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    People will state that Greg died in a sweat. But for me, that’s where he will always live. I was introduced to Greg’s vision Glorantha through Runequest in 1980-81. While I learned of RPGs playing D&D, I blossomed into a zealot ‘gamer’ playing Runequest and adventuring in Glorantha. A few years later, at Origins 84 in Dallas, is when I first met my ‘heroes’, Greg Stafford and some of the then-crew of Chaosium. I began working at Chaosium when I was about 16 and shortly after starting there Greg was kind enough to share with me his spiritual practice and gave me opportunity to experience it with him first hand by going to sweat lodge ceremonies and other activities of that nature. His openness and encouragement, in many aspects of life, certainly impacted the person I have become and am still becoming. Greg was a game designer. He did design games. But for me he was an even greater Myth Maker. In the way that Joseph Campbell speaks of the profoundness of Myths. Campbell said “your sacred space is where you can find yourself again”. He referred to it as one’s “bliss place”. I believe Greg had a greater grasp of this and other of Campbell’s assertions than most. Greg was a gamer, creator, and spiritual being on a quest for bliss and the heart to want to share it with others. For me it is very apropos that Professor Campbell counseled that you can find a gateway back to your ‘sacred space’ by asking yourself “What was the game you enjoyed when you were a child? What did you do as a child that made you forget time?” Greg created that game and its world where I forgot about time. Where I found bliss. Greg Stafford will forever be entwined in the gateway to my personal sacred space. I know some say “Don’t meet your heroes”. Well I did, and I’m a better man for it.
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    Ok, I've been reading the PDF since I ordered the book 8 days ago, and I just got the book delivered. I knew it was a gorgeous book from the PDF, but really, I'm just blown away actually holding this in my hands. I've accumulated a lot of game materials in the past 35 years, but this is clearly the most gorgeous book in my collection. Well done Chaosium! It's a fitting tribute to Greg Stafford. Thank you.
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    Bye Greg, I’m grateful to you for opening the other side of the sky to me and shoving me through. Your help and support in life over the years is something that I will miss. We shared some great times and your words are still helpful. “Now I can sit in the centre of the world. Now, sometimes, the sweat-lodge is neither terrifying nor unbearable. Now I have a dozen stories of power and of love to relate, holding out the hope to others that their dreams are not madness, that their hopes are not foolish, that their desires are not in vain, and that their darkness need not be death. But remember, there is a world of difference between reading and doing. Do not fool yourself with words and thoughts, Follow your heart, and find the path which is yours.” The Medicine Circle of Turtle Island, Greg Stafford 1988.
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    The GM Screen Pack, Bestiary, more rulebooks, plus the slipcase are all currently at the printer being prepped for printing (file review). The current projected "in the warehouse" date is most likely to be early January 2019. We will not have a more exact date until the books are on the boats and headed to the warehouses. When they are on the boats we will post the names of the ships and then you can track them online if you want to know better arrival dates.
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    We have updated the Mythras Core Rules (TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018) with outstanding errata and a few tweaks and clarifications to both rules and layout. A full list of the text changes is included in the PDF, pages 306 to 308. If you would like a print version of the updated rules, we are also making the book available as a hardcover POD option through DrivethruRPG/OneBookShelf, and this will be active very soon. A separate message will be sent once the POD version is ready. A softcover edition is already available from our Lulu Store: http://www.lulu.com/shop/pete-nash-and-lawrence-whitaker/mythras/paperback/product-23853955.html How to download your updated PDF If you’ve bought Mythras from us via the TDM webstore, our Lulu store, or DrivethruRPG, then you are entitled to the PDF free of charge. If you bought your copy via Aeon Games, then they will make their own arrangements for the updated PDF. TDM Webstore Select Store from the navigation bar Sign into your Account from the Store page Click on ‘Your Account’ (top right hand section of the category listings) Click on the Orders Tab The products you’ve ordered appear here, along with links to the PDFs for each book ordered from us. Find your Mythras order, and click on the link for TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018. Your download should start automatically. DrivethruRPG You should received an email notifying you of the change to Mythras, along with a link to the product in your OneBookShelf library. Lulu POD If you are a Lulu customer buying the softcover, please email us at , including a copy of your Lulu receipt, and we will send you a discount code to redeem the PDF from our web store. Mythras 3rd Printing Changes List.pdf
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    I'd model him on Greg myself. He spends a lot of time listening. Occasionally he interjects. At the end of the conversation he throws something out there that makes you re-evaluate the premise of the conversation. He chuckles. You meet him a year later. He still remembers the first conversation and brings it up again. He asks about your family, and remembers things about them.
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    This is the beautiful obituary for Greg Stafford, "game designer, mythologist, shaman, father, grandfather, husband, brother, and friend", from his family. It concludes on a wonderful note: "To honor Greg’s memory the family requests, in lieu of flowers, that you strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, go somewhere you haven’t been, face a personal challenge head on, read about something new, and enjoy life. We are all us." https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2018/oct/29/obituary-francis-gregory-stafford-1948-2018
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    Pretty sure I’m going to use this now as a signature somewhere.
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    Greg has had a great influence in my life. He was a friend of are family. Had given me my first copy of RuneQuest back in 1981when I was 10 years old. That started me on many RPG adventures and forever ruined D&D for me. My kids got to know him a bit from the GenCons and my storys, they where always excited to see him. He was always happy and energetic, Greg helped Ignite my kids Imagination. He will be greatly mist.
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    On the mean, muddy streets of Duck Point...
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    Next session we jumped right into dealing with the rock lizards attacking the bull. Some criticals and specials were rolled with missiles by the adventurers right at the outset, resulting in a couple of quickly dispatched lizards. The adventurers charged into melee and finished off a few more, and just in time as the bull was not doing well. The bull, on the edge of panic, was cleverly put to Sleep, and then healed. After a rest, they led it along with them. Only 59 more cattle to go! 😂 Traveling in the wet snow and muck, they reached the Broken Tower. Use of Farsee, some knowledge rolls, and some scouting garnered information (including briefly spotting Danakos). Most importantly, they noted intact menhirs, which Carthalo had warned them about, and they were greatly afraid of. The adventurers advanced to the ramp and a dream-weft of the Stone Woman promptly manifested. She urged them to bring the bull to her. They refused and decided instead to disturb some of the animal skulls. Four sprul-pa formed up and attacked. So this is where the dice went where I think every GM fears they will go. The sprul-pa started rolling lots of criticals with their multiple attacks. The adventurers struggled, but still managed to parry to some degree. But still, it was lots of points of damage, though at least they still benefitted from armor. Also, it seems my new "now with less left leg and more abdomen" Q-workshop hit location die really wanted to make up for the previous lack of abdomen hits. I had three adventurers and one horse down, all with wounds to the soft white underbelly. By this time, the adventurers had figured out they needed to be making called shots to the head to deal with the sprul-pa. They dropped them and all were healed. The Storm Bull, Berserked of course, smashed every animal skull up and down the entire ramp until he collapsed from exhaustion. Recovered, the adventurers recollected themselves and advanced towards the tower. Various plans were discussed and we ended there. At this point, I am at last caught up to our current session, which was last night. Next week we will conclude The Broken Tower!
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    There's also the prefix Tar- found in many Theyalan names, viz. Tar-Umath, High Storm. I think it means the 'high country'. Edit: Tarena clouds are also the highest clouds in the sky...
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    I haven't seen any documents but since Arim's regime revolved around a restored earth rite I'd love it if the formal name of the country was actually "Torshi" on the model of the Tadashi Tumulus. Mountain of Tada = Tadashi. Mountain of Sorana Tor = Torshi. Then a few centuries of exposure to New Pelorian shave off that last vowel and raise the one in the middle, giving us the modern "Tarsh(e)". And then there's the once and future Baro Shi, Forang Faro Shi, etc.
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    Meh, in our game Rune Spells are powered/guided by GODS. There's not some flow-rate-limiter on a character's mana...if the god needs to take 10 mp, they take it, in that same SR it's cast. *POOF* There's no compelling reason in my view to gimp Rune Spells whose MAIN asset is their quickness (esp now that your casting % has dropped from 95%) by slowing them down to the speed of hedge-witch spirit magic.
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    Since the Balurgans, as well as Tor Balur and Tor Vara, came out of my Imther campaign, what would you like to know? The sites were both hills dedicated to the goddess Balur [Gor]. Tor Balur was the center of the culture and was razed by the Dara Happans (IIRC my story about that went into one of the issues of Enclosure). It is at the center of the cursed Plain of Stones. The hill that was Tor Vara is now the site of the necropolis in Hortugarth. It was at least sacked, but it's position at the junction of the Isildon and Imaron rivers has meant that it has remained a natural trade site (and has been variously called Malusia, Siceral, and finally Hortugarth). Some relevant entries from my old fanzine, New Lolon Gospel #1: Balurga [ba-LUHR-ga] -- ancient earth queen and avenger Balurga is the daughter of Nealda, borne from the earthmother’s dreams. Also called the Black Queen, Balurga is the dark side of the earth, dedicated to blood and sacrifice. Earthwielder -- mythic title This title was used first by Verhil Genertson and later applied to Imthus. Prophecies state that the Earthwielder will return for the Hero Wars to restore Imther’s glory. Iaris [ee-AHR-is] -- ancient bull father Iaris was the primal bull of Imther, a wild and untamed beast who wandered across the lands. When the Darkness came, Iaris strode undaunted and slew the Seven Demons of Orak. His wildness was too much for the surviving people though and Khelmal was forced to yoke him. After the Dawning, Iaris served the earth queen Balurga, his blood used again and again in secret rites. When Kareiston came, Balurga sacrificed Iaris and used his powers in her last arcane battle. It is said though that Vaktal found Iaris and gained a sacred blessing from him to ensure Imther’s survival. Iaris is always shown as a massive broad-shouldered bull with huge horns. He is usually yoked Nealda [ne-AHL-da] -- earth mother, mistress of dreams, women’s goddess [Local name of Ernalda] Nealda is the daughter of Genert and Gata, the two primal earth powers. She is one of the societal founders of the Imtherian lands, the spouse of Khelmal and the Women's goddess. She knows things that no other gods know, sheltering those secrets within her Dreaming Palace. Nealda bore many children in the Godtime, including the trees, grasses, animal nourishers, and the fruits. Though promised to Khelmal, she was stolen by Orlantio and then given to Orak, the Hell Wind. She survived these encounters though and was able to bring life to men through their dreams. Nealda is shown as a pregnant mother, surrounded by her bounty. She is often shown sleeping upon a couch while plants sprout from her fingertips. Verhil [VEHR-hil] --ancient earthwielder Variously called the son of Genert, the brother of Nealda, or the father of Balurga, Verhil is an enigmatic figure best known for stepping forward at the Hill of Gold to fill the breach created when Yurmalio betrayed Khelmal. Verhil is said to have sacrificed himself to allow Khelmal to flee. He is not known to have survived into Time, though his title of Earthwielder has appeared several times. Kareiston’s Conquest of Balur Gor: With the aid of the Mallast chieftain and the Gryphon General, Kareiston brought the Torch of Truth against the evil ways of the Queendom of Balurga. The queen was slain, the land broken, and the Mallust chieftain was raised as King of Malatain. This story is popular and common throughout the Southlands though particularly at the temple itself and its surrounding community. The Bow of Kareiston: (From the Gospel of Kaeriston held at the Great Temple of Khelmal) The spearmen drew up in a mighty phalanx along a small stream. The assorted allies of Balurga took position on several hills blocking the road the her evil temple. Kareiston came forward in his golden chair borne by four burly dwarfs. He was haggard. All night he gazed upon Arahar and the heavens to divine his battle dance. Now he gave orders for the attack, grim determination keeping his eyes alert though his face sagged about them. A cry went up as the spearmen charged the hill. The Axe Maidens stood their ground, wallowing in blood and gore, as gargoyles flew overhead, great rocks held within their claws. Suddenly, a lightwall rose before the mighty pikes, blinding the evil warriors. Behind the wall the phalanx wheeled while hawks fought gargoyles in the sky. Then the lightwall bowed forward in the center, forming a great bow. The Axe Maidens surged forth to break the bow at its apex. Like a mighty bow, the lightwall stretched taut and the roadway was its arrow. As the phalanx moved forward, they all formed west of the road, concentrating their force upon a single hill. Surprised, the Axe Maidens turned to circle them. Then did a great radiance leapt forth from the hand of Kareiston down the golden roadway. It shot forth, quickly passing the great lightwall. The radiance blinded the Axe Maidens in its passing. They fell, hands holding their eyes, truth gnawing at their souls. Others who sought to cross the roadway to aid their evil friends, screamed in agony as the light of truth burned their wicked souls and boiled their tainted blood. Kareiston ordered the dwarfs to move. Hands golden in glory, he was carried forth to the glory of mighty Khelmal.
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    I tend to run him as one-part Alexander the Great, one-part Ian McShane's Wednesday, and one-part Sam from Lord of Light.
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    Argrath spends 1625 and 1626 in Prax gathering an army of Praxians and adventurers, and building his White Bull cult. Late 1626/early 1627 he brings that army into Dragon Pass and routes the Lunars at Alda-Chur, and becomes Prince of that area. He then marches around Sartar gathering allies before entering Boldhome and lights the Flame of Sartar. His usual interaction with players are: 1. I need you to do something. For example, "there's a blue sword put up as a dark troll trophy in the temple to Zorak Zoran on Temple Hill. I need you to get it. I don't care how, but we NEED it." Or, "on the northern part of Ogre Island there are some ruins. In the ruins, there's a dead tree where the ogres like to hang their victims - if you search near the base of the ruins, you'll find a well or some other opening. I need you to go down there and find me a strange metal object made out of wheels and circles. Mularik, would you show them your book? We NEED you to find it and bring it back." That sort of stuff. The requests are strange and dangerous, and the reason why they are needed is never given beforehand. Perhaps afterwards it is mentioned that the blue sword is Ormtongue, a weapon from the EWF, or the strange metal object is a God Learner map of the Gods World. 2. The players need something from him. Perhaps Yazurkial Blue Llama has threatened to kill them over some obscure rivalry. Perhaps the adventurers need resources, information, or want to loot some part of the Big Rubble claimed by someone else. That means meeting with Argrath and getting his support. Which means dealing with his court of madmen and killers. 3. Argrath offers the players something. From as simple as, "I'm giving you control over the Twin Hills - do with it what you want," to "I can teach you how to Discorporate." or "I can teach you something about the Hero Plane." These tend to be the most dangerous interactions.
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    There was once a Second Hand Illumination Town, but it was just a used lamp, lantern, and brazier depot.
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    Both of these, when taken together could result in Tarsh originally being Tarshi, the High Mountain, aka Wintertop. It was originally Arim's people's name for Kerofinela, which got adopted as the name for his kingdom when used by outsiders.
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    Well, I think that I am more likely to do that kind of the thing in the Rubble than many other places, like I say, it is pretty funky in magic terms... I tend to allow them to go to the Rubble and adventure but they know that there is always a chance they find themselves in much deeper water than they planned. People do live there and people do survive. The safe routes are specific and once off the beaten track the risks are more variable than they might be in many other areas in Glorantha. Big risk, big reward is what draws people to the area. My campaign is still many years back as I build the characters up to the Cradle scenario - fantastic for players to experience - RQG is going to need an adventure as epic as this one pretty soon...
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    Argrath, it is strongly implied, is an illuminate. He would be much more intentional and deliberate than any Conan. He is beyond motivations like revenge, though others might see his motivations that way. He is careful, deliberate, and mindful. He is a mystic in his own right, with (literally) a unique perspective on worldly events and politics. He is not looking ahead to Sartar; he is looking ahead to the possible destruction of the Red Moon; Sartar is just something that will happen along the way. That is what the players should see: an otherworldly patience and sense of inevitability (to quote Agent Smith). Remember that Argrath isn’t trying to take on this or that group of people. He’s waging war against a Goddess, and he thinks he can win - and he’s got reason to believe he can. He is a Hero: I wouldn’t worry about powers, stats, or abilities - his lieutenants should be powerful enough to wipe the floor with the player characters several times over without breaking a sweat. And the party should be very aware of that fact. Argrath has access to plot changing, map sculpting power. He has the equivalent of several vastly powerful Wyters at his command and can probably dump the equivalent of 100’s of rune points on SR 1 of the first round with little more than a wave of his hand. He commands spirits and elementals with powers and abilities that are unique and unknowable. His lieutenants command vastly powerful Wyters and have legendary abilities and allies of their own. Play up the real scope of his goals and intentions. Let the players measure themselves against that, if they’re getting to big for their britches. If they think they can go toe to toe with a would be god-killer, then they deserve whatever they get.
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    Have a look at http://www.soltakss.com/super1.html, which was my attempt at the same thing.
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    Clearly the source of the Secret Wind. It's no coincidence it's also called the "inner" wind, because it dwells within each of us. More in people with a stronger association to the Air rune, I'm sure.
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    Mastery Rune WILL apply in the game - it something that can be gained, but not something any character starts with. Magic is in use already. Infinity is the sign of gods and so forth, so not part of player characters. Law symbolises all of sorcery, again not something a character starts with.
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    Below is what I found whilst comparing the first printing of RQG and the latest files sent to the printer, as of 10/17/2018. NOTE: Not all of these changes are in the latest PDF you can currently download from Chaosium.com after purchase. We are updating the download file and will release a new version shortly. Also, this is not a log of every change made to correct a simple typo, errant comma, capitalization, or similar. Those types of corrections have been made as we have found them or have had them reported. I am humble compiler of what has changed and decided what to include in this "change log". Please do not debate any of these revisions here. There are other threads for doing that, if you feel so inclined. This list will get reviewed, possibly tweaked for phrasing or consistency, and ultimately made available in a number of formats like a PDF, etc. When I looked at these 2 pages of changes I felt a twinge of nostalgia, fondly remembering the two page sheet of SECOND EDITION RUNEQUEST "Clarifications, Corrections, and Additions" that was included in many a box of RQ2 and widely distributed. Page 44: Year 1625 Events table "11-17" result changed to "11-16". Page 47: Info for Foundchild: Hunting God added. Death rune Death 295 Harmony rune Harmony. Page 57: 2nd to last paragraph "bonus" is changed to "modifier". Page 74: 2nd column Common Rune Magic first bullet Spells About the Cult has "Summon Cult Spirit" added, along with "Summon Cult Spirit 1-3 points" added after Spirit Block on Common Rune Magic SPELLS table. Page 80: Vasana's Saga third bullet point has Farm 30% changed to 35%, and fifth bullet has Javelin 20% changed to 25%. Page 83: Family Heirlooms table result 18 reworded to "An ingot of iron or other pure Rune metal weighing 1D3 ENC which can be forged into a weapon, piece of armor, or other object. An unenchanted iron item has half again the number of hit or armor points. Each point of ENC reduces the user's chance of casting magic spells by -5%, with the same chance that magic spells cast on them will have no effect. Enchanted items act as normal." Page 89: Harmast Attacks Table updated so Javelin line of info is replaced with 2 Javelin weapons of "Javelin, One-handed 45 1D8+1D4 5 7" and "Javelin, Thrown 45 1D10 1 -". Page 144: 1st column, 2nd bullet "but roll the same number" removed. Page 164: Skill Descriptions topic second paragraph, "(Elder Race) Lore or (Homeland) Lore" replaced with "Elder Race Lore (Type) or Homeland Lore (Area)". Later is same paragraph "(Elder Race) Lore" is replaced with "Elder Race Lore (Type)". Page 183: first column last paragraph "visible spirits" changed to "invisible spirits". Page 198: Special Parries topic, first bullet added ", with no armor protection." at the end. Second bullet removed ", with no armor protection." from the end. Page 206: 1st column, Critical Hit topic, last sentence of first paragraph changed to "A critical hit ignores the effects of armor or any other protection, and usually does maximum impaling, slashing, or crushing damage (depending on weapon type), as described above." Page 206: 2nd column, Example second paragraph, replaced last three sentences with "The damage is maximum damage plus rolled damage for an impaling attack, with the rolled damage modifier added. In this case, the roll is an exceptionally good one, with the result of 7 (max of 1D6+1), 4 (1D6+1) and 4 (1D4). The broo's attack does 15 points of total damage." In the next paragraph both instances of "17" are replaced with "15". Page 215: Armor Table, Cuirass Leather armor for the Chest has its ENC changed from 0 to 1. Hauberk Leather for Abdomen & Chest has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Skirts Leather for Abdomen has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Pants/Trews Leather for Abdomen & Legs has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Greaves Leather for Legs has its ENC changed from 0 to (2). Page 224: Two Weapon Use topic, first bullet changed to "...may use them for two attacks or attacking with one and parrying with the other, as desired." Page 254: 2nd column, Spell Strike Rank topic, first paragraph, first sentence changed from "...magic points of the spell, plus any boosting magic points." to ...magic points of the spell (minus the first), plus any boosting magic points." Formula for at end of page changed to "DEX STRIKE RANK + ADDITIONAL MAGIC POINTS OF SPELL..." Page 262: Fireblade spell, added sentence at the end of second paragraph "Though it is an active spell, the caster can still move and attack normally." Page 267: Vigor spell, first sentence changed to "This spell adds 3 points to the CON of the target." Page 275: Common Rune Magic boxed text, first bullet changed to "...Divination, Sanctify, and Summon Cult Spirit." Page 277: Further Training and Experience topic, 2nd paragraph, last paragraph changed to "...occupational skills (see Experience Between Adventures, page 416)." Page 281: Improved resistance to Magic topic, first sentence replaced with "A Rune Lord always resists magic with their species maximum POW and not their current POW." Page 283: Cult Rune Spell use boxed text, Example, second sentence changed to "She has gained the Summon Air Elemental special Rune spell directly from Orlanth." third sentence changed to "...from that subcult, and gained Increase/Decrease Wind as a member of the Orlanth Thunderous subcult." Page 318: Alter Creature spell, third paragraph, first sentence changed to "A beast that becomes a human gains 2D6+6 INT and 3D6 CHA." Page 319: Bear's Strength spell, last sentence changed to "...Rune Masters of Odayla or an associated cult." Page 327: Earth Power spell, first paragraph, second sentence changed to "... enables them to draw either 1 point of POW or 1D8 magic points...". 2nd to last sentence changed to "...the Earthpower spell returns an additional 1 POW or 1D8 magic points. The POW disappears at the end of the spell's duration. Any magic points in excess..." Page 333: Lock Spell, Second sentence changed to "... magic points used in the spell multiplied by 10." Page 346: Suppress Lodril spell, “Summon Shadow” changed to “Create Shadow”. Page 346: Swallow Spell changed from “Instant” to “Instant/Temporal”. Last sentence changed to “…items are recoverable and their condition once they have been swallowed.” Page 357: Discorporation topic, 2ndparagraph, delete the sentence “Every additional magic point spent during the ritual increases the time that the shaman can remain discorporate by one hour.” Page 374: Regions of the Spirit World topic, last paragraph rewritten/replaced with “Moving deeper into the Spirit World imposes a modifier to Spirit Travel. Each step away from the Inner Region reduces the shaman’s Spirit Travel skill by -10% per step. Returning has the opposite modifier. It is always easier to return in the direction of the Inner World.” Page 385: Limits to Manipulating Intensity topic, Example paragraph last two sentences changed to “He has an INT of 17, 3 points of spirit magic, and 8 points of sorcery already known. As a result he can add up to 6 levels of intensity, divided amongst strength, range, and duration.” Page 386: Spell Cost topic, second Example changed to “Damastol also knows the Logical Clarity spell (Truth + Dispel) at 42%. He knows the Truth rune, but because he only knows Dispel as an insight of Summons, it costs him 3 magic points to cast, plus 2 magic points for each additional level of intensity.” Page 415: Making an Experience Roll topic, third paragraph, second sentence modified to “A modified roll of 100 or more is always a success…” Page 420: CHA Increase and Decrease topic, second bullet point changed to “Becoming a Rune Master, or shaman in the course of play or…” (reference to God-talker deleted)