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  2. Hzark10

    Underage Knights and Inherited Attributes

    There are discussions regarding this, rest assured.
  3. Hzark10

    Underage Knights and Inherited Attributes

    The other thing that needs to be accounted for is the different timelines. PV is knighted by the High King Arthur in 433, yet in KAP, Arthur pulls the Sword from the Stone in 510.
  4. Paid a bod yn dwp

    RQ vs D&D

    Prime stats are used in 5e - opposes strength and dex checks for example. Removing something as iconic as prime stats starts to dismantle the identity of the game. There’s innovation and the there’s innovation. I feel the same about saving throws in DnD, but they’re such big part of that games identity that they would be too problematic to remove. I think it’s the same for RuneQuest. If you change it too much or too dramatically it ceases to be the game you identify with. That’s ok if you’re starting fresh, but not so if you have legacy.
  5. It's less work. All that chancges would be your starting value. Instead of a (3) or a (7) or a (10) you'd start at APP/2. If your APP chanceg, your ceiling would go up, but that would be as complex as I'd make it. I don't think so. Yes, social skills will improve for high APP characters, but since it takes 2 points of APP to improve courtly skills by 1 point, I don't think it is any easier. Yes someone who starts with a 20 APP will also start with 10 in all their courtly skills, but that will come at the expense of other attributes. Plus a 10 skill isn't all that great. So the character will still need to spend a couple of years/picks to get skills up to 15. About the only point where I think it could become a problem is with ultra high APP, but even then the glory used to boost APP up to say 30 is glory that would have been more effective elsewhere (like boosting Intrigue from 15-20 or 20-25). But, since we are in the R&D stage, can somebody "break" this? Try writing up a Knight of Lady with this rule and see how far you can push the envelope. Try a half fae character and max out APP and see how far you can exploit this in chargen. I suspect that for a knight you can write up a social beast who is a paper tiger in combat. A lady would be somewhat more dangerous, I think, but that was what we were aiming for. I'll admit I'm a bit concerned that lady characters only need one attribute (APP), but that's true without this rule. BTW, I really wish CON would factor into their childbirth rolls. Something like if a woman "dies' in childbirth she gets a CON roll to survive a mortal wound. As the game stands now SIZ, DEX, STR and CON have no value to a lady character. But, back to the point, try to break this and see how bad it actually is/. Maybe APP/2 is too much and we need APP/3? Maybe it works just fine. Let's try to abuse the idea and find out.
  6. Hzark10

    Underage Knights and Inherited Attributes

    But if I am trying to track my skills, how much more work is this? And, more importantly, is this a quick way of skill-creep? Part of the frustration I had as a player, and accepted as part of the system, was I could not raise everything as fast as I wanted to. I had to choose. Make it too easy, or quick, and we will all have generic super characters.
  7. Oh, and just to throw in another idea we could have APP an/or DEX factor into the training and practice. For example if APP is 15-24 courtly skills get 2 points per point spent, if 25-34 3 for 1 and if 35+ then 4 for 1. Likewise if APP is below 5 then it take 2 points to improve by 1. THat would make it much easier to get a skill up to 15 with a high attribute.
  8. Yes. Although APP will still be useful later in play as players won't usually be able to or not necessarily want to raise all of their courtly skills above the default. For instacne if a Lady has a 20 APP he default scores would be a 10, so she would probably better better off concentrating on one or two skills skills like Courtesy and Intrigue and rely on the default for most of the others until she getsthe first two up to a point where she is happy with them. Say 15 or even 20. Then maybe years later she might look at Orate or Compose.And, if she should happen to have raised her APP by then, so much the better for he default skills. Well as envisioned, the default just replaces the value in parentheses next to skills. No more no less. So by itself it does't change anything. Now if we wanted to increase the training cap too we could, but that would make APP so important to courtly skills as to be the dominant factor..You could wind up at a point where someone's floor is above another's ceiling (i.e APP 20 vs APP 5). Yes, plus even when the mess up they look good doing it. In some ways it can even make them seem more charming as a sort of minor flaw that prevents them from being obnoxious.
  9. PhilHibbs

    What the heck... Check that out!

    The way you have played it has always been the way the rules were written. You don't get a POW check for resisting spells, and never did in any Chaosium edition.
  10. Bohemond

    Orlanthi Clan Fission

    I think several hundred would be the minimum necessary to create a viable clan. Much less and what you get is more like a bloodline or a fragment of a clan that would probably need to join a new clan. A brand-new clan is very vulnerable. Until it finds a new tula, it's just wandering rootlessly like the Deadwood (who first appeared--I think--in a scenario in the old Tales of the Reaching Moon, but who seem to be semi-canonical). Once they find a new tula, they need to forge bonds with any supernatural beings on the tula, acquire a new wyter, build alliances with neighbors, and persuade a tribe to let them in. All of that is on top of the basic survival stuff like building steads, marking out fields, etc. And remember that the thing that deters aggression against a neighbor is the threat of reciprocal aggression from the neighbor or the neighbor's allies. So a rootless or newly-settled clan is going to be vulnerable to aggression from all its various neighbors until it has managed to build up those various bonds. A clan without a wyter is particularly vulnerable to magic aggression like curses. A clan without political allies is vulnerable to military aggression. So founding a new clan is risky business. It happened a lot in the settlement period because everything was in flux, but by the 17th century it's probably an unusual event in Sartar because much of the decent land is either occupied or else problematic to exploit (like the Staglands because of the Telmori). Ivartha the Skinner's attempt to colonize Torkan's Vale ended in disaster because of the Telmori, even though she had the support of the Maboder tribe. So the specific scenario you mention--a group of women, children, elderly farmers, and livestock, without warriors, attempting to form a new clan--strikes me as likely to end in failure unless the women have a LOT of magical resources to back them up. For example, if the group is lead by an Ernaldan who has powerful peace-making magic or a Maran Gor who can intimidate enemies with threats to destroy crops or buildings, they stand a chance of surviving, assuming they can attract husbands quickly (to provide farmers, warriors, and a critical component in fertility rituals). But a clan that goes a long time without warriors is probably doomed to be destroyed. The question of where to get husbands from strikes an interesting spark for me. According to Roman history (which is probably legend and not rooted in fact), the Romans started out as an all-male group. They conducted a festival and invited the neighboring Sabines and then during the festival the Roman men seized the unmarried women and took them as wives, sparking a war that ultimately led to the unification of the Romans and the Sabines. Perhaps there's an Ernaldan equivalent of that--a festival in which the women use Ernaldan magic to make all the unmarried men fall in love with them and declare year-marriages with them. As I write this, I like the idea so much I'm going to find a way to use it somewhere. A more realistic option for what you're describing is your suggestion that they find a clan that has more land than it can exploit for its population and seek to join that clan as a new bloodline. They would need to intermarry with the clan as part of the clan-building rituals probably, and their treasures would become part of the clan regalia.
  11. Kloster

    Logician - seriously OP???

    As attack, Steal Breath is easily countered, not Moonburn.
  12. Sumath

    RQ vs D&D

    That's a fair criticism, RQG is not especially innovative. But then for the most part it doesn't need to be. There are a few areas (e.g. strike ranks) that haven't aged well, but the chassis of the game is sound. It's mostly tweaking that's required. The introduction of Runes and Passions is the greatest improvement IMHO. D&D 5E is also a missed opportunity - full of things that should no longer be there (e.g. prime stats, which aren't even used - modifiers are, so why not generate them directly?). WoTC also passed up the opportunity to solve many of D&D's shortcomings, particularly how lightweight combat is when that's supposed to be one of the three pillars of gameplay. There are similarities between 5E scenarios and Chaosium's old campaigns, but even for some of WoTC products they seem to be similarities in style rather than substance. We're currently playing through Tomb of Annihilation and it has plot holes that you could ride a T Rex through! Looking back at Borderlands or Griffin Mountain, they were rooted in a consistent and well thought-out fantasy world, and that depth and consistency mean that you can still pick those products up now and run them pretty much as they are. ToA is a couple of years old and already looks hackneyed.
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  14. Paid a bod yn dwp

    RQ vs D&D

    Personally I’m not so sure. I think RQG mechanics being based off of RQ2 still works really well. They were so well designed in the first place that there isn’t a lot that would improve them IMO. Edit: though I think in some places the rules could be explained a little better, as evidenced by the long post on damage “Death by a Thousand Cuts” 2nd Edit: OK RQ3 First Aid skill feels a bit ill matched to RQG. I like the introduction of passions and Runes as it slides into the rule set nicely and really helps with the immersion in the game. Combat in RuneQuest still feels as visceral as it did back in the day. 5e still plays off of a simpler more abstract approach with AC. Though I find in play RuneQuest is fast and furious in all the right ways, despite perceived crunch. 5e ( which I play a lot of, and like) is much pulpier In approach, and despite having a more abstract approach to combat, can still fall into the trap of protracted fights, particularly at higher levels. I don’t see D&D 5e as particular vanilla. It’s setting and classes are quite specific DnDisms. Though I guess the background for characters tends to be much less then the rich tapestry of Glornatha. Which in one helps with accessibility - without lots of background new gamers can easily pick it up and run with it. Looking forward to see what Chaosium does with the new RuneQuest Starter Set on this point. We’ve got this great rich game, we now need different entry points for newcomers.
  15. Khanwulf

    Underage Knights and Inherited Attributes

    Ok, I get it: so APP and DEX create a floor value for the skills, meaning that the most efficient use of points is in raising them early before checks and training are applied. Are applied training points tracked separately from the skill base? So if a wound kicks in training keeps soil from dropping as much? Oh and: "boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny". Quite sure what's happening is that physical characteristics are covering for relative lack of skill.
  16. Atgxtg

    No Love for Prince Valiant?

    Yes but a 6 is possible in chargen. But it does seem to be very rare. It's a close as we can get. And the Guievere/Ygrain effect doesn't really factor into this. They are the only two women who get that in KAP and are said to be the most beautiful women period. So therer is more going on there than just Presence 6. It's used for anything that isn't physical/Brawn. The problem with converting Presence is that KAP has no attribute to handle intelligence, or personal magnetism, or such. APP and some traits are all we have. If we had INT and POW the conversion would be easier, but as it stands all we really have to go on is APP, some traits (liek Prudent) and Awareness. PV also makes Presence and mental abilities important like physical ones. It's one of the stylistic differences between the two games, and a hurdle in conversion. Yes, and that makes sense, too. Although I'm not sure about the Brawn 15 "Dragon" in conversion. But in KAP that Brawn would also include the "Dragon" fighting skills and natural armor. Plus the monster is several times the SIZ of Val's horse, so probably SIZ 50+. I'd probably use the LArge Cocodile from RQ3 for a baseline. SIZ 50, DEX 7, STR 50, CON 29, Armor 24, Damage 10d6, Move 6, Bite 10, Tail 6. Probably not. No one in the PV game has a value above 6. And Gawain only has a 5 in Arms. So it look like my second scale should probably apply. One thing we have to accept is that due to the differences between the games any conversion system is only going to take up so far, and after a point the GM is just going to have to make some judgment calls. Thats true with any conversion, but especially true with one RPG based half of it's die rolls around an attribute that the other lacks.
  17. Shiningbrow

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    But, it's only temporary (I don't recall seeing the DI bit in previous versions.. but, maybe that's my faded memory...).
  18. Shiningbrow

    A fetching question... (ie, shamanism)

    It'd be only fair - he's called a "Bad Man" for a reason... :p TBH, yes, I did actually think that.. dishonouring or disrespecting one's ancestors, etc...
  19. Numtini

    RQ vs D&D

    Criticals were one of the things that Gygax railed against in his notorious screed in Dragon 16: Given that this was published the same year RQ was, I'm guessing that criticals were house-ruled pretty often prior to RQ. I'm quite amused by the essay as pretty much everything Gygax rants against in that essay--spell points (slots), criticals, weapon expertise--is now a core part of D&D. Overall, I am with Styopa in thinking RQ:G was a little too slavish to old RQ and missed an opportunity to update the game. When I encountered RQ in the 80s, I completely abandoned D&D as RQ was obviously superior. Now, after all the changes of 40 years, I find that 5E is a quite good game that I'm very happy to play, but RQ:G feels a little dated, a little over complicated, and also seems more a game people talk about than actually play. Part of that is also that the kind of storytelling that early Chaosium pioneered in the industry is now ubiquitous. If you look at a modern 5E scenario, it has far more in common with something like Borderlands or Griffon Mountain than it does to the 16 page folders of stats that made up TSR modules in the 80s.
  20. styopa

    [RQG] Rules for Rabble and Extras?

    As you seem to suspect, the very idea is anathema to the premise of RQ. RQ is founded on the premise that everything is mechanically equal.
  21. styopa

    What the heck... Check that out!

    If by "the rules" you mean RQG, maybe so. But not RQ 3, as I'd quoted the pow gain rule previously.
  22. Ali the Helering

    Earthshaker Plow Team

    Mistyped, I hope....
  23. DreadDomain

    What the heck... Check that out!

    Sure but with a huge difference: the GM is in full control of what specific knowledge can be gained through research. A player might declare his character will spend a week,na month or a year researching about the myth that would be used for the next heroquesting like special weaknesses of the expected opposition but if the information is simply not available (GM's call), he won't learn anything.
  24. lawrence.whitaker

    RQ 6 and Mythras

    Isn't this a thread about Mythras? In the Mythras section?
  25. Jeff

    RQG: Reviews Thread

    I didn't include Teshnan elephants for the same reason I didn't include Fronelan woolly rhinos. They are outside the main focus of the book.
  26. Joerg

    What the heck... Check that out!

    That just means you have to find one of those POW9 spirits, learn its true name, and reuse that over and over. IIRC only embodied foes get POW checks... (This really belongs in the egregious munchkinnery thread...)
  27. Tizun Thane

    Religious conversion

    In my curent campaign, one of my PK convert to Christianism, after he met un monk during a feast and keep him as a servant to learn the faith. His conversion was motivated by his desire to wed a christian lady he was in love with, even before she raised any objection... He didn't care about religion, so why not? I just changed his religious traits, a chek in wordly,et voilà! If it was a sincere spiritual conversion, I would have give him a few checks in the religious virtues and spiritual. The next year in game, but the day after IRL, PK go to war against Rome, the monk always in his entourage. I designed a special encounter with sire Priamus from Mallory, the sarracen who wants to convert to christianism. Canonically, Priamus met Gauvain. After a duel (with the player crushed by he way), Priamus talks about his curiosity for christianism. The Player then said "I just convert myself recently, and I have a monk, an expert, just for you!" They became fast friends, Priamus was baptized after the Battle of Milan, and the rest is history... True story
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