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  2. I absolutely love this perspective (it integrates the Fire element nicely, and adds complexity and, as you said, exotic and endemic differences). However, Alkoth is surrounded by marshlands, if I recall correctly - and the slash-and-burn agriculture aspect seems also covered by deities like Veskarthan (who may not be Lodril exactly, but at least is identified with a version of him).
  3. I think it helps to understand Shargash as the personification of fire in a slash and burn agricultural land. First comes Shargash the red, who burns away unwanted plants, purifying and fertilizing the land. The comes Shargash the Black. The land is blackened and covered in ash. It appears dead, but the secret of Shargash is that now is the time for planting. Drill holes in the Earth and plant your seed. Finally Shargash the Green springs to life, feeding his people. Shargash the Red is also handy in war, and certainly that's an honored and important role for him. But it's an extension of his primary role as the fire that purifies the land and claims it for the Alkothi. Shargash the Red burns away the weeds and scrub! Shargash the Red prepares the way for life and renewal! Shargash the Red is terrifying to outsiders, and that's as it should be. For they are the weeds and the Alkothi are the true crops that yield for the good of the Universe. All hail Shargash!
  4. Hi @pachristian Thanks for the reply and sharing your experience about your order. Was your order refunded?
  5. www.darkcitygames.com Free scenarios to download. There are also some free ones at www.flyingbuffalo.com written for Tunnels and Trolls. Don’t forget all the freebies and pay what you wants at Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now. Also, the discussion boards at www.goblinoidgames.com are loaded with page after page of excellent maps to fire your imagination.
  6. How would you handle Blade Venom? Not sure what to replace it with since it can quickly turn the tide of battle.
  7. Armorcast.com has the Lance & Laser models. Until a few weeks ago they had fine baboons, dragonnewts, Walktipus, and so on. However, they’ve updated their web sites and some of the models - including all of the dragonnewts are gone. What’s even worse is that I had an account and a standing order (which included dragonnewts), and when they updated the website, my account and order vanished.
  8. Thought everyone would like to know that Rick seems to like the idea. He sent me this email. So I guess we need to figure out how to coordinate our work so we do not over lap each other. Hello Kevin, Thank you for sending the NPC samples. I have cc'd David Scott on this reply, as he is one of our IT gurus. I'd like Chaosium to be the keeper of these stats, and have them on one of our websites. You are welcome to prepare more converted stats, and provide them to us. We will be providing these for free to the public once they are all done and we know how to store/distribute them. You and anyone else assisting with these conversions will be credited for your efforts. How does that sound? Regards, Rick Meints
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  10. Do you need full fledged adventures with stats, fleshed out ideas without stats, or just story hooks? THere are a lot of genric ideas and non-BRP adventueres out there that could be adapted but less BRP specific stuff.
  11. Another broadsword. Two attacks at full chance.
  12. I don't understand. Why is anyone (everyone) worried about RANGE? This is GLORANTHA, dammit! If you don't want the triceratops to trample you... you don't cast from FARTHER, you use magic to fly a meter higher than its horns can reach, right over its back.
  13. That's if you put all your eggs in your offhand weapon, what would your main be?
  14. While the bronze chainmail may not be written up, it shouldn't be tougher than plate. Also, there are stats given for the dwarven full helm... the RQG has the bronze version as being only 6 pts. The dwarven equivalent is somehow 12 pts... which would be stronger than even enchanted iron! Maybe, just maybe, that "secrets of iron craft" skill is super-awesome!
  15. g33k

    RQ vs D&D

    OK, quick overview... From the beginning, "Runequest" has had a notion of the "Runes" as being fundamental magico-mythic "building blocks" of the reality of the world of Glorantha, but has been VERY light on mechanical implementation. The new edition of the game implements Rune mechanics in a very evocative way. It's a real step up, and finally lets the game live up to its name. (There are some mechanical similarities between "Runes" and "Passions" in that each can "Augment" actions that are relevant to the associated Rune or Passion. Runes additionally have ties to your Cult/Deity, to Rune Magic, to some personality traits, etc.). You begin play with Runes based on your character's culture of origin, the choices of the player, etc. You begin play with Passions based on the lifepath-style character generation. If your Grandmother was noted as a noble and faithful warrior of the King, you may begin with an "Honor" passion (i.e. to behave honorably); the idea is, you were raised on tales of her noble & honorable behavior, it was held up as the ideal to which all could aspire but YOU actually hew to those creeds: they are part of you. If your Father fell defending Whitewall and was utterly destroyed when even his soul was eaten by the Crimson Bat... you likely have the passion of "Fear Crimson Bat." Passions and Runes are rated on a 1-100 scale, like skills are. In order to activate them and get benefit, you d100 under the score -- "Hate Lunars?" Then on a roll of 1-75, in this next fight against them you fight "passionately" (with extra elan/flair/skill). If you're interested, the Quickstart is available as a free PDF: https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-quickstart-1/ (n.b. that page has spoilerific content for the GM only. If you hope to PLAY the included scenario, then maybe don't scroll down that page)
  16. Be considered failures to their family. End up getting married and be expected to produce smarter children. Assist their more successful kin in manage family estates, dealing with routine affairs, and acting as clerks. Become merchants or money-lenders. Or go into exile.
  17. I'll continue to add any other material that may be useful to others in regard to setting. Below are converted NPCs for the published Adventure called Hot Wheels. I kinda plugged in numbers that seem to fit. Julio Hernandez, Criminal Lawyer 17, San Jose 13, Livin Large 17, Overprotective Father 17 (Flaw) Josefina Hernandez, Wild, Hot, & Young Street Racer 17, San Jose 13, Fastest sports car on these streets 17, Stubborn 17 (Flaw) Fiona "The Fury" Goring, Hot Tempered Street Racer 5m, San Jose 17, Arsenal in the Passenger Seat 17, Insanely Jealous of Josefina 5m (flaw/relation) Sephiroth Trust Fund Punk 17, San Jose 13, Ladies Man 17, All my exes live in san jose 17 (flaw) Latin King Carjackers 19 (mob)
  18. Yes, I was referring to the announced starter set that was mentioned above. As for the other books, I was asking because I am not at all familiar with them. I have had some of Chaosium's other rule books, but none of those. They sounded interesting, and that is why I was asking about them! I am still not clear on what a Passion is, but it does sound like it has a more directly causal and logical relationship to what it affects in the game than the inspiration system from D&D 5e, which awards inspiration for any sort of use for playing up to flaws, bonds, etc. Thanks for getting me interested! Of course, I would like to know more, in case I might want to invest in an edition of RQ. I am especially interested in the "recently added" runes. I sort of figured that runes were the point of RQ because they were a part of the name - but I suppose I really don't know that much about the game itself. Thanks!
  19. (I was wondering if the Changer was Yelmalio or Yonesh, but looking it up on the Glorantha wiki gave me a Pameltelan trickster god, also known as Running Nose.) I see a parallel between this and the GRoY's account of Mernita's rebellion against Dara Hapa pitting Sedenya the Changer against Antirius.
  20. Okay, but does that make any difference in play? Do they lose APP or anything? No, although they do keep growing until age 25. At least modern people do. What I do to keep SIZ in check is consider the horses. Realistically, a horse can carry 30% of it's weight. That's pretty much the pper limit and represents a warhorse for a relative short term. For all day riding the limit is close to 20%. Now if game terms there would be some adjustments for STR (which is appropriated with the 30% rule) but even so that means that a SIZ 18 character really needs a SIZ 30 horse. A SIZ 25 PK (the same SIZ as a small giant, btw) would need a SIZ 37 ish horse, and so would have to find something like a larger charger just to serve as a rouncy. That right there will force PKS to keep their SIZ within the bounds of what a horse can carry. The math seems to work out to a horse being able to carry a rider of a SIZ equal to or less than it's average damage roll.
  21. Not sure, what you mean. For any NPC in the Gamemaster Adventures book, which has iron armor, it is explicitly stated, that the iron is enchanted. And according to the rules on p.121 of the same book, this means, the iron does not affect spells. This looks consistent for me ...
  22. Nowadays, the fragmentation is huge everywhere and it is getting our of control - Facebook, reddit, Discord, fan forums, to name a few. It takes so much time if you want to really follow your favorite product and not miss something interesting. I don't like it, I try to stick to the official forums, but for one reason or another many people and groups stay outside and good discussions happen outside. I am new to Cthulhu and the community, maybe there is historical reason why other forums are much more active.
  23. Aye which is why I wouldn’t apply the cultural bonus to left handed or dual fighting - it’s an individual choice not a cultural norm. But that’s just me. But then there is that sinister (pun intended) clan over the hills who are nearly all left handed. No one likes them except dragonewts.
  24. Cool, thanks for the info!
  25. Heavy infantry, maybe, light infantry less so. Plenty of Orlanthi are highly individualistic and want to go off and do their own thing. Keeping the fyrd disciplined can be like herding shadowcats sometimes.
  26. Aeneas is the son of Prince Anchises (cousin to King Priam) and Aphrodite. Personally, I've always viewed Shargash as essentially the Solar equivalent of the Air pantheon's Urox/Storm Bull. The Dara Happans and Orlanthi respectively see Shargash and Urox as bullying brutes who've done a lot of terrible things for seemingly no good reason, but are also kind of a necessary evil because they've defeated enemies that no one else was able to. The Praxians don't change Storm Bull's essential nature when they venerate him as their chief god, though they certainly emphasize certain traits over others, and they also justify Storm Bull via his necessity, rather than trying to portray him as this misunderstood just protector. I always figured the Alkothi see Shargash in a similar way. Neither a Praxian nor an Alkothi would ever claim that their god is a nice or good god, but they both see their god as a necessary one who offers something worth following them for.
  27. Ellie's post inspired me to post here.
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