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  2. I'm not familiar with this. What's the reference? Who wrote it? If you do a website and it's a Chaosium scenario , you will need to adhere to this: https://www.chaosium.com/fan-material-policy/.
  3. Me too! I have a reference card to help me sort out other stats:
  4. Already working on something. It has a lot of copy-pasta stuff that I have nicked, that will be re-written at some point.
  5. Sounds good! I'll handle it that way too.
  6. Looking forward to the River of Heaven updates.
  7. Personally I would solve the Herd quandry by making the Sartarite bonus for Herd +20 or +25 instead of +10.
  8. Runeblogger takes a detailed look at M-SPACE: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/03/review-of-m-space-d100-roleplaying-in.html?m=1 As always, Runeblogger presents a thorough and balanced review.
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  10. Thanks, @PhilHibbs for the suggestion. I'll make sure that at least one non-pre-gen character is a member of the clan and that a few of them have some proficiency in the Herd skill. Plan to use the Broken Tower to get them hooked on RQG and then start on a campaign in the Clearwine Fort / Apple Lane tribal area. A couple players are already sold on RQG and anxious to start playing. I just want to have a group of 5-7 players rather than 3.
  11. Nothing forthcoming, and only silly comments on FB so I deleted the request there and... after working through the Guide, TFS, GRoY, a few other sources, I have about a page in total on all the smaller military traditions in Peloria, plus an analysis of which satrapies they reside in. Some suppositions made based on terrain. Unfortunately, I need another page as it throws all the pagination off. Saddened that Rinliddi especially is obviously a significant culture, but the available information is very slim.
  12. The answer to your last question is, "Yes, Herd! And none of the pre-gens have anything in that!" I ran it with the pre-gens, but as an experienced RuneQuest GM, the only thing necessary is one or more characters who is involved with the clan. Even that isn't strictly necessary, the adventurers could be murder-hobos traditional footloose adventurers who happen across the trail of the raiders, track them to the tower, and then take the cattle and dead bad guys to the Ernaldoring (or Greydog!) clan for a reward.
  13. My game has the hero cult of Independent Jones, a master scholar who traveled to exotic places to bring back knowledge and sacred artifacts. Followers of the hero cult gain extra hit points in locations, wear leather armor, and often train to use a bullwhip. However, they must take an oath to never keep artifacts for themselves, but instead donate them to the library.
  14. Thanks. I'll look it over. One thing I noticed though is that Greg didn't write it, Matthew DeForest did.So it's basically an add on.
  15. Thank you, @Nevun for starting this thread. I just finished reading the RQG quick start book and am preparing to run it for a group. Thank you all for the replies a recommendations. I may end up allowing some or all of the players to create characters of their own and run them through the Broken Tower. The pre-generated characters can be available for those that don't want to spend time in character creation. Two questions: 1. Has anyone run The Broken Tower without the pre-gens? How did it go? Are there any specific skills or other characteristics that are essential for PCs? 2. If one or two players don't want to create characters, which pre-gens are the best for this adventure. Perhaps a pre-gens list in order of importance...
  16. Any updates yet on when the new books will be available via retail?
  17. Base 5, Modifier 10, Occupation (Light Infantry) 25, Cult 10, Cult choice 15, personal choice 25 = 90 You can also get it to 100 if you take the Cult 20 for offhand broadsword instead of the Cult 10.
  18. How would you get to 90 that way? As much as I would like to assume the bonuses would apply to both hands, if that were the case, I see no reason to have an off-hand skill at all. If your culture provides +15 and your profession gives you +25%, which would follow the same arguement, you basically just end up with the same starting skill in both hands. That's clearly not RAI. Now, some interpret Javelin or Dagger as both melee and thrown, in which case the argument for sword bonuses applying to both hands kind of makes sense...but again, it defeats the purpose of ever mentioning an off-hand rule. Edit: Nevermind...I see this has already been clarified.
  19. I'm very certain you start at a 5% base, not half your right hand skill. Lefthanded 1h sword is a completely separate skill from right handed 1h sword. As @PhilHibbs said, put points into it at character creation if you want to dual wield decently well (or use Sword Trance to get 100% in it anyways).
  20. Because it explicitly says that you have to keep track of the two separate skills, and that the offhand skill starts at 5% plus modifier, it does not start at half your best similar right hand weapon.
  21. Why do you have to train from 15%? RQG p207 says you can use half your best skill in the category. I understand it you start at 25% (with the figures you gave).
  22. Here is the info I was referring to: Greg's old website: http://www.gspendragon.com/essays.html Under Grail Christianity, you will find a link to an essay Greg approved for Grail Christianity. He also incorporates an addition and that is the Love (Grail) Passion. Make sure you also read this. This is approved for KAP 5.2
  23. I was thinking of starting on the Tenement scenario. Where do you think we should start. I have contacted Chaosium to get permission to publish. What do you think should I set up a website to put the post or can we do I here?
  24. As a late-comer to Glorantha(1), I have to say that the 2 most confusing or annoying parts of the product line are: Recommendations of out-of-print products. You can thankfully get the PDFs (and I'm super thankful for that, I hope more PDFs show up eventually) but I find that it's not as fun to flip through, and not as practical for "reference" type books. I understand that it's still better than "nope, there's nothing about Sartarite culture available right now" but I think it might be worth it to always add a disclaimer that only the PDF is available. And I don't mean to criticize specifically people who posted about Sartar books here, I appreciate the information and help, I'm just sharing how, at first, I would often feel a bit of disappointment tracing back some book reference to a PDF-only page (or worse). The tribal knowledge surrounding the convoluted publication history of both Runequest and Glorantha material. Sometimes there's material that has been re-published with minor edits, sometimes there's new material that invalidates older material, etc. I would absolutely LOVE to see a list of all the books ever made by the usual suspects (Chaosium, Issaries, Moon Design, Mongoose, etc) split in a handful of categories that help figure out what you're getting in terms of Gloranthan canon-ness ("currently canon", "compatible with current canon", "mostly compatible, see notes", "mostly incompatible"), dates covered (second age, third age, which dates, etc.). I understand that it's possibly a massive amount of work, though. The Glorantha Wiki actually helps a bit there sometimes. (1) I've been gaming for a couple decades and along the way collected a couple HeroQuest books to flip through casually, but I started looking at RQ and Glorantha "seriously" only recently thanks to the Chaosium revival.
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