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    ^yep. ThatÔÇÖs why I wrote them up. ­čśÄ
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  4. Those could be seen as 'confirming' quests that are intended to maintain the God Plane as it always has been. (Or, more sneakily, to slowly and incrementally change it into a more suitable place. Many hands chipping away over the years, the drop hollows the stone, etc.) If you're, say, using Summons of Evil to pull in and beat up opposition who are just minding their respective gardens, I think they would prefer to even the odds a bit beforehand. For instance, by preparing various 'trap myths' that allow them to turn the tables and change meanings at certain points. Well, this of course depends on what sort of 'mythic sophistication' is found in a specific society. I believe Arkati, God Learners and Lunars would at least see the possibilities.
  5. I went through at one point comparing the two, and IIRC did find them consistent, but just geared in HQG to create characters with stronger associations with their cults/gods or spirit traditions.
  6. RQ2 and a number of works from that vintage had lots of ideas of works that could be produced - most of which weren't - including a HeroQuest book. I did not find cyberpunk RQ (aka MRQ) on the whole to be useful. Just caused me to go "really?" (I did get most of the books, but Dara Happa Stirs is the only one that I ended up feeling worth the price, even of a pdf.) And I do think we've been getting the updates of what's in the pipeline, as well as the ETA's once they are ready with a given product. In the old RQ2/RQ3 days, we really had no insight into the pipeline or when anything would be released (beyond sporadic visits to the local game store to see if anything new had actually come out).
  7. So far we have big lizards, dragons, giant bees, and mushrooms. Eurmal's Crumbs are mushrooms that grow in the Rainbow Mounds and they can permanently adjust your characteristics. Any organism can create magic, and sometimes that magic can be permanent. There may be herbs and fruits that have permanent effects, creatures that live in magical environments or create magic as part of their metabolism can also do the same like bees do with royal jelly. So really the canvas is wide open. You might find creatures that exude slime that can be absorbed into the skin to give permanent effects like shimmer or spiritual armour, or whose flesh grants benefits (or causes problems) when consumed. Dragon hearts, you already suggested. Eyes, brains, genitals, all these could have magical effects. My brother's in-laws in China gave me a bottle of deer penis wine, in Glorantha that could give a Fertility rune boost. Mostly that kind of thing would be temporary, but it could be permanent if the magic is really strong, like if the deer has been eating magical plants, lives in a highly magical environment, or is just a really powerful, magical deer like a White Hart.
  8. Yes, this was a conventional view, but it tended to drift away from the Bronze Age view (and by the time of the Genertela pack we got medieval knights in plate armor in the west) and bring in lots of Greco-Roman-Viking baggage (including making each of the cultures less unique and less original).
  9. I was a (poor) kid back in those days, and living down under also meant delays in shipping anyway. My reference to the extended time of decades was actually from a post on here about HQ coming "next year" for (apparently) 20 years. ("Apparently"... I don't know. HQ wasn't/isn't my thing. Re: timing. What you wrote I understand and agree with! I was trying to point out a rushed finished product (for whatever reasons - not defending them) is better than no product at all. As I mentioned, MRQ gave the first HQ rules in the 30+ years of Runequest's existence. And still. For those who want to do HQs now, the options are house rules, or a fleshed out MRQ. I'd probably take the MRQ (it's not bad!) When chaosium has theirs in print later this year (or next year... Or whenever), I may change my mind... I mostly think there's a middle ground... Current ETAs with regular updates of what's happening.
  10. For what it's worth, I've always likened Orlanthi to unruly, clannish Scottish highlanders and lowlanders, and Sartar to Scotland, though more heavily wooded. Lunars serve in the role of treacherous, civilized Englishmen, though they are in practice more like Romans of course. Simple enough to start with, then you can embroider with the various Gloranthan complications. Indeed, wasn't this a very conventional view in the olden days? I certainly won't claim to be original in my thinking.
  11. I was thinking permanent, again ala Seigfried) but yes, there would definitely be some draconic passion traits! Trying to think of abilities you might gain from other monsters...
  12. Ah! Found it. Yeah, tiny paragraph. The elaboration was what I was referring to (which has already been shown in RQ3 GoG). Thx for the quick response.
  13. I agree! Rushing isn't good... I also think holding off indefinitely without an ETA also isn't good. Nor is being well past an ETA. Question though - is a rushed product better than one you don't have? (I'm in this situation ATM from a kickstarter... I'm willing to wait a little longer, but with no ETAs, the idea of now and not perfect is much better than sometime later maybe...)
  14. RQ2 p.64 in reference to a priest joining a second cult. But it's not elaborated in the same manner as what became the Acolyte in RQ3. Quite a few of my players ended with characters who were acolytes of their temples - it was a useful level.
  15. For me key info is HP & Armour by location, primary weapon skills, SR, MPs and spell effects. Ideally you will want to quickly jump from character to character via a menu rather there scrolling through a list. Great job so far!
  16. FWIW, I'll probably tinker with this some more. The last two pages are kind of "meh" and don't offer all that much. Any suggestions are welcome.
  17. The pdf of the old RQ2 version hopefully will be out in the not-too-distant future (part of the RQ Classics line). I agree these should be individual. I do like the armor gained from bathing in the dragon's blood (though whether permanent or not is another question - personally I like the idea that it flakes off if the person proves inimical to draconic ways). But I think there is a high risk of gaining a passion based on the dragon's passion (e.g. Greed, Lust, etc.).
  18. I've just checked my 1980 print of RQ2 - again -, and a 1979 Cults of Practice, and I'm still not seeing any reference to an Associate Priest. It's not entirely relevant or important, but care to point me to a page number?
  19. Beta´╗┐ ´╗┐functionality for Encounters are now live in the RQ Character Creator app. https://rq-web.herokuapp.com Encounters can be created by adding one or more factions. When viewed, you'll have access to a bunch of combat & tracking related details for all characters in the encounter. This is no-where near as clean as I hope to eventually get it. It will take tweaking and some other eyes to get it right. Also - there is no ability to save an encounter in process - if you leave the screen, HP etc. will reset. You can access Factions & ´╗┐Encounters through the new layout tabs and via Add Content. So a question: How much information do you want to see on an encounter screen? Everything? Minimalist? Is it important to track info and save back to characters? ´╗┐ Thanks!´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ C´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
  20. Thanks for confirming my suspicion I suppose that even the number of abilities and points in HQG don't really match the suggestions in HQ2?
  21. There's a big difference between products being delayed and products being rushed. The current Chaosium policy is largely because they want to avoid rushing out poorly edited products, so rather than being ironic, one is directly because of and learning from the other.
  22. Trollpak. Dragons, that would be specific to the dream dragon I think. They would all be unique and individual. The Great Lizard Mother in the Rainbow Mounds may be somewhat draconic in nature, she is described as a dinosaur, and they are reckoned to be degenerate dragons.
  23. Final hours for the Disk of R'lyeh Kickstarter!
  24. Interesting...is that detailed in their description or a module? I was thinking eating a dragon heart might boost species POW max and bathing in its blood might grant armor (ala Siegfried).
  25. Both. Though again, I am not looking for items unless they impart a permanent change to the pc.
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