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  2. The Indus Valley civilization appears to have had open sewage canals leading out of the city. This isn't quite a proper avenue for sneaking, but it does mean that someone putting some rock slabs above something like that and enclosing it from view is not entirely unfeasible, even as far back as early in Bronze Age times. Once you introduce the arch (which is well-documented in Glorantha), and upscale the cities to large metropolises, underground systems for sewage are even more feasible. On the face of it, they would be limited by the size of the city above - however, as many Gloranthan cities have been built, razed, and rebuilt above ruins, I don't think it's unreasonable for a town to have an oversized sewage (or even aquifer) system compared to its current population. There's also a possibility for other underground passages: Rome famously hosted the persecuted Christian minority in its myriad of catacombs, and Paris is similarly a swiss cheese underground, not only from catacombs, but also form centuries of mining and quarries. On the topic of aquifers (man-made or not), it's possible that there is a seasonal variation to these - when they're full during the rainy season, they can't be traversed, but when the dry season sets in, some tunnels might be passable for a person. Just a thought. Lastly, it's possible that some ancient walls or defense-works might have secret escape tunnels in them, that are only known to a few. Another alternative is of course straight up bribery. The Watch Captain needs something extra on the side to feed his apetite for fine crockery or whatever.
  3. According to Jeff, " The commoners and nobles have access to spirit magic and rune magic. The priests use sorcery exclusively ".
  4. My brief thoughts on the Aeolian magical social structure (mainly to make them distinguishable from the Carmanians and Ralians). They have no priests of the cults beyond the wizard caste - only God-Talkers and Rune Lords. Those people still learn spirit and rune magics. Their wizards generally stick to sorcery. They see their spells are regulating the well-being of the gods, replacing the need for barbarous sacrifices. They consider sacrifices to be an error that makes the Gods go bad.
  5. It's a good sentiment, and I would welcome more traffic here. I'm not sure it's true that most new players to any game actually go looking for it online though. I think the percentage of players who discuss games online is but a fraction of the whole.
  6. I'm thinking these may be connected events. The Battle of Akashar, as something that happened after the flood, may be a battle of the War of Many Suns, specifically against Sedenya, also known as the Changer (GRoY 14), and a false sun (24, 31) who started the war.
  7. There are no IMO there are no non-wizard members of the Aeolian Zzaburi Caste. All members of that are trained as wizards and expected to perform their duties as wizards. Granted some of them would be quite incompetent as wizards but they will still be expected to perform sorcery (if they don't know any techniques, their magic is doubled in cast). A better question might be do they learn any other magic in addition to sorcery?
  8. Easiest to get the resources are the caravan for mythras http://thedesignmechanism.com/downloads.php Or check out the quieckstart senarios for Runequest 7 ei Runequest glorantha i belive one of the scenarios are about traveling.. Little moore job removing Gloranthan references though..
  9. And unlike Maximize Damage, Mighty Blow requires just a simple success....
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  11. During the Hero Wars it might become interesting for some characters to explore alternative ways to enter and/or exits towns. What's the general take on sewers smugglers' tunnels etc in Sartar? Personally I think sewers would be non-extinct in Sartar but on the other hand the towns were built using magic so as long as someone thought about it they ought to be present. Smugglers' tunnels... I don't know. Maybe the long term traders in some places - Like Joh Mith in Jonstown - have tunnels. Maybe some rulers have secret escape tunnels from their forts.
  12. I was originally pushing for the tent to be fully illustrated and I even did a test, including this very event. (it ended up being too much work, so we focused on finishing the actual scene art instead.)
  13. I'm just reading through the Adventure book from the GM Screen Pack, and I happen to notice that the Tin Inn in Apple Lane has a resident poet - male - named Pramble, who's an Initiate of Ernalda in the Sisters of Inspiriation sub-cult. Personally, I have no problems with males being allowed to initiate into Ernalda (just as women can initiate into Orlanth), although I'd probably restrict them from going higher. As the deity of life, and with numerous consorts, it should be pretty obvious that life usually requires both sexes.
  14. Fair points. Shame that the generic Spell Resistance is gone, you could use Neutralize Spirit Magic to protect against Dispel Magic, but for Dismiss Magic, you'd need Neutralize (Rune) for all the runes that you think might be used against you.
  15. Perhaps it's relevant to ask if an animal would be aware it resisted a Dominate (Animal) spell? Would it just be like "whuh?" and do nothing, or would it get aggressive against creatures nearby? How would an animal react to getting spirit attacked?
  16. Which unfortunately goes counter to the initial argument, that higher Spell Strength means Countermagic maintenance isn't necessary. Although it'll probably still have more Strength than Control (Entity)'s pitiful 1. As for tap, I don't think we have a spell to tap POW yet, just SIZ and Air IIRC. Yeah? Well, in the shaman route I can do drugs to find my dino--and we all know winners do the drugs, right? *angsty shaman noises* (Just joking, of course. )
  17. Of course the pro munchkin will Drain Soul to get its MP down, and repeatedly cast the spell until they are lucky on the Str vs POW roll. Or just tap the damn thing's POW, infect it with Soul Waste, etc., and then get the healer to cast Restore Health until it gets its POW back. That way ALL the intensity of the spell can go on Range and Duration, none is needed on Strength.
  18. However, sorcery also has the Geomancy spell, so that'd make tracking down said triceratops a whole lot easier!
  19. Fair enough. I'm not sure I'd say that one's easier or one's harder, but I like the Discorporation version better. The big factors here are safety and Free INT. Base Range for sorcery is 10m. Range 6 (so, +5MP/INT if everything's mastered) is 130m, which feels to me like the start of "safe range" when dealing with big critters, particularly predators, considering the slow cast times. An upside is that at that sort of range, the animal's probably aware of you, but there's a fair chance it isn't interested until you throw the spell. Most of the cool pets have 3D6 POW; let's assume 11 rolled. If you've got the exact species, you can use a min of Strength 6, but still have to overcome the animal's POW with that Strength (25% chance). If you don't have the targeted species in your spell, you need equal Strength--but you probably want to have been upping the Strength anyway in order to get your overcome roll to at least 50/50. Of course, with an appropriate augment that might not be so important... Assuming you've learned a rare spell like Dominate Triceratops, you only need Strength 6 (+5), Range 4 (+3, 50m--let's live dangerously), and then fill out the rest of our Free INT with Duration. Assuming INT 18, Free INT 17--gotta have a slot for the spell--that gives 8 levels spent, so Duration 10 (+9) available. That's two days. Spell's total cost (assuming we have both Command and Beast mastered, and aren't getting them through other sources) should be 2+5+3+9=19MP. Of course there's other factors which could be involved--like using a common version of Dominate (Animal), such as the Dominate Bear listed in the spell example, and then building up an Inscription for extra levels, or having crazy-boosted INT from Enhance INT (who wouldn't?) to get the Free INT necessary for a years-long spell, making a Moon Rune augment to get +20% on the roll overcoming POW, etc. etc. etc. Or I can Discorporate, beat it up in Spirit Combat, then Control it indefinitely. I like sorcery's upside of being able to get any beastie it sees, instead of hunting down a specific Control (Entity) spirit magic spell, but once you've got that spell I feel like the shaman version is simpler and safer, in particular because the creature's not likely to resist your shenanigans in any meaningful way since animals don't really seem able to engage in Spirit Combat. That being said now that I've run a bit of the math I am quite intrigued by the idea of a menagerie sorcerer if you can get INT & MP stores high enough...
  20. Or - sorcerous Dominate Animal... which will require quite a few MPs if you don't have the precise animal listed for the spell, but still a lot easier to acquire than either Rune or Spirit magic. And, has the added benefit of a much higher intensity than the spirit spell, no need to discorporate, and can (potentially) control the thing for years!
  21. Conversion wise, if you're going to do it, most of it is very straight forward. The 4 troll zombies need little if any work (Bestiary p129), likewise the jack-o-bear (Bestiary p101), Gorp (Bestiary p99), 3 trollkin (Bestiary p77) and Gargoyle (Bestiary p119). The dark troll (Bestiary page 75) initiate of Kyger Litor needs some rune points and some runes. The Bestiary says "All trolls have the Darkness Rune of at least 60%" and Kyger Litor's magic is on page 80. Absorption and Blinding seem appropriate, the others take too long and three rune points.
  22. Oooh, that hadn't occurred to me! But it makes a lot of sense that the freezing would effect the physical earth before the spiritual earth. And that would explain why Oria passed the Earth Queen job on, if she can't do it anymore... And in gameplay terms at least, Nyalda is even further away from the physical Earth than Ernalda was in KODP--none of her blessings is a food/crop blessing, and only one is related to (human) fertility. Mostly she 's associated with bonds between people: marriage, the Cooperation blessing that helps people work together, harmony/relations boosts from the Hospitality blessing's feasts... To be Orlanthi about it, "No one can live alone." But I do wonder if the freezing of the Earth effects her, too... Anyway, I was curious about story tent variations, so I went poking around a few saves. It looks like it mostly varies depending on Famous Event and ancestral enemy. There were 7 horse generations in Nivorah, 10 since the exodus (not counting the current one), and who knows how many pre-horse Nivoran generations. Named generations are: Exodus Generation Generation of Enemies (Thengist, Goldtalon) Warring Chieftain generation (ends with Nameforgot's big defeat-) Far Travel Generation (“many inhuman foes beset us at this time”) The Madness Generation (emblems removed from the story tent to protect later generations from bad dreams) Healing Generation ("Erissa priestesses performed great deeds", presumably curing the madness that affected the previous generation) Fast Foals Generation (the clan splits five ways) Winter Generation (a time of extreme cold, so much that the Riders feared dying out) Rekindling Generation (“But then the chieftains of the Rekindling Generation went to the Gods War to brighten Elmal and warmth came back. Our chief for most of this time, <X>, gave more of himself than any other, leaving his heart in the sky hearth. The eldest among us remember those times, but soon we will only have these emblems to go by.” ) Honey Generation (your elders all remember this time--it sounds like a time of relative plenty after the rekindling). Valley Generation (current). First emblem is usually a Famous Event, but the Forces of Water enemy can go earlier: (I was wondering if the Changer was Yelmalio or Yonesh, but looking it up on the Glorantha wiki gave me a Pameltelan trickster god, also known as Running Nose.) (I am not sure why this doesn't refer to Kestor Brang.) It's interesting that some of the very early Famous Deeds mention female ancestors, despite how patriarchal the Dara Happans are. Then again, the Earth=female association seems pretty strong, going by how shocked your people are by Uldak being a male earth god. (If you don't have an event or enemy in this time period, you get a generic battle as your first emblem, with randomized details. My favorite variant was "the clash at Weeping Hill, where we fought the drunken bears and destroyed them all.") The Werris Mur event seems to take place a bit later: (I think that's my favorite of the famous events, as depicted here--it's a neat bit of foreshadowing for where the game ends up going!) (I already listed this one, but it's neat. And I think this is about where it goes in chronological order.) After Hyalor tames/heals Gamari, there's this: It's the same for both ways you can pick Ram ancestral enemies in clan creation--I was hoping that they'd be different, oh well. Although it's interesting in its own way--it makes it sound like the ancestors made a conscious decision to become the sworn enemies of the Rams in order to gain power against them. A couple of others sound like that too. Chaos comes in at the same time. Your minor god gets a mention during the exodus: The trolls might actually be before the minor gods bit, not sure. Like the Ram choice, it doesn't seem to vary. The last two Famous Events actually happen after Yenfar is mentioned, so well after the exodus: (Which ties back into the part in "Busenari Finds the Light" where the narration says everyone in Yelm's time drank mead instead of milk. I wonder if lactose tolerance is a divine gift in Glorantha, like so much else? Probably it is.) I know that the dwarves can recognize your ancestors as involved in this event; I wonder if the people of Genert's Garden can? (They do show up in the game: https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/Agimori_Visit ) The elves and dwarves only appear as enemies during the Far Travel generation.
  23. Corollary to my prior post: doing drugs helps you get pets. Hazia and Moon Flowers (Bestiary p.199) each provide the effect of the Discorporation spell (it says "spell" specifically, so probably not actually meaning the shaman ability with the same name). You could use this to go bully an animal into submission with Spirit Combat, then cast Control (Entity) to command it for two whole minutes. Or forever, if you're a shaman with Spell Extension (but without Rune magic, or just without the Discorporation spell).
  24. Thanks, I'd forgotten about this. In my head it's just part of the Griffin Gate scenarios.
  25. Do non-wizard members of the Aeolian zzaburi caste use magic at all? If so, what kind?
  26. Forgotten Secrets is a transcript, but Sharper Adventures is not. That is an essay written as a fund raiser for Kraken convention These books do contain outdated material, but most of the material in them only may be outdated. The importance of certain aspects and subcults is way less than Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe or ILH2 suggest. Any reference to Malkionism as a church can be seen as a warning that this material will undergo revision. Any reference to knights should be read as "men-of-all", the meaning of which varies from Malkioni school to school. I haven't seen any mention of Malkioni acolythists in any undoubtedly canonical publication, but I do think that there is a place for somewhat literate non-wizards reading out Malkioni scripture to the masses at their congregations where the Malkioni are assembled to support their wizards' magics.
  27. I'm not exactly certain how "egregious" this is, but according to Control (Entity) it can be used to control "mundane animals such as hawks, dogs, mammoths, shadowcats, etc." I'm inclined to think this would include "normal" dinosaurs, but not "original" ones which were once Dragonewts according to the Bestiary. This requires the Discorporation Rune spell, although the Control (Entity) spell notes that it's mostly shamans who can use it. Doing so's somewhat safe, though; animals don't have listed Spirit Combat scores (and there seems to me no plausible reason to give them POWx5 like spirits) and most of the cool big critters have 3D6 POW (average 10-11). Plus, according to the Rune spell you can travel up to 5km on one RP, so you should be able to take down the critter before it can find you and eat you. Having a mammoth, titanotheres, triceratops, or tyrannosaurus as a permanent pet via Spell Extension sounds extra dope. Just make sure to give it a hefty Countermagic so enemies won't dismiss the one-point Control spell and let it run rampant. So two levels of Spell Extension per pet, then. Seems a fair trade. Trickiest part will probably be finding the spirit which knows the requisite Control spell in the Spirit World. Even the non-dinosaur critters have some great choices. Discorporation Rune Spell is on p.326, and has a different description than the shaman's ability on p. 357. Control (Entity) is on p.258.
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