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  2. It’s all good stuff but... Honestly? We are now very far off topic from my perspective. While undeniably interesting to fans, a discussion of the relative merits of this or that historical culture and if RQ is Bronze or Iron Age is not going to help my players. I have one story teller player (to use Robin Laws nomenclature) and she is the one I need buy in from. Once she is on board the rest will follow her lead. The issue is that the depth of background is getting in the way of explaining what the characters will be doing - which is after-all what they want to know in order to make an informed decision. Hmmm. On reflection maybe the issue is that I don’t know what the characters will be doing. Sure I have a handful of scenarios but I don’t have a one line, elevator pitch of the campaign arc. I don’t have a campaign arc. Chaosium has not given us a big meta plot yet. Sure - it’s the Hero Wars and this Argrath chap is on the rise, but so what? What will the characters be doing? I had figured that once I knew what the characters were I could build something suitably epic tailored to them. It’s a bit of a dilemma. I have decided to just use the material in the RQG Rulebook coupled with petty maps and the What the Priest / King says stuff. Keeping it simple (stupid) Latest suggestion from a couple of players was for me to run Dragon Heist (DnD5) set in Ravnica world. Has the benefit that three people know the word a bit already.
  3. Orlanthi worshipping "Eurmal, Friend of Men" and "Vorthan" (who appears in Dragon Pass as an enemy deity named Jagrekriand) and putting way more weight on bull traditions than the shepherders of central Genertela are bound to be somewhat different. I agree - Fronela appears to be a lot easier to handle, with resident Orlanthi, Malkionized Orlanthi, and initiate-to-Rune Master people rising from the population. That used to be the case when Seshnela had (Castle-Coast) style Men of All rather than Rokari style military Talars, although there used to be a significant overlap between Talar-caste nobles and Men of All. The short passage in the RQG rules suggests that the Horali use Hykimi beast magic, possibly variants of Hsunchen shape changer magic adapted to Malkioni soldiery, taking on magical but not bodily aspects of that change. That's why I would play this from the perspective of Gebel and his quest for the Sword of Tolat, making Gabaryanga his tragic at first noble then more and more corrupt ally.
  4. Check the Rune Fixes entry on Extension. Basically says the rune points can’t be regained until the extended spell expires. Dont see why that doesn’t apply to wyters too.
  5. Check the Rune Fixes entry on Extension. Basically says the tune points can’t be regained until the extended spell expires. Dont see why that doesn’t apply to wyters too.
  6. This made me smile as that was my thoughts a few years back and I ended up writing a vast amount of text on all merfolk but never got round to the campaign matertials on the undersea war and fire berg, MoM stuff
  7. I'd suggest you name that cult "Kimantor".
  8. For defensive spells a temple gets (1 point per 100 worshipers), what POW are those spells casting with? Assuming species max of 21? More? Whatever the wyter's happens to be? 200, since it's a piece of the deity itself defending itself? (p.288 in RQG Core is the Temple Defenses entry.) I'm inclined to go with 21 from a game balance perspective, since that means humans can at least potentially resist. Though, any Rune Lord who opposes would then always have a 50/50 to resist the defense.
  9. That's....sick. Makes the spirits in the Sun Dome Temple from RQ3 look like a joke.
  10. Oooooo ... Shiiiiny ! (is this a proof/review copy, or just one of a large shipment that are mere moments away from being generally available for sale?)
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  12. It is also quite boring if the character's only action is their "main" action. Think of a TV episode. We want to find different aspects of the main characters. This is why the GM defines the resistance after the player selects the ability to use. This way (as with the penalties and such) the GM can control the up/down beats even if the players use their lower abilities by adjusting the resistance. This way you can encourage players to use their minor abilities. One exception, though. In the final climactic extended contest you could tell the resistance first and let the players then gather up their main abilities with augments and benefits to build up the tension.
  13. Thank you for the compliment, klescer. Can't say every post I have had made are as good but the good ones have something in common. I try to read a post that I wish to reply to twice to make sure I got it, as well as the other posts around it to have a context Then I will craft a reply and then read the original and the reply before posting. I have had to throw away a more than a couple of posts realizing I was off topic or someone else had nailed it or... With luck my post was worth someone's while. At the very least its good typing practice. Damn now I have to answer in a negative after you heaped all the nice praise on me. Hmm klecser, what am I not understanding here? I would incorporate magic right away into a RQ RiG game (after all Glorantha is magic) but I would recommend that a new GM simplify it. Use as much of the rules as one can parse, and that the story you are telling for that session requires. At the very least I would say you would have to give every player some way of healing themselves, a healing potion if not healing spells. As stands, RQ magic in its current three schools (more schools to come later) is complicated compared to most (if not all) BRP games and previous incarnations of RQ. So, yeah if a new GM wishes to simplify, I see no reason not to. If a GM wished to hand wave magic (until he or she grasps it better) and just "feature" spirit and rune magic (perhaps in the person of a NPC) and remove it from the nitty gritty of every day rules, this is drastic but it would not break BRP and should not break RQ RiG. That said, learning and mastering the magic system will pay dividends in gaming Glorantha imo. Alas, magic (at least as a backdrop) is needed for Glorantha. It must be featured as g33k says, at the very least. The complexity is not needed. Save that for your tax forms or grading your students papers and/or behaviour. Hell, you paid a lot of money for the game. Enjoy it. Cheers
  14. I admit I wasn't expecting this spell to end up this complex. The base idea is "dispel all lies with clearing wind", and it should in a reasonable distance push away illusions. That said...is that concept just Spells cast with the Illusion Rune Spells with the word "Illusion" in their name Or should I be more specific with it?
  15. aren't all the schoolchildren (to the extent that such things exist) lay worshippers of LM? Also, whenever a person needs their lineage recited or the law ascertained, bam, sacrifice to LM...
  16. Best ones? Characters with a good mix to be honest, they are all useful at some stage but... Depends on the type of pc you play and the type of game. Library use for research Psychology Dodge Other language for texts Credit rating Persuade/fast talk Spot hidden/listen.
  17. Yeah. Postpone Sorcery, but DO feature Spirit magic & Rune magic; they aren't hard, and bring lots of color!
  18. I would agree. The numbers are arbitrary, really. I was quoting Pentallion and can't format or use the site properly. Lol
  19. The thing is, nobody, not even the Coders, have ever been printed up with the hint of having a wyter blessing. Wyters are a new thing. I'm leaning towards the opinion that the sentence in the example about Ernaldan cults was a mistake. I'd like to know, one way or the other, however, from Jeff or someone. Because from David's comments about the 20 points, it makes me doubt that the worshippers can give the wyter power all the time. I'd say just give it a power gain roll on holy days or if it marks its power.
  20. The very first time I heard it pronounced Payvus was in a Dirk the Dice podcast. I was thinking it wrong and enchanted all at the same time. Alas, I have never travelled in a land where dialects and accents change in a days walk, but I can will imagine and think, wow that is cool. I need that for my game. Thus, I will have to agree with Harry the Dirty Dog here. Chacun à son goût. Cheers
  21. I know you're just trying to Min-Max, but it would be much smarter to lower the power of the Shield, and raise the number of people who can get it...
  22. In my view of the culture, more than ‘all’ Orlanthi (i.e. more than 6 in 7) are pantheon worshippers in addition to their initiation. Which means that likely 99%+ of Orlanthi worship LM at least once a year and likely 85%+ worship LM once per season. Only the rune priests / rune lords / devotees have some degree of exclusivity about their worship, and Orlanth and Ernalda priestesses, as community leaders, often get to lead Issaries or LM worship when there is no initiate available.
  23. I don't understand that... Magic is at the forefront of what makes RQ the game it is. Leaving Sorcery til later - that makes sense! (and, if you're based around Dragon Pass with the current RQG book, it's also in-game logical!) But Spirit Magic and Rune Spells should be right up front.. and they're incredibly easy to deal with.
  24. If you do that, the Wyter is completely vulnerable to Spirit Combat... it's going down! And, of course, the obvious thing to do if you know that's what your enemy has just done, is to get those 40 worshippers to chase after the diversion, while the rest of your assault team race into the temple and destroy it. (also, Shield doesn't defend against Spirit Combat either - you'd only need 3 or 4 out of that 40 to be possessed and turn on their friends to make their life just that wee-bit complicated)
  25. seneschal

    Red Robin ?

    Doesn’t the cult specialize in high-end cheeseburgers and shakes? https://www.redrobin.com/
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  27. Are Wyter's too strong? Minor Temple, Clan, or Regiment - Community Members 251–1,000 POW 6D6+6 CHA 4D6 Assuming the High Priest of the Wyter is an Orlanthi Rune-Lord Clan Leader with a CHA Full of RP and knows all the spells sited, at the minimum. "That 42 Power Wyter could - on full moon days - cast a Shield 35 with Extension 5 on itself lasting 2 years (full moon doubles temporal spells). Next holy day, having been brought back up to 42 from worshippers, it can cast Shield 30 with Extension 5 for 2 years upon 25 members of the community. Next holy day, do it again or cast, idk, lets say Spirit Armor Enchantments. 30 points worth on 25 worshippers. Next holy day, make 30 point magic matrix enchantments on 25 items. Make 25 items each with 15 Mindblasts seems good. Will that work? It would seem so according to RAW. The math works out to this: use 8 power to hit 40 worshippers. Shield 27 with extension 5. For lunars, that lasts 2 years and cost the wyter 40 Power. The guys getting the benefit from the wyter then sac 1 POW to the wyter each in exchange, bringing the wyter back up to 42 power. In two years, you can imbue 200 worshippers with Shield 27. Why don't we see Lunar patrols and lunar army with Shield 27? Why not everyone who has a wyter? I don't see any limits on how much power can be sacced to the wyter other than species maximum. The rules don't say the wyter can only gain power by marking it, they say the worshippers can give it. So the 20 points David talks about make no sense to me. That's paltry compared to a minor wyter's power or the power that it imbues its worshippers with. I'm guessing these troublesome words need to disappear from the RAW? and sometimes even points of characteristic POW (which could bring its POW up to a maximum of 42)." -Pentallion ( I have no idea how to quote into a new post) Is there some missing link not being seen here? Should a clan or temple, or a Tribe with a BUNCH of Temples be able to muster a couple dozen members of the community with what amounts to immunity to normal damage and all but the strongest magics?
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