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  2. Beta functionality for Encounters are now live. Encounters can be created by adding one or more factions. When viewed, you'll have access to a bunch of combat & tracking related details for all characters in the encounter. This is no-where near as clean as I hope to eventually get it. It will take tweaking and some other eyes to get it right. Also - there is no ability to save an encounter in process - if you leave the screen, HP etc. will reset. You can access Factions & Encounters through the new layout tabs and via Add Content. So a question: How much information do you want to see on an encounter screen? Everything? Minimalist? Is it important to track info and save back to characters? Thanks! C
  3. Yeah, sad face. How bad of me to ruin your game for now and all future, taking all the fun of massacring folk in bar brawls. There are other legitimate ways to beat the shit out of people related to you that you don't like very much - e.g. invite them and their friends to a "friendly" game of stick ball, aka full contact golf, as suggested by Roderick Robertson on the digest 25 years ago. Orlanthi laws are surprisingly full of holes when it comes to ritual activity. Not that the Lunar occupation laws agreed to that (the duel in Boldhome in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes), but who cares about that. Attorneys and Accountants has been the theme of many a session around Orlanthi law suits.
  4. The EWF "Remakers" did that; the "Stitched Zoo" was theirs, & "Pain Centaurs." Delecti began as an EWF mage, IIRC, and IIRC he did do some post-death "stitching" like that... And of course his follower "Ossa" does bone-constructs, including chimeric ones.
  5. Ahh, a sad face... sorry Joerg. My badđŸ˜Ș
  6. Thank you I believe it is all coming back to me, Simon Phipp, did you not have a web page containing a theory tying Delecti Druluz & Vivamort together or was that another?
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  8. More than that. First off, Merlin is the one who enlists the aid of the PKs, as well as the one who gives Uther the Sword, not the PKs. Secondly the same Merlin also "abducts" baby Arthur and leave the PKs holding the bag, and they end up on trial for treason. None of that puts the Pks into Uther's favor. Merlin's praise does help the PKs somewhat with the Count, but then Merlin's rep take a big hit after he is declared a traitor.
  9. Could you point those out, please? They didn't scream out to me between the things that were, in your words, stuffed up badly.
  10. Oh fine take away the basis of one of my best speculations with fact and reality. I hope you enjoy you advanced game of Attorneys and Accountants (A A&A 1 ed. for short). Phtttt!
  11. g33k

    Red Robin ?

    Our PC's were too junior in the Cult for me to know whether there was anything 'hoodish going on; most of our spoils went to the "guildmaster" and we never saw it (or him(?)) again. We were definitely Chaos-foes, though! The GM was a clever lad, and not above shenanigans like putting "Robin" in the name so we'd feel all warm&fuzzy about being good guys... until our bosses decided to reveal we were REALLY in training to join the Black Fang, or other messed-up stuff (to be clear: that never happened, it stayed warm&fuzzy). The campaign was decidedly urban-centric, but I'm pretty certain it was Dragon Pass (not Pavis or Prax)... The few times we ventured out of town it was mostly hills & forests & such, and I'm pretty sure we had one adventure to the Dwarf Mine on the River (not that I knew such things at the time). BTW... TYVM to everyone loaning a neuron or a memory to my query!
  12. Actually, i think you're closer than you know. Didn't Delecti string together various parts of creatures together, whatever he fancied? Like the walking land whale is one if I recall.
  13. Of course, the accomplished trickster will use the Lie spell openly to spread truths, especially uncomfortable truths. It will cause those opposed Lhankor Mhy lawspeakers and Humakti oath guardians to tear their beards and bend their swords trying to disprove what the trickster said.
  14. I'll grant that, but what about the other officers, who generally don't get much glory from their office?. Oh and I did (eventually) spot the +25% Glory increase to "High" Officers, so it does seem the there is greater prestige for serving someone of a higher rank.
  15. True. The EWF is more about remaking the lost and old and awakening the mystic and draconic nature of a thing than making something utterly new. Even the Stitched Zoo was a 'reconstruction' of the Green Age.
  16. Maybe someone mistakenly conflating -- or intentionally cross-pollinating between -- Delecti & Vivamort?
  17. That's not the Glorantha I met. Everybody is initiated to some deity, usually Orlanth or Ernalda. But then, the big change is that - in RQ terms all of a sudden - both Orlanth and Ernalda have become bad-ass, rather than the agricultural providers of Cloud Call and Bless Crops. RQG sort of inverted the dilemma of the RQ3 "Shrines provide Cloud Call" doctrine. Also, the common rune magic spells have really become common, in that you don't have to travel to the next temple to renew them. Bless Crops has been the staple rune spell for farmers forever. And rune points invested in Bless Crops are bound up all summer long, which means they aren't available during Fire Season (campaign time). Nothing much has changed in that regard - you ritually cast that spell when you sow the grain (or whatever) on the freshly plowed field, and when you harvest, you can regain those rune points during the harvest festival. Herders have Bless Animals work similarly, but at a more opportune time - when the herds return from Summer pasture - and without duration. As a consequence, herders have more rune points available for combat, and they need them, too - because of cattle raids. But then, Barntar farmers are both plowmen and breeders of cattle, so they will have some personal magic left after the Bless Animal, and some reserve for Cloud Call. The Rune Power concept now allows those essential rune points to be used for warfare, too. Bars with brawls are a city (or at least market town) thing only. You don't clobber your own clan mates in your drinking hall for fear of invoking kinstrife, even if you would enjoy that so much. Fortunately, no such restrictions exist for in-laws, other than hospitality rites. For the other stuff, divinely sanctioned competitions and duels are the outlet. Arm-wrestling can be quite rowdy and mean. Bringing a gun or a lightning strike to a bar brawl is regarded as criminal intent anywhere anytime. I have been wondering how Pelorians (who rely on agricultural magics just as much as do Heortlings) get their ritual spells or their regimental combat magic cast, but the wyter rules provide something of a mechanism to enable that without them needing to initiate to a specific deity - just entrust the wyter (or whatever the Pelorians call that community deity icon) to the holy person of that deity, and support your wyter as you have always done.
  18. Or she might be the original inhabitant that made the EWF set up an experimental site there in the first place.
  19. Greg Stafford and I spoke about Delecti at great length over many years. Of all the things in Glorantha I have loved and appreciated, Delecti was kind of my personal obsession to understand. We emailed and spoke about him extensively, culminating in the lengthy info published about him in an article Greg and I wrote for Tales of the Reaching Moon magazine back in the 1990s.
  20. While I am sure that somewhere, someone might have said that Delicti was a vampire, that's not the version of Delecti Chaosium has ever published. WB&RM, last updated as Dragon Pass said it quite succinctly: Delicti the Necromancer lived in one of the chief cities of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends. Delecti's practice of his arts led to a curse falling upon the city; it declined into ruin, and the surrounding countryside became a terror-filled swamp. By his arts, Delicti achieved a gruesome form of immortality; he was able to transfer his spirit into a freshly slain corpse and live through it until the rotting flesh could no longer sustain him; at that time he would seek another corpse. Delecti's greatest military asset was his ability to create and maintain armies of zombies.
  21. We will have copies of TERROR AUSTRALIS available for purchase at the official Chaosium book launch tomorrow - AUD$60.00 (cash or card). And you can get your copy signed by the authors attending! 1.30-3.00PM: Woodlands Hotel, 84-88 Sydney Rd Coburg, VIC Australia. This is an event celebrating the extraordinary longstanding contribution Australian writers have made to the Call of Cthulhu RPG and wider Cthulhu mythos. All are welcome - more details: http://bit.ly/2VKhHoc.
  22. EURMAL THE TRICKSTER (Pain in the Ass, Murderer, Clown, Fool, Lightbringer) Eurmal is the god of fools and madmen. His Runes are Disorder and Illusion. Eurmal claims many other Runes as well, though, including Mastery and Death. He has no initiates. Anyone who voluntarily worships Eurmal is automatically a priest. Eurmal has no subcults. Each Eurmal shrine teaches a single Rune Spell and Worship (Eurmal). In order to learn a spell, a Trickster must go to a shrine that teaches that spell and sacrifice the requisite POW. Technically, each of these shrines functions as a hero cult shrine, with a prerequisite to join and a single spell taught. The shrines usually require traveling Tricksters to perform some outrageous act before the local Trickster’s allow them to learn their spell. CULT PERSONALITY SKILLS: Batshit Crazy, Confused, Compulsive Liar, Deranged, Devout Coward, Feel No Guilt, Hate Life, Pyromanic CULT SKILLS: Enrage Sane Person, Stand-Up Comedy, Perform (instrument), Sing, Pratfall, Juggling, Clown, Mythology (Eurmal), Mythology (Lightbringers), (Afterlife) Lore CULT BATTLE MAGIC: Hotfoot. Hotfoot (Battle Magic, Ranged, 1 pt) If the caster overcomes the target’s Resistance, the target gets a searing pain in one foot (chosen by the caster). That foot becomes unusable for the duration of the spell. The target must make a DEXx5 roll to hop on the other foot, or fall down. CULT RUNE METALS: Iron COMMON DIVINE MAGIC: All ON TRICKSTER MAGIC: All Tricksters are treated as Rune Levels. They have access to whatever magic they may find reuseably. Each Trickster Shrine teaches one or two randomly chosen spell. While all Trickster spells can be renewed at any Shrine, sacrificing can only be done for the spells taught by the specific Shrine. Especially devout tricksters are sometimes called Priests. Priests typically have 10+ pts of Trickster Rune Magic, Mythology (Eurmal) at 90%+. The only benefit of being a priest is that Eurmal will sometimes provide an Allied Spirit. Trickster Allied Spirits have no POW cost and do not have to be ritually created. They are typically embodied as animals (Spiders, Ravens, and Toads are common). Trickster Allied Spirits are GM controlled and do as they please, though they usually help the Trickster. Learning Eurmal’s Mythology requires that the Trickster be insane. A character must maintain a negative Passion such as Batshit Crazy or Pyromanic or Compulsive Liar equal to or higher than his Disorder and Illusion rune skills and when casting magic, rolls against whichever is lower, the Rune or the Passion. The GM may use this skill against the Trickster in appropriate situations as a negative augment. For example, Batshit Crazy negatively affects many Communications skills. Unlike other Divine Magic, Trickster Magic does not always work as planned. It sometimes backfires on the caster, usually in a way that is cruelly humorous. For example, instead of bypassing armor, the Trickster’s Strike spell may turn his dagger into a banana or giant phallus. A Trickster’s Lie spell may make him compulsively tell the truth, etc. For game purposes, the GM rolls 3d6 in secret when the spell is cast. If the result is a 3, 4 or 5, the spell backfires in some humorous way. This downside of Trickster Magic can be largely avoided by the Trickster Bond Ritual (see below). Normally, Tricksters do not receive Rune Level DI. Even his normal DI is unpredictable and frequently unuseful. Eurmal thinks it’s funny when bad things happen to his followers. Why spoil a good joke? TRICKSTER RUNE SPELLS: (This is only a partial list. Aspects listed are not the only ones possible) REMOVE (BODY PART), GROUP LAUGHTER, CREATE FEAST, PANIC, SWALLOW, CLEVER TONGUE, HIDE FIRE, CRACK, STRIKE, LIE, CHARISMA, CREATE WINE, BECOME (OTHER SHAPE), INVISIBILITY, HALLUCINATE BOTTOMLESS BARF (Rune Magic, 2 pts, self) When the spell is cast, then each round thereafter in SR 1, the caster produces a foul-smelling and slimy vomit that covers up to three hexes of the cast’s choice adjacent to the caster. The hexes may extend away from the caster in a cone or line pattern. Anyone moving in the area that has been vomited must make a Balance check or fall down. The slippery barf lasts a number of melee rounds equal to the caster’s POW. NOTE: If this spell is cast within 15 minutes after the Trickster has swallowed something, either normally or magically, he may choose to puke up the swallowed object as one of his normal vomits. The swallowed object reappears unharmed in a vomit filled hex of the caster's choice. If a living being, the regurgitated target is automatically hit by a Forced Regurgitation spell immediately upon being puked up. Resolve Resistance normally. ASPECTS: Drunk, Glutton, Truant BOUNCE BACK (Rune Magic, 2 pts, self) Completely cures a single wound. Bounce Back may be cast while incapacitated (but not dead). The character springs to her feet accompanied by a loud comedic “boing” noise with the wound repaired but still looking comically injured. BOUNCE BACK must be cast the round after the injury and no other action is allowed the round it’s cast. This spell will attach severed limbs. ASPECTS: Survivor BOUNCY (Rune Magic, 1 pt, self) While under the influence of this spell, the caster instantly bounces back to his feet whenever knocked down, tripped, knocked back, or otherwise dropped to the floor, whether the fall is accidental, intentional, or the result of damage. This is a free and instant action and is always accompanied by a comedic “boing” sound. Note: If the character cannot stand on his own because of a crippled limb or incapacitation, the character will collapse again immediately and will not stand again. Bouncy only bounces the character up once per wound or fall. ASPECTS: Survivor, Jester CHANGE A COW’S COLOR (Rune Magic, Ranged, Stackable, 1 pt.) Changes a cow to the color of the Trickster’s choice. Each additional pt doubles the number of targets. Cows can resist this spell. This effect is permanent. ASPECTS: Prankster CHANGE SEX (Rune Magic, Touch, 3 pts.) Changes the target’s sex from Female to Male or from Male to Female for the duration of the spell. Stats and skills are not affected by this spell. An unwilling target may resist the effect. The caster can make this effect permanent by making the spell One-Use (must be decided before rolling Resistance.) ASPECTS: Eurmal Allfather, Eurmal Allmother CREATE FINE CLOTHING (Rune Magic, Touch, 1 pt) Creates a suit of fine clothing for the target. This clothing lasts the duration of the spell. ASPECTS: Seducer, Fop, Grifter CUNNING DISGUISE (Rune Magic, Self, 2 pts) This spell is cast while changing clothing. It makes any disguise donned by the Trickster, no matter how pathetic, convincing, so long as the Trickster overcomes the POW of anyone trying to penetrate the disguise. NOTE: The Trickster cannot change her apparent size with this spell. The disguise only effects the perception of the Trickster’s physical appearance, not the Trickster’s sound or feel and the effect is broken if the disguise is proven false (IE the Trickster fails to provide a proper password or the target kisses the supposedly female Trickster and feels his beard). ASPECT: Spy, Coward ENLARGE MEMBER (Rune Magic, Self, Stackable, 1 pt.) Each pt adds 3 inches to the length of the caster’s phallus, adds proportional girth, and makes it rigid for the duration of the spell. If the caster does not naturally have a phallus (for example, if the caster is a woman), the first pt. grows one 3 inches long. ASPECTS: Seducer, Deviant, “Eurmal Allfather” FIND IMPOSSIBLE PATH (Rune Magic, Ritual, 3 pts.) The Trickster finds a path no one else can find to a place no one else can get to. The quality of the path is determined by the Trickster’s Mythology (Eurmal) check. Though the path will always be dangerous, lower Mythology checks will yield slightly less dangerous paths. ASPECTS: Lightbringer, Spy FLATULENCE (Rune Magic, Ranged, 1 pt.) The target of this spell farts loudly and uncontrollably for the duration of the spell if her POW is overcome. Farting halves the target's Communication and Stealth skills. ASPECT: Jester, “Eurmal Thunderous” FORCED REGURGITATION (Rune Magic, 1 pt, ranged, stackable) With a successful resistance roll, causes the target to puke, losing its next 2 Strike Ranks. Target can still defend himself and resist spells normally. After the initial puke, the target will be -25% to all rolls using skills based on strength or charisma for 15 minutes. Additional pts double the number of targets or add +25% to the Trickster's target number for the Resistance roll or double the range. ASPECTS: Glutton, Drunk, Truant GROW TITS (Rune Magic, Self, Stackable, 1 pt) Enlarges the caster’s mammaries by 1 cup size. If the caster does not have mammalian breasts, the first point grows a set (A cups). Mammaries under the influence of this spell always yield milk if the caster so wishes. ASPECT: Seducer, Eurmal Allmother PATANG (Rune Magic, 1 pt, self, temporal) While under the influence of this spell, the subject may attempt to hit anything in visual range with a spit object such as a seed, cherry pit, or loogie, either by spitting (range 5m) or with a blowgun (range 20m). The object will make a loud, irritating noise (either a “splat” or a “patang” depending on the projectile) when it hits and will do 1d4 damage. Spit and blowgun both have a fire rate of S/MR. Targeting requires the Spit or Blowgun skill. Missile weapon enhancing magic works normally on the projectiles produced via Patang. ASPECTS: Glutton, Truant TRICKSTER BOND (Rune Magic, Ritual, Self, Permanent, One-Use, 2 pts) Both the Trickster and her sponsor (usually an Orlanthi) must cast this spell simultaneously during a day long ritual. It permanently bonds the Trickster to her sponsor. This has many effects. First, the Trickster becomes more sane than usual. The character may better resist destructive or mad impulses. For game play purposed, the GM may no longer apply any of the Trickster’s Passions as negative augments to any ability. Devout Cowards may charge into combat without penalty, Compulsive Liars can tell the truth, etc. Furthermore, the sponsor many freely Command the Trickster (as per a Command spell) at will (normal Resistance rolls apply). Finally, the Trickster’s magic becomes much more reliable. Instead of backfiring on a 3, 4 or 5 on 3d6, Backfire only occurs on a 3. And instead of negatively impacting the Trickster, the Backfire affects the sponsor if possible. Whenever a 3 is rolled and the sponsor is affected (Resistance overcome, etc), the Trickster can choose to break this permanent enchantment and free herself from it forever. The Trickster may also be given other opportunities to break this spell at GM discretion. ASPECT: Lightbringer EURMAL’S SECRET BECOME SANE (Rune Magic, Self, 3 pts.) The Trickster becomes so crazy that he can act totally sane. For the duration of this spell, the GM may no longer apply any of the Trickster’s Personality Skills as negatives to any ability. Devout Cowards may charge into combat without penalty, Compulsive Liars can tell the truth, etc. Furthermore, the Trickster can draw on his insanity with a cold will, allowing him to augment a single skill per round with a Passion trait as a free action (resolved in statement of intent). Finally, the Trickster’s magic becomes much more reliable. Instead of backfiring on a 3, 4 or 5, Backfire only occurs on a 3. However, if a spell backfires while the Trickster is under the influence of this spell, his temporary sanity is shattered. The positive benefits of the spell end immediately and the Trickster is thrown into a manic, insane state. He must act on his highest negative personality trait every round for the remaining duration of the spell.
  23. I am aware. I'm also aware that Mongoose published a lot. And developed some aspects of RQ that 40 years otherwise had never been handled (well .. Or at all). Obviously, some things were stuffed up (badly), but there are lessons Chaosium should learn from. Babies and bathwater...
  24. I don't think that argument justifies it, in my personal understanding of the setting. Lunar invasion of the lands has been a thing since the very first edition, and in the same edition you had explicit entries telling you the vast majority of people were lay members, and that the normal non-adventurer Initiate would probably have on or two points to spare for the season to use specifically on getting divine favors related to his craft. It explicitly states that the gods do not have the time nor the will to listen to every one of their followers, but only the most devoted get any kind of special atention. I'm not saying that every adult having rune magic ruins the game or anything, but that it establishes a very different tone to the setting. It's the difference between an adventurer ending a bar brawl by casting lightning and aweing those around him, by showing them their god favors him without a doubt; and the adventurer casting lightning and and everyone else in the brawl either ignoring it or doing the same. If the latter is more interestint to you, that's fine, but I think it's undeniable that it is a very different world than the one presented in previous editions.
  25. Need rules for those other... "passions". And their spirits.
  26. I'm sure I've read somewhere that he is a vampire... Hmmmm. Re: timing. Ok.
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