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  2. Numtini

    RQ vs D&D

    Criticals were one of the things that Gygax railed against in his notorious screed in Dragon 16: Given that this was published the same year RQ was, I'm guessing that criticals were house-ruled pretty often prior to RQ. I'm quite amused by the essay as pretty much everything Gygax rants against in that essay--spell points (slots), criticals, weapon expertise--is now a core part of D&D. Overall, I am with Styopa in thinking RQ:G was a little too slavish to old RQ and missed an opportunity to update the game. When I encountered RQ in the 80s, I completely abandoned D&D as RQ was obviously superior. Now, after all the changes of 40 years, I find that 5E is a quite good game that I'm very happy to play, but RQ:G feels a little dated, a little over complicated, and also seems more a game people talk about than actually play. Part of that is also that the kind of storytelling that early Chaosium pioneered in the industry is now ubiquitous. If you look at a modern 5E scenario, it has far more in common with something like Borderlands or Griffon Mountain than it does to the 16 page folders of stats that made up TSR modules in the 80s.
  3. styopa

    [RQG] Rules for Rabble and Extras?

    As you seem to suspect, the very idea is anathema to the premise of RQ. RQ is founded on the premise that everything is mechanically equal.
  4. styopa

    What the heck... Check that out!

    If by "the rules" you mean RQG, maybe so. But not RQ 3, as I'd quoted the pow gain rule previously.
  5. Ali the Helering

    Earthshaker Plow Team

    Mistyped, I hope....
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  7. DreadDomain

    What the heck... Check that out!

    Sure but with a huge difference: the GM is in full control of what specific knowledge can be gained through research. A player might declare his character will spend a week,na month or a year researching about the myth that would be used for the next heroquesting like special weaknesses of the expected opposition but if the information is simply not available (GM's call), he won't learn anything.
  8. lawrence.whitaker

    RQ 6 and Mythras

    Isn't this a thread about Mythras? In the Mythras section?
  9. Jeff

    RQG: Reviews Thread

    I didn't include Teshnan elephants for the same reason I didn't include Fronelan woolly rhinos. They are outside the main focus of the book.
  10. Joerg

    What the heck... Check that out!

    That just means you have to find one of those POW9 spirits, learn its true name, and reuse that over and over. IIRC only embodied foes get POW checks... (This really belongs in the egregious munchkinnery thread...)
  11. Tizun Thane

    Religious conversion

    In my curent campaign, one of my PK convert to Christianism, after he met un monk during a feast and keep him as a servant to learn the faith. His conversion was motivated by his desire to wed a christian lady he was in love with, even before she raised any objection... He didn't care about religion, so why not? I just changed his religious traits, a chek in wordly,et voilĂ ! If it was a sincere spiritual conversion, I would have give him a few checks in the religious virtues and spiritual. The next year in game, but the day after IRL, PK go to war against Rome, the monk always in his entourage. I designed a special encounter with sire Priamus from Mallory, the sarracen who wants to convert to christianism. Canonically, Priamus met Gauvain. After a duel (with the player crushed by he way), Priamus talks about his curiosity for christianism. The Player then said "I just convert myself recently, and I have a monk, an expert, just for you!" They became fast friends, Priamus was baptized after the Battle of Milan, and the rest is history... True story
  12. Jeff

    [RQG] Rules for Rabble and Extras?

    You can do whatever you want to the RQG rules. But in the rules as written, we do not have rabble for the reason that Russ Massey says.
  13. Sumath

    [RQG] Rules for Rabble and Extras?

    I think they'd have to at least buy him dinner first though.
  14. Hzark10

    What to do with wives?

    True, but he does get the 1/10th of his father's as well. And, if by chance the father was not dead when the original character entered play, any further accumulation would pass onto the brother. KAP is one game where players need to take the longer view. If one is playing out the entire saga, it is a huge undertaking and may involve four or five generations.
  15. soltakss

    Earthshaker Plow Team

    A bugger plough just rips up the earth more. You are better off just having a team of zombie oxen that can plough all day and all night, rather than a team of dinosaurs.
  16. Crel

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    According to Chaos Gift (RQG 322), you can DI when casting it to make a choice on the Chaos Feature table. I don't think you can combine this with Extension since Chaos Gift's duration is "Duration (variable)" rather than "Temporal", but if you could, for up to a year you could get: +3D6 POW +4D6 DEX, STR, CON, or SIZ 12-pt armor skin Absorb spells or reflect spells up to 2D6 intensity (pick one) Free Demoralize, Befuddle, or hypnotic effects Regen 2D6-5 HP in each hit location every round, min 1 Or, I suppose, for extra munchkin points, you could pick #95 "Roll twice." and maybe get to choose twice? Or even just get two rolls. But I'm pretty sure any GM worth their salt would smack a player trying that. Of course this isn't that good a munchkin trick, since you have to already be a Chief or High Priest of the Seven Mothers...
  17. soltakss

    HQ Tropicana

    And that, to me, is the great strength of HeroQuest, you can take PCs and write them up in a few lines.
  18. Tizun Thane

    What to do with wives?

    I think the best teaching is to let the PK make their own choices and to live with the consequences. Just the glory you win is sufficient. If thy're Pathfinder players to the core, you have to remind them the it's a dynastic game. The Character is not that important. The family is. For a GM, you have to show them that women are real and everywhere Not only heiresses, but also the sweet sister of another player, the hostess on the road or his daughter, the damsel in distress, this kind of things. If you play them, the players will notice them. After that, weddings will be in the air.
  19. soltakss

    Upcoming Glorantha publications

    That is going to be a very short sentence, if ever written up.
  20. Runeblogger

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Eventually yes: https://blog.sixages.com/index.php/2019/04/11/port-progress-april/
  21. soltakss

    A fetching question... (ie, shamanism)

    I was thinking about the old versions of the spells, which effectively reduced the POW of the attacking spirit. The new versions of the spell just reduce damage taken, so they wouldn't help. On the subject of getting help against the Bad Man in general, Vasana's Saga says: So, maybe it is OK to get outside help, or use magic, against the Bad Man.
  22. Crel

    Logician - seriously OP???

    Or Steal Breath! Though Moonfire's definitely more dramatic.
  23. Crel

    What the heck... Check that out!

    Unfortunately the disease spirit loses the POW stolen, and in the Bestiary entry all disease spirits have a Spirit Combat of 75% and POW stat of 3D6+6 (p.169)... but the principle remains the same! I'm just waiting on my assistant shaman player to try using this exploit. It's deliciously risky.
  24. Tizun Thane


    RAW, App is a dumb Stat. As a houserule, i use a fake "inspiration" under App for all social skills. The PK can "inspire" under App, if the GM feels that his target can be influenced by App. It's more than sexual attraction. Have you a honest face or not? Sources are full of these kind of consideration. -sucess: +5 to the skill - failure: -5 to the skill -crit: +10 (You're her type!) - fumble: -10 (You're not) I think it's simpler that way, and it's working well.
  25. Hzark10

    No Love for Prince Valiant?

    Speaking of which, let's look at those who have a 6 in their Personal Characteristics. As you know, Brawn and Presence are the only two in PV. Brawn: zero, nada, none. Lancelot is only a 5, as is Boltor, the viking warrior. Presence: Aleta, Prince Valiant's wife, Merlin, Queen Guenever, and Morgan Le Fey. In KAP, Guenever is so beautiful, she triggers a supernatural test. But, no where do we see Aleta, or Morgan having the same, so Presence is not a direct analogy for APP. It also is used for magic. That explains Merlin and Morgan. Now, creatures can and do have personal characteristics above 6. So, a conversion must take this into account. Skills are the main theme. Can they go above 6?
  26. Runeblogger

    RQG: Reviews Thread

    I would like to add a review of the Glorantha Bestiary, done from the POV of a veteran RQ3 player (me): https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/02/review-of-runequest-glorantha-bestiary.html
  27. In my games, i authorize the inspiration for trait (love (lady) to resist temptation for exemple) and Stats as well. No game breaker. No big deal.
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