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  2. Associated and friendly cults - yes (p274, and 275 - Membership in Multiple Cults)
  3. Not universally, but there should be a way for any of the Lightbringers to Initiate into any of the OTHER Lightbringers (IMHO, YGMV). Except maybe Eurmal, who has a Special Relationship with Orlanth, and others might not accept him...
  4. Enchant Rune Metal (Iron) is an enchantment.....
  5. Is it really that easy to just up and initiate into an extra cult? I've not gotten that impression from the rulebook except in very specific cases, like Yinkin initiates joining Orlanth. If joining a second cult is that simple, that opens up all sorts of shenanigans I've been disregarding!
  6. A) if you're a Lhankor Mhy sorcerer, then you join Orlanth and sacrifice the POW for the Flight; or b) summon and control an air elemental (noting that you'd need one of the associated Runes - Air, or Fire or Water as lessers... which happen to also be the same runes you want for other spells like Steal Breath, Enhance INT, Create Wall of Flame, etc). If you also have Steal Breath, then MPs become irrelevant! (edit: oh, i missed Crel's response above before posting ...)
  7. Shargash ate "all" that lived, for those he ate would join Bjiff in the Underworld to await the hour of justice and the new day to come. Those who fell before the standard of Kurzuktum are gone, and their names forgotten. Shargash was thus the great savior of all that died by his hand.
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  9. Is it reasonable to assume an initiate of Issaries could be a sorcerer? Because they get Flight through Orlanth Adventurous as an associated cult, thus getting a flying sorcerer on the current rules. Otherwise, best bet is to tame a critter or to use an air elemental (which still isn't a bad idea, as that has a variety of applications and you'll want either the Air Rune, or the Water or Darkness Runes in order to learn Steal Breath anyway).
  10. Again SPOILER ALERT There is the semi-secret tunnel through Gimpy's that really is known and guarded by the Lunars but here are a few others mentioned as well. Alas. ownership of Pavis and the Big Rubble is required. But know that not only do such passages exist but who has that knowledge is a very valid question worth asking and answering before it's to late. Temples offer many ways of getting into a city. Fer instance, hidden inside "sacred items" that would be profaned if examined by an infidel. Guided teleports... Wow. solid stuff there, all of it, not just the quoted part! In contested area, there is usually a game of oneupmanship twixt the competing authorities on finding and creating secret tunnels, hidden entrences, smuggling tactics, and ways to circumvent/entrap and find such, Berlin, Casablanca, Pavis all have some great stories with this as setting.
  11. Flight is so generally useful, so tactically advantageous, that if it is AVAILABLE and you don't ALREADY have it, you will need to turn in your Munchkineer's Badge.
  12. Cities, especially ancient cities, have many little gates known as posterns in the walls. These gates are for raiding parties to sorty out during a siege and are usually hidden from direct view. Over time city walls change and these little gates can be forgotten, superseded by new walls or gates or sealed up. Now, normally city-dwellers don't like the idea of illicit gates in the walls or tunnel running under them, the city walls are well regarded by townsmen, however posterns can be occasionally opened illegally for the right price. In most historical places a variety of organisations looked after the walls and gates and it might be some minor noble or craft guild that looked after some tower, gate or stretch of wall. This makes it easier for characters to pay their way through a postern.
  13. I don't disagree and I also asked in the same thread if the errata and eventual third printing would be amended accordingly but my question was deleted and no answer was given.
  14. I know a lot of folks here don’t use miniatures in their games but this project was so cool I had to share it. Although the critter is intended for D&D I can totally see it attacking Cthulhu investigators. Made of toilet paper tubes and glue.
  15. Crel

    RQ vs D&D

    Sorcery sort of constructs spells from Runes (in Glorantha "sorcery" means something close to "wizardry" in D&D btw), but the system is explicitly incomplete. I'd expect the basic premises to remain in the future. However, pretty much every character has "Rune" magic, which comes from the cult of the god they worship. Each god has two or three major Runes, and certain spells known by the cult. To cast a Rune spell, your percentage is equal to your rating in the Rune needed. So for most adventurers the concept is that the magic is more... "out there in the world" than "constructed," and through acting like your god you can channel their power. There's a reason some folks say that every RQ character is a cleric/paladin in D&D terms.
  16. We have played that special cult rituals could allow you to absorb the powers & become more godlike.
  17. Because I'm an egregious munchkin and don't want to waste time/MP/Runes & Technique choices learning Flight. ... Also because apparently there is no sorcerous Flight spell yet. Hrm.
  18. I overstated the "revision" statement. The Cult Compendium took the best and most complete version of each cult (circa 2002) and put it into a single volume. As the sole guy who scanned, cleaned up, and organized the content, I can guarantee I did not revising of material beyond fixing typos. The only editing done was maybe a teeny bit of grammar and such. Sometimes the original author of some of the material would post some errata in an article, and sometimes put that in if it was related to an error. The revision statement is the same in each book because I probably cut and pasted that from volume to volume and updated the overall preface. Other than the additional art in each book, I basically did all of the work needed to complete the last three volumes of the Gloranthan Classics. In the first volume, Colin Phillips and I both did the layout. Strictly speaking from a content perspective, if you have all four classics, you basically have everything from the original Pavis, Big Rubble, Griffin Mountain, Borderlands, Plunder, Cults of Prax, and Cults of Terror. You will not have: most of TrollPak (other than the cults), most of the RQ2 rulebook, about half of Rune Masters, most of the RQ Companion, all 3 SoloQuests, Apple Lane, Snakepipe Hollow, or Foes. I included some text from the Nomad Gods war-game, but only a fraction of it. What I really need to do is bite the bullet and release the Meints Index to Glorantha II as a PDF. It's been out of print for almost 20 years. Here's one sample entry if you want to know what it is like (as written in 1999): 4011 - Plunder, Rudy Kraft, 48 pages, August 1980. This book has two sections, the 24+ pages of treasure tables (for that quick monty haul) and the 43 detailed magical treasures rich in history and cult specifics. I’ve already said more about the tables than they deserve, so I’ll focus the rest of the write-up on the treasures. Most are extremely rare or unique, but a few classics like Rhino Fat and Chaos Slime are more accessible. Greg has said the Inhuman King version of the dragonewt skin 25 point armor doesn’t exist, but YGMV. A variety of obscure heroes like Barjora (Humakt’s pal), Hortaga Dash (mistress race troll), Gazhmen (belt of fire giant strength), Zackhorn, Mazta (air spirit), Mazoo (vampire),Tora, Scala (rhino rider), Wantoo, Nosmas (wigmaker), and Minanen could be great fodder for writers. Of all the items herein, pity the Lunars, they get sweaters. Some Lunar nobles are lucky enough to have one for every day of the week. Once again Rick Becker did a few pictures, which help. If you like Plunder items, Rudy wrote more in Pegasus magazine. Only a few of the items have been reprinted in Borderlands and Tales. The anorexic woman in a skimpy outfit on the cover harkens back to the early days of the hobby. 4023 - RuneQuest Companion, GS, et al, 72 pages, 1983. The last RQ2 item by Chaosium. The introduction explains it was meant to replace the type of source material no longer available via Wyrm’s Footnotes. As such, many of its entries are reprints. Loads of artwork make it a rich addition. Contents are: Expanded cult compatibility chartala Cults of Prax. The most complete listing for RQ2. Index of RQ cults, Sherman Khan. A list of all the RQ2 cults in supplements, Wyrm’s Footnotes, and Different Worlds. Jonstown Compendium, GS. This is sprinkled throughout. It contains a variety of obscure background information. The Harlot of Alone, Ron Nance. WF#2 reprint. Why? The Maze of Sharxy Oborok, Alan LaVergne. A short solo with a chance for illumination. Walktapus Cooking, Bill Johnson. WF #2 reprint. Being a big fan of Beatpot Aelwrin, Serves enough for two RQ cons. Holy Country, GS. Detailed geography information and maps. The most info printed until the RQ3 Genertela box set. Still, this deserves a reprint. Probably the most missed piece for RQ3 fans. Species Spotlight: Unicorns, Sandy Petersen. Gateway Bestiary. The Dispatch of Fadabius, Jim McCormick. WF #3 reprint. Illusion Magic, GS. Trickster spell info. Better defined later. Skullbush, Sandy Petersen. Useful plant. Prince Argrath’s Entry into Boldhome, Ron Nance. The Smell of a Rat, Alan LaVergne. Hard boiled detective fiction. More on Trolls, Sandy Petersen. TrollPak leftover. A History of My Black Horse Troop, GS. WF #1 reprint with Hungry Jack, Sir Ethilrist, and Keener Than. The Ivory Plinth, GS. WF #3 reprint. RQ2 Changes and Additions, WF #10 reprint also included in the boxed rules. The book also has EXTENSIVE lists of where to find stuff like Spells, Creatures, Cults, and similar. Here's a small sample for Cults: Cult List Cults may be listed as gateway (G) or partial (P). Multiple listings are in rough order of completeness. Cult Source Aeolus (G) (P) Griffin Island Agados (P) Drastic Darkness Aldrya Cults of Prax Aldrya Elder Secrets Aldrya Gods of Glorantha Amanstan (P) Troll Gods Amaterasu (G) Land of Ninja Amida (G) Land of Ninja Ancestor Worship Gods of Glorantha Annilla Troll Gods Apollo (G) DW #5 Aranea Troll Gods Aranea TrollPak2 Argan Argar TrollPak2 Argan Argar Troll Gods Argan Argar Gods of Glorantha Arkat Troll Gods Armanstan (P) Cults of Prax Arran (P) River of Cradles Arroin (P) Cults of Prax Arroin (P) River of Cradles Artmal (P) Troll Gods Asrelia Gods of Glorantha Asrelia (P) Troll Gods Atyar Shadows otB Bagog Cults of Terror Bagog Lords of Terror Bagog White Wolf #22 Bagog Gods of Glorantha Bagog (P) Drastic Chaos Balazar (P) Griffin Mountain Baldr (G) (P) Vikings Basmol Drastic Prax Basmoli Berserkers (P) GoG Belorkal (P) Drastic Darkness B’stard Gee’Em (G) Pavic Tales #9 Black Fang RQ2 Rules Black Fang (P) Gods of Glorantha Blackfinger (P) Gods of Glorantha The Black Sun Troll Gods Blood Sun (P) Troll Gods Bloody Tusk Elder Secrets Bloody Tusk Pavic Tales #3 Bluegloom (P) Big Rubble Blue Star (G) Thieves’ World Comp. Borists (P) Gods of Glorantha Borukug (P) Drastic Darkness Boztakang Chaos-fighter (P) Troll Gods Brithini (P) Gods of Glorantha Brother Dog (P) Griffin Mountain
  19. Thanks! I am more interested as a GM. Does it have in depth information on the Rune system? Can spells be constructed from Runes, or do they function more in the capacity of being generators of "effects?"
  20. Worth repeating ------------ That's not exactly a clarification, it's a complete overhall of the printed rules - including the official reprint. He's either completely mistaken in the questions thread or he went rogue and has different views than the person who wrote the rules. Edit: let me add that I am the one who posted the original munchkin post about sword Trance and a dual wielding Humakti using the answer Jason provided, even if I think he's mistaken.
  21. All the places where Call of Cthulhu is discussed are fine, and we hope they all flourish. One advantage to posting on these forums is that this is where the various folks from the Chaosium hang out and post the most.
  22. But still very useful in compiling a campaign when I'm going "now where was Darjini pottery mentioned?" or the like. (I exaggerate, but only a little)
  23. However, ii the Rules thread, Jason clarified: ------------- Posted April 8 Jason Durall said: Worth repeating ------------
  24. In my run-through, my players ignored Carthalo entirely and didn't even pursue him. (And thought he might be part of some bandit party.) They buried the body under gathered stones, Yanioth said a few words in prayer to Ernalda, and they moved on without even encountering the ghost. Orlanth: use Air or Movement; Yelm: use Fire (i.e. use whichever rune specifically associated with the cult is felt most appropriate and have it manifest that way - Orlanth's shield is like a buffer of wind, Yelm's is radiant heat, etc.). If it's interesting to apply it, do so. You can treat it somewhat like Ride: if nothing untoward is going on, it can be automatic; if something unusual, like rock lizards attacking or Idrima stomping around, then apply to try to keep them from bolting off. Even where my PC's fumbled, the cattle didn't go that far off. It's definitely of use if you want to bring that cattle back!
  25. If I recall correctly, a small group of us (including a few from the Seattle Farmer's Collective) were working on a LARP concept set in/around Alkoth at the time of Jannisor's war, ca. 1995. LARP never fully fleshed out, but some of the background informed the development of Enclosure. I'm not sure "nuanced" is the right word. More like they get him "in the flesh", as it were, particularly when he is in the Underworld in his city (Alkoth of course being part of the Underworld, too). When you live with your demonic god, you know him all too well.
  26. More than just the Lyksos as the aqueducts bring additional water from three directions into the city. Nochet definitely has aqueducts, which feed the cisterns (and baths), and then waste water (plus additional flows from the Lyksos) flow out through sewers. Attached is a peek at my under-Nochet map (northwestern part of city). Water flow in this section is west-to-east with the flow of the aqueducts/river and slight downsloping of in-city aqueducts and sewers helping to ensure water doesn't back up. Surface nightsoil, of course, is collected (or perhaps disposed of is a better term) by trollkin and delivered to shrines of Black Esrola as subsequent fertilizer.
  27. Expanding on one of my first questions: "Carthalo. He needs to summon the ghost of the slain Greydog women. What skill does he use? I can't see anything obvious listed. He also has 6 points of Daka Fal rune pool but no spells. Any suggestions? He also has Spirit Lore as a skill but no percentage." David Scott suggested Axis Muni. That sounds good. I'll probably go with that when I run it. Reading over the full Daka Fal writeup, I see he also provides Free Ghost (Man, Death). That's another possibility I guess. "Exploring the Ruins page 34 has guidelines for loot." I'd swear that I did a search on the PDF for the word "loot' and only got the table. No idea how I missed that section. Re-reading the Broken Tower i see other things missing. Danakos has 4 rune point in Orlanth Adventurous but no rune spells. Another thing for the errata. Shield and Heal wound might be options. Though I see no reason to assume that he still has all 4 points left available. Related to this. What rune does Shield use? The rune spell description says "Rune varies depending on cult". I don't see anything in the cult description though. The GM pack includes the pre-gen characters from the quickstart. It also adds Nathem. A hunter with a shadowcat. I might use him and add a herd skill to the alynx because driving game toward a hunter in wait, sounds exactly what they might be used for (among other things). That said, I won't let a lack of herding ability be a show stopper. Failure will still get the cattle back - just not as fast or cleanly as the players might like. But then they're warriors, thanes etc. Not common farmers. Edit; I might add though that even warriors should probably have some herd skills if they ever want to distinguish themselves in cattle-raids.
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