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  2. After considering the suggestions, I think that focusing on what is important to the story should be paramount for determining how to handle skill use situations. I like your recommendation @David Scott Thanks, @jajagappa I'll keep these pre-gens at the top of the list to encourage players that don't want to create their own characters.
  3. Regarding SIZ, many of us gamemasters play with the rule that after 21, SIZ does not mean height, but rather, girth. So, increasing that stat means getting fat, and if continuing, obese. People do not keep growing throughout their lives.
  4. In french culture, Chrétien de Troyes (1130-1190) is respected and his work still studied, as the first french novelist, and the first to write about arthurian mythos and to "invent" the Graal. But King Arthur Pendragon and his GPC is massively based on Thomas Malory's work, and Chrétien's is a tertiary source at best. I think it's a missed opportunity. To be more faithful to the french sources, more ancient than Malory by a few centuries, I tried to insert more Chrétien in the GPC, to make it more to my taste. First, let's begin with my favorite novel, Yvain ou le chevalier au Lion. It's a great arthurian story anyway, and I encourage everyone to read it. There is some differences of course. In the french novel, Yvain et Gauvain are first cousins by their fathers. In the english one, they are related by the mothers. In the french novel, Yvain, already the son of King Urien, is not the son of Morgan le Fay! And yet, she is portrayed in a positive light as a healer. Anyway... In 522, The GPC said that Yvain [the french way, I'm a rebel] is dubbed and goes immediatly to the Triple Quest (like in Malory). In 523, after a year of questing, he is at the court of the King Arthur, to tell his adventures. In 524, he is appointed to the Round Table, with his nickname "The Knight with the Lion". Considering that the novel begins at the Royal Court, and he gained his nickname during the adventures of the novel, case closed: The adventures of the novel are setted in 523. Except... there is still some issues. His adventures are segmented into half. In the first half, he revenged his cousin Calogrenant, marry the duchess Laudine, and he is happy and then go to tournaments. In the second half, one year after, he became crazy after betraying his love before going for many mores adventures, with a finish in duel against Gawaine. The GPC is still working. The first adventures and his wedding are in 523, and the rest in 524. The GM can add to the GPC the events of the novel during this two years. Or, he can be even more ambitious, and adapt the novel for his players...
  5. As well as the Men-and-a-half there are also the Pygmies (now Impala and Wasp-Riders). In the Book of Heortling Mythology, there is mention of a Great Spirit Army under the leadership of Karjarkan who invades the Vingkoltings (p34, Map p74 and legend p75). This is during the Flood so the land is still fertile then. Identifying them as being from Pamaltela, roughly lines up with Greg's thinking (a low bar I grant you but still...) It gets worse. Even in the earliest writings about Prax (Nomad Gods 1st ed rulebook p65), there is mention of Storm Bull being an invader while the Tadashi are natives It just so happens that there is another known land of Beast-Riding Nomads - Umathela, home to Desero's Horde which menaced the Artmali Empire. Might the Sons of Storm Bull have been part of the invading Agi army alongside the Agimori, the Pygmies, the Zaranistangi and the Basmoli? I conjecture wildly, you decide!
  6. Laughter at the person, mentionings of how ridiculous he/she looks, exaggerated movements, mimicking the person in question, the local bard/minstrel lampooning them are all good results.
  7. BTW: I use different d6 for Might Damage. Usually I use numbered d6, but for Might I use pips on d6'es. That way it is easy to destinguish the weapon damage from might damage. On a narrative level it is fun to explain how the damage comes together and with the different dice it is easy to visualise it Anyways, just a bit of chit chat along the way ...
  8. I agree. I could have been more clear there. What I should have said was: Amongst the subset that go online for more information, official forums are a common place to go. We still have a huge responsibility in curating our local groups/tables as well.
  9. Darjiin is divided between people of the marshes (who appear to fight as peltasts/skirmishers - but if attacked by the Alkothi they probably retreat into their swamps) and uplanders who wear scale corselets and helmets - but I can determine little more about them. I've seen the article, and other material about horse breeds, and have assumed there are still varieties.
  10. Maybe there's a Beaver Spirit that makes this easier. Sounds very beaverish, at least.
  11. Yes, I found and used that source. Joining up the information on the Battle of Night and Day and other scattered material meant I was able to create about half a page about the Rinliddi military culture. Several regiments of the Lunar Army are recruited from those areas/traditions: most are best described as peltasts, including the ferocious Doblian Dogeaters. In part, have extrapolated from those regiments and the apparent lifestyle of the various peoples: many seem to be hunters.
  12. Could be Eurmal. Could be Larnste. Could also be a Western Sorcerer (one of the Blue People) doing some pre-/proto-God Learner meddling (unlikely, but not impossible). Sounds a bit like a collective geas to me. Sounds like Alarya heroquested for lactose tolerance, which is pretty dang cool. Wait... Genert's people are Agi? I mean, I know the Men-and-a-Half supposedly migrated to Prax in the God Time, but I thought that was after they became Wastes. These Agimori aren't explicitly mentioned as being taller than average, so it would seem they are a different Pamaltelan people. And Tadans/the Oasis folk aren't described as being Agimori-looking anywhere I know of, so the conclusion I guess is that Genert had a lot of different groups/ethnicities living in his domain. Hm, some kind of proto-Odaylans of God Time Sylila, before they were subsumed into the wider Vingkotling/Heortling culture, perhaps?
  13. Today
  14. Riverine durulz settlements like Duck Point and Quackford will have quite a few subterranean passages (think Borderlands) of varying levels of secrecy and accessibility, exiting into local watercourses. These will be quite uncomfortable for those not duck-sized and will frequently be flooded, notably at their egress into The Stream or C-SR. Other wettish settlements with duck populations may also have their own scarcer and more rudimentary tunnels, of a similar character. Ducks are not great engineers, though—and too selfish to spend coin on Stability magic—so these can be rather dangerous affairs. Some of these may be secret smuggling tunnels and bandit lairs, in which case I suspect you'll see a few suspicious looking ducks waddling slowly along the streets, whistling as they desposit mud from their trousers, Great Escape-style...
  15. The Indus Valley civilization appears to have had open sewage canals leading out of the city. This isn't quite a proper avenue for sneaking, but it does mean that someone putting some rock slabs above something like that and enclosing it from view is not entirely unfeasible, even as far back as early in Bronze Age times. Once you introduce the arch (which is well-documented in Glorantha), and upscale the cities to large metropolises, underground systems for sewage are even more feasible. On the face of it, they would be limited by the size of the city above - however, as many Gloranthan cities have been built, razed, and rebuilt above ruins, I don't think it's unreasonable for a town to have an oversized sewage (or even aquifer) system compared to its current population. There's also a possibility for other underground passages: Rome famously hosted the persecuted Christian minority in its myriad of catacombs, and Paris is similarly a swiss cheese underground, not only from catacombs, but also form centuries of mining and quarries. On the topic of aquifers (man-made or not), it's possible that there is a seasonal variation to these - when they're full during the rainy season, they can't be traversed, but when the dry season sets in, some tunnels might be passable for a person. Just a thought. Lastly, it's possible that some ancient walls or defense-works might have secret escape tunnels in them, that are only known to a few. Another alternative is of course straight up bribery. The Watch Captain needs something extra on the side to feed his apetite for fine crockery or whatever.
  16. According to Jeff, " The commoners and nobles have access to spirit magic and rune magic. The priests use sorcery exclusively ".
  17. My brief thoughts on the Aeolian magical social structure (mainly to make them distinguishable from the Carmanians and Ralians). They have no priests of the cults beyond the wizard caste - only God-Talkers and Rune Lords. Those people still learn spirit and rune magics. Their wizards generally stick to sorcery. They see their spells are regulating the well-being of the gods, replacing the need for barbarous sacrifices. They consider sacrifices to be an error that makes the Gods go bad.
  18. It's a good sentiment, and I would welcome more traffic here. I'm not sure it's true that most new players to any game actually go looking for it online though. I think the percentage of players who discuss games online is but a fraction of the whole.
  19. I'm thinking these may be connected events. The Battle of Akashar, as something that happened after the flood, may be a battle of the War of Many Suns, specifically against Sedenya, also known as the Changer (GRoY 14), and a false sun (24, 31) who started the war.
  20. There are no IMO there are no non-wizard members of the Aeolian Zzaburi Caste. All members of that are trained as wizards and expected to perform their duties as wizards. Granted some of them would be quite incompetent as wizards but they will still be expected to perform sorcery (if they don't know any techniques, their magic is doubled in cast). A better question might be do they learn any other magic in addition to sorcery?
  21. Easiest to get the resources are the caravan for mythras http://thedesignmechanism.com/downloads.php Or check out the quieckstart senarios for Runequest 7 ei Runequest glorantha i belive one of the scenarios are about traveling.. Little moore job removing Gloranthan references though..
  22. And unlike Maximize Damage, Mighty Blow requires just a simple success....
  23. During the Hero Wars it might become interesting for some characters to explore alternative ways to enter and/or exits towns. What's the general take on sewers smugglers' tunnels etc in Sartar? Personally I think sewers would be non-extinct in Sartar but on the other hand the towns were built using magic so as long as someone thought about it they ought to be present. Smugglers' tunnels... I don't know. Maybe the long term traders in some places - Like Joh Mith in Jonstown - have tunnels. Maybe some rulers have secret escape tunnels from their forts.
  24. I was originally pushing for the tent to be fully illustrated and I even did a test, including this very event. (it ended up being too much work, so we focused on finishing the actual scene art instead.)
  25. I'm just reading through the Adventure book from the GM Screen Pack, and I happen to notice that the Tin Inn in Apple Lane has a resident poet - male - named Pramble, who's an Initiate of Ernalda in the Sisters of Inspiriation sub-cult. Personally, I have no problems with males being allowed to initiate into Ernalda (just as women can initiate into Orlanth), although I'd probably restrict them from going higher. As the deity of life, and with numerous consorts, it should be pretty obvious that life usually requires both sexes.
  26. Fair points. Shame that the generic Spell Resistance is gone, you could use Neutralize Spirit Magic to protect against Dispel Magic, but for Dismiss Magic, you'd need Neutralize (Rune) for all the runes that you think might be used against you.
  27. Perhaps it's relevant to ask if an animal would be aware it resisted a Dominate (Animal) spell? Would it just be like "whuh?" and do nothing, or would it get aggressive against creatures nearby? How would an animal react to getting spirit attacked?
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