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    Somehow I knew this thread was going to turn into another Many Suns discussion. "Thread: Is rye bread common in Sartar" 15 pages later: "Yeah, but what about the Hill of Gold and Sunspear though? HUH? CHECKMATE ATHEISTS."
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    "There and Back Again" obviously.
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    I don't think it is so hard to create an index for the LM great library. It seems clear that Joerg's parents managed to do it...
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    one of the greatest things is that some of the first Deep Lore pieces I read was Greg Stafford's semi-non-apology for the Many Suns shenanigans at the time I was like, this seems ... dramatic now I'm like, lmao Weird, I thought I had linked this: https://www.glorantha.com/docs/the-birth-of-elmal/ "The Birth of Elmal; or, “Why I screwed up your Glorantha”
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    Flowers, like woad, are probably the jewels of Ernalda and it is striking that the flower ot the plant giving the blue woad is actually yellow. Maybe the woad flowers were the jewels Ernalda had to wear as handmaiden in Yelm's palace and the fact they ultimately give woad a reflection of her real love for Orlanth, hidden under her sky court duties? In a way it would be the expression of her desire conferring power and legitimacy to whomever she loves, hence its use for magical marking. Does it make mythical sense?
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    The Glorantha Forum is very useful and helpful, but I am not sure if it is Beginner-Friendly. Is it worth setting up a Beginner's Glorantha Forum for exactly this reason? If people post questions on the Beginner's Glorantha Forum, then answers should be simple, straightforward and concise, to help newcomers to Glorantha. If threads need to be answered in more detail, they can be spun off into the main Glorantha Forum. That would stop people terrifying newcomers with in-depth and confusing answers. I count myself as one of the Terrifiers, occasionally, especially when it comes to HeroQuests. Because of the overlap between RQ Glorantha and Glorantha itself, some questions are posted in the RuneQuest Forum that might be more Gloranthan and vice versa. Most of us accept that and answer the questions as best we can, but some people don't like it and ask for the discussion to be moved to the appropriate forum, which is probably not very Beginner-Friendly. A Beginner-Friendly Forum might help that. Joerg has mentioned the Gloranthan Sourcebook, which is a very good general introduction to Glorantha. Then, depending what areas you are interested in, there are a whole host of sourcebooks for RuneQuest or HeroQuest that cover those areas. You mentioned Ernalda, which is being covered more deeply than ever before, so I would expect more stuff to come out for that general area. Earth tribe has always been subsumed into Storm Tribe, for most things, which is a shame as there is a lot of Earth Tribe background, just not very accessible.
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    In this thread, to figure out "First Aid," I see cited: P.139 Pp.148-149 Pp.176-177 An xref to BGB p.58 <ahem> Chaosium, this appears... Sub-optimal.
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    I'm kinda making my way through the Longest Day in Chang'An (24 set in Tang China) and given the number of things it has (databases, algorithms, Djimon Hounsow as a Crime Lord(!!)), I'm rather dubious of the latent sentiment that only Chinese people are capable of depicting a fantasy Chinese culture plausibly. The things they come up with can be just as grating to western sensibilities as vice versa. Now Kralorela is too modern for a Bronze-age culture is a fair complaint. There may be other complaints but I kind of cease to pay attention once people start throwing around charges of racism and cultural appropriation. If something sounds stupid or ignorant, feel free to say so but avoid wider imputatuons please. In my hobby readings of Chinese History (which is generally post-Yuan), one of the things that impressed me was that the great enduring nature of the Chinese Empire is largely a myth and that the people in charge were trying to keep things static to preserve their own place in the social fragile order. For example, the Manchus saw that European Trade was a good thing but its benefits would have eroded Manchu domination over the Han so it had to be restricted, a policy decision which generally set off the shitshow that was the 19th century. So in looking at Kralorela, I generally try to come up with the same sort of set-up. For example, the current Mandarin government is a relic of the old Kingdom of Wisdom marching south from and re-imposing their social order while Godunya is really a scion of the EWF and the two have never quite seen eye-to-eye. Godunya is served by Eunuchs whom the Mandarins hate and attempt to impede whereever possible. In the early decades of Godunya's rule, Kralorela was a lot more aristocratic but the sun-worshipping aristocrats sided with Sheng Seleris and after his defeat, they have not only been demoted but the histories have been re-written to imply they never existed. So the Mandarin dominance in Kralorela is a recent artifact and also an unstable one at that.
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    The Sorcery rules in RQ3 turned out to be......very long term.....the most powerful thing going in a 4+ year running Griffin Island Campaign. The sorcerer PC needed tons of early help from the fighter and Rune magic types, starting out as an interesting supporting character much like the Wizard in Conan the Barbarian/1981played by Mako. As time went by though, he started acquiring Glorantha levels of stored PoW, which enabled the PC's to have spurts of massively enhanced pre-planned combat. This was stunningly good for things like attacking a stronghold, or lair of some evil creatures, given about 2 days to prepare or so. At this point he went from interesting role playing opportunity (the civilized man in the company of Barbarians), to a serious tool for the PC's to wield. He was still terrible at impromptu conflict, and was generally happy just to get away unscathed and participate in some way in the warrior-centric melees of the genre. However that changed again when he started creating significant enchanted objects to cast ever larger spells. This mainly was to push duration of a few staples into the "I always have it on me, but this POW crystal is always drained to do it." status. After a while he got into hit point enchantment, which pushed things into a whole another level. Remember those wizards that Conan would gut with four feet of Aquilonian steel, but then would still be able to leap around and would often survive? He was like that. Eventually the player dropped out, and the character ultimately became so powerful as to serve as the big bad at the very end of the campaign, when the players would strive to save the island for the next nexus of the Gods at the end of the Age. This one character was able to single handedly challenge all of the warriors and Priests -- even the High Priest in the group. Now this took playing weekly for years (ah, the college days), and the current sorcery rules.........need work. But there is nothing stopping a GM from filling in a few blanks, or simply allowing a character to learn sorcery, much like the Lhankor Mhy cultists can pick up specific spells. I also had a Glorantha campaign using RQ2 & then 3 rules, and I allowed the sorcerer there to learn Magic World spells. Big mistake! He was a miniature Cragspider spewing Geometric fire around and achieved Hero status, in the Dragon Pass board game terms. So yeah, as is, the rules are not what I was hoping that they would be. I like the concepts laid out, but running one right now would require a lot of cooperation between an ambitious and flexible player and the GM. Certainly doable, but not what I wanted from the "definitive" edition of Glorantha centric Runequest.
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    Interesting—Howard the Duck was definitely the model for my duck, right down to the definite article for a middle name.
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    Just so there's no misunderstandings - no one from Chaosium are actively participating in this thread. All the Chaosium representatives are moderators. I'm the forum admin moderating this hot potatoe of a thread, but I'm not a Chaosium employee.
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    You're 43 posts in this forum and you're already writing stuff like this? (and judging from your posting history, that's pretty much all you ever posted about). Congrats, you're the first member I'm muting.
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    the privilege you demonstrated in this thread. which, incidentally, isn't a personal attack. having privilege isn't declaring you a sinner. "That's a pretty dictionary definition of privilege: not seeing the ugliness, not understanding it." Privilege isn't something you do, it's something you have. I mean, okay, I don't feel like I have either at this point, but I'm about to: you made a thread to complain about "political correctness" and now you're reaping the side effect of your free speech thread, which is that [.... REMOVED BY ADMIN...] Tough. You made the bed, lie in it. Side note: I bit my tongue right off not replying to your horrific replies about women in the 20s and 30s. I'm gonna say one thing right now, though, because it's been eating me up: Aside from every other [... REMOVED BY ADMIN...], you are suggesting that women got tuff and that's what changed the world and women before were weak and that's why patriarchy while simultaneously suggesting that women under patriarchy were wallowing in victimhood? I don't know but I had to say: that's just incredible.
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    In the latest survey, CALL OF CTHULHU is the third most popular game played on virtual tabletop Roll 20 (after DnD & Pathfinder): https://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?6508-Orr-Group-s-Roll20-Stats-Q2-2019-Use-New-Method-Cthulhu-Up-D-D-PF-Down Interesting factoid: 'One interesting facet of the Call of Cthulhu rise is that the average game length is about a quarter of that of other systems -- "We found that they have an average playtime of 11.9 hours, compared to 40 hour average game times for other systems on these charts."'
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    Think you got the Blood Monsoon link on both references. That said, some cool ideas there, and it's too bad if he got soured on Glorantha. Agree. The more we can root out our own ignorances the better.
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    Yo! I'm just wondering if anyone is aware of mods (or modders interested in doing) for Glorantha for RPG games, e.g. Mount and Blade, or others... I'd seriously love to have the money for a full Elder Scrolls mod... (Before ppl say - yes, I know KoDP, and the upcoming release. And I know one of the developers for ES was an RQ fan... Neither help the question)
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    I had a quick look at Into the Darkness. You can't compare the two, one is an AAA quality show with (voice)actors, props and people sitting at an actual table, the other is a bunch of dude-heads with headsets. Don't get me wrong, they and the story might be great, but the two are on a completely different level. And then the other thing. They are again all white males. Even I as a white male am not really interested in other (only) white males gaming. If someone does something like this, they should at least get some girls to play along.
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    I couldn't agree more. Also, don't forget the other senses. Even before you see it, is there a disgusting smell? Is there a creepy sound? Do you get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up before you even see the creature? And never say "You see a Mi-Go in front of you". Describe what the characters see. Change the way the creature appears from how Lovecraft or the game book describes it. Keep the players guessing as to what the thing actually is.
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    Like when my kids shake their heads at me... 🙂 I think it's in the Uncertain Realm near the Ratslaff Rocks. Yes, some of those can clearly be connected to specific hells: the Combat Pit with Kargan Tor's Court of Conflict, the Strange Gods with the Hell of Monster Man, ... Certainly Sartre thought so. And picture an LM sage placed in a room with a Boggle for company. Or a Dayzatar worshipper forced to grovel in a hell with lusty Lodrili. That's why I don't . 🙂 But it is one. Quite agree - thinking you're off on the Westfaring and then tumbling down the Rabbit Hole makes for a good change of pace. Yes, and in fact the best way to get to where you want to go is to Despair of ever getting there. I always like the old map in RQ2 which hinted at unknown mountains beyond the Sea of Fog (not to mention Kylerela lost within it). Maybe there's a nice broken chunk of the Sky Dome off that way that looks like mountains if looked at in a certain way. And perhaps it's also possible to sail off the edge of Sramak's River and find yourself upon the Dark Ocean.
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    That is excellent, but as a Keeper/consumer I would like the art and layout to match the theme of the horror scenario/campaign. Well thought out artwork and layout imbued with a creepy ambience inspires me and in turn I can try to convey that to the players around my table. Take your avatar for instance, it's a very nice piece of art, but it's more in line with fantasy games in my opinion. Me and my gaming friends have been playing the Swedish rpg Drakar och Demoner since 1984 (also a BRP game) and they have hacked their way through both reptile men, dinosauroids and serpent people. I would probably not show them the core book illustration of serpent people because they wouldn't find it creepy. It would be a frightening creature in real life of course, but I think that very illustration would damper their immersion a bit. Serpent people must be especially tricky to make creepy, but I have attached some concept art (or fan art, it's a bit unclear) for a Harry Potter movie of all things. Concept art for a kids movie, yet it's more twisted and creepier. This could be when the spell Consume Likeness is broken by injury: :
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    This might be one of those questions that are so ingrained into the setting that they either have been entirely overlooked (like whether Durulz lay eggs, apparently), or been overthought so drastically that there is 40-odd page mailing list debate somewhere that delves into it ad nauseam. But, simply put, the Orlanthi seem to have a fondness for blue pigment for tattoing and probably other stuff. Do the Orlanthi forage woad flowers? Or do they do something else? Not a terribly deep question, but sometimes it's nice to ask the mundane things (unless, of course this is an age-old debate to put the Yelmalio-Elmal controversy to shame ).
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    AFAICT, in the Bestiary, it's all the Elder races that are playable as PCs, with some info on how to go about filling up your character sheet on p.6 or so (it even says you wouldn't get a race-appropriate family background, but that it's coming in future supplements.... ). Everything else in the Bestiary seems to be NPC only (monsters, chaos creatures, and animals). On the subject of the Bestiary (and, in general, the RQG line) being focused on Dragon Pass, I'm also happy with that choice. I'd rather have focused/in-depth books that are useful now (and expanded later with other books focusing on other regions), rather than broad, vague books that cover the entire world but are half-useless because my players won't be travelling all across the world any time soon, if ever.
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    Navigationalism is perhaps the most interesting school to me! The Hrestoli are cool but c'mon, an entire philosophical school based on SAILING?
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    Umm, using henna and some sacrifice (mp?) makes the colour change last for 1 year? If done during the High Holy day of Vinga, of course. Sounds sufficiently gloranthan for me, so I will use this for now. Thanks a lot.
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    On Yelm and the little Yelms.. To the Dara Happans, the sun disk vs the Sun isn't an issue - during the Darkness there was no sun disk, and some parts of the sun were given separate worship. The part that remained on Earth fell into doubt. The Dara Happans know that Antirius was also the true Justice, but they acknowledge that others (Kargzant, Elmal, Shargash, etc) various contested to take his place by usurping the place of the true Emperor. At the Dawn they combined, and the True Antirius part resumed his rightful place. Yelm is real and the sun disk again (but worshipped directly only by the elite), and you can also worship his parts separately as appropriate to who you are (Antirius for Justice, Enverinus as the sacrificial fire god, BernEel Arashagern as the husband god of Dendara, etc - of course, no one sane worships KazKurtum or the Black Sun but they are acknowledged in certain ceremonies), and you are still worshipping Yelm appropriately. It all makes perfect sense. At the Sunstop these contradictions were truly resolved, the Sun became perfect again, Yelm demonstrates his power to resolve the Many into the One, and everything is fine. The normal folk of Dara Happa believe Antirius is the Justice of Yelm, the Illuminates can believe all the little Suns are the same part of Yelm. The great mystics (including the Red Goddess, Nysalor, Sheng etc) all know that by emphasising different forms of the little Sun, you can change the nature of Yelm - and all of them attempt to do so - but for most people that is far above their pay grade to worry about such things. Yelmalio vs Elmal, to the Dara Happans, who of course believe they understand Yelm best, is just different forms of error. The Yelmalio cult is barbarians misunderstanding the finer points of theology - they confuse being a part of Yelm with being a son of Yelm - but it is close enough to true for barbarians, and they are loyal. The Pentans are more deluded - Kargzant was proven to be unjust and no longer a part of Yelm during the Dominion of Kargzant. The Orlanthi are the most deluded of all - they were able to confuse Antirius and learn how to steal some of this power when he was weak and wounded in the Darkness, but now they confuse the part with the whole still, they live in the past with stolen power. Anyway, that is my Dara Happan take on the debate, they should know, right?
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    Very nice! Now I want to go home and check whether my 1st ed Stormbringer box is 1983 or 1984. It's a shallow black box type, which goes very well with my Hawkmoon box at its side.
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    The adventure "Age of Cthulhu 9: The Lost Expedition" would be a good source of inspiration for more details about The Great White Space (as part of the adventure takes place there). I'm unsure of the literary origins though.
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    I really like the threaad, and especially the drawings! Amazing!!! I know it's old, but I want to bring this up (not for you, but just in general). Boobs are, as I'm sure we all know, mammary glands - and that, by definition, means mammals. Are ducks mammals? I would presume not, because they got cursed not to fly - not to change their biology. Does a duckling suckle mother's milk?? (I think we need a Duck-pac book!) Personally, I dislike the inclination for artists to anthropomorphise not only general body shapes, but also complete societal trends, including what humans think of as attractive. Clothing I get - it's handy (usually), and you can show stuff off - as many ducks would (in particular, the males). So, in that vein, I'd keep the males as the more inclined to dress flashy and have lots of bling (and a few points in Sing and Dance!) Female ducks can also show off nice stuff - but I don't think they'd be quite as showy as the males. Ducks don't need boobs... (on the armour for a Vingan - maybe if they're specifically trying to emulate a human expression of a deity... or if they're really taken with human society)
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    There are quite a few "canonical" myths spread across all the "canonical" sources. I think every campaign should add myths specific to their own interests, but I don't especially want Chaosium to come sprinkle any of them with Canonicity Dust. As you say... for "stories and myths" the status of canon doesn't matter (at least, not NEARLY as much as how they fit at the table in question).
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    You've been into Glorantha for how long now? Careful there. If you have been into Glorantha for more than 35 years, you come from a world where absolute truths were the norm. RQG and the previous Classic edition have brought quite a few pre-internet Glorantha grognards back into the fold. From then on it was possible to be actively into RQ without following Glorantha developments. Late 1992 was the turning point for authoritative truth with King of Sartar bringing up non-absolutes into the complex environment of Glorantha which had been rather free of contradictory statements. But then there was Elmal, there were contradictory year numbers even in what was considered the most reliable portion of the history. And it was possible to remain active in RuneQuest without listening too much to Glorantha debates even in the shared mailing list. Speaking of trolling in Gloranthan context, I wonder whether that comes in as many flavors as there are troll types and genders. Hellmother (Kyger Litor, perhaps Subere) trolling? (Authoritative, ancient power) Vaneekara or Hombobobom trolling? (Authoritative, active, but when needs be submissive) Karrg (or Zong, Kogag) trolling? (Aggressive, but easy to reign in) Zorak Zoran trolling? (Aggressive, berserk) Argan Argar trolling? (Authoritative, considered, independent) Cave trolling? (Chaotic, regenerating) Enlo trolling? (obnoxious, way too numerous) Possibly more flavors and adjectives (Gorakiki: fluttery, Aranea: creepy)...
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    The RQG format isn't that different from RQ2, so I'm not sure how to answer your question, other than with providing you with a sample or two.
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    "May Yelm's Radiance light up your life." "And up yours."
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    Vormain is very much Sandy's creation and Kralorela is Greg's. Keep in mind, Kralorela is not China - it is the mythic China that worked itself into Greg's imagination.
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    This comes from his adaption of Karr's Arthurian Companion into the basis of the KAP Chronology. Note that later medieval 'histories' put the battle in 542. In reality, the Arthurian prose romances so thoroughly extended Arthur's reign that the game would be unmanageable if every year had several major events. In the Morte Artu, in fact, Arthur is nearly 100 years old, so it's not just in gaming that the storytellers saw the need to spread things out. That there are (at least) two full generations in Arthur's reign implied by the fact that Lancelot is born after him and Lancelot's son is an adult at the end of the story, in any case. Still, the 'original' prose romance timeline (if you're really curious Fanni Bogdanow did a lot of work on it) has many years dense with action (the Downfall happens in maybe 2 or 3 years max), with periods of inactivity. By extending the timeline Greg could allow for generational play, and by spreading the stories and episodes between years the game goes on a one year = no more than a session or two pattern. Curiously, the French romances put Arthur in the 5th century rather than the 6th. This is why Karr used a date, given in the Vulgate/Lancelot-Grail Quest, in the 450s for the Grail Quest. Greg added a century to her date.
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    With chained/serial simple contests, you just frame a simple contest on a specific event or exchange rather than an overall conflict. Any benefits of victory or consequences of defeat are applied immediately, rather than deferring to the end as in an extended contest. There is no result point tally (HQ2/G style) or AP bidding (HW/Q1 style) so conflicts are open-ended. They can end whenever it makes sense based on the outcome of the individual contests. One fight might end when someone gives up after taking a nasty gash, another might be a nasty grind out to the death. Here's a summary I posted in another thread last fall:
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    @Bill the barbarian I can also vouch for Bundle, they are very reliable and I've used then for Pendragon and a Coriolis/Tales from the Loop Bundle as well as a couple of indie and OSR bundles. Ive yet to see better deals on TTRPGs than Bundle of Holding but you just have to wait until they have a bundle you want. I'm more so just sitting here with my RuneQuest game on hiatus wondering...do I really need both bundles?
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    Yeah I'd rather a "0 warning point" be delivered via PM first, and then (if the private discussion doesn't go well, for instance) actual bans all be handled similarly privately.
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    I agree wholeheartedly. Will that be IRL or an online game? If the latter, count me in!
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    if you were you'd have mentioned the Catherine Wheel
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    The way that you can try to control the rate of information dissemination is to pass on a carefully edited part of said information. Train a copyist, but never, ever teach them to read or write. Train a metalsmith to inscribe an enchantment, but never, ever tell them what the symbols mean or why you need it.
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    It's a bit weird. Why is it OK to be a plant form with the man form or a beast form with the man form but not a man form with the spirit form? 'All forms are formal but some forms are more formal than others.'
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    Yeah this is the way we played BRP/RQ - the Hit Location values are 'thresholds', not actual Hit Points. The damage still comes off the character's Total Hit Points, but the Limb HP are just thresholds for damage, working pretty much as you described. The main thing for me as a GM is that I found it easier to track one set of Hit Points for the NPCs/Opponents (their Total Hit Points), and this was one less thing for me to keep up with. It was also great for the NPC stat block - I didn't actually need to list their individual hit locations, I just referred to my GM screen which had the intial limb HP values according to the chart. This takes up so much less space with the stat blocks The game plays a little less grissily than the RQ RAW, as mainly limb locations will get disabled rather than hacked off. So it is a bit less gruesome, although opponents still die the same when their Total Hit Points are reduced. Whenever something really gory happens in the combat, it really is a highlight, and it is often the result of a critical hit. I am in two frames of mind whether I'll play RQG with declining Limb HP, or whether I'll just return to my comfortable old Limb Threshold rule.
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    If you search the forum, you'll see several discussions along these lines. My usual suggestion is to use the Hit Locations option in BRP, just use the listed values as severity thresholds; using multiples of the value to determine the actual wound severity. That way, you are still only tracking the one pool of points (general HP). For example, under the location value, its minor, just tick the points off the pool. Over, but under 2x, its severe, and under 3x its critical. Tick off points and use the effects listed for exceeding location values (don't have my book with me, so can't quote pages... but IIRC its all in the same callout box).That way, you are still only tracking the one pool of points (general HP). If you want some options for this, you could also say that rather than dying, characters fall unconscious at 0 hp; they are in a deteriorating state and have CON rounds, minutes, hours, days to survive without medical assistance. Vary time depending on type and severity of the wounds that took them to 0. Another option is to use the fragility of the head. ALL shots to a head require a roll on the resistance table (or opposed roll) of the damage that made it through armor, vs. the value of the head. They fail, they fall unconscious. And there is also Heroic HP, which makes these options a little less debilitating. SDLeary
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    It's worth noting that, while nclarke is correct that people play a wide variety of editions of CoC, all of the new material is being produced for 7E. There honestly aren't that big of a differences between the different CoC versions. 7th edition converted characteristics to a 100 scale instead of 3-18. Its just multiplying characteristics times five. 7th edition established three main difficulty levels for everything. It used to be you roll under varying multiples of your skill values to succeed. This has reduced the mental math greatly and speeds up table play. 7th edition combined combat skills into two main skills and consolidated some other skills. In older iterations, combat skills were much more split apart 7th edition also added some modern-style mechanics that keep a table fun like advantage/disadvantage (called bonus/penalty dice) and the option to spend luck to affect rolls. Ask a grognard how mad they are that someone dared to do that. 7th edition has theatre-of-the mind, number-line controlled Chase rules that haven't existed in prior iterations. There may be a few other things, but those are the main ones. Some of the grognards want to act like 7th edition ruined "their" game, but it is, in the opinion of many, a far more streamlined and modernized system. It'll be fun to see who flies off the handle to challenge that statement.
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    While I don't want to use the idea too closely at all, knot maps probably work a bit like Australian Indigenous song lines. You talk about places, and how to get from a place to a place, but not much about coordinates or anything like that. But then add the idea of linking places that occur in more line, turn it into a web, and you get something like a map. Each line (or individual string) will be a chain of landmarks and directions, which gaps between knots giving some idea of time or distance, though it can probably have chains of knots to indicate probably days of travel? - So a knot line might read something like Oasis- Sable Horn- Towards Morning Sun - 1 day - White Rock- Towards Tall Peak-River Bed Left--Palm Tree Oasis- Altar Evening Star. And if you have a bunch of different lines, you connect another different line that tells you how to get to the Evening Star Altar. Eventually it gives you, not what we would think of as a map, but a good idea of how to get to a bunch of places from a bunch of other places.
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    Sadly, klecser, political correctness achieves the exact opposite of its purported goals. Instead of promoting harmony and understanding among people it squelches diversity of speech and thought while dividing folks into ever-narrower mutually suspicious and aggrieved interest groups. It evaluates and values people based on their assigned category instead of on their uniqueness as individuals. Despite its demands for “tolerance” it prevents people from toughening up and learning to accept and work together with those who may disagree with them. It promotes the opposite of Martin Luther King, Jr.s’ dream that people would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin (or their ethnicity, or sexual preference, etc.). Political correctness is evil and counterproductive — and as midwinter points out, ultimately silly and futile.
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    I was actually thinking that I was going down with a typical Sci-Fi trope. "On your planet, we have assumed forms your species can understand without fear..." The more I think about it, the more inclined I am to suggest that Aldrya and Mostal are up to the same game when it comes to player-character versions of the elf and dwarf species. !i!
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    It's surely one of those grey-area things, arising from the close Storm/Earth relationship. As I think about it, I wonder if there might not be some sort of Ernalda/Barntar identity like the Orlanth/Vinga one; just one that is not (yet) revealed. Hrmmm. I think I see a mighty HeroQuest coming ...
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    Love a lot of your ideas & examples! Especially the Hawaiian / Polynesian stuff, it's IMHO a suite of cultural resources under-utilized by the RPG community. (Although I note the heavy use of feathers (hence birds) in noble&ceremonial gear, and wonder if Kraloreli hold to the same Runic associations that the Orlanthi do... I wonder if lots of lizard/snake skin might be a viable motif?) *** But on this one point -- quoted above -- we differ significantly. I think the problem goes deeper than that. "Too much China" would be a problem worth fixing in itself, if that's all it was... but lots of folks are seeing it not as "China" but as "stereotypical, Western-POV, bordering on racist" China. No real blame on Chaosium, particularly nuChaosium: Greg himself is known to have considered his own awareness of the East as inadequate to the portrayal, and held the extant materials as more a "placeholder" (what a wiki/etc would call "stubs") pending his better education or getting a better-informed developer to work on it... And of course the TIME to work on it! The areas surrounding Dragon Pass have had decades of intensive work by a series of top-tier creatives; Kralorela's "stubs" show that the area is equally rich & varied! Nor do I blame the fans, particularly... the piecemeal / ad-hoc nature of per-campaign / per-fan development precludes any cohesive vision, and often tends to lean-in on familiar tropes (aka "stereotypes") for broad swaths. It's clear that Kralorela can sustain much more, and much better, than it has had to date... and really, I've no doubt that Chaosium can do it justice.
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