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  2. Storm Gern Bisos appears to be our own Waha; I guess he too used to have a full bull's head. Now he just has that stupid hat from the flintstones that's extremely metal although not terribly practical for the broo in question.
  3. The Hero Wars might be on the short side for that - only 30 years from Dragonrise to Moonfall (hey, never realized how symmetrical those terms are before), so only time for one more generation, really. That said, if it supports starting much earlier (say 1607), then...
  4. Speaking of: Storm Bull in Prax is depicted with a people body and the head of the herd animal. This means that the Morokanth depict him as having a Morokanth body and a herdman head. They probably call him ”Storm Bloke” or ”Storm Dude”, I imagine.
  5. In the Snakepipe Hollow's ancient Earth temple there was a broo that was a quadruped goat with a horned human head.
  6. Humakti lay Members are expected to tithe ten percent of their current silver every cult holy day (many use this as an excuse to go on sprees just before the holy day)
  7. Well, then it wouldn't be a normal fyrd imo, but yes, then I'd allow it. And yeah, for a while I've used the 2nd ed Cult Compendium rules for lay membership. In addition to the Honour code there's this funny rule: Lay Members are expected to tithe ten percent of their current silver every cult holy day (many use this as an excuse to go on sprees just before the holy day)
  8. something about them being animals, not people, means that gern broo have gern heads. normally if you lay an egg in a person-rune thing you just get a bog-standard goat-broo. it's only funky stuff when you lay an egg in an animal, like... a deer-broo, or a bear-broo, or a rhino-broo, or a stegosaurus-broo, or whatever. apparently since gern don't have the person rune... anyway now i'm afraid of hoon-broo
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  10. Thank you for your answers. I read some interesting things about Odayla and the bear rune. Here is another question. Is there any rule about the targets of magic? As an Odayla initiate you may use your rune for things bears are able to. You´ll become a little more like a bear. But is it possible to use it on another character? Make someone other than yourself like a bear? I´m unsure.
  11. Hi folks, Another fairly big update: full text search is now live on Cradle of Heroes and is available from the top navigation bar. Search covers all characters in the following in descending order: Name Description Author's name Homeland Occupation Cult If there's a desire, it is easy to add other fields and weigh them appropriately. I was thinking the ability to search by runes might be handy. With this in place, I'll remove the instant search over the next few days. As there are now almost a thousand characters on the app, search and pagination should provide folks with all the characters they need. Right now, search only covers open characters, but I'll update it to work from your personal rosters as well. Example below. Cheers! C
  12. If your clan fyrd all become lay members of Humakt? (becoming a lay member of Humakt is more of an obligation than most cults - you need to be Honorable)
  13. That reminds me of the enlightened gern (herdmen). What a creepy existence he must have since gern don't look exactly like human beings. Everywhere he goes, people think he's food... and then he talks. there's also gern broo, which are even creepier
  14. One of my favorite bits from the original Jonstown Compendium (in the RuneQuest Companion): "There is a great fortress far to the north amidst the wastes of Hykim and Valind; a giant valley with a humid, warm climate. Trees grow in profusion there, and flowering plants sprout amidst pleasant, warmly-watered meadows. All around this wondrous haven tower the cliffs of the glaciers, and they have brooded there since Valind first howled out of the north. But the ice demons never invade the valley. The beetling mountains of ice and their howling winds form merely an appealing contrast to the perfection of the valley. The inhabitants of this paradise live without want, hunger, or pain, spending their lives in ceaseless wonder and joy. But all these happy inhabitants are broos."
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  17. Yes, but I think that they had Lokarnos worshippers during that era too. If not for trade, then at least for ceremonial charioteers for the count and minting coins for the Light's Sons.
  18. Since the dragonrise: The Ruler Formerly Known as Prince...
  19. The Ruler Known As Prince.
  20. Since the Wheel coins are created by magic, the people in the Praxian Sun County knew who the reigning Dara Happan Emperors were even during their Solitude of Testing era.
  21. I had no idea the idea came through from Ralios, and so early! Fascinating. I had thought it a Pelorian kind of thought, but perhaps it was more sensibly due to the two Ralian states - the two Dans - and their struggle against Seshnegi. I ... presume innovation is coming from cultural evolution, is that incorrect? Who knows what the Council of Friends cities were like in terms of layout, but we know they were ruled by the Council, a senatorial equivalent of the Orlanthi ring of elders (equivalent as in "similar to" not as in "derived from"). Given that Dorastor was the capital, its cities would have been multi-ethnic and presumably very large. Shame they had to trample the elephant hsunchen! Rude. What a very interesting period that must have been.
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  23. I'd define a regiment as a group of soldiers under the same commander who move together on the battlefield as a unit. I wouldn't use a minimum size, but perhaps the max size of 1000 or so would be ok. And in almost all cases a unit like that would have a wyter. I wouldn't allow the spell's use on a normal clan fyrd, but only on humakti.
  24. I think the trend with Cthulhu and the new subscription is set so I expect/hope big things for RQ/HW
  25. Northern Sartar only - the Far Place tribes and the Dinacoli came from the north (with Yelmalio in their array of cults). The Quivini Orlanthi humans all immigrated from the south. (Ducks remained in place, the Telmori came in from the north). Orlanth Rex came from Ralios, along with Alakoring (and I still don't quite know whether he flew across the Rockwoods, ascended Top of the World and descended on the far side, or went via High Llama Pass). Alakoring rallied the Old Day Traditionalists of southern Peloria against the EWF, proved his mettle in slaying (Isgang)Drang, and spread the Rex cult among the Pelorian tribes. The Hendriki somehow managed to get into contact with northern Rex converts while the EWF still was active in the years after the Machine Wars, after having subscribed to the EWF/Orlanthland way of Great Living Heroes (like Renvald). I suppose that the Orlanth Rex cult made conversion of the Provinces easier than it might have been with the old Orlanthland priest council in place. While the anti-EWF kingdom of Saird appears to have been Jajalaring-led rather than traditional Orlanthi, the northern Traditionalists would have sided with the new Sairdite dynasty against the EWF after Alakoring's demise at the arrow of Tobosta Greenbow. Ralios is the homeland of the Orlanth Rex cult. The Enerali had a somewhat urban culture already before direct conflict with the Westerners. The immigrants that came through Dorastor would have been exposed to cities and their economic and cultic importance, too.
  26. RQG laid down a promise campaign play in the same vein as Pendragon; one game per season, focusing on parentage in char gen and off season rolls. Even if you don't play the big campaign, have it as a framework to guide GMs in playing in different eras would be essential. Dynasty was such a core part of Pendragon and I believe should be for RQ too. The Hero Wars are about fighting for future generations with the aid of your ancestors.
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