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  2. Looking at Revealed Mythologies, he definitely has a major case of PTSD. Skinning a cousin for writing material might do that to you.
  3. Yes, I too am concerned that the art for the world鈥檚 premium horror roleplaying game is becoming way too goofy.
  4. True, the wooden roof construction of Constantine the Great's basilika in Trier lasted until about 50 years ago in the German climate (though in an airy and dry environment, without any other material than timber involved in the construction). Wood exposed to rain and sunlight will only last a few years in German climate - a well-impregnated scaffold around the caravan parking lot next to my house was reduced from three inch solid timber to paper thin remnants within two decades. Forgetting a gardening tool outside last autumn meant that the 1.5 inch diameter wooden handle had rotted so much that even light stress made it break. Dead wood buildings exposed to the elements (and wasps) require maintenance and constant replacement of exposed portions of timber. One way to prevent such exposure is to plaster or chalk such constructions, creating a look indistinguishable from a plastered stone or brick structure. But this very act will weaken at least the outside of the timber so covered, weakening the structure from the onset in exchange for keeping off damage.
  5. even the blue man has something like nightmares
  6. The Brithini didn't really worship their demised ancestors - after all they knew they were lost and could no longer be contacted. The new practices were established alongside Hrestolism, after the Dawn. IMO all the information we have in Revealed Mythologies is from sources that deal with an altered Other Side. The early God Learners tinkered with Malkionism, and so did the anti-paganism Hrestoli movement after the Serpent King dynasty had died out in the late second century. It was Hrestol who had established tinkering with the Other Side for mundane world rewards among the Seshnegi (and again among the Malkioni of Fronela), after all. The Zzaburite teachings and records may be presented as the objective truth in the memory of the Great Sorcerer, but IMO a good deal of memory editing went into those insights, and possibly a mystical union between the human immortal leader of the Zzabur caste and the Erasanchula, until the human forgot his origins as the son of Malkion and a Tilnta. Since new developments in Seshnela usually were actively imposed on Arolanit and then counteracted by the Sorcerer Supreme, I have come to think of Zzabur's tales as an avatar's memories of his divinity's past, and not the personal memories of the human avatar. Depends on whether you give precedence to the Danmalastan story (which is fresher and longer than the Brithela story) where the human Sorcerer Supreme forgets his divine ancestry and claims the divinity of the runic entity he was born into as an avatar over the Brithela story which has the advantage of conforming to numerous established connections with Seshnegi deities, elves in Brithos, and those unpublished older stories which may be heavily edited memories rather than objective truths, too.
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  8. Elmal's subsection will likely be similar to the write up here barring any changes that need to be done.
  9. All current works show "Mallia".
  10. She's one of the Lowfires. He's a dynasty founder, not a god. He could be worshipped as an ancestor, or perhaps a Hero cult.
  11. I've been assuming the mention of the Seshnegi in Daka Fal was a reference to the Ascended Masters, since it mentions it happening in the Dawn Age. (Although the alternate approach mentioned of reducing gods to ancestors/superhumans does seem in line with the RQ3 depiction of the False Gods as powerful sorcerers)
  12. Is there any further info on the contents? From the cover I'm guessing it's comedic horror, but that seems to be out of step with recent releases.
  13. Vote in the ENnies - Polls close tonight at 11PM EST. http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019 It's a very strong field, so Chaosium and Cthulhu need your support - and your vote. Vote Cthulhu, Vote Chaosium!
  14. I love the fact that the guy in the middle appears to have been inspired by Jon Polito's character in The Big Lebowski.
  15. Back to the mistress race roll?
  16. Northern Pamaltela is where I imagine them, certainly, but like the invasive supercolonies of ants in Spain, I could certainly see them in Teshnos. They're essentially intelligent tree frogs, they could probably live anywhere yellow elves thrive. In fact, that's one of the facets of their existence I haven't really worked out for certain myself: their relations with yellow aldryami. By default, the Grung should hate elves like everyone else, but I can't see Errinoru putting up with such an intelligent hostile species... unless we posit their toxins aren't effective against vegetable life (or at least are less potent) in which case they'd be a very natural ally
  17. You enter the room quietly. Unfortunately, you've been seen. As you peer into the gloom, you see - and hear - a huge barbarian charging towards you. He roars as he throws at you... A really bad pun! Roll to dodge.
  18. You can span a great distance with wood than you can with stone, however in the Mediterranean climate, and further south, termites will eat the wood sooner or later. Hence the use of stone and mud brick for monumental buildings. The development of stone vaulting allowed greater distances to be spanned. However in the right climatic zone, a Greek design temple would have fewer supporting columns than the stone equivalent. A Gloranthan equivlant of Cedar of Lebanon that can produce beams around 30m in length gives a lot of freedom with design.
  19. Page 11, Cambria table. The inhabitants of Cheshire are defined as Cymric Pagan....However, this conflicts with Book of the Knights & Ladies page 22, where people from Cheshire should be British Christian. Right or wrong? I know "Cheshire" has roman roots in its name and the area is known for the "City of Legions". Maybe giving Roman Christian religions or Roman ethnics is too much....but Pagan Cymrics seems to be an exageration on the other side of the spectrum! What's the correct religion?
  20. Yeah, Plunder works well, if you downgrade the monetary values. I'd just use Lunars for Wheels, Clacks for Lunars and ignore Clacks. I am sure I did a D20D100 sheet for Treasure, using my extended Plunder rules, I'll have to dig it out and redo it for RQG. Basically it gives you a sheet, all you need to do is roll a D20 and a D100 to work out which row to use, then go across to the calculated TF range and it gives you the treasures. Much easier than generating them on the fly.
  21. Joerg

    Books and Scrolls

    So where do I get to direct the adventurers to deal with you?
  22. Herit鈥檚 Sword of Indrodar This sword is a Bronze Falcata, a single edged curved sword with a heavy concave part of the blade near the tip and a convex part near the hilt. Runes of Indrodar are engraved upon the blade near the non-bladed edge the Runes are: Death, Mastery and Death in a repeating pattern. Cults 路 Associated: Indrodar Greydog. It should be noted this is the first of its kind and while known it is not well known. 路 Enemy: Lunar Empire Cults: Jakaleel the Witch, Delecti the Necromancer 路 Friendly: Humakt. 路 Hostile: Vivamort, Zorak Zoran Knowledge 路 Automatic: This is a sword. It can be used by any that have the ability to use such a weapon 路 One of a Kind: Indrodar himself enchanted this sword, there is the chance he would do so again given good reason (and a heroquest) History Herit grew up in the Bush Region of Old Tarsh, a hunter for his village. The area he hunted was dotted with ancient ruins of ages past and these gave Herit a taste for things outside his home. Each time he found another ruin he tried to understand who and what had been there before鈥 his curiosity became too great and he soon began travelling further from home. Herit learned much from the ruins especially an old ruin that had once been dedicated to Indrodar Greydog. During his roaming Herit always returned to this place. It was peaceful and gave him much rest, except one night where his sleep was beset by horrible dreams. In his dreams he saw creatures from the grave rising up, as far as he ran he could not seem to escape them, all his skills simply kept him just ahead of them just out of reach. Then when he was sure they would reach him he stumbled dropping his broad sword and came to a place that stilled his frantic heart, gave peace to his panic. He saw the ruins of Indrodar鈥檚 Shrine as it once had been and before him stood Indrodar himself, looking at Herit he reached out a hand lifting Herit鈥檚 sword which now shone with a golden light and said, 鈥淥ne comes who will teach you my ways鈥︹ then Herit saw him lift his gaze, 鈥淣ow awaken before it is too late for you my Hunter鈥 Herit awoke and found himself on his feet his fire burning low his sword in his hand and reaching for him was one of the creatures from his dreams. 鈥淚ndrodar!鈥 he shouts and noticing for the first time his sword glowing golden he slashes at the unlife abomination. The creature gasps once, but not in pain but in release and Herit knows its spirit is finally released. The empty shell of a body drops to the ground. Herit kneels before the broken shrine his still glowing sword in hand when he hears the approach of someone, another man steps into the clearing and nods as if to himself. 鈥淵ou are Herit, I believe we have much to discuss鈥︹ The Indrodarian spent many nights and days with Herit teaching him of Indrodar Greydog and the battle against all Unlife. On the day that the Indrodarian left he said nothing till he had stepped into the forest, pausing he says in tones of sorrow, 鈥淩eturn to your village Herit, return as quick as you may.鈥 Then he was gone. Herit ran through the land he had travelled for so long and soon came upon the remains of his village. From the tracks a large group had attacked and he sees a few dead bodies, Lunar Soldiers. As he cries out in despair he sees other bodies of his people and his kin, he looks at the burning homes and the devastation felt in his heart is mirrored by what he sees. Then a foul stench assails him and he stands sword ready, the dead bodies glimmer as runes appear over them then fade away and the dead begin to slowly shamble upright, the Lunar devils had used foul sorcery to create Zombies. Herit raises his sword and his cry to Indrodar falls silently from suddenly cold lips as he sees his own kin rise up as zombies. He screams his horror and loss once and then, 鈥淚nrodar!鈥 his sword blazes golden and he attacks the Zombies, his sword empowered by Indrodar鈥檚 Divine power, severs the enchantments that created their hideous Unlife. Leaving his home for the last time Herit seeks out other areas of Unlife, his hatred for the Lunar Empire knows no bounds his desire to free all Unlife is his duty, while his quest is to learn anything he can about ending Unlife. During this time Herit was attacked and captured by a Lunar Slave Skyboat, all his possessions were taken from him including the sword. It鈥檚 location in unknown. Procedure Created by the god Indrodar Greydog. Powers This Falcata was blessed by the god Indrodar, its wielder was handed the sword by the god himself and it enabled him to defeat Zombies raised by Lunar Sorcery. It is a Bronze Falcata, a single edged curved sword. (Broadsword) It has the ability to glow when undead are nearby (25m max detection range) the glow is, at its brightest, the same as a torch at its dimmest it is as an ember. It shows the distance of the undead by its brightness, dimmer the further away the undead are, it does not show direction. The glow will act as the spell Demoralize (against undead only though), by matching the wielders POW vs POW or MP of the undead. The sword itself has a permanent Release Undead spell upon it. Value 5000 Lunars. To those who fight undeath it is priceless. To an Indrodarian worshiper it is beyond priceless
  23. Next, in the Mythras Rules series - let's delve into the divine magic of the theists! https://youtu.be/rgmod0OH-5o
  24. I didn't know that, because I didn't buy any of the 5.X editions. I didn't notice big differences with 3rd edition when I looked at it in my FLGS. One of my players raised his DEX to 20 just to differentiate his knight from other PKs, as he feared any weapon other than a sword would break too easily at high level.
  25. Often, the best loot is arms and armor taken from baddies. A broadsword's worth 50L, nearly as much as a Free household's yearly income (60L). But of course it's always satisfying to find coins, and most folks have lousier gear than swords and bronze plate. In that case, I tend to roll one or two dice, depending on how well-off I imagine the opposition. Usually 2D6 coins in a purse, or 1D6 and 1D8. D6 Lunars, and D6 or D8 clacks. If someone specials and I'm feeling benevolent, I might stick in a gem worth some number of dice in Lunars. Be careful with the Plunder treasure tables. They're calculated for RQ2 values. IIRC in the conversion appendix to RQG, it recommends providing treasure values one tenth of what's listed for RQ2 and RQ3 adventures.
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