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    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    He succeeded. The amusing part was that he was the one everyone had written off as a crackpot. But his quest proved that his system was the one that LM had always used, so they had to accept that he was right.
  3. One of the players in my Eleven Lights campaign is a Humakti. We made her a Red Cow redsmith that had looked up to Jordarn the Clash as a mentor. When he was killed by Rostakus Twice-Outlawed, and Broddi accepted compensation, she swore herself over to Humakt and swore that she would avenge Jordarn and achieve justice. She quickly got the chance to face Rostakus in a duel, but was defeated when he critically struck her sword arm (nearly destroying her sword in the process). Now she has to figure out how she will honor the vows she has made to avenge Jordarn. We play her functioning under the ritual of sheathing under most circumstances so she can continue to function alongside her clan members.
  4. There's different levels of "severing" from society - I was just dealing with this with a new PC in my own campaign. It can range from the extreme where the person severs all former ties to kith, kin, and clan to "I sever myself from my former life and take up the Sword Death, and pledge my service to my chief or king", but effectively still in clan/tribe. They may (or may not) have given up Love(family). Loyalty might well be to the Chieftain/King rather than explicitly the clan/tribe, or might be dedicated/loyal to the clan/tribe. I do think there's enough room for Humakti to work. Gagarth, on the other hand,...
  5. jajagappa

    Which is correct? GtG or 11L?

    As Peter noted, this is an in-world document, not a GM text. It's just like the references to "Argrath" helping to raise the dragon in King of Sartar. You can also see the similar in-world references to Broyan on KoS p.18 "Their valiant king, Broyan, was killed (67) defending his folk" where (67) "For a different account of his death, See CHDP." (i.e. Composite History of Dragon Pass). and KoS p.125 "In Kethaela, King Broyan marched north with a small volunteer army. Among the Kitori, a little bright light was snuffed out, and a demon which had many sharp mouths was let out of its skin. It sought vengeance, and fell upon the army of King Broyan while they slept. The king could not keep it away, because he had betrayed the City of Wonders, and he was killed there, with his army." Also see RQG p.43 for our official game chronicle in Year 1625: "At the same time, King Broyan was killed by Lunar sorcery." Jeff notes it in his Heortland writeup as 1625 as well: "The High King returned to Whitewall late the following year with a new army of adventurers, mercenaries, pirates, and devotees, preparing to invade Dragon Pass, but in 1625 the High King was assassinated by Lunar sorcery. " Best way to reconcile is to consider that someone has claimed Broyan's title and leads some Heortlanders north to aid Argrath in 1627/8.
  6. With professions etc, I do point out other views exist. I personally wouldn’t want a campaign to start with a PC severed from society; however @Ian Cooper has mentioned that replacement PCs could include that as an option if the group agrees. And earlier in the thread, there were some suggestions of handling severed PCs in interesting ways- which I hadn’t considered. I hadn’t considered Mov rates for Willandring- in my session, people ran into him- and early demise.... i should point out, I was expecting to run the Coming Storm/ Eleven Lights as a RGQ campaign for my local group- some of whom dislike HQG. However, I’m running it as a HQG for my online group. I had adapted the Crimson Bat scenario for RQG con games last year (much streamlined) , which has informed my approach to the above. And to bring things full circle, I’m preparing session 3 of a RQG “one shot” set in Esrolia for my local group, which have reacted very well to the new ruleset.
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  8. jajagappa

    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    Don't forget Elasa, LM's light of inspiration! He did retrieve her from Hell, and in theory married her subsequently. She's also the source for the Elasa Script, the most magical of the 3 scripts.
  9. Not sure why you'd ignore: Entertainer (there are or can be skalds, particularly attending Broddi); Noble (king/queen, and all thanes and their offspring count as Noble); or Scribe (there's always someone around to compose letters, record events at the moot, deal with Lunar tribute, etc.). You could have Chariot Driver (consider the Culbrea foe is one), though certainly not common. Agree re: Philosopher (unless you want a Lunar one) and Thief. Why? I'd probably allow this - particularly mercenaries hired or gathered to aid against the Telmori. However, they'd likely have to go to Jonstown for holy day rites. Remember that Humakt mercenaries can be hired and still fit. Or... they were born to clan, 'severed' by rite of passage into Humakt, and now part of Broddi's/Ivartha's huscarls. As for Babeester Gor, as the Queen should be Ernalda priestess, and there will be other Ernaldans, this could work, though agree this one is harder fit given dedication to Earth temple. I'd add this as a Passion. The plus side is that it reflects some unusual prowess (maybe martial, or augmenting such skills), and then the "flaw" as noted. This might be reflected in reduced HP for each leg. Or set a MOV of 0 or 1 (walk), and 2 (crawl). I'd probably allow for a Maboder adopted into the Red Cow (they'd have been born just before the destruction of the Maboder), or refugees (e.g. from the Righteous Wind disaster in the Far Point and those who fled Harvar Ironfist). Overall, looks good!
  10. Rick from Chaosium contacted me and I am a happy gamer now.
  11. Hello Rick, 

    I've sent you a few emails but didn't get any reply. Just wonder if it somehow got into junk mail folder or in someway didn't reach you. My apologies if you are busy. 

  12. Orlanth is bad at math. Thanks! Will fix!
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  14. I think you're being very kind to your PCs, allowing them to quest for such power with their sanity intact. You could spice it up, in Imprisoned with the Pharaohs, HP Lovecraft introduces Nyarlathotep as a false friend, someone who deliberately leads people astray. In The Haunter of the Dark, Nyarlathotep takes the forms of a monstrous being which accepts sacrifice and provides insane insights which may or may not provide any value whatsoever for the recipients. Another story, Dreams in the Witch House, Nyarlathotep is attracted to a seeker of knowledge who ultimately meets his doom. In the story Nyarlathotep, the god brings doom upon the entire world (maybe), leading those he meets into desolation by entrancing them with wonder. I wonder if Nyarlathotep could take the guise of a cat of Ulthar?
  15. Dimbyd

    Ty Kora Tek immediate family

    Sunday's session has been put back to this coming session, which is just as well with my current state of preparations. I'm using "Dead Point" and "Nontraya and the Undead Empire" as my starting points- page 19 of "Esrolia: the land of ten thousand goddesses". Ironically, one of the reasons why my preparation is behind is the rabbit hole of Ty Kora Tek's husband(s)- fair too interesting for me to focus.
  16. Ok- I've finally revised my original contribution- correcting some typos and adding references: Some thoughts on running Eleven Lights in Runequest Glorantha. I hope you find this useful and/ or sparks off some thoughts on how you would run the game. Character creation- adapting the core book The Runequest core book character creation assumptions will need to be modified for a “Coming Storm” campaign: 1. All PCs will be from the same clan- the Red Cow clan, rather than the diverse backgrounds outlined in the core books. RQG page references- p24, p60 & p103-109. 2. Define early on which clans the PCs’ mother come from = p 11-12 of the “Coming Storm” gives you some advice- it will provide plot hooks for characters- the different Clans marry out. 3. Default starting date for the Coming Storm campaign is 1618, not RQG’s 1625 plus. Use the parents’ and grandparents’ family history in character creation- Runequest core book p27- 36. As you PCs will have not gone through the Hero Wars, they will start with a lower base values than the default assumptions in RQG, but higher than default RQ2. They will rapidly progress during the campaign, 4. The Red Cow clan is not an urban clan, so ignore the following occupations (RQG corebook p28): Chariot Driver Entertainer Noble Philospher Scribe Thief (remember cattle rustling isn’t really considered theft if you’re the one doing it) [NB: check other posts for disagreements over this- some good points made ] 5. The cults of the clan are given on page 15 of the Coming Storm- the following page references are to the RQG core book: (cults in order of popularity) Ernalda (p75 & p 292-294) Orlanth (p76-77 & p 300-302) Barnatar (NPCs only- good for clan, not so good for adventurers) Seven Mothers (NPCs only- unless you want to subvert the adventures- in which case, go ahead) Heler (see Engizi the Sky Titan p75 & p292) Yinkin (p79 & p310) Odayla ( p76 & p300) Engizi the Skyriver Titan (p75 & p292) Vinga (as Orlanth Adventerous, only cooler p76-77 & p 300-302) Issaries (p76 & p298) Humakt- NPCs only [NB: check other posts for disagreements over this- some good points made] 6. No PCs should be severed from society eg no Humakt or Babeestor Gor- PC actions and decisions should have consequences for their clan/ faction/ nation. [NB: check other posts for disagreements over this- some good points made] 7. The Red Cow clan are “Axe Orlanthi” (p10 Coming Storm)- the values listed for cultural weapons in RQG p60 should swap the axe/ spear and broadsword to reflect this. Passions Passions will need to be adapted and personalised to reflect the campaign setting. Loyality: Red Cow Clan Devotion: deity as per normal Love: family- this should include the maternal side of the family which means links and bonds with other clans. Hate: this should reflect traditional clan enemies such as Ogres, Telemori, the Lunar Empire. If you have “rattle born” PCs (Coming Storm p13) then this should be recorded as a “Flaw” starting at 60%. As GM or PCs use to establish the maturity or otherwise of decision making by a “rattle born” PC. As campaign progresses- there are references to “directed improvements” (a Heroquest game system term) to factions. Under Runequest Glorantha rules, this should be reflected as a loyalty passion starting at 60%. It is quite likely that PCs will gain conflicting passions- this is to be encouraged by the GM. The passions are one of the major changes to Runequest Glorantha compared to previous editions such as RQ2. GMs reinforce player decisions at key moments with mechanical improvements. This will emphasise to players that they have made a key social decision, with consequences for future play. Heroquesting There are two heroquests in the Eleven Lights: 1. The Stealing of the Giant’s Cows (Eleven Lights p30-36). This is an annual “this world” heroquest and the PC’s partipation can be moved from year to year as the campaign flow dictates. 2. The Three New Stars- a Glorantha changing heroquest which takes places in 1621-22 (Eleven Lights p 115-143). Until the Gamemaster’s book is published with guidance on running heroquests in RQG, I can offer no advice. It us quite possible that if you start a campaign in autumn 2018, by the time you will need the heroquest rules, they will be available. (Or not) Major NPC statistics The Coming Storm details 60 NPCs with portraits of each by Rachel Khan. The majority of NPCs do not require complete RQG statistics- many are your kith and kin and physical violence should be considered unthinkable. There are perhaps three ways to use statistics as and when necessary: 1. The “quick and dirty” method- each major NPC has runes against their name- for social combat assign a percentage against a suitable rune on the fly and use an opposed role against the PC’s ability (RQG p142-144). Example: a PC is using his orate ability to persuade Chief Broddi Strong Kin that he be allowed to take part on “the stealing of the giant’s cows” heroquest despite having brought the clan into trouble recent. Broddi will resist with his Mastery rune at 95%. 2. The reduced statistics method: Chief Broddi Strong Kin Runes: Mastery 95% Air: 80% Darkness or Earth 50% (not given in Coming Storm but refects clan’s friendly terms with trolls or go for earth) Orate: 80%; Charm 65%; Intimidate 50%; Intrigue 80% Speak Tradetalk 50%; Speak Stormspeach 35% Speak Darktongue 25% Insight human 60%; Insight Trolls 30% Clan lore 75% 3. Cut, paste and tailor the sample Chief/ clan warriors/ rune priests statistics from Gamemaster Adventures book in the GM packs: Typical Militia: page 15 Vingan Queen: page 22-24 Royal Bodyguards: page 24 Orlanth High Priest: page 25-26 Ernaldan High Priestess: page 26-27 Humakti Rune Lord: page 30 There’s range of more normal NPCs which can be used for raiders etc. Beast statistics Sample statistics for Telemori, giants, the Crimson Bat are given in the Glorantha Bestiary. One little quirk between Heroquest and Runequest, Heroquest uses the imperial measurement system, while Runequest uses the superior metric system, so Willandring the giant is 35 ft tall in Heroquest; roughly 10.5 metres tall in Runequest. The statistics I rolled are not that much different from the Bestiary but are presented as an example for you: Willandring the Giant 35 foot tall- the clan blacksmith Hobbled, sad demour, large nose and bearded Rune:Disorder 95% STR: 66 CON: 16 SIZ: 64 INT: 8 POW: 16 DEX: 11 CHA: 6 Total hit points: 38 Hit location AP/ HP 1-4 Right leg 13/10 5-8 Left Leg 13/10 9-11 Abdomen 13/10 12 Chest 13/13 13-15 Right Arm 13/9 16-18 Left Arm 13/9 19-20 Head 13/10 Maul 85% 2D8 + 7D6 SR4 No magic Note: Willandring is hobbled by an injury inflicted on leg by Karganar Blood- Eye, the clan founder. Healing Willandring is a major plot point and so I would recommend that only the Rune magic “Heal Body” is effective (RQG p330). A quick and dirty Telemori Shaman (ie probably needs more fleshing out in a campaign): Jag Sor- Telemori Shaman STR: 22 CON: 11 SIZ: 12 INT: 16 POW: 11 DEX: 11 CHA: 11 Beast 75% Chaos 25% Hate humans 80% Magic weapons and iron only can harm Hit points 11 Hit location Armour/. Hit points 1-2 Right Hind leg 1 3 3-4 Left hand leg 1 3 5-7 Hindquarter 1 5 8-10 Forequarter 1 5 11-13 Right foreleg 1 3 14-16 Left foreleg 1 3 head 1 4 Bite 60% 1D8+1D4 SR 9 Snake Fetch Spirit magic: heal, glamour, slow, vigour POW 14 INT 11 CH 14 Magic points 14 Gloranthan Bestiary references: Giants: pages. 45-46 Wolfbrothers/ Telemori: pages 85-87 Ogres: pages 103-104 Cattle: page 142 Horses: pages 145- 148 Shadowcats: page 159 Wolves: page 162 Spirits: pages 164- 173 [ includes Naiads page 171] Wyters: pages 173-174 Elementals: pages 176 - 182 Crimson Bat: Pages 188- 190 Hope this helps.
  17. EricW

    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    There's an interview with Greg Stafford from 2005 which details under what circumstances a hero can provide rune magic. My reading, Greg seems to be suggesting a hero can only provide rune magic to worshippers when they retire to the other side. https://www.glorantha.com/docs/heroes-immortals/ I think this makes sense, otherwise Glorantha would be awash with demigods powered by worship from their communities - every village would have their living more than human immortal champion.
  18. jajagappa

    Broken Tower questions

    I just used an arbitrary stead right outside Clearwine Fort. And the distances don't quite fit, so I just adjusted down to what did make sense (which is about a day over very rough terrain).
  19. g33k

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    It didn't seem to me like you were trying to cast blame, but report a problem! They are reported in this thread as being both proactive on expected problems & responsive to new ones -- and you don't come across as an unreasonable jerk that might get a company to throw up their hands and stop trying! -- so I expect some "technical glitch" is blocking communication. I was offering suggestions based on such technical "failure modes" that I have seen over the years. I expect with Rick stepping in, it will all get resolved shortly; at least, the dice-issue (the tech problem may remain a mystery, alas!). Me? A geek? Why would you think that??!?
  20. jajagappa

    Broken Tower questions

    One of the few "complaints" I had with the scenario/pre-gens was that someone should have had a decent Herd skill. My group played as written and there were definitely issues trying to get a decent success at this - and it is needed at several points. Remember Augments! No guarantee, but they can bump you to 45-55% typically. My players variously used Air (Orlanth's leadership), Movement, and Harmony. Beast would be another. Despite one of the players getting a critical success on an augment (+50%), they still failed that roll. And another managed to Fumble, losing the bull that they had just rescued from the rock lizards. But eventually one got a critical on an augmented Herd roll to help get the cattle out of the Broken Tower (though failed the next Herd roll, losing track of some of them). Another approach that could work fairly readily is to bring along either an NPC herder (could even just be a boy/girl who is only good at Herd) or shadowcat (obeys commands to Herd the cattle, but doesn't like to fight). Put the skill at 50-60% and let one of the PC's roll for that NPC.
  21. g33k

    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    I would presume the answer to that is "yes."
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  23. Sheliak

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    I was reading the Story Tent for my clan, and I noticed something I hadn't before: Emphasis mine. I'm pretty sure Yelmalio=Little Yelm, but this is the only time I remember seeing him mentioned by this name. So that's interesting. And "Weak Sun" might refer to his lack of Fire? And of course, there's something appropriate about an empire covered in ice that worships a cold and fireless sun... This showed up for me when I had Dara Happans as my ancestral enemies. I wonder what extra lore you get for the other ones? Some things I thought of while rereading the thread: In most of the stories/advice that mentions Verlaro, he's there to make mistakes and be rescued by Osara. Sort of the comedic version of Nameforgot--neither of them ever gets to do anything right, but Nameforgot is doomed and Verlaro is always going to be okay in the end. But there are a few exceptions. There's a clan that calls on him in divinations, and has a special connection to him that they're proud of. And there's this: "Elmal called his son Verlaro to his side. The difficult journey to his father's position is what made him a hero." So he does get to be the hero of some stories--it's just that our clans prefer telling the ones about Osara, which require Verlaro to basically be a damsel in distress so that his sister can be heroic. (They're also pretty inconsistent about his origins--some of my advisors have claimed he was born after the exodus, or that he was "sometimes mighty, but never a god" which contradicts "Osara and Verlaro". So... folklore is messy even when the gods are real, I guess?) Inilla and the Golden Bush: You can technically get Wheels to come to an Inilla rite, but it's extremely hard--I've managed it once, I think. At the end they congratulate you for getting the cooperation expected from Elmal's chattel, which is even ruder than they get about the other goddesses. Dostal Elk Hunter: Nameforgot was the one to notice that Yenfar's sending wasn't their quarry, but he doesn't get the aside about learning the lesson more thoroughly than the others. I don't know if that's a "Nameforgot can't do anything right" thing, or if it's because his accomplishments were lost along with his name. Yenfar: At one point, your advisors say that he was the child of a Ram mother and Rider father, and imply that he's the reason for the marriage taboo. Busenari Light Finder: I read the sister/daughter confusion as being an artifact of how old the story is. Busenari is the daughter of the Earth Goddess, so when Yelm was alive she was the daughter of Oria, making her and Nyalda sisters. But in the modern day, your people sometimes call her Nyalda's daughter instead, because Oria isn't terribly relevant anymore. Hyalor Tablet Maker: I've noticed something about the art that interests me. In almost all of the gods' world scenes, the gods have swirly patterns on their clothing (or skin or manes/tails in the case of nonhuman gods). Mortals don't. Here, Hyalor doesn't have that accenting, which makes sense given his odd situation... but neither does Samnal, either here or when he shows up in other myths. That makes me think that Samnal may not have always been a god either, despite being Elmal's son. After all, Cenala isn't exactly a goddess, despite being the child of two gods... Ekarna Four Trader: We never do learn what Ekarna bargained away to get her trade rune, do we? Rogoros lost his Fire rune to get the Trade rune, but she's a mystery... (Nyalda's Bride Price refers to Nyalda sending her to obtain the trade rune, so before that she could have had a different role.) Zarlen's First Wander: That line about Hyalor being like Zarlen in many ways reads a bit differently once you know that Hyalor was Yamsur's son. (I'm also curious about the Wheel Witch, Zarlen's mother; I don't remember her being mentioned at all elsewhere.) I think there's a one-line mention that the Wheels do worship Zarlen, but yeah, I agree that he's got to be a marginal member of their pantheon. Relandar's Ranking: Osara does sort of pop up randomly to symbolize changing gender roles, doesn't she? Incidentally, the Wheels can ask for your help performing the ritual Relander Role Sorter. So a) they have a ritual based on this myth, and b) some of them probably do worship him. Raven and Hyalor: Raven is interesting. It seems like the Hyalorings are more comfortable with Raven than the Orlanthi are with Eurmal because he's a spirit, not a god--Eurmal and his followers are more threatening because of that status, but Raven has a liminal position. Eurmal is a "bad" unreliable god, but Raven is a spirit, and doesn't have to be reliable. I like their detail that Cenala has pinecones in her hair. Given her backstory, it makes a lot of sense that she'd be an evergreen elf (insofar as she is an elf). Hero and Beast God: If you help the beast god, the hero swears vengeance against your clan and against Basmol the Lion. So, presumably Tada. And the debug file calls the scene where the wolf people appear Telmori. So I guess they're the Telmori's ancestors? The Infithtelli: One event has a local Ram telling your that the Infithtelli have hated her clan since they split from them, so maybe it was a political schism? There's one event where your explorer stays with an Infithtelli clan, and the chief wants them to promise to tell everyone back home that the Infithtelli are not cannibals, and says that it's always been a lie and a slander on them and their founding king. Of course, there's another scene where some Infithtelli want you to take a box to a local Ram clan (they pay you, but not much), and if you do it, it turns out that the box contains the skeleton of the local clan's former chief. (Both of those are on the wiki.)
  24. Rojo

    Starting skill top?

    They don’t have ATM, but they could (not entirely decided yet) when they initiate into adulthood. It’s not that all of you are wrong (you aren’t), only that the 75% limit suit me more.
  25. Rich Tom

    ABaB: 5 Things

    This looks very interesting. I can't wait to give you my money.
  26. ThornPlutonius

    No Love for Prince Valiant?

    Ubiquity dice can be substituted for coins, too. They are geared for binary odd/even rolls. Odd = failure. Even = success. The official Ubiquity dice are further designed to statistically represent the rolls of many dice with few actual dice.
  27. DreadDomain

    Runequest GM Pack Question

    Hmm. Will it be incorporated into the GM Guide (not Pack)?
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