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  2. There are piles of videos online about acquiring and or making cheap miniatures. The glory of it is that the scale is set by your 1/72 or 28mm heroes. So a castoff McDonalds toy or dollar store wrestler, soldier or zoo animal becomes a giant entity. With some glued-on modifications and a new paint job, that chipped Princess Jasmine figure from Goodwill becomes a force for your investigators to deal with.
  3. Only if you want to go against the trait. If you want to go along with the trait, you don't have to roll if no one else is rolling (voluntary test), either. But if everyone is rolling Valorous to engage a Giant (mandatory test), then even if your (modified) Valorous is 16+, you still have to roll it.
  4. So I've been running the adventure The Spire of Quetzel from Fria Ligan's game Forbidden Lands as an adventure site within the Big Rubble for my RQG game, and it's sort of relevant to this post. I've never done an actual "Follow the myth" heroquest but I've read a little, made up some random crap, and ad-libbed a lot and ended up with a few ideas and abilities which could be interesting. I translated the Spire into basically an artificial Hero plane or Otherworld, created by the mad sorceress Quetzel before her demise. It consists of several sub-regions, each connected by a magic silver door. Within this space, the adventurers are outside the web of Time. Magic does not cease in duration, and magic points do not regenerate. If they stayed there long enough, they'd find that the natural healing rate doesn't occur either. Their assigned goal was to pluck a black gem from the torso of Quetzel's corpse at the "top" of the tower, but they buggered off before getting that far to go do other things. My approach to adapting this adventure was to consider the challenges already present (and add a few), and to make rewards possible depending on if certain events happened. None of them were actually required to "clear" the tower and obtain the black gem, but basically things that the party could tinker and experiment with. Some include: Surviving a almost-surely lethal POT 18 systemic poison, given as a challenge by Quetzel's separated consciousness. In addition to winning the being's trust, the adventurer who dared the challenge would have gained a heroquest gift of +20% on resistance rolls to resist poisons in the future. Additionally, I was considering giving them a CON check (in the same manner as a POW check). The first "floor" of the Spire is a ruined city, haunted by "bent-backed wolves," and ash-colored ghosts which cover their eyes, weeping. In the original, the ghosts of ash can be defeated by FL's procedures or by pulling their hands away from their faces and staring into their empty gaze. The lore is that the city was built by Quetzel mixing the blood of men with the bricks; the "wolves" are descendants of its inhabitants, and the ghosts souls trapped in the crafting. I decided that if the adventurers were brave enough to capture a "wolf" alive and to manhandle a ghost into staring at it, the two would be merged into an Ashen Wolf, once more a complete being though no longer human. The Ashen Wolf has a Loyalty Passion to the adventurer who forced the ghost's vision, and its abilities would be similar to a bound familiar. Each adventurer could attempt this rite once; further attempts might succeed, but would not bind another wolf to the adventurer. Finally, I decided that since this artificial plane was "off the grid," so to say, the spirits of the adventurers could not find the way to the Otherworld. When an adventurer died, their spirit remained, and was visible to the naked eye (but had access only to POW, INT, and CHA). Healing and overcoming CON with POW let them "resurrect." Any MP expended as a spirit caused a direct loss of POW. One of my players, an assistant shaman, was extremely enthused of being a spirit, and since he attempted, I let him basically "act" as a spirit while they carried the corpse around--MOV equal to POW, limited flight, initiating Spirit Combat, attempting possession, etc. When he re-possessed his corpse, I ruled that due to his time as a spirit he gained the Spirit Rune at 3D6% (I'm envisioning this as an odd heroquest gift, but haven't told him that's basically what the ability is). As a Form Rune, the percentiles were reduced from Man and Beast to gain this Rune, so all three have to add up to 100. If his Spirit Rune ever becomes dominant of the three, he immediately becomes a spirit, and disappears from the Middle World. This was in addition to other possible treasures, relics, and lore the adventurers could find within the various regions of the Spire.
  5. You have hit the nail on the head. BUT there is a difference between passing a test, and being forced to make a test. Some scenarios require a certain trait to successfully be passed in order to continue. If you have a trait of 16 or above, you are FORCED to take the test, while someone who has 15 or less has a choice in the matter. In the regard of fighting a giant, or some other creature you would prefer not to fight, if you are notable, you must fail in order not to fight. Whereas if you are not notable, you can choose not to fight. And, as you said, in some sceanarios, someone must succeed in order to continue.
  6. Not at all. I fear there is a misunderstanding between us. Maybe because of my bad english.😅 The Triple Quest stays in 522-523. The adventure of the Knight with a Lion (aka the Chrétien's novel) can be placed, like jeffjerwin suggested, in 536-538, to stay faithful both to the GPC and Chrétien's work. Marhaus does not appear in the novel, so his death is not a concern.
  7. Thanks. Seems like there something wrong with data storage. Have contacted support about it now.
  8. Who is this mysterious Zzabur of which you speak?
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  10. Just as a reminder - this thread isn't the best place for discussions as it is regularly pruned...
  11. I've added to the description that the links point to PDFs if available to keep the list updated as dead-tree format goes in and out of print. All products available for sale have been included. The older editions are still available, so they're still there. The list is light description-wise to make it an easier job to maintain. Wyrms Footnotes 15 was published by Chaosium, so I considered it more "official" than the other fanzines. Sharper Adventures and Forgotten Secrets have been removed from the Heroquest Glorantha section as suggested. I haven't paid that much attention to what is uptodate cannon or not - I guess that would only be the guide, atlas, sourcebook and latest runequest and heroquest books. The electronic version of King of Sartar is an ePub book and not a PDF for some reason, I guess that is the reason I've linked to the physical copy. Waiting for the PDF! Book of Heortling Mythology is now correctly labeled! All the broken links went to dead tree versions. There was a reason for the shift to PDFs! Thank you for your input lordabdul!
  12. From the scale in the video, this ought to fit quite well with the Cthulhu Wars figures (I hesitate to call them miniatures). And with those of the Gods War set.
  13. Not green any more, either. Which isn't that much of a tragedy for me since I googled for "define:munchkinnery" and found my J on green as one of the top ranking images associated with that term. In that light the sickly greenish gold I am sporting now is an improvement. Edit: Now it is a very nice blue. That's a real improvement. Let's see how long that holds.
  14. The Krarsht-supported criminal groups may have uneasy alliances with other counter-social groups, and a failing alliance with e.g. a gang of Lanbril thieves may result in such information seeping out, or at least being spied out by former allies taking a closer look at those guys, following the money and/or the magic. That's the real clinger here. Groups affiliated with Krarsht - even in a roundabout manner, like probably the Black Fang folk of Pavis who will have taken Lunar coin during the occupation, possibly from the coffers available to Gimgim the Grim, often have some goals of their own (beyond simply continuing existence) and also are supposed to act in the interests of their customers or sponsors. These may be subverted by yet other interests, and iterate ad nauseum. Different leaders will have different contacts and influences. For advice on how to deal with circular tunnels etched into the bedrock, read the reminiscences of Paulis Longvale in Cults of Terror or Cults Compendium in the Krarsht cult. Basically, don't scout too far inward, come back with chaos-hating allies and shrewd equipment.
  15. Getting this intermittently: [[Template forums/front/forums/forumTable is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  16. You do encounter a small problem that you will have to rewrite a lot of the other chronology to make this fit. For instance, Marhaus dies in 529 by Tristram's hand, so you need to tweak Tristram's chronology. Also, by shifting it a decade, it means that Morgan Le Fey doesn't start her plotting until 530s, since that revelation is what drives Yvaine and Gawaine from the court. Finally, Gawaine is a much more badass after the Roman War rather than the relatively young knight he is still in mid-520s, so the Triple Questers are less equals. I think Greg had the right idea following Malory in this and placing the Triple Questers before the Roman War.
  17. Mods please delete this post. Sorry.
  18. True, could be an exception? Again, I know the rules allow you to enchant and cast on iron, I'm just not sure I understand the logic behind it.
  19. I'll grab that link from you and add it to the list!
  20. If you are a new Keeper to Call of Cthulhu, whether a veteran role-player or new to the hobby, you may be wondering what the "tiers" of engagement are for the game. Here is my view of what I recommend at different levels. There is a lot of experience on this board, so CoC vets, please feel free to chime in. Also remember that if you purchase any of these products directly from Chaosium.com, you get the PDF for free with your purchase. Chaosium is really good at packing boxes so it will stay safe. What should I get first? Whether a veteran role-player or new to the hobby, you should pick up the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set. It contains everything you need to get started, plus more. You'll get dice, the basic rules of the game, a solo adventure to help you to start prepping character creation, three scenarios, handouts, character sheets, pre-generated characters and more. If you want to see what's inside, here is my Unboxing of the Starter Set: Veteran role-players may say: "Why should I get a Starter Set? Starter Sets are dumb and not useful." Chaosium is reinventing the Starter Set for the role-playing hobby, in my opinion. This isn't like Starter Sets you've seen for other large RPGs that shall remain unnamed, with a lot of flash and little substance. This Starter Set has depth. The scenarios are all classic scenarios, but with two key changes: 1) the production values and art have been upgraded tremendously and 2) the writing has been massaged to progressively teach Keepers and players how Call of Cthulhu "works" as they play through these scenarios. Two key differences between Call of Cthulhu and other role-playing games are that CoC is investigation-focused, not combat-focused. That means that even experienced role-players are going to find something new with this game. Rather than "gearing up" for an encounter you "knowledge up" in CoC. This also means that CoC is a handout/clue-focused game in which players are handed papers and objects that add to the immersion. The Starter Set includes models of what this is like so you, as Keeper, whether veteran or new, can see what the "prep" looks like for this game. There is more prep than most role-playing games, but that prep is VERY rewarding when you see players reacting to the immersion. Ok, we played and really enjoyed it! What next? The Keeper Rulebook, for sure. This is the Core ruleset, and will also give you a very rich introduction into the Mythos, how it works, and what your players could encounter (or try to avoid!). The Keeper Screen Pack is another great resource that is also a good value. A solid Keeper screen, two scenarios, a gorgeous map of Arkham, plus more. I'd also recommend that you check out Seth Skorkowsky's YouTube Channel. Seth is, I think it is fair to say, the preeminent Call of Cthulhu YouTuber. He has an 11 Part series walking you through the rules of the game, with tips on how to make them "pop" for your players. If you are immediately seeking new scenarios to play, I have two recommendations for you. Doors to Darkness is designed for new players and Keepers. These scenarios work well as is for new Keepers, and experienced Gamemasters will see opportunities to flesh them out even more. The beauty of Call of Cthulhu is that there is nearly 40 years worth of material to draw from. Everything produced in the past for CoC is compatible with 7th edition with very little conversion time. This game isn't about stats so much as characters and situations. Out of this huge past catalogue, I think a solid intermediate scenario collection is Mansions of Madness. After that? Well, that's up to you! By that time I think you'll be developing your own tastes of what you like. Explore Chaosium.com and see what's available. Check out licensees like Stygian Fox and Golden Goblin Press. Check out Seth's Channel or Bud's RPG Review or my Channel (RPG Imaginings) for more product unboxings and scenario reviews. Most of all, feel free to ask questions here. We would love to help you get started!
  21. Vol. V is the Missing Lands - its current unavailability is the reason it has not made it to the list - only products in print are listed. Edit: In print may be a misnamer - available for sale in dead tree version or PDF is the criteria.
  22. It's a bit late, of course, but your old campaign sounds very interresting. How dit it turn out?
  23. Yes, but how often is an adventurer going to try to move quietly and yet be perfectly happy to be seen? For MGF I'd assume Move Quietly means Move Stealthily.
  24. Unless everyone lost their Gravitar support won't do much about it. Reupload!
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