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  2. It's from the Glorantha Sourcebook p66 and is described there as
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  4. Puckohue

    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    Nice, thanks! But in my particular case I need someone who the PC can be related to (heirloom #1) more easily.
  5. Simple question... which will have a long answer... P12 of RQG has a nice pic of religious significance. I suspect a lot of newbies (and probably a lot of oldies as well) won't get the full significance. I do get Yelm, Orlanth and I presume Ernalda in the centre pillar of what I presume is Kero Fin (or, The Spike...). The characters across the top are the holders of the various runes - p22 & 47). But, some are clearly not what I think... Would someone please care to enlighten us? (sort of like Prince of Sartar, with lots of people chiming in noticing all the little bits.. and sometimes arguing over the significance of a swirl somewhere... :p)
  6. I am thinking about taking RQ2 scenarios and updating NPC stats to RQG. If we cloud source it we can get some real traction. I know RQG is great but the old scenarios were awesome. As a group we can pick a starting scenario and then divvey up the NPC'S. Then we can all use them with our groups. Whats your thoughts. We could do it all in a forum thread.
  7. I definitely think that the spirit of HQ is to use Group Simple Contests routinely for battles. Even if you only use Extended Contests for climactic battles, they can still get a bit long and dull, as the players have so few tactical choices. I have been toying with the idea that on victory in a round of an Extended Contest, instead of the normal consequences, a situational modifier or augment can be removed from the loser. Usually this works pretty well narratively, and makes it tactically much more interesting. Eg the attacker dispels or counters your magical augment, or disarms you so your cool weapon is out of your hands. Also, giving major NPCs sidekicks is an interesting way to make a single NPC or two take on an entire group without making them simply much more powerful than the PCs (being much more powerful than the PCs tends to emphasise luck and spending Hero Points over tactics).
  8. Bill the barbarian

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    "Well if it weighs as much as a geek...." crowd murmers "Well..." One genius in crowd "it's a duck now innit?" 2nd genius "It's a geek!" all crowd "Burn it!"
  9. Sir_Godspeed

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    No worries. It does make sense, if Oria is the goddess of the physical fertile Earth (which is frozen), whereas Nyalda, like Ernalda, is more a goddess of the metaphysical/extended boons of fertility. So not just the literal earth, but animal and human fertility, happy marriages, group cohesion, etc.
  10. A Thane is a noble, and many PCs are Thanes. Clans have nobles, not just tribes. Absolutely Noble should be an OK PC profession. Make them the head of a major stead, or the child of a major NPC thane. Chariot drivers are not particularly urban - kind of the opposite, actually, they are a very old-fashioned thing. There aren't any normally in the Red Cow, but of course your PC could be the only one (perhaps they joined from another clan?). They could be the chariot driver for a major NPC, which leads to fun conflicts of loyalty. While many entertainers are travellers, the Red Cow could easily support a clan skald. A Philosopher or Scribe would have been trained in Jonstown, but no reason you could not have a PC who was trained in Jonstown but has returned to the clan for some reason (perhaps their parent died and they need to look after family). A civilised city philosopher drawn back to clan life sounds like it is full of roleplaying potential. They would have to return to Jonstown for holy day rites. I agree on Thief - though same rule applies, if you really wanted to let them be a character who has come to the clan from elsewhere for some reason (such as exile or de facto exile (eg they fled enemies) from their home city). They'd have to be lying about their shady past obviously. In general, my philosophy is any single PC that does not fit the strict requirements is a fun story generator, as long as the majority of the party fit the main themes.
  11. Shiningbrow

    Humakt - Hero Wars Feats as Rune Magic

    I think, IIRC, in every RQ game I've played (which, granted, weren't many, and were many many years ago), there was always a Humakti duck... usually undead fighting!
  12. Shiningbrow

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    That significantly changes the munchkinnery above... There's quite a bit of presumption in just using 1 skill.
  13. davecake

    Humakt - Hero Wars Feats as Rune Magic

    They do not all actively serve in her personal bodyguard, which in any case is large. Pretty much every Humakti in the Grazelands is in this sub-cult. There aren't really many sub-cults that are too specialised for PCs - they already have all the combat etc magic they need from the main cult, so my experience is many players treat sub-cult as a bit of a roleplaying issue. And the default campaign setting for RQG (and the original Sartar HQ campaign setting) is very close to the Upland Marsh, and the Six Stones Humakt temple. I think I've had two PCs in this sub-cult in my games. But one of the few sub-cults that is common in Prax. And not that specialised, as he is more of a generic undead fighter, and undead are pretty much the generic Humakti antagonists (including Zorak Zoran undead).
  14. Sheliak

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    I'm sorry, I think I was misleading there. My Glorantha knowledge is almost all from this game and KODP; I know Oria is important to other people later, but not really the details of her role (although from this thread I know that in "modern" Glorantha she isn't considered to be Yelm's wife). I was only talking about her role in the game, to the Rider culture. In this game, Oria isn't very important to the Riders: she used to be, but now she's gone down into the underworld--possibly to join her dead husband--and she's unreachable to the extent that they're not sure if she's alive or dead. So in their worship, Nyalda has taken her place as queen of the earth and, possibly, taken over her relationships as well. I'm sorry I was confusing!
  15. davecake

    Humakt - Hero Wars Feats as Rune Magic

    That sounds more like a Lhankor Mhy Sword sage to me. I guess you could initiate into both, or make an associated sub-cult. Humakt does not judge by the law of the community. Humakt judges by honor. For most serious crimes in Orlanthi community, one of the worst punishments is exile. Humakt would absolutely argue that it is better to be exiled than dishonoured.
  16. Sir_Godspeed

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Interesting. I guess she is only seen as the particular Land Goddess of central Peloria, and not the goddess of the Fertile Earth in itsef, then? This makes me wonder about the modern situation in Peloria: Oria is the Land Goddess (sort of the local equivalent of Esrola) and so Dendara is the local equivalent of Ernalda... but she is also associated with Sky(?), and Air through Entekos? Untangling those Pelorian goddesses is always a mess.
  17. Sean_RDP

    ABaB: 5 Things

    Me too. Seriously, I appreciate the interest. We should have 5 more thing by Wednesday. Maybe even 10 thiings
  18. Ernalda the Healer (Goddess of Healers and Doctors) Ernalda is a healing goddess second only to Chalana Arroy in power. Unlike Chalana Arroy, Ernaldan healers are not pacifists and can fight. This makes them popular among certain warlike clans and warbands who chafe at the restrictions of Chalanans. Ernaldan Healers do not receive the same protections and guarantees of good treatment as Chalanans do, however, since they are not as steadfastly non-violent. Ernalda the Healer is associated with Earth, Life and Harmony. Most adventurous Ernaldans are followers of Ernalda the Healer. Ernaldan Healers are Priests who must have Mythology of Ernalda at 90%+ and 50%+ in either First Aid or Brew Healing Potion. They must have sacrificed for 10 pts of Rune Magic. CULT PERSONALTIY SKILLS: Dedicated, Empathic CULT SKILLS: First Aid, Find Pure Water, Brew Healing Potion, Diagnose Illness, Mythology (Ernalda), Craft (Bandages) Brew Healing Potion (Manipulation Skill): Healing potions require special ingredients that can be gathered via Plant Lore. Potions heal Skill/15 pts of damage when drunk or poured on a wound. Drinking or applying a potion is a move action. CULT BATTLE MAGIC: Befuddle, Demoralize, Heal, Mindspeach, Mobility, Protection, Shimmer, Vigor. The Cult Specialty Spell is Heal. RUNIC METALS: Iron, Copper COMMON RUNE MAGIC: All ERNALDA THE HEALER’S COMMON RUNE MAGIC (Available to all worshippers regardless of subcult) LIFE RUNE MAGIC CURE DISEASE (Rune Magic, Touch, Instant, Stackable, 1 pt.) The touched creature is cured of a single disease. If the touched creature has contracted multiple diseases, additional pts of Cure Disease may be stacked to affect a cure. CURE INJURY (Rune Magic, Touch, Instant, 2 pts.) Completely cures a single wound. Cure Injury will reattach a severed limb if applied within 10 rounds (1 minute) of the injury. HEAL MIND (Rune Magic, Touch, Instant, 2 pts.) This spell removes any deleterious mental effects on the target, including Befuddle, Fear, Sleep, Stun Effects, and Effects cause by the Rune Spell Madness or by attacks from Lunes. This spell can also be used to repair madness caused by nonmagical conditions. If used to cure non-magical effects, the spell becomes One-Use and is consumed by the casting. (Note: This spell does not work if the source of the mental effect is spiritual possession or a voluntarily taken condition such as a personality trait.) REMOVE PAIN (Rune Magic, Touch, Instant, 1 pt) This spell removes all pain from the target. The pain returns after the duration expires or if more pain is inflicted. This allows characters incapacitated by wounds to still act and remain conscious, although damage limbs are still not usable. STABILIZE DYING (Rune Magic, Touch, Instant, 1 pt) This spell stabilizes a dying target. It prevents any further blood loss and keeps the target is a mild coma while protecting her from minor jostling, cold, etc. Further combat wounds are not prevented by this spell. HARMONY RUNE MAGIC CREATE CONSENSUS (Rune Magic, Ritual, 2 pts) This is a ritual spell which must be performed with two or more people trying to reach consensus. While the ritual is going on, no-one involved voluntarily may attack anyone else involved. At the conclusion of the ritual, the caster will know what consensus (if any) the parties involved can reach on the issues at hand. KISS AND MAKE UP (Rune Magic, Touch, 1 pt) The target of this spell kisses someone who is angry with her. Though the reason for the anger will not be forgotten, the anger itself will fade in both the target and the person she kisses. Note that further arguments may reawaken this anger, but both subjects will be much more difficult to anger on this matter. REMOVE FEAR (Rune Magic, Ranged, Instant, 1 pt) This spell removes all magical fear effects from the target (including the effects of Fear and Demoralize). Each pt of the spell doubles the number of targets (all targets must be in spell range). STING PRIDE (Rune Magic, Ranged, Stackable, 1 pt) If the target’s Spell Resistance is overcome, all his Communication Skills are halved for the duration of the spell. Each pt of the spell doubles the number of targets (all targets must be in spell range). STOP ANGER (Rune Magic, Ranged, Instant, Stackable, 1 pt) This spell stops people from feeling angry. It also cancels Berserk magic such as that used by Urox, Babeester Gor, Shargash, or Humakt if the caster succeeds in a Resistance roll. Each pt of the spell doubles the number of targets (all targets must be in spell range). STOP ARGUMENT (Rune Magic, PBAoE, 10m radius, 2 pts) This spell prevents anyone within 10m of the caster from screaming, shouting, orating or using any kind of Communication Skills or Passions in anger or to win an argument. People inside the radius may only speak in a normal, reasonable voice. People who wish to oppose the spell may do so with a successful Resistance roll.
  19. Another HQ->RQ Magic Conversion! Time for Ernalda. Here's the intro material for her for my players: Ernalda the Great Goddess (The Great Goddess of Women, Earth, Fertility, Marriage, Crops, and Domestic Animals. The Goddess of Life. Peacebringer. The Mother of All.) Like Orlanth, Ernalda is a Great Goddess with many, many different aspects. Ernalda is the goddess of women and the earth. With Orlanth, she governs every aspect of Orlanthi life. Most outsiders believe that Orlanthi only worship Orlanth. The truth is, they honor Orlanth and Ernalda equally as the King and Queen of the gods. Ernalda is associated with the runes for Earth and Fertility (Life). Orlanth’s motto is “Violence is always an option.” Ernalda’s is “There’s always another way.” The majority of Ernaldans follow aspects of Ernalda Allmother, such as Ernalda the Midwife or Mahome the Hearth Goddess or Orane the Steadwife. Women concerned with farming and domesticated animals generally follow Ernalda Earthmother, the Earth Goddess. Ernalda the Healer has many healing subcults and many more adventurous women follow this aspect. Finally, Ernalda the Queen is worshipped both by political leaders and by Priestesses of great personal power. Only women may worship Ernalda. Female souls who were tricked by Eurmal into being born in the body of a man may join subcults of Ernalda by joining the cult of Nandan. Nandans are treated in every way by Orlanthi as women and may marry and (with the right magic) become mothers. Ernaldans who qualify for Rune Level receive their aspect’s common spells and their own subcult spells. Other subcult spells from their own aspect (except secrets) may be acquired at double cost. Finally, the Ernaldan may obtain general aspect spells and subcult spells (but not secrets) from the other aspects of Ernalda as one-use spells. So a Rune Priestess of Ernalda the Healer (Bevera the Medic) may sacrifice for all Ernalda the Healer common spells and all Bevera spells reusably, including Bevera’s secret (if she qualifies). Furthermore, she can get other Ernalda the Healer subcult spells (except secrets) reusably at double cost, and can get any spells offered by Ernalda Allmother, Ernalda Earthmother, or Ernalda the Queen or their subcults (except secrets) as One-Use spells. Additionally, any Ernaldan who qualifies for a leadership position may take on the worship of Ernalda’s leader aspect in addition to her normal subcult and sacrifice for that leader aspects spells reusably as well. This is an exception to the rule restricting worshippers to a single subcult. Leader subcult magic is only available while the character is serving in the appropriate position. Each aspect of Ernalda will be covered as a separate cult. ERNALDA ALLMOTHER (Goddess of Women, Wives, and Mothers) Ernalda Allmother is the cult of normal, everyday Orlanthi women. Mothers, Midwives, Wives, and Craftswomen all follow Ernalda Allmother. As such, it’s not really an appropriate adventurer cult. Ernalda Allmother is associated with Earth, Mastery, and Life. A short version (only) of the cult follows: CULT PERSONALTIY SKILLS: Generous, Maternal CULT SKILLS: Control Children, Mythology (Ernalda), Craft (Domestic Skill), Craft (Weaving). CULT BATTLE MAGIC: Befuddle, Demoralize, Glamour, Heal, Mindspeach, Protection, Vigor. The Cult Specialty Spell is Glamour. RUNIC METALS: Iron (usually for tools), Copper COMMON RUNE MAGIC: All MASTERY RUNE MAGIC: Beautify Self, Comfort Song, Conceal Family, Remove Fear, Happy Husband LIFE RUNE MAGIC: Aid Conception, Contraception, Bless Birth, Bless Domestic Animal, Bless Marriage, Bless Pregnancy SUBCULTS None of Ernalda Allmother’s cults are particularly heroic. They are: ENINTA THE MIDWIFE: Helps with childbirth MAHOME THE HEARTH GODDESS: Keeps the home fires burning. Mahome worshippers are notoriously passionate. ORANE THE STEADWIFE: The default Ernalda Allmother cult. Has the much feared Secret spell: Mother Knows Best. OVERDRUVA FOREST FRIEND: Worshiped by gardeners, orchard growers, and elf friends. Note: Treefell clan does not have any Overdruva worshippers. Your gardens are crap. PELLA THE POTTER: Goddess of potters and clayspinners. SKOVARA THE ENTERTAINER: Goddess of sing-alongs, puppet shows, gentle humor, and balloon animals (if Orlanthi had balloons). May also be worshipped as a subcult of Donandar. See Donandar for a more complete description. ULERIA: Goddess of passion. Sometimes worshiped as an aspect of Ernalda but has her own stand-alone cult. There's a temple to her in Apple Lane. You can attend worship services with her priestesses if you make a donation at their (non-inexpensive) hourly rates. VELA THE MATCHMAKER: Oy. ERNALDA EARTHMOTHER (Goddess of Grains and Domestic Animals) Another very important cult for normal sane people which will have little interest to crazy maladjusted adventurers. Ernalda Earthmother has many, many subcults which are all variants of either Grain Goddesses or Animal Mothers. Every type of grain has an associated Grain Goddess. Heortlings know of Esra the Barley Mother (wife of Minlinster the Brewer.. yah! Beer!), Pelora the Wheat Mother, Suchara the Rye Mother, and Usara the Oat Mother. Every type of domesticated animal has an Animal Mother. Heortlings know of Entra the Pig Mother, Nevala the Sheep Mother, Uralda the Cow Mother, and Isbarn the Goose Girl. You will really, really need to know spells from these goddesses… probably never. Moving along to Ernalda's more adventurous aspects:
  20. Bohemond

    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    He succeeded. The amusing part was that he was the one everyone had written off as a crackpot. But his quest proved that his system was the one that LM had always used, so they had to accept that he was right.
  21. One of the players in my Eleven Lights campaign is a Humakti. We made her a Red Cow redsmith that had looked up to Jordarn the Clash as a mentor. When he was killed by Rostakus Twice-Outlawed, and Broddi accepted compensation, she swore herself over to Humakt and swore that she would avenge Jordarn and achieve justice. She quickly got the chance to face Rostakus in a duel, but was defeated when he critically struck her sword arm (nearly destroying her sword in the process). Now she has to figure out how she will honor the vows she has made to avenge Jordarn. We play her functioning under the ritual of sheathing under most circumstances so she can continue to function alongside her clan members.
  22. There's different levels of "severing" from society - I was just dealing with this with a new PC in my own campaign. It can range from the extreme where the person severs all former ties to kith, kin, and clan to "I sever myself from my former life and take up the Sword Death, and pledge my service to my chief or king", but effectively still in clan/tribe. They may (or may not) have given up Love(family). Loyalty might well be to the Chieftain/King rather than explicitly the clan/tribe, or might be dedicated/loyal to the clan/tribe. I do think there's enough room for Humakti to work. Gagarth, on the other hand,...
  23. jajagappa

    Which is correct? GtG or 11L?

    As Peter noted, this is an in-world document, not a GM text. It's just like the references to "Argrath" helping to raise the dragon in King of Sartar. You can also see the similar in-world references to Broyan on KoS p.18 "Their valiant king, Broyan, was killed (67) defending his folk" where (67) "For a different account of his death, See CHDP." (i.e. Composite History of Dragon Pass). and KoS p.125 "In Kethaela, King Broyan marched north with a small volunteer army. Among the Kitori, a little bright light was snuffed out, and a demon which had many sharp mouths was let out of its skin. It sought vengeance, and fell upon the army of King Broyan while they slept. The king could not keep it away, because he had betrayed the City of Wonders, and he was killed there, with his army." Also see RQG p.43 for our official game chronicle in Year 1625: "At the same time, King Broyan was killed by Lunar sorcery." Jeff notes it in his Heortland writeup as 1625 as well: "The High King returned to Whitewall late the following year with a new army of adventurers, mercenaries, pirates, and devotees, preparing to invade Dragon Pass, but in 1625 the High King was assassinated by Lunar sorcery. " Best way to reconcile is to consider that someone has claimed Broyan's title and leads some Heortlanders north to aid Argrath in 1627/8.
  24. With professions etc, I do point out other views exist. I personally wouldn’t want a campaign to start with a PC severed from society; however @Ian Cooper has mentioned that replacement PCs could include that as an option if the group agrees. And earlier in the thread, there were some suggestions of handling severed PCs in interesting ways- which I hadn’t considered. I hadn’t considered Mov rates for Willandring- in my session, people ran into him- and early demise.... i should point out, I was expecting to run the Coming Storm/ Eleven Lights as a RGQ campaign for my local group- some of whom dislike HQG. However, I’m running it as a HQG for my online group. I had adapted the Crimson Bat scenario for RQG con games last year (much streamlined) , which has informed my approach to the above. And to bring things full circle, I’m preparing session 3 of a RQG “one shot” set in Esrolia for my local group, which have reacted very well to the new ruleset.
  25. jajagappa

    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    Don't forget Elasa, LM's light of inspiration! He did retrieve her from Hell, and in theory married her subsequently. She's also the source for the Elasa Script, the most magical of the 3 scripts.
  26. Not sure why you'd ignore: Entertainer (there are or can be skalds, particularly attending Broddi); Noble (king/queen, and all thanes and their offspring count as Noble); or Scribe (there's always someone around to compose letters, record events at the moot, deal with Lunar tribute, etc.). You could have Chariot Driver (consider the Culbrea foe is one), though certainly not common. Agree re: Philosopher (unless you want a Lunar one) and Thief. Why? I'd probably allow this - particularly mercenaries hired or gathered to aid against the Telmori. However, they'd likely have to go to Jonstown for holy day rites. Remember that Humakt mercenaries can be hired and still fit. Or... they were born to clan, 'severed' by rite of passage into Humakt, and now part of Broddi's/Ivartha's huscarls. As for Babeester Gor, as the Queen should be Ernalda priestess, and there will be other Ernaldans, this could work, though agree this one is harder fit given dedication to Earth temple. I'd add this as a Passion. The plus side is that it reflects some unusual prowess (maybe martial, or augmenting such skills), and then the "flaw" as noted. This might be reflected in reduced HP for each leg. Or set a MOV of 0 or 1 (walk), and 2 (crawl). I'd probably allow for a Maboder adopted into the Red Cow (they'd have been born just before the destruction of the Maboder), or refugees (e.g. from the Righteous Wind disaster in the Far Point and those who fled Harvar Ironfist). Overall, looks good!
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