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  2. Bladesharp requires a blade, as well as a focus. Coordination requires some person or animal, as well as the focus. I can see that the marble etc could be used as a focus, or part of the focus... But remember that a focus is supposed to be something that helps the mind to.. focus. And, should be unique for each person (even if copied). Which does lead to an interesting question... Can you use someone else's spell focus?
  3. I just realised... Guided Teleportation is a Self only spell, and is limited by the need to have already been to the place you're going to, and the week long enchantment ritual to go with it (RAW).* But, what about a matrix? I could see a "way station" series of porting circles in place done by Issaries for fun and immense profit. (* obviously I'm being quite anal about this in regards to RQG rules..)
  4. not sure that there really is a difference.
  5. Seems to me that an elven family history would be much different than a human one, The events that would matter to an aldryami would be on a different time scale "don't worry about that slight Elmanagic the Yellow offered, in 350 seasons (70 years) it won't mean a thing. You are but 250 seasons old (50 years). When you get to be my age, you'll see it all differently." Also of a much different nature I am sure are battles Are they as reverent to a long lived race (certainly not non- aldryami battles imo), If not what would be remembered that would matter and give context and passions as well as chances to increase skills to an aldryami's life and formative years other than battle. Bad winters, The coming of settlers, and axes... Using this as a stating place, why not give just as many examples as one would give a human but over a greater span of years and historical events that an elf would note?
  6. Dwarf Family History table: 1597 1-20 stayed at home, did work. 1598 1-20. Stayed at home, did work 1599 1-20. Stayed at home, did work
  7. While I hate to introduce a third dimension of complexity, over the years I've come to embrace "emic historiography" as a way to negotiate the apparent contradictions. Current publishing reveals the most accurate information we have in the Gloranthan present about the Gloranthan past. The smartest people in 1625 accept these things as true. But Time changes the world and in the past, they told other stories that were a mix of supposition, useful lies, garbled insight and so on. This is especially true in the West where we've seen multiple grand visions rise and fall and leave a lot of once-settled facts up for reexamination . In this approach, some of those stories were the ones Greg fiddled around with when it was called "Glorinthael." My conceit is that somebody in Glorantha somewhere believed that this was how the world worked, just like at one point at least a few fans built their games around settled facts that the publishing has moved away from. Those games happened. The characters and adventures were as real as any other exploration of the setting. We know differently now . . . but what these stories reveal is what somebody believed before the rest of us figured out it was wrong. That tells us a lot about the culture. And I like the idea of somebody in the West concocting these elaborate fantasies about various clerical models or mounted heavy cavalry or "chivalry" and "crusades" and Malkion alone knows what else. The archaeological record doesn't support much of it any more than it supports a bright and gleaming Camelot whipped up to inspire people in mud huts, but when the story inspires people it influences their magical landscape. I've always seen the West as a profoundly alienated mentality because that's the academic theology Greg ran into at the university: cut off from the moment, denied sacred time, prisoners of the self in a world that murdered God. When these alienated people try to figure out how they fit into the world, they tell these stories of fallen empires, world-shaking magic, dramatic upheavals, hubris, decline and regret. Greg did a lot of that too. So the upshot is that for those of us who bought into these stories, the seeds of redemptive reading are in there. This is where it started. This is not who they were but what they thought was important, and because that's how Gloranthan magic works, this is how their magic could work otherwise. This is how you kill or forgive zzabur, overturn LePlain and just maybe heal the world, resurrect God. This is how their hero wars feel from the inside. Now I am no expert on the back half of Revealed Mythology but sometime in maybe 600-650 ST the Western sages truly believed that Kralorela, "Teshnon" and a third Hykimite Empire were the successor states Genert established in the east. Whoever they meant by these terms is vague but broadly it means Hykimite dragon people in the river valleys, Vrimakite bird people in the northern highlands ("Kralor") and a mixed race of Neralite sheep people and (N)Agi migrants in Teshnon. The intricacies of Abzared were lost on them as well as me but I think the Eagle Phoenix Emperor concept (killed by greedy sea gods, a/k/a Western adventurers) is extremely compelling here as a way to recover the lost bird empire before the Kralorela we know. Their wing could have stretched across Pent into Peloria, bringing a form of solar / sky civilization with it that only exists now in the hauntology. I don't know if they had horses but maybe they were the ancestors of at least one horse people. Another branch might have deteriorated as the Qa-Ying or some of the avian forms of Eastern Chaos I vaguely remember. Vengeful forms may even be behind Senbar, Orathorn, wherever. Greg had yet to expand the chronology so the Seshnegites come at them fast in this version, using dragon magic to conquer the Vrimakites / "Kralorelans" before ST 80 (remember "year 1 = solar time") and held on until shortly after the Closing in 224 [!] Clearly these dates conceal a lot of history that nobody wants to talk about or were once considered boring "dark ages." We know a lot more now. However, it's useful to get a sense of how official historiography in Kralorela has changed . . . these are not static Asian stereotypes without history but their own sense of their past is as dynamic as everyone else's. After all, when you work for a Dragon Emperor, it's politically advantageous to say you've always been a Dragon civilization, forever and ever amen. (涓嶈) There is clear crossover between the animal civilizations, or at least the Pendalites, who were are told are of the line of Fralar and Hykim. These are more fully developed in the eastern "Hsunchara" empires, which creates an obvious question. Is this the origin story the Pendalites told about themselves or the one the Seshnegites invented for them and substituted? The former version implies that the lion people have cousins in the Shan Shan. The latter requires the Seshnegites to encounter the East first and then retroactively apply it on their rivals back home. They might all have been solar people as well or had solar apparatus that would later show up in Peloria. Sometimes the East shows up as "Yelm" territory after all. Maybe this is also the lost bird influence, phoenixes and eagles in particular being his people.
  8. Our first creative collaboration with German board game design genius Reiner Knizia scored us two Gold ENnies in 2018, for Khan of Khans (Best RPG-Related Product and Best Family Game). And Reiner's done it again, with his new Chaosium game Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection getting a 2019 nomination for Best RPG-Related Product. Both Khan of Khans and Miskatonic University feature the brilliant graphic design work of multi-award winning graphic designer Ian O'Toole. Please support Chaosium and our licensees, partners and friends - ENnies voting is live now, and runs until 11.00PM EST on July 21st: http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019
  9. Just to be clear, as giving it a second read I did come off a little harsh. This was a build-up of dealing with gamers whos only knowledge of swords came from D&D. Same goes for armor LOL. As I said I just feel that 10 is to high. In truth, I think 5 is to high also, but look at it as a compemies between the 2 or 3 I think its worth and 10, to at least make it playable.
  10. Is that as the focus? Or merely a material component? Also, seems weird to me.. the vast majority of spells don't require, so making Detect spells have them seems out of Gloranthan place.
  11. Hopefully there will be KAP news at Gen Con. Book of Castles, Book of Magic, Myrmidon, and Samurai are all that are announced. Would love to hear more about any of them.
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  13. I don't think its wrong to ask a player if their character even cares about family history either. But is that in the "spirit of Runequest?" I know YGWV is an answer. But that isn't the only answer either.
  14. I defer to your utterly superior knowledge and intelligence. You can argue about longsword* and poleaxe with Fiore dei Liberi (1409) who explicitly shows that the guards for a poleaxe are the same as the guards for sword (with two hands) and that one can also use the same guards with a spear. You can argue with Petro Monte (~1500 or so) about 1H vs 2H swords. He notes that the principles of the sword in two hands applies to the sword in one hand, although he does also list a differences too. Of course, these examples aren't specifically relevant to the early period in KAP. Nevertheless, all the details aside, no one is suggesting that things are exactly the same. Weapons have different weights, lengths, strengths and weaknesses. It is a matter of how big a penalty you think applies for shifting from a sword and shield to a mace and shield, or whatever. Clearly you like a bigger drop. I just don't think the penalty should be as large when shifting between weapons that are used similarly. Of course there are some differences between a sword and a mace, but dropping from Sword 20 to Mace 5 seems too much as it ignores all the experience about combat in general that the knight has gained moving from 10 at the start of chargen to 20 after years of experience. I would set the penalty based on similarity of use between the weapons. For example, I don't think being good with a lance would give you much aptitude with a dagger. Regardless, KAP is a simple game mechanically. You can chose a -5 or a -10 or base 5 pretty easily. YPMV. * (in modern English parlance, or hand and a half, or bastard, or spada in due mani, spadone, or sword in two hands, I agree contemporaries didn't use the terms longsword or bastard sword, mostly just 'sword' in translation)
  15. Huh. See now... I was talking from an in-character POV, not player. I'm not at all clear that any direct human-like "family history" background is relevant to the dwarf & elf races. For an Elf, as noted -- a Forest, a glade, etc; maybe a Dryad! For a Dwarf -- it wouldn't be raised on a "family history" basis, nothing to create individualism, family "pride," etc... But yeah... Gotta get PLAYER buy-in, too! 馃槸馃槂
  16. This is a great question. The answer is that they are attracted to the concept of detailed family history during character creation. They know even less about "canon" than I do. So I can see an argument being made for "make it what you want" and calling it good. I'd like to challenge them to just write a character history that smells of "bronze age" and "mythology-focused" (as opposed to "high fantasy").
  17. Continuing my minor probes - I am getting the impression that Greg (at one point, as in no longer maybe?) imagined that Kralorela had a Beast Totemic past, more accurate a kind of conflict between Beast Totemic and Bird Totemic peoples. How does this tie into the (current?) model where Kralorela emerged as a draconic system from previous unity with the East as Abzered, which seems to have had a more Solar system (with some of the pre-Time emperors having been equated with Yelm, Aether Primolt, Ezelveztay (or whoever is before Aether, forget).) The presence of Phoenix Emperors in Abzered (if I remember correctly) in Revealed Mythologies, and the fact that Vrimak has both beastly and celestial aspects seems to open up a possibility of reconciling these visions - but I'm not sure if they were ever intended to be, ie. one being discarded for another. Also - you guys had some talk about how Kralorean Hsunchen/Vrimakites and Western Genertelan Hykimites had some contact? Or at least that the historical documents written by Greg made it seem like they were aware of each other at some point? I know that the God Learners probably got the term "Hsunchen" from the Shan Shan beast totem people, but what about first age or even pre-Time? It's all a bit confusing to me - especially trying to separate the in-universe chronology and the out-of-universe chronology.
  18. "Mmmm, roast Uroxi", says one troll to the other, "My Fave!".
  19. True enough, I loved Morrow Project and to say the graphics were, well... simple, not to mention how ugly some of RQ 3's graphics were, another system I loved.
  20. I don't think you need endless historical lists for these. As with humans, there are certain events that punctuate the longer periods and embed in their minds. Other similar events just "reinforce" but don't need elaboration. For the Mostali, just go with the individual. As they say "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree"! Or in this case, the elf. But, I agree, the loyalty will be to the grove or the dryad, not a parent. Maybe they go by "1st Elder" for the prior generation, "2nd Elder" for two generations prior, etc.
  21. If a djinni popped out of my coffee mug and gave me 3 wishes... well, none of them would be about RPGs... but if it gave me a few dozen wishes, somewhere in there I MIGHT wish Magic World and Core BRP to get shiny new editions with world class art (tastefully arrange so as to not clutter), and full support from nu-Chaosium for decades into the future. But minus such wishes, I would rather have any available resources (fan energy and cash) diverted toward NEW content rather than reformatting old stuff for the sake of the handful of new players it might draw in. If you want pretty pictures to inspire you, the internet is full of them... I keep folders full of images, organized by theme. Loads more stuff than can be crammed into any rulebook. I really do not need any art in my rulebooks. My favorite rulebook design of all time is Classic Traveller... clean, clear... no illustrations at all (well, maybe one). Those 3 books had no trouble at all revving up my imagination and making me want to play.
  22. Love it. Sometimes all we can do is set our jaw and hang on for where the ride takes us. People have floated various extremely arcane theories about the (re)occurrence of Beast People in areas where more conventional human life vanishes or reverts to a kind of ambivalent "hsunchen" state. Since I'm in an ecological frame of mind today I like the one where these entities are a kind of therapeutic symbol the land spontaneously generates to keep humans out while it recovers, a sort of forced return to Green Age systems. For me that's a sign magic is moving in the right direction. However the fact that centaurs have not erupted in the wreckage of Jrustela makes it more likely that even if this model is valid the right totemic substrate is required. Seshna and Kerofin both remembered horse people and bull people and goat people so those forms were available there. The island at best had its bug people who may serve the same broad purpose. To test the hypothesis I would look for grand, terrible and beautiful hybrid forms emerging in the Hero Wars as civilized people with beast tribe backgrounds are pushed back to the origin to survive. Charg may well be full of minotaurs and worse. I have not made it out to Guebelle yet but suspect the King there will insist that they've always been there and that all the intervening history is the myth. If so, I can't say I blame him. While some might also have escaped from some imperial reservation or living museum similar to how the stitched people were built by the EWF for zoos, I appreciate the romance of the stitched mutants making it into the forest and meeting their perfect and beautiful cousins waiting for them for the first time. (Guebelle probably contains a nest of the "puma people" to take the place of the extinct lions, but we won't talk about that.) Another complicating factor is that there aren't a lot of true Beast People in these texts. We meet pony tribes and vrimakites but I haven't run across an actual centaur or "winged folk" yet. Likewise, bull people but no minotaurs, none of the weird hybrid forms you can summon in Nomad Gods. Greg wasn't really interested. That doesn't mean they weren't there.
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  24. I think we are running down a gag..,. and beating it to a pulp. I was going to post something similar this AM but decided to double check the thread and came to the dame conclusion g33k did. Otherwise the post made would have been a little different but keeping the above quote. Cheers
  25. Which reminds me, I've not played in Glorantha, but apparently the 'ducks' have turned people away. Emotions and engagement with fantasy, with suspended disbelief, can be fickle and fragile. Every little (detail) helps, imo. Though one can't cater for everyone's tastes. I love fantasy art, though. Good art and a good map, with a great system, is a heady combo for roleplaying.
  26. I think we got a pretty comprehensive (and official) reply from Jason, upthread. That ... kind of completes the topic? End if the line? No more tracks from which to derail the train? I think we're running down a spur.
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