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  2. Of course. Absolutely. Won´t share it. =D
  3. ... except that the eldest sons wouldn't inherit the lady's land. If Lady X is an heiress, married to Lord Y, only Lady X's children will inherit. It doesn't matter if Lord Y has a son from a previous marriage, that son is not of Lady X's blood and hence has no claim on the land. If Lady X dies childless, her family line (i.e. the family that the manor was granted to) is extinct and the land escheats back to the liege who granted it. Now the liege might re-grant it again to Lord Y's children, but that is FAR from guaranteed. Not to mention that robbing Lady X of her chance to have children of her own is incredibly cruel. YPMV, of course. Just to give an example: Lord Y has manor A he has inherited, and has a son Z from a previous marriage. Lady X has manor B she has inherited, and has a daughter Q from a previous marriage. Y and X marry. 1. If there are no children from the marriage, son Z inherits manor A, since he is Y's eldest living son. Daughter Q inherits manor B, since Lady X has no living sons, and only one Daughter. If either X or Y dies childless (Z or Q die before their parent), their own manor escheats to the liege. 2. If Y and X have a son W together, then son W will bump Q out of inheritance of manor B, since W is Lady X's eldest son, and hence inherits before daughters (Q). Z is still Y's eldest son and inherits manor A. If son Z predeceases Lord Y, then son W is the eldest living son of both X and Y, and inherits both manors. 3. If Y and X have a daughter V together, then Q and V split manor B, since they are both daughters of Lady Y, and daughters split inheritance equally. It is really not that complicated, you simply have to look at the BLOODLINES separately.
  4. Willow, your off to a good start. Some "teething problems" are to be expected with a new system. No GM get's it perfect all the time, at least none that I've seen. I know I goof up at least one thing each session, and suspect a few others that I fail to spot. To help a little, the £6 amount was the official amount from KAP3 through to KAP 5.1 or so. The 10 came in latter supplements where they went into a bit more of a detailed breakdown of the economics of a manor. Now a knight sees a little more income, but has higher expenses so it's mostly a wash. He just ends up with £1 to spend during the year on additional stuff, which is actually the equivalent of a typicality income of a peasant family. Raids, seiges, battles and other aspects of war are generally beyond the scope of what is considered legal. It's how nobles expand thier holdings and get more wealth. THat said, if things go "too far" a liege lord, such as the king, could step in and put a stop to it, at least for a time. It depends a lot of the relative power of the feuding lords, the king, how intense the fued is, and what else is going on. It's kinda part of the whole feudal structure. If the nobles didn't fight among themselves then they wouldn't need as many soldiers or knights, and the whole thing would start to change. Historically, once people started to realize and consider peace to be more profitable, kings switched to smaller professional armies and mercenaries with better equipment do the fighting while the commoners were left flourish and really make money. As for Alver's son, he would be a good choice to show up someday and want to clear his father's name or seek vengeance. It's classic adventure stuff, as you already laid all the groundwork for his actions, so the players will understand why he is acting the way he does.
  5. Well, it shouldn't really be out there yet. There is not a huge issue with you guys having it, but please don't promote it elsewhere, we are working hard to get this right before we go public with this
  6. Or if you want to make it a bit simpler... x1.7 in income = +£1 in bonus pay x3 = +£2 x5 = +£3 x10 = +£4 So Salisbury ought to be about £6. It doesn't really matter in that scale whether it is £5 or £6. Or if you want it to be something else. The Great Baron can easily afford to pay more to a Favorite Marshal if he wants to.
  7. My suggestion? Round the revenue to the nearest hundreds of libra (here, to £1600), then follow this table: It was obtained from the best Excel fit of the data provided, with this function: pay = 1.736 * ln(revenue) - 6.9625 In this instance the officer pay would be £5.8, or £5 16s. I don't know how this relates to any court costs, however.
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    Awesome thanks everyone!
  9. Morien & Atgtxg, thanks! My first few sessions were definitely spent feeling out the rules, and I made quite a few errors- Traits vs. Passions were a huge area of confusion for me. Income rules were really hard for me to find in KAP 5.2, and I think I got the 10lb figure off the old Pendragon forums, but kept the 6lb expenses. ( (Which is why Bersules was able to come up with 107 for the best feast ever.) I've updated my income rules in the Anarchy phase to be closer to BotE, but slightly more generous. Interesting regarding the Levcomagus stuff. I didn't realize that raids within the realm were considered legal. Anyway, it's 497 now, and Alver's son(s) is problbly all grown up by this point.
  10. Today
  11. We have HP Lovecraft and his Mythos but have not seen RPGs based or inspired by other writers. So for a CoC hack I present you Goosebumps and Other Nightmares based on the wrtings of R.L. Stine, where you play as children dealing with horror investigation. Of course there should be one for Steven King, Steven King and of course Clive Barker.
  12. but reading again page 154 i get "an adventurer can be exposed to disease in many ways. Disease spirits are the most common way" (implying not the only one) so even if the rules states that in glorantha bacteria, virus or genetics aren't disease sources, you can get one not only from disease spirits. If you get one from a source different from a disease spirit, at the death of the host a disease spirit is created
  13. Interestingly, that seems to be out of the window sort of in the new rules. In the example, Orlanth gives the beseeching charact a 6 point lightning spell (granted, they still have to cast it, but...).
  14. Is that in the book anywhere? Are there rolls detailed for it (as if you can't abstract it, it feels like you are forced to run a seperate session for the player every time they want to do it)?
  15. Looks really good. Want the book too.
  16. Start by removing the worshippers. Keep the priests away. This is much of the tactic used by the Lunar Empire in Sartar. Worship of a deity like Orlanth was banned. Those who tried were taken prisoner and sent off to work as slaves (or killed). Over a number of seasons this will begin eroding the temple defenses. Then apply powerful ritual magics. This might require multiple seasons and include heroquests to defeat the targeted deity. We don't really have specifics in RQG for these type of magics yet. A good example is in the old Cradle scenario (in RQ Classic Pavis book) where the Lunars created a powerful magic "chain" that went through the passing cradle and nullified its magical defenses.
  17. Thanx soltakss I was hoping/figuring it would prove to be easy to split from canon. My game starts in Torkani lands the year of the Rebellion of the Righteous Wind. I have always used 1611 as my starting point, but I have never been this far off canon before, 14 years or so, almost a generation. Still, I must have my Gringle arc as well as the Rainbow Mounds near the beginning of all my campaigns and that sets the time as before Gringle becomes a member of the Sartar ring. Now with many ways to continue AL I think I will either begin Part 2 of the Apple Lane arc in a quiet year after 1613 when Gringle returns. 1614? Or maybe use the Sartar Companion (?) HQ Apple Lane set in 17 or 18? I have always figured I would end up with some set days that not be changed a la Dr. Who (who?), of course that never stopped the good doctor before so we will see how it all unfolds.. What do you think Marty Jopson, have we drifted to far off topic (probably) but are we still interesting, making it a little more forgivable?
  18. Yes, I'm sure they will to some extent. The general campaign arc (equivalent to the Great Pendragon Campaign) will get highlighted and will advance through the Hero Wars. You can surmise much of this already with King of Sartar, White Bear/Red Moon, and the bits at the end of the Guide, though. Dragon Pass and southern Peloria will be battlegrounds between the forces of Argrath and those of the Lunar Empire. This should come as more regions are fleshed out. Right now it's just getting the game out, getting some scenarios out for people to use and work with, but until those are available some of the existing texts (SKoH or Coming Storm for Sartar; Cults of Prax for Prax; the Guide for most other regions) are the best places to start. Much of the designer notes for the GtG art are encapsulated in the descriptions. It's just one picture per region or Elder Race, but does provide some flavor. I agree it would be useful and interesting to see the art instructions for RQG pictures. That said, where you are looking to understand specific pictures, you should be able to just ask here and get some reasonable ideas. Or realize that many pieces will work just fine in some other areas/regions with a little bit of adjustment. As the only book that covers most regions outside Dragon Pass, the Lunar Empire, or Prax, it's likely all we can do at this point. I'd just note that the Guide does not need to be thought of as for "seasoned Gloranthaphiles" only. I'd not dump it on my players or expect players to have read any of it, but for a GM or anyone interested in exploring the world, it's a nice work to browse in, dip the toes in, etc. Yes, agree that a brief guide to the art of RQG would be interesting. Some of it clearly ties to Vasana's Saga, but this is a good example where it doesn't. My interpretation of the piece: this is a God-talker or Storm Voice of Orlanth in ritual garb. Why? The Movement and Air Runes on his outfit - these are Orlanth's runes. He's in a meditative or ritual pose, possibly praying to the Storm God and that is manifesting as some small amount of cloud over his hands. (Given the 2-page spread, it can just as easily connect with the Meditation skill as Spirit Combat or Spirit Dance). He might be casting Cloud Call. Or he might be casting Wind Words (given the line of clouds to either ear). I would say Sartarite - nothing to explicitly connect him to another culture (but could equally be at home in northern Ralios, Aggar or Talastar, parts of Imther, etc.). He's not garbed for war, so unlike the cover picture, I don't see this as a Wind Lord. There is nothing wrong with doing so. I too would find it interesting.
  19. There's only one real epidemic disease and that's plague. It's the only one not defeated in the God time. The others can be defeated, but with enough infected places an equivalent of an epidemic can start. I ran the scenario "A Darkness over Runegate" a few days ago and this is its theme. The disease splinters and effects large numbers of peoples who are exposed to a range of contamination. In real world shamanic cultures (on which RQ disease is based) this is exactly what happens. A tiny intrusion overwhelms the defences of the individual and needs removing. Read through the disease section starting on page 154. It covers all of this. Even if you don't regard disease as an spirit, it still needs defeating to remove it.
  20. The sorcery use of a rune can be destructive (Tap, Dismiss, Separate), also in connection with temporary reality (aka Illusion). I guess that using the Truth Rune to infer the Illusion Rune would count as "casting with the Illusion Rune".
  21. Cure All Disease RQG page 325 Fight Disease RQG page 328 RQG page 182 RQ bestiary
  22. Sure. Earthquakes are a proven method to collapse temples, so can be precision meteor strikes or tornadoes. Fire damage, corrosive agents on the regalia, a thunder beast earth shaker charge... A Seven Mothers temple might have a portal to a Chaos Void. Might be of use to dispose of regalia. Approaching the wyter in the magical equivalent of bomb disposal team armor (spirit screen, Shield, countermagic, sorcerous stuff) will even the odds. Eliminating the direct contact of the wyter will hamper its information flow and decision making. (Depending on the contact person, eliminating the human component might things worse, though.) There are ways to desecrate consecrated areas, just like there are ways to remove the markers of a Warding. A price might have to be paid, in health or magic. Often the guardian spirits will have specific foes in their past. Find them and convince them to aid your cause. In case of doubt, the tactics of the Battle of the Somme do work, although there is a cost.
  23. Finished the last bit of work to help people find the right characters by adding a live text search. You can now start typing the name, homeland, cult, etc. and the app will start live filtering. This should do it until we get a few thousand characters, at which point it will probably need an update. Cheers! C
  24. You'll have to find the entity first, and bypass guardians and possibly other petitioners. Ideally establish a personal connection through small gifts (sacrifices) to be recognized as a friendly visitor. Bring catnip for its beast companion, that kind of stuff. Greater Entities are entities you meet with respect and some humility, although also with purpose. Getting that balance wrong means your bargaining might be harder than necessary. Some entities will gamble rather than trade niceties. So will some traditions - the Kolat tradition as described in Heortling Mythology for instance.
  25. I'm confused by the fact that looking at illustrations for HQ books is ok, but learning about the designer notes that were given to artists to come up with said illustrations is not. But thanks for the links
  26. What are the best skills to have? I think spot hidden and listen and anthropology useful sometimes, what are the more useless skills?
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