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  2. Oooh, that hadn't occurred to me! But it makes a lot of sense that the freezing would effect the physical earth before the spiritual earth. And that would explain why Oria passed the Earth Queen job on, if she can't do it anymore... And in gameplay terms at least, Nyalda is even further away from the physical Earth than Ernalda was in KODP--none of her blessings is a food/crop blessing, and only one is related to (human) fertility. Mostly she 's associated with bonds between people: marriage, the Cooperation blessing that helps people work together, harmony/relations boosts from the Hospitality blessing's feasts... To be Orlanthi about it, "No one can live alone." But I do wonder if the freezing of the Earth effects her, too... Anyway, I was curious about story tent variations, so I went poking around a few saves. It looks like it mostly varies depending on Famous Event and ancestral enemy. There were 7 horse generations in Nivorah, 10 since the exodus (not counting the current one), and who knows how many pre-horse Nivoran generations. Named generations are: Exodus Generation Generation of Enemies (Thengist, Goldtalon) Warring Chieftain generation (ends with Nameforgot's big defeat-) Far Travel Generation (“many inhuman foes beset us at this time”) The Madness Generation (emblems removed from the story tent to protect later generations from bad dreams) Healing Generation ("Erissa priestesses performed great deeds", presumably curing the madness that affected the previous generation) Fast Foals Generation (the clan splits five ways) Winter Generation (a time of extreme cold, so much that the Riders feared dying out) Rekindling Generation (“But then the chieftains of the Rekindling Generation went to the Gods War to brighten Elmal and warmth came back. Our chief for most of this time, <X>, gave more of himself than any other, leaving his heart in the sky hearth. The eldest among us remember those times, but soon we will only have these emblems to go by.” ) Honey Generation (your elders all remember this time--it sounds like a time of relative plenty after the rekindling). Valley Generation (current). First emblem is usually a Famous Event, but the Forces of Water enemy can go earlier: (I was wondering if the Changer was Yelmalio or Yonesh, but looking it up on the Glorantha wiki gave me a Pameltelan trickster god, also known as Running Nose.) (I am not sure why this doesn't refer to Kestor Brang.) It's interesting that some of the very early Famous Deeds mention female ancestors, despite how patriarchal the Dara Happans are. Then again, the Earth=female association seems pretty strong, going by how shocked your people are by Uldak being a male earth god. (If you don't have an event or enemy in this time period, you get a generic battle as your first emblem, with randomized details. My favorite variant was "the clash at Weeping Hill, where we fought the drunken bears and destroyed them all.") The Werris Mur event seems to take place a bit later: (I think that's my favorite of the famous events, as depicted here--it's a neat bit of foreshadowing for where the game ends up going!) (I already listed this one, but it's neat. And I think this is about where it goes in chronological order.) After Hyalor tames/heals Gamari, there's this: It's the same for both ways you can pick Ram ancestral enemies in clan creation--I was hoping that they'd be different, oh well. Although it's interesting in its own way--it makes it sound like the ancestors made a conscious decision to become the sworn enemies of the Rams in order to gain power against them. A couple of others sound like that too. Chaos comes in at the same time. Your minor god gets a mention during the exodus: The trolls might actually be before the minor gods bit, not sure. Like the Ram choice, it doesn't seem to vary. The last two Famous Events actually happen after Yenfar is mentioned, so well after the exodus: (Which ties back into the part in "Busenari Finds the Light" where the narration says everyone in Yelm's time drank mead instead of milk. I wonder if lactose tolerance is a divine gift in Glorantha, like so much else? Probably it is.) I know that the dwarves can recognize your ancestors as involved in this event; I wonder if the people of Genert's Garden can? (They do show up in the game: https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/Agimori_Visit ) The elves and dwarves only appear as enemies during the Far Travel generation.
  3. Corollary to my prior post: doing drugs helps you get pets. Hazia and Moon Flowers (Bestiary p.199) each provide the effect of the Discorporation spell (it says "spell" specifically, so probably not actually meaning the shaman ability with the same name). You could use this to go bully an animal into submission with Spirit Combat, then cast Control (Entity) to command it for two whole minutes. Or forever, if you're a shaman with Spell Extension (but without Rune magic, or just without the Discorporation spell).
  4. Thanks, I'd forgotten about this. In my head it's just part of the Griffin Gate scenarios.
  5. Do non-wizard members of the Aeolian zzaburi caste use magic at all? If so, what kind?
  6. Forgotten Secrets is a transcript, but Sharper Adventures is not. That is an essay written as a fund raiser for Kraken convention These books do contain outdated material, but most of the material in them only may be outdated. The importance of certain aspects and subcults is way less than Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe or ILH2 suggest. Any reference to Malkionism as a church can be seen as a warning that this material will undergo revision. Any reference to knights should be read as "men-of-all", the meaning of which varies from Malkioni school to school. I haven't seen any mention of Malkioni acolythists in any undoubtedly canonical publication, but I do think that there is a place for somewhat literate non-wizards reading out Malkioni scripture to the masses at their congregations where the Malkioni are assembled to support their wizards' magics.
  7. I'm not exactly certain how "egregious" this is, but according to Control (Entity) it can be used to control "mundane animals such as hawks, dogs, mammoths, shadowcats, etc." I'm inclined to think this would include "normal" dinosaurs, but not "original" ones which were once Dragonewts according to the Bestiary. This requires the Discorporation Rune spell, although the Control (Entity) spell notes that it's mostly shamans who can use it. Doing so's somewhat safe, though; animals don't have listed Spirit Combat scores (and there seems to me no plausible reason to give them POWx5 like spirits) and most of the cool big critters have 3D6 POW (average 10-11). Plus, according to the Rune spell you can travel up to 5km on one RP, so you should be able to take down the critter before it can find you and eat you. Having a mammoth, titanotheres, triceratops, or tyrannosaurus as a permanent pet via Spell Extension sounds extra dope. Just make sure to give it a hefty Countermagic so enemies won't dismiss the one-point Control spell and let it run rampant. So two levels of Spell Extension per pet, then. Seems a fair trade. Trickiest part will probably be finding the spirit which knows the requisite Control spell in the Spirit World. Even the non-dinosaur critters have some great choices. Discorporation Rune Spell is on p.326, and has a different description than the shaman's ability on p. 357. Control (Entity) is on p.258.
  8. Sorry for the resurrection, but quick question - what's the price for crystals? Both powered and unpowered. It used to be in the thousands of L... I'm not so sure now.
  9. Ideally for me it would be the other way around; I'm not likely to rush to buy something full of statblocks. HQ is the game which finally got me interested in Glorantha, thirty-odd years after I first played RuneQuest, and at this point in my life I'm not likely to start buying yet another game and starting over. But of course RuneQuest is the bigger game and the shift was inevitable. Indeed, from a business point of view it would be strange if they hadn't done it. For me personally it's a pity and makes the products far less appealing, but the company isn't run for me.
  10. (pun intended... naturally!) I finally got the Adventurer's Book (after lots of hassles with the dl from DriveThru ) And, looking at the Rune Metals, I noticed a particular sentences- "When enchanted, iron weapons are tempered into steel. They have half again the armor points of bronze.... Unenchanted iron has the same physical qualities as bronze." (p121) However, in the Bestiary, under Mostali, "Armor: Coat of unenchanted heavy dwarf iron chainmail (11 pts.) and full helm (12 pts.)" Speaking of Iron, the price lists say unenchanted Iron is worth 700L per ENC. However, prices will fluctuate and be widely different based on availability (naturally!). So, question - what price would you put on unenchanted iron around Dragon Pass? (or, is the 700L considered the typical price for that area, as the rest of RQG is centred in that part of the world?)
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  12. "To initiate to Ernalda, you must be or become a woman." Men's worship to Ernalda somewhat overlaps with their worship to Uleria.
  13. One of my favorite stories as a kid was the "magic pancakes of the footbridge tavern", a chinese tale published in many different books. If you can find it, it adapts well to rpg oneshots.
  14. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge.I think it confirms my thoughts of a Bronze facing.
  15. Any good sources for a fairly generic, one shot fantasy adventure? Preferably the kind of thing travelling characters might get involves with on their way somewhere?
  16. Any good sources for a fairly generic, one shot fantasy adventure? Preferably the kind of thong travelling characters might get involves with on their way somewhere?
  17. This is a super useful thread, thanks @Trifletraxor! Here are some notes I think might be worth adding: Mentioning at the top that all the links are for the PDFs, but add a note specifically next to GtG, GSB, and the 4 books in the new line, that those are available in dead-tree format too. Make a note of reprinted material where the previous material is also in the list (since I'm not sure why you would want to buy both the old and, err, less old book, except for historical value or completing your collection): Glorantha Classics Griffin Mountain is a second edition of Griffin Mountain. Glorantha Classics Cult Compendium collects and revises Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, Rune Masters, TrollPak, RuneQuest Companion, and some magazine articles including some from Wyrms Footnotes. Glorantha Classics Borderlands & Beyond collects and revises Borderlands, Plunder, Rune Masters, Nomad Gods, RuneQuest Companion, and some magazine articles including some from Wyrms Footnotes. Apple Lane was (AFAICT?) heavily revised for the RuneQuest Gamemaster Pack. Other remarks: Wyrms Footnotes should be in the zine section at the end? (probably with a note that only issue 15 is available) Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha and Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha are in the HeroQuest Glorantha section, but also at the bottom since they're convention transcripts AFAIK. They should only show up in that bottom section I think? (especially since both their first occurrence have a broken link... the bottom section occurrences have the correct link) I'm told that the books in the HeroQuest and Hero Wars sections are mostly outdated and not considered canon anymore? It would be good to add a note about it if it's true? Since all the other links point to electronic formats first, the King of Sartar should maybe point here first? This missing volume V in the Stafford Library reminds me of another game... but yeah, maybe add a note that it's missing restoration. The Book of Heortling Mythology is incorrectly labeled as volume IX instead of XI. Some broken links to update: The link for Gathering Thunder should point here. Imperial Lunar Handbook links should point here and here. The link for Champions of the Reaching Moon should point here. The link for Blood Over Gold should point here. The link for Thunder Rebels should point here. The link for Barbarian Adventures should point here. The link for Orlanth Is Dead should point here. That's it!
  18. " Only women may worship Ernalda. " I think you should rephrase that. Anybody can worship anything they like. Especially since it's a base truth that associated cults, as well as in general the entire pantheon, will also worship those deities connected. Being accepted into the cult as an initiate is something quite different.
  19. g33k

    RQ vs D&D

    Which RQ do you mean? The new/current "RQG" edition? Or the KS'ed "Classic" edition? RQG has "Passions" baked in. Stuff like "Hate Lunars" and "Fear Harrek the Berserk" and "Loyalty to Shaker Temple" and "Love Family" for example. You can use them to Augment certain other rolls: "Fear Harrek" might help your various stealth rolls when Harrek is around, "Hate Lunars" might help your combat skills vs. Lunar troops, etc etc. It has been part of the rules since the Quickstart was released. Then you ask about an "update," & a "starter set," so I'm confused... There is the "Quickstart" with the Broken Tower scenario. That has been out the longest, before even the core RQG rulebook. Passions included. There is the core book itself, about a year old. LOTS about Passions! There is the new "slipcase set" which adds the Bestiary and "GM Screen Pack" (which is over a HUNDRED more pages than just a "GM screen"), and of course the slipcase, to the Core book. Some new Passions for the new races. There is a project Chaosium announced for a "Starter Set" for RQG, but that's a ways out yet, I think.
  20. I'm seeing this discussion somewhat similar to the related languages, with the half, 1/5, 1/10 skills... You're always able to perform the skill at X% of the first skill, but can improve the others individually above that. Which, really, only becomes relevant when the original skill is so high that it's going to be tough getting the experience check. Otherwise, the off-hand/related language is always going to benefit from skill increases. (I was almost confused by the RAW... after all, I didn't see a point in a) tracking each hand individually, and b) having the half-normal hand skill.... But, I think I get it now).
  21. I've heard some awful things about the new 5e modules. Most of the 5e games that I have either played in or observed seemed to me to also lean too heavily toward combat rules bog-down, or fast and loose rules that start to lack consistency and cohesion. I think that my least favorite thing about D&D is the level-progression dependency of hit points. It isn't only death by a thousand cuts, but also how under-powered, by comparison, the innate ability to physically survive is to that of higher levels. The first time I played Gamma World, I suddenly realized that it is pretty ridiculous to give monsters and animals hit dice based on their size and robustness and not have hit dice for humanoids base on a similar metric.
  22. What are Passions in RQ? Is a RQ update coming in addition to the starter set? It sounds interesting!
  23. Works for me. He works in mysterious ways, etc.
  24. I might dig out an ancient post showing that Truth is inherent in Illusion and vice versa - each is the white space of the other. The winter/dead shape of the trees may be much closer to the Truth Rune. As to dating that image in Glorantha, it should correspond to the middle Golden Age, after Umath's birth but before his dismemberment. The extra mountains in the back of the ground level might refer to those mentioned in the God Learner maps of the Guide, or they might be the lesser mountains from the Otherworld Holy Country (the Spiral Map) pulled into this depiction.
  25. There was mention of special sered breeds from Darjiin, used by a cavalry unit in that article on horses that was deconstructed later on. Otherwise, Darjiin is a bit contradictory - hilltop forests for a swamp-dwelling people? It does suggest some specialization to defend good positions. With Shadzoring Alkoth hating them, probably a survival trait.
  26. BELVEREN THE CHAOS CLEANSER (Healer of Chaos Wounds) Belveren was the first goddess to learn the secret of healing chaos, which she learned by aiding Urox the Storm Bull. In some stories, she is Urox’s lover. In others, she is his daughter. She is very popular in Skanthiland near Dorastor and near Snakepipe Hollow and the Footprint. CULT PERSONALITY SKILLS: Brave CULT SKILLS: Treat Disease. ETERNAL BATTLE RUNE MAGIC CURE CHAOS WOUND (Rune Magic, Self, Instant, 1 pt) This spell may be stacked as a free action with any healing spell used to cure a wound caused by a chaotic creature. It provides all the magic points needed to fuel the spell. This spell has little effect on most Rune Magic, though it does work with Heal Wound. EXORCISE CHAOS SPIRIT (Rune Magic, Ritual, Stackable, Touch 1 pt.) This ritual magic takes approximately one hour to cast. At the end of the ritual the caster touches one creature, object, or location possessed by a Chaotic Spirit and, if the POW of the Spirit is overcome, the Spirit is cast out and driven back to the Spirit Plane. Ceremony skill can be used to augment the caster’s resistance roll. The spell affects one possessing spirit of the caster’s choice. Additional pts can be used to simultaneously exorcise additional spirits possessing the same target or add +25% to the resistance roll. IMPEDE CHAOS (Rune Magic, Ranged, 1 pt.) Any chaos thing that attacks the target of this spell is -30% to hit. Non-chaotic foes are not impeded. PURIFY FOOD AND WATER (Rune Magic, Ritual, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt) At the conclusion of this spell, one days worth of food and water are purified from any chaos taint or disease. Each additional pt adds another day’s worth of food and water. SEE CHAOS TAINT (Rune Magic, Range = 10 m, Self, Duration, 2 pts). While under the effect of this spell, the caster can see the taint of Chaos on any Chaos creature and can identify by sight their exact chaos features. HARMONY RUNE MAGIC EXORCISE DISEASE SPIRIT (Rune Magic, Ritual, Stackable, Touch 1 pt.) This ritual magic takes approximately one hour to cast. At the end of the ritual the caster touches one creature, object, or location possessed by a Disease Spirit and, if the MP of the Spirit is overcome, the Spirit is cast out and driven back to the Spirit Plane. Ceremony skill can be used to augment the caster’s resistance roll. The spell affects one possessing spirit of the caster’s choice. Additional pts can be used to simultaneously exorcise additional spirits possessing the same target or to give a +25% to the resistance roll. RESTORE COMPLETE HEALTH (Rune Magic, Ritual, Touch, 3 pts.) At the completion of this ritual, any deleterious effects of disease on the target of this spell are completely restored. Lost stat points are restored, negative skill modifiers removed, etc. This spell does not have any effect on damage that was not caused by disease. This spell can only be cast on Ernalda's High Holy Day. SECRET (Eternal Battle Rune Magic) PURGE CHAOS TAINT (Rune Magic, Ritual, Touch, 3 pts.) This ritual takes 24 hours to cast. At the conclusion of the ritual, the healer focuses her energy on one object, person, place, or animal that has been tainted by chaos (the target must be present for the entire ritual). The caster tries to overcome the strength of the Chaotic Taint (determined by the GM) with her POW augmented by her Ceremony Roll. If she is successful, the chaotic taint is completely removed. If she fails and the target is an object, it is destroyed. If the target is a living being, on a failed roll, the creature dies. In either case, on a failed roll, the chaos taint spreads to the priestess. If the target was a physical location, the taint spreads to the priestess and the location remains chaotic. Inherently chaotic things like Walktapi , Karshtkids, or Dragonsnails cannot be purified. Broos and naturally occurring (not ritually created) Scorpionmen can, however. Sometimes. Ritually created Scorpionmen are purified of taint but always die in the process.
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