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  2. Speaking for myself, connecting with the sorcery plane might be much less of a profound spiritual experience and way more logging into the operation system of the world in a technocratic way. A Lhankoring sorcerer connects to the catalogue of the eternal knowledge repository which records (and labels) all truths and falsehoods rather than to the One Mind. The One Mind of the Malkioni encompasses more than just factual knowledge. Their ancestors aren't called the Logicians for nothing. I don't think that the wielding of the magic differs between Malkioni and theist sorcerers. What differs is their perception or approach. The Malkioni approaches this as himself, or perhaps as the human lineage that connects him to the primal ancestors that were born to the One Mind, whereas a Lhankoring or a Chalanan puts himself into the perspective of their respective deities and then uses this algorithmic magic. Mostali sorcery might differ somewhat - Malkioni extract magic from the world to release energy. Mostali collect energy and endow their dear matter with that. That, and they are re-writing the rules, drawing on ambient energies (described as "sympathetic magic") that isn't part of themselves but part of his or his friends' realms. Even without actual Tapping this is intrusive. All of these deities use Power runes rather than Element runes. Powers probably are much less of a domain and more of a process, which might make edging in on their terrain much less intrusive. Power runes are by definition interfering with other domains.
  3. Well there are plans afoot at Rapier Miniatures for even more, so after the Morokanth in 28mm, we have Tuskers and our first Bison now sculpted, ready to think about putting riders one. If that helps.... We also have foot Bison tribesfolk, who have been waiting for their mounted breathren before release....
  4. There is a definite difference in the sources between Gods and Spirits. As for the Invisible God being made up, I don't believe any sect believes that. The Brithini are hardcore atheists yet their sorcerers work through the Invisible God. Where they differ from other sects I think is they avoid trying to define it and concentrate on the Runes instead. If you have the Glorantha Sourcebook, look at the Xeotam Dialogues p74 for a description of how the Malkioni view the Cosmos. The Gods are intrinsic to the Cosmos in the way that the Sun and Planets are intrinsic to the Solar System. However in admitting that, it does not follow that the Gods should be worshipped.
  5. A random hit location. Armour protects as usual. (For Twyyll)
  6. Yes, and WITHOUT a POW vs. POW roll, as the damage is physical (like for Fireblade).
  7. 2) but with a caveat. The Gods are entities (powerful, of course), but still just spirits - manifestations of the Runes - which are primordial forces in the world - not overly different to Malkionism (of at least 1 sect.. I don't recall the name). However, there is no Invisible God behind it all... that part was just made up . So, sure, the gods are real in teh same way that magic and spirits are real... but their existence isn't as intrinsic to the world as assumed. I don't see any reason why a person in Glorantha couldn't take this perspective - especially a sorcerer who's been using their magic for years, and finally coming to that conclusion (hubris/arrogance).
  8. The power of the spell comes from the sorcerer as pretty much everybody acknowledges. The knowledge required to understand the spell comes from the Invisible God (which is far closer to the Original Intelligence than to an Omnipotent God).
  9. Er...yup, that's powerful! Is that to a single location or general hp? Doing AoE effects in systems with hit locations never really works well...
  10. Doesn't exist? Why would they believe that? It's pretty obvious and by definition provable that pretty much all the gods do exist. Their magic works, that's usually proof enough for most folks. Yes, all tricksters are sociopaths. Some say all munchkins are, too!
  11. Thanks to both of you. I will try to implement some of your ideas...
  12. Depends on what you mean by atheism. 1) If you mean does not worship, then worship of the Invisible God is not necessary to perform sorcery. Some Malkioni may do it but they are considered to be stupid by others. 2) If you mean a denial of the existence of Gods, then I don't think this is Glorantha. The Gods are real, not figments of imagination. Whether they should be worshipped is another matter.
  13. What I believe (or understand) is that there is only one sorcery, which is coming form the sorceror himself, and that most cults believe coming from the Invisible God. The restriction are as much social as religious (in addition of simply not known or forgotten spells and techniques).
  14. So, no atheistic sorcery? (or are they just fooling themselves?)
  15. A spell taking one or more melee rounds to cast. That's true for all forms of magic. Lhankor Mhy is the son of Acos the Lawgover (or Mostal depending on which source you read) and Orenoar (the Goddess of Truth). His version of Henosis will put the worshipper into either of his parents. The God Learner will say, the worshipper's really hooking up to an inferior version of the Invisible God. I do not believe in different types of sorcery. There is only one sorcery which stems from the Invisible God. However the name and nature of the Invisible God varies according to his worshippers (Loskalmi, Seshnegi, Fonritans, Lhankorings and Mostali). One believes the Invisible God is utterly removed from the world while another believes he is totally manifest. Depending on what the worshippers believe, some forms of sorcery are available or forbidden. Pretty much every worshipper believes his own version of the Invisible God is the Absolute Best Invisible God there is and that everyboy else's are just plain wrong.
  16. Awesome! As you can see above, I had envisaged such an Earth, life, sex cult to be inclusive of men... although perhaps not allowing them to the top ranks. Is the rule for Goddess-Speaker remaining (ie, no need to have given birth)? I presume there will be sub-cults that are decidedly female only? And sub-cults that very definitely reflect the "Don't even think of messing with us" aspect of protecting life, earth, etc?
  17. Yes, RQIII had most cults requiring initiates to forget all the sorcery spells they knew (but I once had a player whose character previously wrote all his spells to spell matrixes and was thus compliant). This restriction does not exist anymore. I think the Orlanth (and other cults) reaction to sorcery is more a social one. Once you get the oath, of course, using sorcery is more serious and for me warrants a Spirit of Reprisal (TM).
  18. The way I perceive it, Battle skill has several uses: Tactical or Strategic perception of a situation, or a building (How to defend or to attack this building?). What is the outcome of a non played fight? What is the quality of command of a commanding character? What are the extra results for a character that takes part to a big fight and only a small part is played.
  19. That would be my take.. but previous versions of RQ were quite specific that various cults required initiates to forget all sorcery spells. Now, I would presume that once you've learnt a Technique or mastered a Rune you wouldn't be allowed into Orlanth.. unless you took an Oath not to use any sorcery again (with the consequence being a visit by your non-friendly spirit of reprisal)
  20. What's a "Big spell"? And, obviously, there are sorcery spells that do things that Sprit and Rune magic currently can't do. (just saying!) So, you're actually suggesting that Lhankor Mhy sages are unifying their minds with the Invisible God (that, I presume, they believe doesn't exist) ??? You're actually supporting an argument I was making above that there are actually different types of sorcery, but have essentially the same effects. One is theistic, the other not. Clearly, I think, Mostali sorcery is not exactly the same. My view would be more that Orlanth and others feel that (as per current sorcery rules), sorcerers are "messing" with their runes. And, if you can mess with the big boys' and girls' runes, then you're messing with all of them. LM, CA, Issaries, etc don't feel so protective or worried.
  21. "...learned 10+ spells,... " - if the GM takes sorcery spells to be skills (and personally, I do), then your starting sorcery can have that... Summary - Philosopher gets one Rune and one Technique - plus 3 spells of varying skill. Lhankor Mhy gets Command Technique and Truth Rune Malkioni get 3 Runes and 2 Techniques at start (no specifics). Aeolians get 2 Runes and one Technique. Lunars are unspecified. So, I'm at a loss as to why you'd go the LM way at character creation. Malkioni would be way better (as it currently stands), unless you're really desperate for the Trickster stuff.And, I'm sure there will be versions of Malkionism that will allow initiations into theistic cults (as the Aeolians do). But, we shall see... Why POW over INT? Power is much easier to get than INT... unless you're desperately hoping the GM will allow for unlimited upgrades of Enhance INT. And, don't forget... INT-12 worth of Techniques and Runes.... so, realistically, minimum INT of 14 or 15 starting. So, you're possibly better off going Fire/Sky first, then Moon (those 2 points in INT are invaluable, while the 2 points to POW are only a couple of seasons away... unless you're smart! A smart sorcerer can get that POWer in 3 days!) " Given the Flight discussion earlier, I figure you can get that effect by casting Hallucinate " I can't see a single GM allowing that, considering the "The hallucination is perceived only by the spell’s caster ...is completely undetectable to anyone else". (my emphasis) RE: cult options.... RAW, you could join Eurmal, Issaries, and Lhankor Mhy (and also Chalana Arroy... but pacificism... meh), as they're all part of the Lightbringer gang. BTW, Humakt was illuminated, so having sorcery may not be an issue...
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  23. As Orlanth and Lhankor Mhy are treating each other as an associated cult and Lhankor Mhy is using and teaching openly sorcery, I don't think Orlanth has a problem with sorcery, nor with sorcerors. He simply does not teach, nor use it.
  24. My initial thinking (and this should not be an indication of what the rules actually will be) There are two possible criteria: knowledge of a rune and/or technique OR knowledge of a sorcery spell. Based on Jeff's comments about the Open Seas spell, it looks as though knowledge of sorcery spells is anathema. In practice, I don't think this distinction will matter too much as sorcery is really only effective if you cast Big Spells. Otherwise you are better off learning the equivalent rune and spirit magic spells. As to why Orlanth might have an issue with the knowledge of sorcery (which would extend even to Lhankoring Sorcery even though they are the best of friends). Knowledge of Sorcery requires some degree of henosis, the unity of one's mind with the Invisible God (based on Real World Neoplatonism FWIW). This insight is incomptable with the direct worship of other great gods (Gods that are rune owners). This means that worshippers of Daka Fal, Orlanth, Humakt, Ernalda and Yelm cannot learn sorcery. This doesn't explain why other gods might prohibit the use of sorcery (ie Waha or Yelmalio)
  25. I love this topic. I am always looking for new lovecraftian games that could inspire me. Some games that I know, beyond the listed, it is: Realms of Cthulhu: a Savage World setting. I'm not into Savage Worlds, so I don't have much to say, but so much people have good things to say about this setting so I'm curious about it. Here there are some reviews: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7434203-realms-of-cthulhu Tremulus: a Apocalypse World Engine game. The system is knowing by its tools for improvised stories. There are playbooks, that work's as occupations. Each one of them has its own movies. Movies are something like the types of action that a player could do with that character. Font: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1227949612/tremulus-a-storytelling-game-of-lovecraftian-horro
  26. I've used Battle once in my game back in December, basically for the reasons @Zozotroll mentions. The adventurers had just finished defending a village from raiding trolls (got caught up in a feud between two clans) and were invited to go along on the counter-raid. This was going to be our last session for a couple weeks since I was traveling for the upcoming holidays. So I had the adventurers who chose to go each roll Battle for their personal outcome so that we could move on to the next adventure when we started play again. The highlight for me was that the party's herdsman was an accidental war hero. His brother, a Zorak Zoran Warrior with troll friends, was going, so he augmented with Love (family) and reluctantly went along as well. He rolled a crit Battle and it's been a defining character moment since.
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