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  2. soltakss


    That's what I'd do.
  3. Puckohue

    Lhankor Mhy hero cults

    I've found the following Lhankor Mhy subcults: Dilfar The Gray Ones Hevduran Irnar Lhankor Knowing Torvald Are there any other Lhankor Mhy hero cults described somewhere?
  4. klecser


    I did not know that Robin Laws was involved in Runequest. Cool.
  5. Yes, plus I think a point or so in some skill a PK never improves isn't a problem as they probably haven't used it that much anyway. Prince Valiant might help too. In PV DEXTERITY is a skill and is used for all sorts of stunts in combat (trips, throws, called shots). Maybe some of that could be ported over to KAP? I was thinking of trying to revive the double feint with some changes. Basically, a character could half armor up to his DEX, but take a penalty to his combat roll (either a flat -5 or equal to the armor's DEX penalty).
  6. Tigerwomble


  7. Khanwulf

    Underage Knights and Inherited Attributes

    Ok so the net result is that raises increase the floor and the assumption is that there is enough skill use to justify holding a skill level even if play does not call for increase. That's fair. I'm being pedantic so it can be written up for individuals not reading threads and avoid provoking "arbitrary checks". All in all there seems good reason to play a "dex monkey" type now, even without special maneuvers that tend to go with the trope. That and the "face".
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  9. PhilHibbs

    A fetching question... (ie, shamanism)

    Reading this again, p355: This implies that the shaman can choose a shamanic ability right away, if they so with. If you're going to take Spirit Defense (+10 Spirit Combat skill), do it right now!
  10. lordabdul

    Survey what do you most want for RQG?

    I voted campaigns and scenarios, definitely. Glorantha is an impressively deeply detailed world, so it's often intimidating to figure out where to start as a GM. It's often said, for example, that one of the main themes of Glorantha is the relationship between humans and gods, but how does that actually translate into an adventure? It definitely shows in the world books, but I'm not just reading a history book to my players, I'm making them play something, and it needs to "feel" Gloranthan somehow -- I'm just not always sure how to do that. I can come up with dungeon crawling scenarios around Dragon Pass, and hey I can even come up with some more inspired and complicated plots involving politics and religions and whatever, but I have no idea if this, say, adventure about trade routes being disrupted by an expanding clan is going to really feel like Glorantha, or if, regardless of its flaws and merits, it's a generic fantasy plot that could just as well happen in any other random fantasy world. So that's why I'd love to see more examples of adventures, and then I can branch out on my own from there.
  11. Puckohue

    Is the Ernaldori Clan Ring described anywhere?

    Could we see? πŸ˜€
  12. Joerg

    Short Lightbringers' Pilgrimage

    Day 11, The Proof, elsewhere the Ritual of the Net. My secondary guesses would be Day 3, the arrival on the shores of Luathela, where Orlanth invokes the Ring of the Vingkotlings to fight a scarlet-skinned enemy army, or Day 4, fighting Kaldar. There isn't supposed to be fighting in the Obsidian Palace, as the other Lightbringers are mortified and stunned by Eurmal's betrayal.
  13. Tinkgineer


    I enjoy math, but I am very rusty. I am curious about how to model the odds of an opposed roll system like HQ2. Particularly for HQ2 the levels of success I think make it harder for me to understand. Would you have to make a table for each success level that’s every ability value vs every ability value?
  14. soltakss

    Detailed Maps of Sartar

    It's also in Hell.
  15. soltakss

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    Unless you eat with a dagger and drink through a hollow sword.
  16. PhilHibbs

    Short Lightbringers' Pilgrimage

    What is "the Conflict Phase" in the Short LBQ, in the context of Kallyr's 1625 attempt? Is it Day 5, The Obsidian Palace? Day 8, Three Challenges? Day 11, The Proof? KoS Revised, p143-146. I can't find anything relating to "when normally a polluted icon is destroyed".
  17. Yes please Monday or Wednesday possibles for me Al
  18. styopa

    Logician - seriously OP???

    Wasn't meant to be a SPECIFIC example, just an example of why sorcery and spirit magic and divine magic and dragon magic and whatever magic DO need to have some sort of meta balance to result in a world where none of them have essentially 'taken over'.
  19. SDLeary

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    I would say that you retain your characters CHA. People close to the meat suit might notice that something has changed (attractiveness, etc.), so that could draw attention in unwanted ways (ie a good plot hook for the GM!). SDLeary
  20. There are a couple of documented exceptions though. In the Adventure of the Perilous Chapel PKs can use Spiritual to get divine aid after a fashion, and there are a few other spiritual type encounters that do something similar. I'm curious as to the frequency, limits and how that fits with passion based inspiration? For instance can a character use a trait and a passion to inspire the same ability? Or could the use a trait to inspire a passion which turn is used to inspire something else? For example someone with Proud 18, Honor 15 is called a coward and fights a duel to save his Honor. He uses his Pride 18 to inspire his Honor (up to 20) ensuring that he can't blow the passion roll (and go mad) and that he can then use his Honor to Inspire his Sword skill. It makes sense logically, but I'm not sure if it would be a good idea.
  21. Attribute increases after chargen do increase the increases do raise the base, but only the base. Otherwise I don't think the attributes would be worth it, as the skill points gained from APP or DEX aren't equal to the benefits of the SIZ and CON lost. It's quality vs. Quality. For example, Let's say Lady Elaine has APP 20, and Courtesy 10, Intrigue 10, and Romance 10, all due to her high APP> Now a few years go by and she raises Courtesy to 13 and Romance to 16, but intrigue stays the same. She meets and marries the Knight of her dreams gains 1000 glory points, and uses her bonus point to raise her APP to 21. Now, with standard rounding, her default for Courtly skills goes up to 11. This would raise her Intrigue to 11, but would not affect her Courtesy or Romance, as they are already higher than 11. Now 30 years go by and time starts to catch up with her and her looks fade a little back down to 20. But all her courtly skills would remain where they were, with her lowest ones at least at 11 as she had gotten them that high, and probably learned a little something over the years. Yeah, but that's what they tend to do now, isn't it? It's a great combo with the family characteristic too. For instance in my current campaign I had a PK who got the "Never Forest a Face" family characteristic who raised Recognize to 15 and ended up with a 25. Another PK got a Greatsword off of a Faerie opponent long before such weapons would normally exist, and when he wrote up his son he used the "raise to 15" rule to bump up greatsword to 15. What has changed, thanks to Morien, is that the skills that would normally start at 10 in KAP now are considered to have been increased with points (of, if using K&L picks) to get to that value, and those points will affect the new base scores. That means: Someone with DEX 16, would have a base of 8 in sword, which with picks/points would be 13 instead of 10. A Roman PK with DEX 20 would, if he spent his points the same way (one for each of the skills at 10) would now have a 15 in Sword, Lance, and Horsemanship, freeing up his other points for something else. That might just make putting the points into DEX instead of SIZ or CON worth it. I think it probably is worth it if the player is going to start as a squire.
  22. Shiningbrow

    Logician - seriously OP???

    Because it takes good (better than average) stats and years of practice to be proficient enough to be able to cast that sorcery spell reliably enough, versus hours or days to cast the 1.5 damage spirit magic. Also, the Divine magician can get a LOT more bang for buck in a pretty short period of time. Getting even 1 sorcery to do the 5 points damage at 100m takes way longer than the 100 local clanspeople to learn the 1.5 point damage... so, who's more likely to "trounce the world"? (RAW, Disruption would normally take 1 week to learn to do 1D3 at 25m for 1MP, at an average of 55% chance. Financial cost might be 50L. Quite a few potential teachers around - priests, God Talkers, Runelords, members of associated cults, the occasional shaman. OTOH, to get off a sorcery spell effectively, minimum of 1 Rune and 1 technique need to be learned (max 1 per season), then the spell needs to be taught and trained/practiced or cast effectively to grant experience rolls (for a PC, 1/season per 1D6-1 or less). Average stats for a sorcerer (low) would be INT 13, POW maybe 13, CHA 13 (not a great sorcerer, so going higher would make sense - but the magic modifier is unlikely to be 15%... to get to 55% is going to take years! And, not a lot of teachers around...)
  23. Khanwulf

    What Was Constantine Thinking?

    The other piece of information, danced around by Atgxtg in his comment, is that Vortigern succeeded in bending the ears of the Pictish bodyguard to Constans such that they thought they and everyone else would be better off with Constans dead and Vortigern in charge. Now Picts are not alien to the concept of the oath, or they would not have been selected as bodyguards, so there must have been some foundation for them--in close proximity to Constans--to conclude that he did not fit at least their view of the king, and Vortigern was better. It had to be subtle enough of a manipulation, as well, that Vortigern could act all shocked afterwards and quickly have the treacherous Picts executed. The flight of Ambrosius and Uther could have been prudence by their caretaker more than necessity ahead of Vortigern's blades--we don't know for sure. This assumes, by the way, that Vortigern actually did attempt to manipulate the Picts toward his ends (which is a given in most accounts, but need not be in your KAP). He could have simply been a good chancellor and expressed the king's generosity toward the bodyguards, only to be misunderstood as they hatched their own plot. One thing we have to acknowledge from the sources is that Ambrosius had very good PR. He succeeded in smearing Vortigern's name so thoroughly ahead of his return to Britain that we still do not know what the man was actually named! Only in areas that look like Vortigern's ancestral lands do we see alternate treatments that hold him up as a competent and wise leader. Yet: he was selected as the High King by the other nobles, and if they truly thought him weak or smarmy they would have thrust themselves (or Cunedda) forward as alternative candidates. So... there is a LOT that a GM can do to craft their picture of these characters. YPWV. --Khanwulf
  24. gochie

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    Honestly seemed like he posted that as an afterthought to counter all the arguments before it. It makes sense, but it really should be in the description, especially since the bestiary (with Arrow Trance) came after the core book.
  25. Shiningbrow

    Gods of Glorantha Gen Con 51 Preview Edition

    You're obviously not illuminated πŸ˜›
  26. @Hzark10 in another thread you permit Traits and Passions to inspire. As in, be the source stat for checking if inspiration occurs, yes? That's... different, since Passions are normally the only source of inspiration. Now applying the bonus: that's less of a significant choice. But how have you found sourcing inspiration to go in playing using a trait-based approach? (Assuming I understand correctly.) --Khanwulf
  27. Shiningbrow

    Survey what do you most want for RQG?

    The choice for my vote ....? I forgot πŸ˜› I was umming and ahing over Gods/Races and GM/Sorcery... chose one, then started reading... and forgot which one I finally decided on. Cults are hugely important in Glorantha, and having a full ruleset to go with that is also vitally important. Also, I suspect a number of players will want a sorcerer around to play, and will want the full rules for that (what's in the RQG book just whets the appetite... it needs more!) OTOH, I'd like to see a regular magazine come out again, but with a lot of fan-made material (particularly the scenarios people were requesting). I understand that the people at Chaosium will be snowed under, and having people write up their own scenarios may help in getting stuff out to the gaming community (as requested above), with minimal effort from the publishers (especially with the abundance of software available to the public... formatting becomes somewhat closer to a breeze than 30 years ago). My vote, however. was qualified by reading that a) GOG will be coming out in the not massively distant future, and b) that it will contain HQ rules... I'm interested in RQG - and that Glorantha is really important (where else do you find Humakti Sword Ducks???) Not high on my list (but above the Non-G settings) would be minis.... even though my current circumstances suck (I'm currently in China, and would really love to return to Melbourne, Ozlandia), some of those unique minis are just nice and so I might actually buy! Ooops - looks like my 2 bolgs is running out now, I better sign off!
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