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  2. What are Passions in RQ? Is a RQ update coming in addition to the starter set? It sounds interesting!
  3. Works for me. He works in mysterious ways, etc.
  4. I might dig out an ancient post showing that Truth is inherent in Illusion and vice versa - each is the white space of the other. The winter/dead shape of the trees may be much closer to the Truth Rune. As to dating that image in Glorantha, it should correspond to the middle Golden Age, after Umath's birth but before his dismemberment. The extra mountains in the back of the ground level might refer to those mentioned in the God Learner maps of the Guide, or they might be the lesser mountains from the Otherworld Holy Country (the Spiral Map) pulled into this depiction.
  5. There was mention of special sered breeds from Darjiin, used by a cavalry unit in that article on horses that was deconstructed later on. Otherwise, Darjiin is a bit contradictory - hilltop forests for a swamp-dwelling people? It does suggest some specialization to defend good positions. With Shadzoring Alkoth hating them, probably a survival trait.
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  7. BELVEREN THE CHAOS CLEANSER (Healer of Chaos Wounds) Belveren was the first goddess to learn the secret of healing chaos, which she learned by aiding Urox the Storm Bull. In some stories, she is Urox’s lover. In others, she is his daughter. She is very popular in Skanthiland near Dorastor and near Snakepipe Hollow and the Footprint. CULT PERSONALITY SKILLS: Brave CULT SKILLS: Treat Disease. ETERNAL BATTLE RUNE MAGIC CURE CHAOS WOUND (Rune Magic, Self, Instant, 1 pt) This spell may be stacked as a free action with any healing spell used to cure a wound caused by a chaotic creature. It provides all the magic points needed to fuel the spell. This spell has little effect on most Rune Magic, though it does work with Heal Wound. EXORCISE CHAOS SPIRIT (Rune Magic, Ritual, Stackable, Touch 1 pt.) This ritual magic takes approximately one hour to cast. At the end of the ritual the caster touches one creature, object, or location possessed by a Chaotic Spirit and, if the POW of the Spirit is overcome, the Spirit is cast out and driven back to the Spirit Plane. Ceremony skill can be used to augment the caster’s resistance roll. The spell affects one possessing spirit of the caster’s choice. Additional pts can be used to simultaneously exorcise additional spirits possessing the same target or add +25% to the resistance roll. IMPEDE CHAOS (Rune Magic, Ranged, 1 pt.) Any chaos thing that attacks the target of this spell is -30% to hit. Non-chaotic foes are not impeded. PURIFY FOOD AND WATER (Rune Magic, Ritual, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt) At the conclusion of this spell, one days worth of food and water are purified from any chaos taint or disease. Each additional pt adds another day’s worth of food and water. SEE CHAOS TAINT (Rune Magic, Range = 10 m, Self, Duration, 2 pts). While under the effect of this spell, the caster can see the taint of Chaos on any Chaos creature and can identify by sight their exact chaos features. HARMONY RUNE MAGIC EXORCISE DISEASE SPIRIT (Rune Magic, Ritual, Stackable, Touch 1 pt.) This ritual magic takes approximately one hour to cast. At the end of the ritual the caster touches one creature, object, or location possessed by a Disease Spirit and, if the MP of the Spirit is overcome, the Spirit is cast out and driven back to the Spirit Plane. Ceremony skill can be used to augment the caster’s resistance roll. The spell affects one possessing spirit of the caster’s choice. Additional pts can be used to simultaneously exorcise additional spirits possessing the same target or to give a +25% to the resistance roll. RESTORE COMPLETE HEALTH (Rune Magic, Ritual, Touch, 3 pts.) At the completion of this ritual, any deleterious effects of disease on the target of this spell are completely restored. Lost stat points are restored, negative skill modifiers removed, etc. This spell does not have any effect on damage that was not caused by disease. This spell can only be cast on Ernalda's High Holy Day. SECRET (Eternal Battle Rune Magic) PURGE CHAOS TAINT (Rune Magic, Ritual, Touch, 3 pts.) This ritual takes 24 hours to cast. At the conclusion of the ritual, the healer focuses her energy on one object, person, place, or animal that has been tainted by chaos (the target must be present for the entire ritual). The caster tries to overcome the strength of the Chaotic Taint (determined by the GM) with her POW augmented by her Ceremony Roll. If she is successful, the chaotic taint is completely removed. If she fails and the target is an object, it is destroyed. If the target is a living being, on a failed roll, the creature dies. In either case, on a failed roll, the chaos taint spreads to the priestess. If the target was a physical location, the taint spreads to the priestess and the location remains chaotic. Inherently chaotic things like Walktapi , Karshtkids, or Dragonsnails cannot be purified. Broos and naturally occurring (not ritually created) Scorpionmen can, however. Sometimes. Ritually created Scorpionmen are purified of taint but always die in the process.
  8. "Training or experience in using a weapon left-handed does not help the right-handed attack or parry with the same weapon, except that the half effectiveness rule applies. For example, use of a dagger left-handed, allows the adventurer to use it right-handed at half the left-handed ability." RQG, pg 225
  9. Is it possible that the Darjiini/Manimati are mostly demilitarized? They are the targets of the Alkothi We Hate Darjiini Usurpers Wars (in a form that vaguely resembles the Spartan-Helot relationship), and have supposedly been unable to claim any kind of independence since the Dara Happans stole the Broche of Manimat. Obviously there will be guards and soldiers in the area - but perhaps they might be prohibited from fielding full regiments of any kind? Beyond that, the term "Stork People" mostly makes me think of light skirmishers. This is purely speculative, of course.
  10. I don't have much else to add to M Helsdon's comment, but I just thought I'd mention that The Illiad makes a big deal out of the number of hides that are stretched out over the wooden shield frame (I think I remember seven and more, but I haven't read it since middle school, so I might be off, and I don't know whether it's historically accurate or just exaggeration for narrative purposes), and mention them being covered with what seems to be a bronze "finish", as it were.
  11. I wonder if we'll get to see the I Fought We Won and the Lightbringer/Lifebringer Quest from the perspective of the Riders/Berenethelli. That must be a maze of references to navigate for the writers.
  12. Yanioth! She was critical in my run-through, particularly in dealing with Idrima and the sprul-pa and has very important healing magics. Otherwise, my group ran Harmast, Sorola, and Vasana. They worked fine. Harmast and Vasana were the best fighters used, Sorola had a good mix of useful magic and some combat skills.
  13. May be relevant that Palangio Iron-Vrok was from Rinliddi. Perhaps something could be extrapolated? He certainly was a militant fellow and a general, and his way of doing warfare might have influenced his own people (or been influenced by them)...
  14. THE BIG RUBLE rq2 short scenario. Good for beginners.
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  16. I was not, even though the thread is pinned! That will teach me to never click anything else besides "Unread Content", and maybe sometimes go in each sub-forum to see what's up with my own eyes. Thanks a lot for pointing it out! AFAICT The Cult Compendium isn't available in physical form anymore (it doesn't show up as orderable on the Chaosium website for me, at least). I think it might be obsoleted by the upcoming Gods & Goddesses of Glorantha anyway, no? I think a big part of my confusion was the subtle distinction between "HeroQuest" books and "HeroQuest Glorantha" books. But it's a bit clearer thanks to your explanations and that thread (and also actually looking at the covers of the books -- they have completely different designs). I guess the categorization of the Chaosium online store now makes more sense to me Thanks again!
  17. I'm looking forward to the next installment, when Nyalda and even Ernalda die. Ok... I know, I know, they go to sleep.
  18. My vegetable love should grow Vaster than empires, and more slow;
  19. You know, the amount of dice rolled for Might is actually really frightening for players, once you have used the Mighty Blow Damage Effect as a GM. Players will never ever underestimate the size of a creature thereafter ... And the best thing: if using the effect, you do not roll the dice for Might at all ...
  20. Make an "Elasan" hero-cult specifically claiming blood relationship, if you need to. But honestly, I would allow any reasonably-Gloranthan group or relationship to be the source of an heirloom like that. For a comparable example -- in the Family History section of character generation, I don't require the "Parent" and "Grandparent" roles to be actual ancestors. A cousin? Sure. Great-Aunt? Absolutely. Part of the Gloranthan POV is close, "clannish" relations!!!
  21. BTW: a list of all Traits in the book categorised by Skill would be a helpful resource for the GM during play. Please include the Power Traits of the mail rule book, too. Just yesterday I found myself looking up Traits in the rule book many times, which was irritating. Oh, and is there a Trait like 'Library use' or 'Research' ? If not, would that be a Knowledge Trait? Cheers! Rob
  22. Chaosium has plans to create a RuneQuest fan-publishing initiative on DTRPG, like the DM's Guild for D&D (or their own CoC "Miskatonic Repository).
  23. IMO - At a 'Con event (where time is short)... Have everyone make a roll. Best roll determines outcome. No successes means they either go home with just a few cows, or allow a re-roll but a few cows are just GONE (predation / wandering away from herd / stolen by a lone bandit / they'll never know) Any Fumble give the GM a chance to narrate a funny ooops. --- If you have time (e.g. an at-home group) you might actually roll it out, forcing them to herd the cattle home and learn how BAD they really are at 25% skills... If you think the players would enjoy that or it'd be useful to learn in a "cattle" context instead of e.g. a "sneak past the Great Troll guards" context...
  24. I think that's reasonable, but I didn't for my Humakti example and still made it to 100% in both, but I had to use both the +20 and +10 cult weapon skills. For the Orlanthi, missing out on one of those +10s meant I had to use a +25 to get 100% instead of a +10 to get 95%. Wearing my +1 munchkin hat, sometimes, depending on your category modifiers and a few other factors, you can't get to exactly 100%.
  25. For extra credit, prove that the reader of the post doesn't exist, except in the imagination of the Aldryami ...
  26. I would count all modifiers except the professional ones. But culture, cults and Manipulation category, yes. For me, the +10% for Sartar and the +10% for Orlanth Adventurous have to be added to both hands.
  27. That's a quite good blog, by the way. Thanks for pointing it out.
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