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  2. You can get a nice brass submarine in Hearts in Glorantha #3
  3. In a way, I find Argrath's story a bit unsatisfying from a dramatic standpoint. He swears to destroy the Lunar Empire. And then he does.
  4. Thinking about it, there is one form of magic they're no worse at than any other species. Tusk Riders would make fine sorcerers, as their INT and POW are fine, and we all know sorcerers have no problem being assholes. Enslaving people's spirits? Perfectly fine with sorcery! Even makes it easier! Plus you can learn Tap Charisma to get back at anyone who calls you an uncharismatic bore.
  5. I think Greg didn't favour one over the other. At least once upon a time he intended to write a Lunar book equivalent to King of Sartar where the Lunars were victorious and the Sartarites/Orlanthis were defeated. Whether that stayed his intention I don't know. My vague memory/interpretation was that a Lunar total victory was to be as bad as the future glimpsed in King of Sartar. My further interpretation (and yes, I know I'm running a long way down my own reading/rememberings) was that the player characters had to find a way between the two extremes. So I agree completely that Orlanthi PCs should reign Argrath in somehow. I also agree with the comment about empires not being favoured = and that would include Argrath's. Michael
  6. Today
  7. Well, crits are considered as a 10, so a "0 "can be either a 0 or a 10, depending on the units result. And the higher your skill, the most likely it is to be 10 than 0. I also use Skill/10 as the chance for crits. As I said, it's the base damage value. Final damage works exactly as you describe, including the parry part. I also consider that when both fail, the highest die wins, but with a quality of 0. It results in damage to the defender simply equal to weapon-armor, which can be 0.
  8. I've been toying with a system where effects derive from a combination of a characters innate qualities (like existing DB, but divided between force and precision); skill rating and "tool" (e.g. weapon) effectiveness. So for example DB might be +1D4, Skill might grant +1D8, tool / weapon +1D6 for a total roll of 1D4+1D8+1D6 (Specials and crits would allow one to increase the die size in DB). A successful defensive roll would allow the defender to include active defence (parrying object's tool die Parry Skill die OR or Dodge skill die) as well as passive (armour die); a failed defence roll would only allow passive defence. Not tested it anger yet mind. Cheers, Nick
  9. For much of the time when running BRP and using a statement of intent phase, I've used "Declare in order from lowest INT to Highest INT, then resolve in DEX rank from Highest to Lowest" - so the SMARTEST person gets to plan their action knowing what everyone else is planning, but the resolution is based on who reacts fastest... IN more recent years (well, decade or so...) I've tended to have a more general accounting of Reflexes and situational awareness. Chaot's post was quite an I opener - I ran a LOT of SB1-3 in the 1980's / early 90's but I'd forgotten the details of the original action economy completely! RQ (and other) systems of the same era were big on the "adhesiveness" of combatants, that moving around in melee was NOT easy... the pendulum has swung in the intervening years so that 's generally seen as a bad design goal - frankly, my (now somewhat rusty) HEMA experience has always lead to me to feel otherwise in general, but in a game like Stormbringer, what would bother me most about implementing the RAW now is accommodating things like "bull rushing" an opponent e.g. off a walkway... Cheers, Nick
  10. The Lunar Way outside of the Empire can be pretty neat, though - Lunar Arrolia is one of the best places in Glorantha to live (well, apart from that Kingdom of War stuff).
  11. Yeah I reckon they must leave that off the brochure.
  12. Da's Boot. All dwarves aboard a dwarven stone submarine sets sail with Tora's Hammer to sail down Magasta's pool and destroy it in Mostal's Forge at the center of the world machine.
  13. AFAIK the Sky Ship Quest still happened. The description of it in Gathering Thunder howvere has some issues making it less than ideal. m
  14. As a proponent of the Egyptian Esrolia Heresy, I must confess this makes my Martin Bernal antennae quiver...
  15. Oh, I don't think that at all. I think they mostly stay in their castles, worrying about trade flows and inter-family rivalries along the Manirian Way. Their castles are impregnable to the Wenelian savages (save for treachery), and while their sorcerously-boosted Western-armoured mercenaries have a big edge over the locals, they're only household retainers - not armies. They're an introverted, decadent, declining aristocratic culture, not Empire-builders and despots.
  16. The way I remember hearing it from Sandy Petersen (at Games Day 1986 in London) was that players who were new to Glorantha with RQ3 and read through the Gods of Glorantha (1985's "Red Box") What the Priest Says narratives came away thinking the Lunars were the "good guys" and the Orlanthi were some terrible bunch of wreckers. (Because they didn't have the WB&RM / Wyrms Footnotes / Cults of Prax / Pavis box hinterland, and didn't know how the game had usually been played before).
  17. That was my first impression as well and it's wrong. When you move to engage you are in phase 3 and your opponent's attack is already gone in phase 2. What happens is that you move within melee reach and the actual exchange of blows will be in phase 2 next round. If your dex is higher you will attack first the next round. The story with missile weapons is also interesting. Round 1. Grokk of Org DEX 7 declares he is charging to engage Sharilla of the Dancing Mist DEX 18. Sharilla, who - having greater DEX - declares afterward, wisely choses to fire at him with her bow. She fires in phase 2 at DEX 13 (18-5), wounding Grokk. In phase 3 Grokk closes in. End of the round. In round 2 Grokk declares he is hitting at Sharilla with his axe. The Myrrhyn woman declares that she is dropping the bow and unsheating her barbed dagger. In phase 2, Sharilla attacks at DEX 13 with the dagger going past his failed parry and hitting Grokk badly for a major wound. Grokk staggers and falls to the ground before completing his planned charge on Sharilla. So I'd say DEX is the queen of stats also with this system...
  18. Long spears were much longer than quarterstaves, around 8 to 15 feet long. Very long staves did exist, but they were "longstaves" used principally against mounted opponents, to dismount them for instance, then whack them from a distance ; not quarterstaves, which were used in more close quarter fighting. I suppose an 8' long quarterstaff is as long as a shorter long spear ; but then a quarterstaff that long and heavy would be hard to use one-handed too, and it's at the extreme of how long a quarterstaff can be (5 to 8 feet). But the bigger you were, the easier it would be, hence the SIZ proposal.
  19. As far as I know there isn't really a definite answer of where souls come from in Glorantha, certainly not one that everyone in Glorantha could ever agree on. Much as IRL, there isn't even an agreement on what the soul is, whether you have more than one, and how many exactly there are if so (the Lunars predictably think you have seven, the Theyalans seem to believe you have at least five - one for each element - and possibly more, etc.). But several deities and spirits have names that suggest a close relationship with souls, and in some cases a form of reincarnation is described. For example, one of Larnste's names is the "Soul Arranger," it's said that kolatings join Kolat in the Horn Zone when they die and eventually become umbroli, and in Kralorela it's said that Yothbethda's Stream is where the souls of humans are sent "upon the Clear Stream to the wombs of those who will bear them," which is straight-up reincarnation as we tend to think of it.
  20. Another thing that is a key theme, at least for me, in Glorantha, is that it doesn't last. Empires will fall, and new great powers will rise, and they will fall again. The wheel of history will eventually crush it all. The greatest horrors in Glorantha are done by societies that believe they can break that cycle, that they will be different. (Mind you, there's plenty of horror to go around). On the "pig picture" level, Glorantha borders on fatalism. I'm tempted to say that the place where it isn't fatalistic is something Jajagappa said up thread: individuals can change things. However, in my current mood, that feels a bit too pollyanna. Glorantha is more likely to run off the adage that if a hero lives long enough, they become the villain.
  21. Apologies if this is,already canonically answered somewhere, but I just thought about it given that the Bat destroys souls (apparently a bad thing), or souls go to some afterlife (Or become ghosts). I'm aware there is some reference to reincarnation somewhere for some peoples. But... If the gods are stuck in/out of time, then I figure they're not creating or making new ones... And if there's no general reincarnation, then the old ones aren't being recycled... So, it suggests new souls are being made all the time... Where? From what? And if soul-stuff keeps going out, and not going back in (due to various afterlife stuff), then can we presume there's a limit to the number of souls that could exist? Is there a "soul-maker", and how do souls "decide" where to go? Are there different souls for different species? Etc etc.....
  22. What level of commitment is required before one gets to learn the secret of "appearing in vs originating in" re all the real world proper nouns in four decades worth of CoC books? Does someone seriously need to write a monograph adventure about a high-school road trip in the 90's to get confirmation as to whether or not "Ford Escort" is prohibited content because it's a trademark and proper name on the equipment list in CoC 5th?
  23. Listening to it now. I don't believe I will get it, but it was a good interview.
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