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  2. Not sure how to ask this but: Yelmalio is given the full Sky/Fire rune in the new RQ edition. Presumably this is not to scare noobs and will be clarified in expansions? (Being the Cold Light is, uh, sort of His entire shtick.) While I have your attention: is Chaosium hosting an official rune font anywhere? There's one at https://www.glorantha.com/ but that site is, as I understand it, essentially an archive. Also, uh, hi! First post, long-time Glorantha fan. Arkat is where it's at.
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  4. Wow, our "Dream Date" ended up going for $364.00! We will do our best to ensure the successful bidder has a great night with the Chaosium team at the ENnies!
  5. Hello, Is it stated anywhere explicitly what the "Courtly" skills are? Aside from "Knightly", "Non-Knightly", and "Knowledge", are there any other defined skill categories? Thanks, WP6
  6. "I hope we're not too late": a phrase often said by Call of Cthulhu investigators as they try to save the world from doom. Under two hours left to get your vote in for the 2019 ENnies! Support your favourite RPG designers, artists and publishers by voting: https://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019
  7. "Inorganic dirt is expelled," according to Thorloss the Scribbler's contribution to TROLLPAK. This seems to still have enough nutritional value to keep a trollkin alive but unhappy, but after that point it's probably leeched completely free of organic compounds. IMG it smells like pool purification tablets and makes aldryami high from the nitrogen rush.
  8. ... or anywhere, really? I mean, that whole "black eater" thing, and what-goes-into-the-dark-doesn't-come-back-out, and etc etc etc ... Biologically, "excretion" is getting rid of the indigestible parts of what you consume... But trolls seem to digest everything. So... no undigested parts to excrete? So they don't "do" anything excretory... anywhere? Enquiring Minds are pretty sure they're gonna regret it, frankly... But they still wanna know.
  9. Or a smuggling operation.
  10. Another suggestion: what the "crime scene" of a monster appearance might look like. i.e. what physical evidence is left behind after a monster has made an appearance - what a victim might look like or the sights and smells of physical remnants of traces of it having manifested.
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  12. I use Fantasy Grounds to run CoC and it works well. Haven't played those adventures you mention though but I did run the ones that come with the rule set and they worked well. Now I'm running Horror on the Orient Express and it's working well.
  13. These guys as living fly traps would be extra delicious to trolls, you know? Also, they would leave behind lots of amber after death.
  14. Let me see if I'm following you here. So a starting squire would being with his phsical skills (basically the same ones as the knghtly skills) at DEX/2, or about a 5 instead of a 3, then advance normally from there. That seems okay but... I'm wondering about the player who starts with a high DEX, say 17-19 in chargen, and begins with physical skills in the 9-10 range. It could work out to a nice headstart, but then, the lower scores in the other stats should offset that somewhat-especially with the -3 to SIZ and STR from age.
  15. THat was one of Moriens other suggestions. Replaceing the flat 10 points of glory awarded for minor crtical rolls to an amount equal to the character's APP. It's a minor difference but over time it could add up. But setting the social skills at APP/2 would only be a minor difference for most PKS, but give Lady characters a nice boost to their courtly skills.
  16. Oh, okay. Then just to get you on the same page as the rest of us this idea is just for KAP5 which has some differences from KAP3/4. The double feint was removed, supposedly because PK couldn't use it due to the DEX penalty (which I never though should apply to the double feint, as it didn't apply to weapon being usef for the double feint), and becuase NPC PIcts were using it to slaughter PKs. I used to have a Roman Character who made heavy use of the tactic. Some big bruiser would laugh off the gladius/dagger and it's -1D6 damage only to have the weapon bypass half or all of his armor.
  17. Indeed, and always handy to have one in the vicinity in summer as living flypaper!
  18. YGMV But this is certainly part of MY Glorantha now! (tyvm)
  19. Pine elf armor! Their warriors deliberately scarify their bodies to ooze resinous sap that solidifies into a natural armor.
  20. As always, always someone that has not learned the value of discretion. Very nice story, really enjoyable.
  21. And here it is: the train travel worked great. Sure, we were a bit tied into a schedule and spent some transfer times sitting in the railway stations. On the other hand we didn't have to find parking nor gas stations for a rental car or finding the route with gps. So, swings and roundabouts. The arcane meaning of off-peak travel in a multi-transfer situation was a bit confusing, but it was sorted out after we asked the station attendant to check which trains we could actually use and found that we were only restricted on one leg of our four leg journey. Meaning that we could take it easy and do the first two legs in our own good time just in case. The trains were on time or only late a few minutes. Since all our transfers were basically just switching platforms, it was easy too, although had I been a bit more on the ball we could have made it to an earlier train than anticipated rather than needing to wait for the planned one 30min later. All in all it was a fine experience and we had a blast! Old Sarum was even more impressive than I had expected and I pity the fool assigned to assault it in GPC! Arundel Castle was even more impressive as it still has the Norman keep standing on top of the motte. (As does Windsor Castle but the keep there is not open for visitors.)
  22. RQC=> simply the RuneQuest Campaign book (previous GameMaster book)...
  23. The game is still going strong, and still making me very happy. We've played 14 sessions of play now, and I think it's rattling along really nicely. I started an "Actual Play" thread about it on RPGnet: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/runequest-glorantha-apple-lane-at-last.849524/ So I could post writeups of the sessions and witter on endlessly about what happened and what I was thinking. I'm still a very happy chap about this.
  24. Hmmm.... I think the best idea would involve a combination of (from the above) tables for detection (What the hell is that?!) along with lists of ideas (to flesh the thing out) and finally a list of gonzo/weird powers and abilities (rounds it out).
  25. g33k

    Books and Scrolls

    I note that this is clearly draft text, not final. We wonders what this snippet means, my Precious, yesss we does... I note that every text has its own study time, and some are remarkably short-duration for Skill-granting activities! Roads & Graves and Song of tHoS take mere hours, for example. I am, however, entirely un-clear on the "magic" component. Some of these texts are clearly magical/mystical, and grant mundanely-impossible skills. Others would appear to be wholly-mundane, and grant purely-mundane skills (at least, as mundane as Glorantha ever gets), such as studying the (local) palace records and learning Bureaucracy & (local) Customs. How are these rules intended to relate to the "Research" rules on p.417 of the RQG core rulebook? It appears the "RQC" rules may be a substantial revision of the RQG core, at least in this one element.
  26. Sorry, back to my dungeon... again. Just what is a buuk, anywho?
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