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  2. Hiia’s Scabbard of Persistence. A scabbard made of black leather, bound with silvery-grey thread made from some kind of animal, possibly a wolf. The scabbard automatically changes size and shape to accommodate any one-handed sword. Cults This section lists the relation of the item (and its possessor) with various cults. · Associated: Humakt. · Enemy: The hair bound around the scabbard was taken from the wolf form of a vanquished Telmori. As such, Telmori will generally attack the user of this item on sight if they recognize the hair bound around the scabbard for what it is (difficult Scan skill check). Knowledge Automatic, One of a Kind. History Hajii died to cross the Crossline. Whilst in the spirit world, he encountered what appeared to be an old maid who offered him the scabbard if he swore to protect and champion the helpless. He readily agreed to this and when he found himself back in the world, he also found the scabbard strapped to his side. Procedure Requires a hero-quest. Powers Must be attuned. The wearer of this scabbard does not go into shock or become incapacitated when an extremity (arm or leg) suffers excess damage. They do however lose the normal amount of hitpoints from the attack and may lose the limb or use of the limb as normal, depending on the amount of damage. If their chest, head or abdomen is reduced to 0 then they still collapse as normal, but are otherwise able to continue taking actions as long as their total hit points are greater than 0. Value 5,000L.
  3. Yep, exactly that. What some the places around here (Dorset, UK) do is give you a ticket that can be reused for a year. For once marketing came up with something useful – it certainly encourages me to take visitors to places if I don't have to pay again.
  4. Yes we did and even got closer than my memory from the 2nd visit. It was a July Saturday, though, so the place was packed. The shuttle buses worked fine, but the only exit was through the gift shop and that was a nightmare. Even my wife who thrives in museum shops said that it was a bit too much. Amen to that. My wife just commented on that the other day that one can live next to a famous site their whole lives, and it is only when some friends come over that you get to see it as well, acting as their local guide.
  5. Thanks for posting! Think of published scenarios as a set of tools, not an established end point. The challenge of writing scenarios for a wide audience is referencing the myriad of possible outcomes. At the end of the day, investigative role-playing is about investigating. How a scenario is play-tested can have an impact on its final form too. While scenarios do sometimes make the assumption that players will fight it, I approach any scenario as a Keeper with a "this is available for use" mentality. But just because a monster is stat-ed-out or the module says the players should fight it, doesn't mean you can't do better with your players. Also, consider that part of the mystery can be trying to figure out HOW to fight something. And the answer to that question might be something specific, or the answer may be that it isn't possible to fight it. I find that a big part of transitioning players from combat-focused games to CoC is to "prove" to them that combat often isn't a viable option. It's better to prove that through clues than in combat itself. Description can be the most powerful tool here. The more horribly you describe it the more likely your Investigators may see it as foolhardy to attempt direct conflict. Also, consider trying to avoid the "perfect timing" fallacy as a key way to up the horror and minimize the combat-focus. Further reading:
  6. If "off the mark" means seeing the forest for the trees, then I'm happy where I am.
  7. Sounds like a useful product, not just for beginners either. There are certainly times when a short, easy to run adventure is just what I need. No definitive word on the tone of the adventures, but the lack of any mention of comedy or a light-hearted approach suggests they're actually in the serious, traditional style, which is certainly more generally useful and probably better for newcomers to the game. In which case it looks like you're off the mark on this one.
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  9. Issaries uses Movement and Harmony I thought? At least those are the two runes that make up the Trade rune.
  10. Correct. RQG has relatively simple rune mechanics, only using the subset of 2 form, 8 power, and 6 elemental runes (plus plant for aldryami). So while Yelmalio's actual rune in Glorantha is the Light rune, no adventurer has that rune. Just like no adventurer has the Equal Exchange rune, so the rules use Stasis for Issaries instead (which is tough for Orlanthi with their high Movement runes). Hang on is that right? I think it's Lhankor Mhy that gets Stasis instead of Law. Let me check... yes, @Richard S. managed to get in before I corrected myself, Issaries gets Harmony instead of Trade, Lhankor Mhy gets Stasis instead of Law. Orlanth doesn't need anything in place of Mastery, as he has two runes already that can be used. In an ideal world, Command Priests would use the Mastery rune.
  11. I'm like 96% sure it's just @David Scott.
  12. Official? Not sure if it's ever been that. It is what it is, I think it was originally fan-created and has just been adopted as a useful thing by Issaries and then Chaosium. David Scott knows more about it. I think he's on the forum but I can't remember what is ID is to tag him (thanks @Crel I have no idea why that didn't show up when I tried it). If you're not so worried about officialness, I've converted the rune font into individual SVG files, and improved a few of them (some were distinctly lacking in the crinkly edges department), as well as adding the Sorcery techniques runes. They're on the unofficial wiki. *Edit* The font on glorantha.com is presented as official, but is dated since it says Moon Design rather than Chaosium. I forget what the exact legal relationship is between those two entities nowadays but it's mostly the same folks at heart.
  13. Ah damn, I forgot to add the part where it gives everyone in your family tree Fetches too. And yes it does work on vampires, but the whole thing just ended up breaking the compromise and time stopped!
  14. So I know we keep coming back to the POW-draining disease spirits cheese, buuuutt... It just occured to me that in the Bestiary they have only POW, no INT or CHA. So that means a Binding Enchantment for one only costs one POW, right? Makes it just that much more efficient. I don't think that was brought up before? Also means Mallia Shamans have some serious economic advantage when it comes to the "how many spirits can I get together at once" game.
  15. Pleased you had a great time, and it makes a change to hear our trains complimented. Now, I must confess you’ve inspired to me pull my finger put and get up to Old Sarum. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t visited it as it’s only an hour’s drive away, and especially as I’ve driven past it often enough. As ever, we often don’t get around to visiting the things under our noses.
  16. Does it work on vampires, perchance? (... or have I assumed an incorrect reference? )
  17. Fetching Arrows The Fetching Arrows consist of a set of six arrows of extraordinary craftsmanship. The head of each is heart-shaped and made of an unidentified, gold-colored metal. The heads are also carved with intricate yet inexplicable runic designs and embossed with various animals, ranging from ladybugs to falcons. Cults Hostile - any shamanic cults who learn about the arrows will probably have a strong dislike for them and their users. Knowledge Automatic - they can be activated simply by using them as regular arrows and shooting or stabbing someone with them. Few - there are only six known to exist. History These arrow-shaped charms were carved from the remnants of a star that fell from the sky during the gods war and used by the desperate community where it crashed to survive the darkness. With the dawn of time, most the arrows remained hidden in the far north where the star fell, though it is believed that two have made their way south. Procedure None. There is no known way to make more of the arrows. Powers The power of the Fetching Arrows is to awaken an individual's Fetch, regardless of whether or not they possess any shamanic training, immediately and with great trauma. A Fetching Arrow will activate when shot or stabbed into a victim and dealing at least 1 point of damage. Upon activation, the spirit of whoever it damaged will automatically be flung through the spirit world, undergoing extreme trauma in mere seconds as their untrained soul is forced through trials beyond their comprehension. Afterwards, if they survived, the victim will probably be unable to understand or remember fully what happened during their awakening. During their awakening, the victim will lose 3D6 POW to their new fetch; if this brings their POW to 0 or less the victim instantly dies. If they survive this, they next must make a POWx3 roll in place of the Spirit Dance roll a shaman would make, though using the same table. The victim does not face the bad man, and so gains no taboos, but also gains no more gifts other than the one free one. What free gift they receive must be determined by the gamemaster; usually it is Materialize Fetch. Unless they have gone through a shamanic apprenticeship beforehand, the victim will probably be unable to take advantage of the benefits a normal shaman has, due to a lack of knowledge of the spirit world and the unnatural way in which they acquired their Fetch. Value Selling one of the arrows to someone who had no knowledge of their power would probably only fetch a few clacks, maybe more on account of the excellent craftsmanship and beauty of the arrow. To someone who knows of the arrows' properties, though, they could fetch anywhere from 1000 to 2000 Lunars.
  18. For the next 8 days, some 362 Chaosium titles are 25% off in DriveThruRPG's Christmas in July Sale. This includes many Call of Cthulhu Classic, RuneQuest Classic, 7th Sea, Pendragon, HeroQuest, and BRP titles, and the following Call of Cthulhu 7th edition titles: Cold Harvest, Cthulhu Through the Ages, Dead Light, Down Darker Trails, The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic, Horror on the Orient Express, Nameless Horrors, Petersen's Abominations, Reign of Terror, Ripples From Carcosa, S. Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors, The Two-Headed Serpent. http://bit.ly/2MeTdPc
  19. Hi Morien Really pleased you had a good time, Old Sarum is an amazing place to visit, so pleased you found the time to get to it. I used to live just down the road from Arundel Castle. Again it is very nice. Did you get time to visit Stonehenge?
  20. Yes, I believe that notes on the Light, Heat and other partial elements will be covered in the Gods of Glorantha book(s) currently in development. And welcome!
  21. I think that cover works okay for a goofy variant of Pulp Cthulhu. However I really don't think it has the right tone for the standard Call Of Cthulhu game. Just sayin'
  22. Just a personal opinion, but I'm not getting comedic/goofy vibes from the cover art.
  23. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I think I found some bugs. I was trying to make a triceratop and some dragonewts, and it looks like things get odd when you remove all the Power/Form Runes, and when you try to edit custom weapon skills. Ended up with no skills on the triceratops whatsoever, and none available when I try to edit. Don't know if the bug(s) are known or not.
  24. Seeds of the Hills Description A fist-sized huge acorn shaped gem. It is glass-like transparent, and emits a faint magical glow from within, which can be found in the dark. Cult Associated: Earth, Larnste Hostile: Mostali and dragonewts (for their own unexplained reasons) Knowledge Famous, but rarely found. History The descendants of Seeds of the Mountains that the Soul Arranger planted around the world in the Green Age. It is found in caves under old mountains, extremely rarely. Power By sowing this seed on the ground and feeding it Magic Points, the ground rises into a mound which height is 1 meter per MP provided. The hill grow up in a minute, then slowly shrink back to flat ground in about three days. If Rune Points are consumed permanently instead of MPs, the hill does not wilt but becomes semi-permanent. Magic and Rune Points can be provided not only from the user, but also from anyone include spirits and items. Value Never traded in money. (40L worth as non-magical jewelry).
  25. I hope Magic will look like Sorcery, with flexible casting, and not Battle Magic, with fixed effects and costs. Fixed effects and costs could be an option for non-professional magic practitionners, which could buy "ready to cast" spells inside crystals or other minor enchants. I also hope "ready-made concepts" are not going to be full classes, but rather character creation guidelines. OpenQuest has always favored spending Improvement Points in places where RuneQuest required POW. But RQ POW is meant to fluctuate a lot, contrarily to CoC.
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