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  2. Yea! Some explames, thanks. I think I would too. It's a oint. Problem is though, APP probably wouldn't help many skills other than Flirting, but probably just influences how others behave. For instance the APP 22 lady probably inst any better at intrigue, but men might tell her things to try an impress her. So manybe she gets a little extra help when out hawking, opponents let her win, and so forth. Yeah, and it seems high DEX looses out worse than high APP, as there is more reason to use differernt courtly skills in a situation than there is to use different weapons. For example someone would flirt, gossip, play a game etc. a court, but a knight would have little reason to use sword, axe, mace, spear, flail, etc. in one fight. It's the easy chargen nature of the picks in KAP5. It's quicker and simplier than spending points from previous editions, but makes this rule variant kinda moot -at least with the RAW.
  3. Blessings of the Spirits be upon you. Here be attached part 3 of the story, slightly later than planned so it comprises two playing sessions in its coverage. Enjoy. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 3.pdf
  4. The full range of Lance and Laser Glorantha minis is listed at http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=HeroQuest It's easy to cross reference with figures still available from the Armorcast range https://armorcast.com/miniatures/lance-laser/?sort=featured&page=1
  5. Yup, and tha'ts a valid argument. As a counter argument, I'll point out that with DEX/2 and APP/2 as a base people won't invest a few points into a skill, not only because they could be "lost" if the attribute is improved, but also because it's a waste of points. Somone who raises both Dance and Flirt from 5 to 6 is sorta wasting their points anyway, unless they like using a skill with a 70% chance of failure. DEX is nearly as useless as APP. Yes it does cover some Agility skills (Dancing and Boating are sperate skills) and and all Stealth skills from other BRP games, but knights don't use Agility skills much(other than the ones that remained skills) or Stealth at all in KAP. Even if they wanted to, which they probably wouldn't due to the armor penalty. And play an older edition, as the double feint tactic was removed from KAP. If I still existed, I probably wouldn't even have brought DEX into the conversation. It will still be a poor cousin to SIZ or CON, but Double Feint did keep DEX quite useful and relevant. But, apparently it caused problems. It's an idea. I really wouldn't mind if we reopened the original thread or started a new one to explore other alternative or solutions to the (alleged) problem of APP and DEX reatively low value in KAP, or even if a solution is needed. IMO Ladies need to get some game benefit from a high APP score. As it stands now, as noncombatants SIZ and STR are fairly meaningless for them, CON doesn't help them to survive their biggest life threatening circumstance, childbirth, DEX doesn't do anything for them, except maybe allow them to sneak up close enough to eavesdrop, and APP gets a lot of lip service but has no fictional value. A lady with APP 4 and high Courtly skills will completely dominate a lady with APP 20 and low Courtly skills. Worse still a lady with APP 4 and low Courtly skills can hold her own against a lady with APP 20 and low Courtly skills. At least with the defaults the APP4 character will have to work harder to make up for her low APP score, and the high APP character will get a little more social tolerance from her good looks. But again, this is the wrong thread for that, but I'm willing to consider other approaches.
  6. I second that. Rapier's Glorantha miniatures are very good indeed.
  7. The guide (page 205) states that the New Hrestoli School of Irensavalism is the state faith of Loskalm, with all others not being tolerated. While New Hrestoli is not the only form of Irensavalism, it's the most well known form.
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  9. I'll note however that I wasn't talking about (nor have I ever seen) c&s5, my comment was based on my experience with c&s which was 1 and 2. For example, RQG character creation only remotely approaches the complexity/length of c&s2 chargen.
  10. I found an response by Greg on a mailing list from 2007 where he states that the "Third Age Loskalmi Church is largely based on Irensavalist beliefs", although he goes on to say that this means they are "not Malkioni" aside from worshipping Malkion the Prophet. I assume by this he was referring to the split in the attitudes towards the Demiurge. https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/WorldofGlorantha/2007/0739.html From what I've come to understand, Irensavalism is basically Gnosticism, in that it sees the creator of the physical world not as an agent of the Godhead/Invisible God, but as a deceiver and an obstacle to true salvation/Joy. By this, I am guessing that what Greg means by Malkioni are more akin to small-o orthodox Christianity, who either sees the Demiurge as the Godhead, or as an agent/emanation of the Godhead/Invisible God. Correct me if I'm wrong here. Also, it's over ten years old so he may have changed his ideas since then, I couldn't say. From my above look, I'd guess it's less Malkion the Prophet/Sacrifice, etc. they see as corrupt, and more Malkion the Law or Ferbrith/Kiona, right? I know this is all made more complicated by the fact that we have several local names for these emanations/stages of Malkion/the Invisible God, eg. the Jrusteli Makan and all that. Sheesh. Nice and clear, thanks. Gotcha.
  11. Ps... What's the definitively correct spelling for the goddess of disease?
  12. Cool! So, Kolat is now getting his own entry!?! Will Elmal get a nice subsection? Last question (for this post 😛 ) - how many pages for each entry? (On average)
  13. Very impressive. But I cannot go to Gencon... I hope there will be a preorder preview version like Shards of the Broken Sky of Pelgrane press(another 5 years-waiting book).
  14. Well, the topic is cat people, and the clip shows some rather feline-ish folk. Almost Thundercats in nature (which is the movie we really want to see). The criticisms I read had nothing to do with Judeo-Christian morality. Rather, some people felt the animation and movements fell into the uncanny valley. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and other actiors still recognizable despite realistic ears, fur and tail that clearly weren’t a costume. My wife and I didn’t have that reaction but apparently some folks did. “Avatar” featured animated cat-like humanoids, but they were blue and nine feet tall and didn’t closely resemble the actors who played them.
  15. I have now seen multiple mentions of a chained simple contest as a way to handle an extended conflict. Could any of you who use that method post an example of how that looks like? Thanks!
  16. Stronghold as in having millions of followers, yes. The New Idealist Hrestolism of Loskalm instituted by Siglat and Gaiseron is the one Hrestoli group with the most adherents by virtue of being something like the state religion of Loskalm. I cannot say whether Irensavalism is an integral part of this or a tolerated movement alongside the majority practices of idealist Hrestolism. The best known Hrestoli outside of Loskalm are the Castle Coast humans, the only survivors of Old Seshnela still inhabiting that land. In the Malkioni Culture text, the mention for Hrestolism and its belief in re-incarnation was given for the Galvosti sect of Ralios. In quite an underhanded way, I'd like to add. The wizards introduced to Jonatela by Jonat from Old Seshnela just before its doom are old-style Hrestoli wizards, too, which means that their teachings and influence will have created a form of Hrestolism there, too. One definitely different from the New Idealist ways. The Pithdarans and some of the southern provincess of the Bailifite kingdom (and presumably some Pasos or Nolos inhabitants) have people that outwardly follow Rokarism but maintain Hrestoli traditions. Ascension through the castes is a purely New Idealist concept. It is a radical deviation from orthodox Hrestolism, which maintains the four castes established by Malkion but allows individuals to study the skills and duties of the other castes in order to qualify as men-of-all. While training for that status, the individual still remains a member of his birth caste and is expected to function within the duties and (softened) limits of that caste. Only with attaining the status of Men-of-All they may (and must) act as full members of each of the castes. In limited areas, but that goes for members of those castes, too - there are few if any jacks of all trades of a single caste. A talar could be an administrator, a judge, a merchant, a bureaucrat, or a field commander. If you take the title "Sir" that was referred to in the Hedenfeld "What my Father Told Me" bit and the link referenced by Tindalos, then the concept hasn't entirely been hushed up. I think so. There is no way that a Rokari would tolerate a "Sir" of any but Talar caste birth. That "Sir" might have been struck from canon for triggering medieval parallels, though. But then I haven't seen any replacements, and we still have Sir Ethilrist and Sir Narib in Dragon Pass in the recent publications, so I think it still applies. Irensavalism is a peculiaity of some Fronelan Hrestolism. I cannot say how pervasive it is even in Loskalm - it could be a parallel society within a more conventional Hrestoli society as the master culture of Loskalm. After all, Malkionism is the poster child of the Materialist culture among humans. They may have usurped the name for their perversion of the talar caste as warriors. Brithini talars are discouraged from using objects of authority as means of self-defence, which means the Rokari concept of a warrior nobility is really alien to their thinking. (So was the warrior nobility instituted by Hrestol.) The Kustrian tournament marks a decidedly Hrestoli-leaning tradition. The Galvosti are explicitely revealed as a Hrestoli school. We don't have any data about the Hrestolism index of any other Malkioni or semi-Malkioni group in Ralios, but apart from the Chariot of Lightning cult and the Proven Appearance of Arkat movement, they seem to be older than Rokarism, which points to them being Hrestoli in origin (when not Brithini or Vadeli in origin). It is hard to say what things were started by Halwal in his preparation for the final battle against Yomili. He appears to have jumped on anything remotely within the mantle of Malkionism to find magic or allies against the Seshnegi kingdom and its wizards, including Irensavalism (in Fronela only, I suppose) and Henotheism. In order for Halwal to have tried to unify those different Arkat traditions I think he must have quested within them, possibly re-inforcing their magic by applying or (as likely) undoing God Learner (as in Return to Rightness) manipulations to the access to Arkat after his apotheosis. At a guess, Halwal approached the Arkat mysteries through at least five different avenues and may be the one to blame for the upcoming emergence of multiple Arkats. But then, one interpretation of the RQ3 Troll Gods excerpt of the Jonstown Compendium could be that Arkat already was one entity in several bodies at the time of his Ritual of Rebirth as a troll. To my knowledge, Hrestol never met his half-brother (or half-sister), even though their wives were sisters, daughters of the second-ranking talar house on Brithos (Hrestol married the oldest daughter, Ylream the youngest, and I assume that Fara(a)lz successfully absconded with the middle daughter after interrupting her impending marriage to the ruling Talar of Brithos by slaying the groom - the story breaks off abruptly just as Hrestol and Faralz re-unite). "His" Men-of-All never were commanded by Hrestol himself after attaining that rank, either. Many of the earliest Men-of-All served under him in the first successful campaign against the Pendali after the Dawn, though. Not all sorcery has to be spell-casting. Issuing direct commands to a bound spirit might be regarded as a zzabur-caste activity already. I suppose the "manual labor for the good of the community" portion of the men-of-all has been forgotten by the Rokari nobility, though.
  17. Teshnan Waveblade Description: A wavy-bladed sword. Cults: Associated: Somash, Sshorg Friendly: River Cults Knowledge: Automatic, Common History: These blades were first made in Storm Age Teshnos, representing the serpentine might of Sshorg. They were used by Foot-soldiers then as the nobles of the Zaranistangi preferred to remain true to the Red Sword that Tolat had given them. Soravatoor is the Hero who changed this. He declared that the waves was but the undulations of the Sky River. Armed with this truth, he fought the Zaranistangi in battle and defeated them. Since then, the blades have become the favourite weapon of the Nobles of Teshnos. They are found further west as a chance trophy of some Praxian raider or, most curiously, retrieved from the mud surrounding Corflu. Procedure: Any redsmith with sufficient practice could make a passable waveblade. Only the smiths of Teshnos have had the sufficient practice to make such swards to date. Powers: A waveblade counts as an elemental weapon for both fire and water for the purposes of Runic Inspiration (RuneQuest Glorantha p227) Value: A waveblade had little value other than a functional surio and so would rarely sell for more than 60 Lunars in Prax and Dragon Pass. Among the Teshnans they are status weapons among the nobility and the possession of one by an outsider is enough to mark him as a thief or a murderer,
  18. Not very Cthulhoid, but I guess that's more a tangent to the OP. But even more than it not being Cthulhoid... it UTTERLY lacks any BRP game mechanics! No help here at all! Also... Google reports to me that the Internet is going into StupidMode over this trailer. <shrug> I'm gonna lay the blame on a mix of the Internet's pervasive MeanGirl culture -- who can level the most cutting criticism, in hopes of elevating their own pathetic self-esteem? -- with the USA's really weird Puritan-by-way-of-Evangelical sexual moralistic judgmentalism. Oh, look! Some of the actresses in -literal- catsuits actually show their curves! How eeee-vile! One moron even wondered why all the sexy-looks in a "kids" show (which, I dunno the movie rating, but the stage play never was!) <sigh>
  19. That's a pretty amazing list. Very much looking forward to seeing the published book with the art.
  20. As I see it, the major cults not appearing in this book are: Triolina (I really need to think far more about the Triolini before I tackle this cult) Godunya (already appearing in another book) Pamalt (will need to wait until I get to the South) Ompalam (see above) Seseine (see above) Invisible God (gets its own book) Arkat (needs Invisible God) Wachaza (needs to wait - his cult is right now confined largely to the Wachaza) There are numerous minor cults that will appear elsewhere - Pavis, Zola Fel, etc. They are purely local entities.
  21. The definitive list of cults and spirit cults in the Cults of Glorantha are: 1. Kyger Litor 2. Anilla 3. Aranea 4. Argan Argar 5. Gorakiki 6. Himile 7. Subere 8. Xentha 9. Xiola Umbar 10. Zorak Zoran 11. Magasta 12. Choralinthor 13. Dormal 14. Engizi 15. Oslira 16. Ernalda 17. Aldrya 18. Asrelia 19. Babeester Gor 20. Caladra & Aurelion 21. Donandar 22. Eiritha 23. Flamal 24. The Grain Goddesses 25. Hykim & Mykih 26. Maran Gor 27. Mostal 28. Ty Kora Tek 29. Uleria 30. Voria 31. Yelm 32. Dayzatar 33. Dendara 34. Gorgorma 35. Lodril 36. Lokarnos 37. The Lowfires 38. Polaris 39. Shargash 40. Yelmalio 41. Yelorna 42. Orlanth 43. Chalana Arroy 44. Eurmal 45. Issaries 46. Lhankor Mhy 47. Barntar 48. Daka Fal 49. Foundchild 50. Heler 51. Humakt 52. Lanbril 53. Mastakos 54. Odayla 55. Storm Bull 56. Valind 57. Waha 58. Ygg 59. Yinkin 60. Horned Man 61. Earth Witch 62. Evening Star 63. Frog Woman 64. Kolat 65. Morning Star 66. Rainbow Girl 67. Raven 68. Six Sisters 69. Sun Hawk 70. Thunder Bird 71. Traveling Stone 72. Twin Sisters 73. White Princess 74. Robber 75. Sky River Titan 76. Oakfed 77. Seven Mothers 78. Danfive Xaron 79. Deezola 80. Etyries 81. Hon-eel 82. Hwarin Dalthippa 83. Irrippi Ontor 84. Jakaleel 85. Nysalor 86. Red Goddess 87. Teelo Norri 88. Yanafal Tarnils 89. Yara Aranis 90. Primal Chaos 91. Bagog 92. Cacodemon 93. Crimson Bat 94. Krarsht 95. Krjalk 96. Mallia 97. Pocharngo 98. Thanatar 99. Thed 100. Vivamort
  22. Synch. Glorantha metaresearch has me dipping into Eliade again currently.
  23. I am one of the C&S5 writers - and no, RQG and C&S have equally about as complex combat as each other - C&S5 is, if anything, actually slightly simpler.
  24. Trailer for the CGI remake of the musical “Cats.” What do you think? https://m.imdb.com/title/tt5697572/videoplayer/vi2422258713?ref_=m_tt_ov_vi
  25. I am going to participate as a Keeper for this year's Tacticon gaming convention in Lone Tree, Colorado. However, as I live in Colorado Springs, I am going to run the four sessions (one each evening from Thursday, August 29th to Sunday, September 1st) using the Fantasy Grounds virtual platform. Fantasy Grounds includes a number of licensed Call of Cthulhu products for use on their platform, including a 'Call of Cthulhu Adventure Pack 1' featuring the scenario "Scritch Scratch" as well as two shorter scenarios, "Dead Boarder" and "Camp Sunny." These three scenarios are the content I am considering running for the Tacticon event. Can anyone comment on using Fantasy Grounds for CoC, as well as comment on these particular scenarios in the Adventure Pack? I've never used Fantasy Grounds before, so I was going to test run the content first with some friends before I GM any of this at a convention. Call of Cthulhu' Adventure Pack 1 https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/product.php?id=CHA23157COC7E Tacticon 2019 https://tabletop.events/conventions/tacticon-30
  26. Ooo, ooo, ooo. I know that one! 'bout that many?
  27. Wonder how many volumes it will be if we get the cults of The East, The West and The South, too!
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