available only in PDF format (except for King of Sartar, which is available in printed format also). But all publications can be ordered ss Print On Demand via Lulu 13th Age Glorantha: available in print as well as in PDF format. I hope this helps (and that I've got everything right here ... 😉)
  20. Well said. Encouraging and helping those new to RPGs and Chaosium games in particular is a good thing. Let's all get behind that and promote a positive and friendly forum for all, new and old.
  21. That's true, although it is interesting plants have the 3 dots in a triangle. I'll be back in 3 days with a giant post that uses runic symbolism to prove that plants don't exist.
  22. No, just the cultural bonus. That's the only one that I am assuming affects both. Well, plus the Manipulation category modifier of course. Even if you don't, you're only starting out 3% lower in offhand than in main divided by two. You're really hurting over "wasting" 3%? Well, as a munchkin, yes I feel your pain! 3% is an OUTRAGE!
  23. Thanx but I'm a GIMP fan myself. Why use a hammer when a wrecking ball is so much bigger!
  24. And you consider that all "Broadsword" modifiers affect left hand weapons as well?
  25. That is true! I actually had to give the idea some thought before I made the decision. But my knight was not very religious to begin with, and thru role play and roll play, nothing came up to indicate to him what it what exactly he was seeing. (Those who dwell in the Castle of Joy can be very close-lipped ) All my knight knew for sure is that he was in a place that was perceived to be a Christian stronghold, and that his fellow knights (who were Christians,) told him it was a miracle from God. So, I decided to use the momentum to create an interesting story line.
  26. So draw a big green B in Paint and use that as an avatar!
  27. No not at all! If you take a Sartarite with a +10 Manipulation modifier using a broadsword and give the cultural bonus, then here's how it would go in the two systems: Improve from half: Main hand 10 base + 15 cultural + 10 modifier = 35, halve it to get 18, then build from there. Improve from 5%: Off hand 5 base + 15 cultural + 10 modifier = 25, build from there. The cultural modifier wipes out and improves on any "benefit" of starting from half skill. It's 7% better.
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