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  2. I like the idea of Krarsht being a Goddess of Mining before converting/corrupted/cursed with chaos.
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  4. Reading through the scenario "Scritch Scratch", and I'd like to run it with two players. The scenario states that it's for between 2 and 6 players, but no breakdown is given for which of the pregens to use with fewer than 6 players. The cleaners would seem to be the obvious choice with 2. But which of the 3 cleaners? The husband and wife, or the husband and the indebted nephew, or the wife and indebted nephew?
  5. It should also be noted that this DEVIATION ROLL system was also used for Mortars and Artillery but the deviation distances would be multiplied by 5 for Mortars and by 10 for Artillery Shells and Artillery Rockets (the Russians LOVE their Artillery Rockets...).
  6. That feels like it waters-down both Ernalda's bounty (if she has to get it from Asrelia) and Asrelia's hard-nosed nature (if she automatically releases the treasures every year). I mean, I can see the imagery here... the cold earth suddenly burgeoning with life, like a vault thrown open. It just doesn't feel very Asrelian! I thought that Asrelia mostly opened her Vault when there was a problem, when the normal harvests fail.
  7. You can always use the system devised by GDW in Twilight2000. You roll a 1D6 for the direction on a HEX grid to get the DIRECTION OF DEVIATION of the toss. You then roll 1D6 for the number of meters your throw is off from that "target hex" which YOU [the thrower] designated. This is known as the grenade's DEVIATION. From the 1D6 roll [for Deviation] you SUBTRACT 1 for every 10% or fraction thereof that you rolled UNDER the To Hit chance. IF the modified result of the roll is 0 or less (yes, negative numbers are possible) your grenade lands in the Designated Hex. Otherwise, it's consider
  8. Tea is grown in southern Tanisor, following its introduction from either the colony of Eest or from the False Dragon Ring's Kralorela during the rein of the Middle Sea Empire. I suppose it was grown on Jrustela as well, and I see no reason why Umathela would not have adopted tea, too. On the other hand, I doubt that Ralios or Fronela are suitable to grow tea, and I'd be astonished if Ramalia or some other part of western Maniria grows tea. The Archduchy of Slontos may have had some plantations, and tea being a highland plant, it would have been less prone to having been drowned in 1050.
  9. I can see that, for sure! The more you make <Gloranthan thing A> come from <real-world-cognate-place A>, the more you tie Glorantha down to being a bunch of single-source "not-A" places. Kralorela already has at least one "not-China" strike against it (maybe even two strikes (I await Chaosium's upcoming Kralorela book with both eagerness & dread)); instead of (for example) the heady Thracian/Halstatt/Norse/Vedic/PlusSoMuchMore mix that is Sartar. I also like having a bit of variety... like, there's this spice that most people call "Ginger," but it'
  10. That's why I mentioned her challengers. Asrelia still releases all the life each spring from her care. She is the goddess of distributing the bounty of the earth, like e.g. the granaries of Nochet.
  11. I'd be tempted to ignore where it comes from in the real world. For example, tea could grow anywhere suitable, not just Kralorela, or ginger does not have to come from the East Isles or Teshnos.
  12. Here's how I do it. I play on hex grids, so ymmv. A missed grenade lands d3 hexes away from the intended target hex. Roll a d6 to see which direction, each number representing the side of a hex.
  13. Asrelia is the guardian. I can see miners propitiating her, for sure! But I can't see her as the patron god/dess of taking the stones up out of the earth... that's the opposite of her remit! I rather like this idea! That there is no singular, direct, and clear deity for this. Everyone propitiates Asrelia, or there's cave-ins and other disasters. But then different miners pray to different deities for different kinds of beneficial outcomes...
  14. I would second Asrelia. It would be foolish of miners to not sacrifice to Asrelia when mining. Aurelion has some connections to mining, as does Mostal. There might be Heroes who raided Asrelia's Halls and took her treasures. They would be patrons of miners. Krarsht might be an interesting patron of mining, due to her many tunnels. Argan Argar or Lodril might be patrons of obsidian mining.
  15. Gonna definitely check it out. Just started running a DDT game last week. A one on one game with my pal. Eventually I'd love to work and finish a campaign idea I have...Transcontinental Terror. Basically Horror on the Orient Express but in the West on trains.
  16. Asrelia is the guardian of the wealth deep down in the Earth, which would include godsbone (metal), knapping or carving rock material, coal, jet, amber, salt, mineral pigments, jewels. Or it could be any challenger of that guardianship, which opens it up to plenty male deities and a few female ones on the side. Mostal or his brother Stone are patrons of mining, too, but not really accessible to non-Mostali.
  17. This month's #MOTM is now available on the Jonstown Compendium! Children of Melikaphkaz previews material from a forthcoming work for the Jonstown Compendium, Melikaphkaz: the O-God of Traps. Included in this issue is a short-form version of the cult of Melikaphkaz (like those in the core rulebook), as well as several monsters for his worshipers to summon, or for the gamemaster to use elsewhere in their Glorantha. MAY THE SHELTERING DARK PROTECT YOU ALL! About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of new bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha
  18. Print on Demand via Drive Through RPG (dtrpg).
  19. I'd suggest multiplying the distance to the target and the percentage failed by to get the distance missed by, in some random direction determined by rolling 1D8, with 1 being straight past, 2 being past and to the right (45), 3 being to the right (90) and so forth. If you want a simplier method just use half the distance tot he target. So if a character threw a grande at someone 70 feet away, and had a 57% chance of success and rolled an 89, he'd fail by around 30% (it's 31% but close counts with hand grenade) or 21 feet. If he rolled a 5 on the D8 it would be short and to the left (45 d
  20. Wikipedia says (fwiw (they aren't always accurate)) that (a) Ginger originates in "maritime southeast asia," & that (b) that it exists today ONLY in "cultivar" form -- the "wild" plants are just escaped from cultivation (the plants called "wild ginger" are actually distant relatives, not ancestral). If we wanted to Gloranth-ify this, I'd probably go with the idea that in Glorantha, "ginger" is a modern(ish) creation of the Aldryami (possibly for trade purposes? possibly as a (failed) biochem/warfare agent (ginger being an irritant)? possibly nobody knows why they made it: created by
  21. I'd go with a fail being whatever needs to happen for damage not to be inflicted. It's a fail. The only other add I'd do for any of these situations is to make what would be narratively interesting the thing that happens. Have it affect the environment (e.g. starts a fire) or cause some other consequence (e.g. exposes a secret passage way behind the book shelves). Anything that keeps a conflict from just being a series of hit/miss reports until one side dies.
  22. Is it only available through the D101 webstore, or are FLGS stocking it? 😁
  23. Yeah - good old Book of Feasts event. I'm glad Esmee's player went with it. I love the opportunities for story that come out of the feast events, as well as the modified winter phase events.
  24. I would like to add that this sort of possibility (summoning the dead for answers) has been used in fiction, such as my favorite -- Poul Anderson's The Broken Sword. In this work Scafloc summons up the spirits of the dead, only to learn not only what he asks of them, but other, horrific facts besides! (no spoilers). Anyway, great book, and an example of how it is done for powerful narrative effect -- and a strongly recommended read anyway. This sort of scenario I think should be the chance for the non-combat types to shine. A shaman might summon spirits known to be friendly and truth
  25. Add to that, all sartarites may not be fond of spirits and shamans anyway. I don't think that's the first thing they will turn to. I could see other ways : asking a Sword of Humakt to check thruth has been indeed spoken (in exchange for a donation to temple or support to an expedition). the Divination is a good idea too, but gods usually has cryptic answers, it may be wise to ensure the priest interpreting it has a good opinion about the woman ... just standing atop the highest hill around during a storm, spear high towards the sky, asking Orlanth to judge her, may be en
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