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  2. I can see why they would think that, I confess to not having worked through the whole rulebook yet myself and, for example, am frankly not that interested in sorcery, for which reason I will steer my players away from it. There are a lot of elements to the rules, but the same can be said of D&D – there's so many class traits, spells, monster specific rules, etc. that it's impossible to track them all and something is always forgotten in play. I guess one advantage of D&D rules wise is it starts simply and the complexity develops over time as they level up. We are playing D&D5e at the moment as my players wanted to try it, and TBF it's a cracking iteration. Even the initial doubter is now saying how much he's enjoying it. Personally, I've had enough now – The Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign is good, but it does go on somewhat. I'm sure you will all have a good time with 5e. You have made me wonder if I've fallen into that trap, waxing too lyrical about Glorantha. But I have also sold it to my players as something which can be episodic with fairly self-contained adventures, much like Call of Cthulhu, and as such we can drop in and out of it rather than be committed for six months (which I feel has happened with our D&D). This sound odd to me, but then for me the two are synonymous. Runequest without Glorantha is Mythras, I guess. When I got back into gaming I looked at RQ6/Mythras, but without Glorantha it just wasn't RQ for me. Of course, we all have different tastes, the world would be a far less rich place if we didn't.
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  4. I never saw a french edition with this illustration. As a matter of fact, of all Young Kingdoms-based games (StormBringer 2nd and 4th, Elric!, Elric of Melniboné, Mournblade), only Elric had an original illustration from a french artist : All others were from Chaosium or Mongoose. Even Mounblade has a cover by Brom: Dragon Lords of Melniboné, also by Brom:
  5. Well, the "half damage" part should make it not very dangerous for an armoured knight. Yes, but if you and your opponent decide to simulteanously use Berserk or Defensive stance, we're back to the original opposed roll.
  6. Interesting suggestion, but I think it would make low skills even more lethal for the user, since someone with even skill 10 would be much more likely to slice and dice them, probably doing damage even on a 11+ roll. There is a sorta way around the low skill already that does much of what you are suggesting, and it is the berserk attack, with mutually unopposed attacks with +10 to skill. I mean, if my opponent and I have skill 5, it is very much in my advantage to do Berserk attack at +10. His chance to hit is just 25%, while mine is 75%.
  7. In my view, you made the same error french publishers did for gloranthan games since the beginning : presenting the world as a huge and intimidating setting full of details, instead of starting with smaller scale areas.
  8. One way to make low skills less abysmally bad would be to change the oppositions rules : In case both characters fail their roll, the highest roll wins, doing half damage. I think Paranoïa first edition did, with its skill trees. For instance, it could have had 1 Broad "Melee" skill with branches "1 handed weapons" and "2 handed weapons". In turn, "1 handed weapons" would have had sub-branches "1H Sword", "1H Mace", "Dagger", and "1H Sword" would have had "Short Sword", "Broadsword", and so on... So, a fighter could have had Melee 3, 1H Weapons 2, 1H Sword 1, Broadsword 3, Short sword 1, totalizing 9 levels when fighting with a broadsword, and 7 with a Short sword. Neverheless, it's too fiddly for my tastes and I prefer to only have "trees" with only one level of specialization.
  9. Glorantha + RuneQuest definitely outsells RuneQuest. But like every game, some people like it, some people don't (for example, most of my players HATE every incarnation of D&D and won't touch a D20 system to save their life). If you ever try again, start small. Promise them they don't need to know ANYTHING to start with - you'll learn it all as you play. Start with them all being members of the same community. Then ease it in with something like Rainbow Mounds or Cattle Raid. And build on that.
  10. For what it's worth, I was rummaging through RQ3 Elder Secrets recently and yes, fetches attuning to a second crystal is supported in that text. P.36 of the "Secrets Book".
  11. IIRC both Teleportation & Guided Teleportation only allow the transported being(s) to carry up to their ENC. Now, if the matrix just happens to be a big ol' rock which they can't carry around... Of course, then there's the problem of getting it into an Orlanth Temple for a recharge.
  12. Yes, a pity. I'll be having a short RQG weekend in about three months, with a couple of people from Northern Germany meeting in a holiday home in the outback for one evening and a full day of gaming. I am to co-GM, and I'll need to come up with a short scenario to illustrate my style of Glorantha gaming in addition to some of the already published scenarios (or possibly published by then, looking into the direction of the Grazelands to see some smoke rising from an EWF ruin). If anybody doesn't mind traveling to Kiel and join the car ride, we still have a place or two. Unlike Middle Earth, Glorantha doesn't have a day's worth of movie to get a glimpse of the possibilities without much insight into the cultures (and whatever one might think about the alterations to the story lines of both the Lord of the Ring and the Lord of the Ring appendixes with The Hobbit mixed in, Jackson and his team did a nerd's job to create the visuals of the cultures). There isn't that much to be learned about the Middle Earth cultures, really. Tolkien did a better job portraying the Beleriand cultures than he did the Ringwar cultures. And you have to be a nerd to know more than three Middle Earth deities (Elbereth, Sauron and Morgoth get occasional spotlight, but that's about all the deity names you get confronted with). Contrast this with the Orlanth pantheon plus the Lunars plus the Trolls. That deities section in RQG stretches on for pages. I hope that these get re-done in the Glorantha starter set as single-sheet each, in the style of Freeform Character info, so a player won't get distracted too much by other stuff. Likewise, the past events could benefit from being shown on a map, and possibly some illustrations of the main actors in those events. Possibly as a special chapter of the Prince of Sartar comic, and with heavy re-use of artwork from other previous publications. But basically, a number of easily accessible cheat sheets for Glorantha. (saves this to his to do list...)
  13. Of course! Uroxi are their favourite roar food.
  14. Sad face... Do they really get into the world of Middle Earth? Or just superficially like the ideas?
  15. Just to add, GURPS does have a separate shield skill and a dodge value, so the shield & (part of the) foot work are handled separately from your weapon skill. Weapon skill is just using your weapon, whereas in Pendragon, all three are wrapped up into the same skill. Regarding the earlier point about skill levels, in KAP 5.2, a Farmer has Mace 8. I have difficulties justifying that a Knight would be less able to swing a club than a Farmer. Although I do also think that 8 is a bit too high for someone like a random farmer to just pick a club and start swinging, without any combat training at all. Skill levels less than 5 are a good way to get killed. You really need Skill 10 to have a chance in combat, and I think Skill 15 should be relatively common for even newly-minted knights in their chosen weapon(s), and pretty much 15 or more for knights from mid-twenties onwards. Skill of 2-3 is next to useless, although it is obviously better than 0, which makes no sense whatsoever.
  16. I just realised the answer to this... use the RQG version of Sorala - she has Logician, and Herd is a Knowledge skill. She could easily get her Herd to over 100% with a little bit of duration, even taking into account the reduced Free INT from spells (15 if she drops a spell or 2 from memory). She'd get to about 85 with a base of 15% plus 7 point Intensity and 8 points of Duration would be for 12 hours (all day). (yes, I know the Sorala in the Adventurers book doesn't give her her sorcery from the main book.. but it's an option. I don't think Sorcery is that difficult to understand, even for newbies (at least, new to RQ, perhaps for new to RPGs)). (Edit: Ok, MPs could be a problem... ) (2nd Edit: Unless Vasana and/or Yanioth lend her their POW storage crystals... I believe there's nothing RAW that they can't..)
  17. So, returning to my original post, the group met up and discussed our options. Bottom line - no one wanted to make the investment of time to involve themselves in the Gloranthan setting. The rule set was also seen as overly complex and simulationist for our play style. Runequest was rejected. Instead we are first having a gonzo break and I will run a spot of 5e DnD partly for my son who wants to have a go at the system. Then back to the very excellent One Ring for a more extended campaign. I’m a little disappointed I will be honest as I was willing to give it a go and I tried selling it. In retrospect I should have Gone about this differently. I tried to get across my own enthusiasm for the setting - but that was a mistake as it just made it seem daunting. I also should not have given out my spare rulebook as if my enthusiasm was daunting that book is doubly so. Maybe just running them through the quick start adventure with no other background would have worked but that was specifically not what they like doing (they like making characters in a setting they relate to). I’ll try again when we are done with the One Ring and by then hopefully there will be a few more campaign settings / adventure books out I can tempt them with. So what have I learnt from this? Maybe, just maybe, Glorantha is not the best sales pitch for Runequest.
  18. Minlister

    Yelm Eclipsed

    Fascinating topic! Isn't there an episode when the bat goddess wraps her wings around Yelm to blind him, enabling his murder? This could be a good eclipse event.
  19. I wonder - would the Crimson Bat be a Loony Toon?
  20. No, its from that cartoonist who left the company with all the comics about that grouchy, fowl mouthed druluz, his three nephews and his rich uncle. I think he is working for the writer of that Prince of Sartar cartoon, better gig imo. speaking of lawsuits if that company that owns the rich druluz finds out about this thread... 'nuff said! Excelsior!
  21. The Crimson Bat? Isn’t that the superhero character that TC (Telmori Comics) is suing Prax Publishing over?
  22. More specifically, there was not that much of a difference between beast totemic ancestry and dragon ancestry. The earliest description of the Beast Rune that I have seen named it the representation of a dragon's scale. I am not sure that the Easterners make much of a distinction between Kralori dragons and Vithelan Phoenixes. Then there is the equivalence between TarnGatHa and Aether, HeenMaroun and Yelm, Metsyla and Antirius. Not yet fully draconic, but enough so to be contacted as such by modern Kralori. Mikaday appears to be the main exception. There is also the theme of the Twin Phoenix saga near the Andin Isles. The God Learner classification in Anaxial's Roster has two solar expressions of the first two beasts before splitting into Hykim and Mikyh, which were both beast and dragon to the God Learners IMO. The Dragon bit wasn't important to the Seshnegi (at least not until the wars with the EWF). Ancient migrations are known, after all we have stories about Basmol's arrival in Tada's Prax (and subsequently him being skinned to prevent him from re-viving). The floods of the Storm Age and Dark Age will have forced some refugee movements of Hsunchen/Hykimi/Fiwan populations, but IMO the expansion migrations of these people happened a lot earlier - probably in the Green Age. (In the "Collision of Worlds" model under the Separate Otherworlds doctrine that Greg discussed at various Tentacles conventions, the interaction of the theist and animist worlds in the north and the south date way back. The Hsunchen dispersal would have happened at this dawn of Gloranthan myth, I suppose.) First Age and earlier documents talk about the Hykimi of western Genertela, AFAIK. Seshnegi contact with Kralorela seems to have been initiated by Guilam D'Estau, the inventor of the False Dragon Ring. The portions of Genert's Wastes bordering to the Shan Shan were just about to be re-discovered as Hidden Greens by the Beast Riders, which indicates a previously highly fragmented nature of the place. Treack Markhor and Avalor may have been the first humans to cross the Wastes from East to West. (This also indicates a rather recent origin of the Iron Forts, or otherwise a different original enemy.) I wonder when the Praxians started to raid Teshnos. The historical maps in the Guide make it look like contact may have been made
  23. GURPS handles this extremely well. As skills are bought in a range of Attribute -3 to Attribute +5 and up cross-referenced by skill difficulty. As a general rule, a skill defaults to its controlling attribute at -4 if Easy, -5 if Average, or -6 if Hard. Some skills have no default level. For instance, Alchemy, Hypnotism and Karate are complex enough that you cannot use them at all without training. Example: Impact Weapons Axe/Mace (DX/average) Default: Flail -4 Swords Broadsword (DX/average) Default: Rapier-4, Saber-4, Shortsword-2, or Two-Handed Sword-4. Knife (DX/Easy) Defaults: Main-Gauche-3, or Shortsword-3.
  24. This tends to lead to another misconception brought on by movies,books, TV on the subject. Getting through armor, wither it be Padded, Leather (which for the most part was two or more layers of leather with metal plates in-between), chain, or plate was a slime to none effect with most slashing/piercing weapons (sword, axes, spears,pikes, even arrows) with slime prone to taking vacations. Most techniques relied on finding gaps in the armor or knocking them off their feet and using a dagger to end it. From getting hit with way to many Bokkens, I can say that without armor landing a hit is all that is needed, but with armor you need to find the gaps. I can still feel the pain lol. I'm guessing you mean -5/+5 here, if so, yes I can see this as it would bring about the skill 5 average I was talking about and give an option for a higher skill level for the better skilled PC.
  25. Must be a Zorak Zorani. Most trolls avoid religiously to burn their food.
  26. Do you (anyone) have any game systems that handle this topic well, in your opinion? Just curious.
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