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    We still have HQG books in the works. The game is thriving. At most UK cons up to a third of the Glorantha tables are HQG games. At some small cons HQG is the only Gloranthan game on offer. I suspect we have a far higher player to reader ratio than the RQ line which seems to have more armchair enthusiasts. Indeed, many of the most enthusiastic RQG GMs I see at cons are also enthusiastic HQG GMs. My Twitter feed is full of gamers playing the 11L with HQG. It has active and enthusiastic fans, despite lower sales numbers. Some folks come for RQG, but stay for HQG. The existing plan is to continue to focus on the 1625- period for HQG, as opposed to the 1626+ period which is RQG. We will probably put out HQG how-to's for some of the RQG material, to cover of items that are missing. We also still plan to open up the setting to other areas. The Dragonrise book is still forthcoming. This is also primarily pragmatic, it is too hard to co-ordinate across the two lines with regards to plots, characters etc. We do have less people and lower budgets. As @Rick Meints points out we are more likely to target sales around 1K than 5K with resulting impact on budget. As a result our art budgets etc are going to be lower. We will likely re-use more art etc. Some of you have complained about this in the past, but we don't have choices here. Our throughput will be lower, as we no longer have Jeff beavering away at HQG full-time. We also see the new generic version of the game as a way to up the overall numbers of players. If we can think of selling 2-3K of the new generic core book, then many of those players may come to HQG. The two lines may well have slightly differing interpretations over time of Glorantha, much as say KoDP and HQG already do. That becomes inevitable when HQG has twenty years of existing material to work with, but RQG is pretty much a clean slate. The **best** thing that you can do to support the line is get out there and play. On-line, in clubs, and at conventions. The more we push HQG games, the more noise there is on social media or forums like RPG.NET about them, the more others will play. Talk about it on podcasts. Create actual plays on YouTube. I don't have time to do everything, so a strong fan community promoting the game is invaluable. When HW as young, I and some others, promoted HW a lot of various games forums. It helped lift the game and awareness of it. Many say that HW kick-started the whole indie games movement, inspiring long-term fan Ron Edwards to write Sorcerer and help start The Forge. It's influence has led to games like Apocalypse World. It's time to put it back where it belongs, in the top of the tree.
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    We're going to be sharing more fiction, previews and articles of general interest on Chaosium.com. Starting off with RuneQuest Fiction by Greg Stafford, introduced by James Lowder. https://www.chaosium.com/blognear-the-end-of-the-world-runequest-fiction-by-greg-stafford
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    Put this in my Argan Argar thread, but figured it might be worth its own entry. SUNGLASSES Argan Argar Forge Lords know secret techniques for creating darkened lenses called Sunglasses, aka Shades aka Cheaters. These are precious items usually reserved for Rune Levels of Argan Argar or important dignitaries. Wearing Sunglasses gives the wearer a +5% to his Bargaining, Fast Talk, Cool, Shady and similar skills. Sunglasses also negate any Spot penalty from glare and make the wearer immune to automatic Demoralize effects from sunlight, but halves the wearer Spot and Search if worn in the dark (NOTE: Darksense is not penalized, sunglasses may be pushed up onto the wearer's forehead as part of the Spot or Search action to avoid penalty). Since they are made from enchanted Obsidian, they cost 1 POW to attune, detect as magical, and are suitable binding objects for Allied Spirits. A pair of Black Sunglasses runs about 1000 guilders* or 100,000 bolgs. Forge Lords manufacturing Black Shades include Rehbahn the Wayfarer, Sir Pierce-Soul, and Oakfed Lee. Recently Rehbahn the Wayfarer perfected a technique for making Rose-colored Sunglasses, originally for members of the Red Earth Alliance. After receiving a pair as a gift, Moonson himself frequently wears them, making them all the rage with the Lunar nobility and a very profitable export. Rose-Colored Glasses can cost up to 2000 Lunars. The latest innovation in Sunglasses are highly reflective, silvered lenses called Mirrorshades. They’re made by a Forge Lord named Reava’ and range in price from 1000 to 2000 Lunars. They’re popular with the supporters of the Old Earth Alliance in Esrolia. Dara Happans, Yelmics, and Yelmalians despise Sunglasses of any kind. *This is the cost of one encumbrance of crafted rune metal, including iron, in my Glorantha. YGMV. Adjust as appropriate.
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    "The mythical roleplaying game from the co-creator of RuneQuest is a legend in its own right, and continues to define epic adventure decades after its release. Pendragon is a fantasy RPG like no other... it represents a master of roleplaying and worldbuilding at the height of his powers." Recognition of Greg Stafford's genius in this great review of KING ARTHUR PENDRAGON 5.2 in the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine (May 2019): http://bit.ly/2IVCmD2
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    The biggest problems with using RQG for HQG are: Adventures. Whilst you can use HQG adventures for RQG the reverse is often unsatisfying because of the nature of the game. HQG can cover a lot in a 2 hour session, and the average RQG adventure, which tends to be focused on skill challenges and a 'big fight' can be both quickly resolved in HQG. Let's face it, we an do the defense of Gringle's Pawnshop in one roll. As a result RQG adventures don't lend itself the wide range of problem-solving approaches that HQG prefers, nor cover the same amount of ground. You can use them, but they are not the rich fare we prefer. I note this a lot at cons, where the RQG folks spend most of the session on a big fight, with a small amount of role-playing leading up to it. Just look at Masks of Pavis vs. Welcome to the City and the difference is clear. Waste: An awful lot of RQG is stat blocks, which are just 'waste' as far as HQG is concerned, as we don't need them. Limited Magic. The magic in RQ is necessarily balanced, particularly for combat, but much more limited than the spells in HQG which echo the runes and actions of the gods. Because they take up quite a bit of cult descriptions, they again create waste, but more importantly they encourage players to limit themselves to RQ magic as 'what is available". Greg never used RQ magic in his stories, and HQG is built to model Greg's fiction much more closely. It's all Glorantha, and so good, but RQG isn't a satisfactory diet for HQG players, it's like junk food when they crave a Michelin starred meal.
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    This is the first map - Im working on others and ill upload them as my party gets through them. Please note the disclaimer text on the map for more info. Gringles pawnshop. for your enjoyment.
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    Last week I had an urge to create a duck Oakfed cultist as my next RQG character. Currently half-way through drawing him...
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    Our friends at TYPE 40 have forged a sword - a RuneQuest sword, inspired by the weapon being wielded on the cover of the RuneQuest Quickstart. We hope to have this wonderful weapon on display at Gen Con.
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    I included enough on wyters so people could include them in their games. Here's the Notes on Wyters section in the RQ Campaign book: NOTES ON WYTERS Wyters are intended to be a potential resource for player characters and their community. The description of wyters in RuneQuest Glorantha (pages 286-287) provide a useful overview of wyters. A wyter is the spirit of a given community. Weakening the wyter weakens the community. When a wyter weakens itself through expenditure of points of POW to cast Rune spells, it weakens the spiritual health of the community. If the wyter reduces its POW by half, the community may begin to collapse. Additionally, the wyter must be persuaded that using the magic is appropriate for itself. No wyter will endanger its community simply to function as a rechargeable POW battery for its priest! The wyter is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the community, and among its important roles are protecting the community from hostile spirits, vengeful ghosts, enemy gods, and more. Although such things trouble even those communities with a powerful wyter, this happens far more frequently when the wyter is weakened. Pity the doomed community whose wyter becomes weak enough to be defeated by an ordinary spirit or enemy shaman! Although members of the community may sacrifice points of characteristic POW to the wyter, this is in practice more complicated than the RQG rules might suggest. Normally such sacrifices only occur on the high holy day of the wyter, although a kindly gamemaster might allow an adventurer to sacrifice a point of personal POW to prevent the wyter from being extinguished. It is perfectly reasonable for the gamemaster to only allow adventurers to make such sacrifices – perhaps that the wyter’s characteristics assume that other community members are already making whatever the sacrifices that community can be expected to make. Alternatively, the gamemaster may decide that any community that has been significantly weakened by the wyter’s loss of POW is too spiritually weak to sacrifice POW for the wyter unless that sacrifice comes from the player characters.
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    Thank you, Aonstream, that's very kind! I'm currently working on a fan-created project that is less a traditional 'ducks book' (i.e. it won't function like a typical splatbook with culturally inflected character options and background and the like) than an adventure pack set in Duck Point. I'm writing and illustrating everything myself, so I'm afraid it's a terribly slow process! So, nothing immediately on the radar, but will hopefully have something ready next year.
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    Or how I destroyed all of Sartar in 2 minutes. M.A.D. Moonfire Assured Destruction. That's what ended the Hero Wars. You see, shortly after the Dragonrise the Red Emperor got a hold of the new RQG spell Moonfire and when he read how ridiculously OP it was he decided to end the threat of Sartar once and for all. He started a 10 year plan, the Mad Hatter Project. He formed a group of sevened sorcerers. That way they could gain power quickly having so many holy days. They spent that power over a 10 year period building up their Moonfire inscriptions to have 13 pts into range. Enough to destroy a 5 mile hex on the argan argar map and be outside of the moonfire. Then, he had them put excess points into the strength of the spell. He only used sorcerers of high intelligence (16+). He only needed 110 of them. They worked in groups of 5. Each group could nuke an entire 5 mile hex on the Argan Argar Atlas. 5 men in a 25 square mile area don't get any notice. put 5 men in each hex for 22 hexes and you need 110 men. Then the adjacent hex gets hit for 5d6 damage for 5 minutes. All life extinguished save for the toughest of beings. They move forward and do the next hex row. Five miles deep, 110 miles wide. 16 castings of the spell and all of Sartar was destroyed in less than a week. The empire threw all its magical resources into keeping those 110 men alive from any retaliation. From invisibility to detection blanks, you name it. Power crystals, the works. At that point, Meriaten said wtf, wt actual f? Why didn't MY wizards think of that? And thus all the surviving nations of Glorantha began building Wizards of Mass Destruction. Those that had wizards that is. They became superpowers, conquering all their wizardless neighbors in short order. Eventually, the worlds superpowers signed accords, ending the Hero Wars. Each side could retaliate upon the other so the term M.A.D. was coined. Moonfire Assured Destruction. If one side used Wizards of Mass Destruction, then the other side would retaliate in kind. People who had once believed RQ3 sorcery was broken realized that suddenly it was a brave new world and pined for the good old days when it took the Sorcerer Supreme to inflict that kind of damage. That's how the Hero Wars ended. The reason everyone believes differently today is because at some unknown point in time HQers from a rogue terrorist outfit, brought down WMDs on the Lhankor Mhy god, destroying literacy and the ability to cast Moonfire. That, in fact, was the entire purpose of the dark ages when literacy was lost. To wipe the world of all knowledge of the spell. This is why the histories of the time are all a collection of lies and misinformation. To keep anyone from realizing how totally and completely broken this one spell was and how it single handedly managed to change the world.
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    It is important to remember that an ogre etc avoiding Storm Bulls isn't usually particularly suspicious. Avoiding Storm Bulls is generally considered sensible.
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    1983's RUNEQUEST COMPANION is now back in PDF, fully remastered and true to the original printing:https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-companion-pdf
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    So yesterday I finally was able to acquire my copy of the RQ Slipcase edition. Yes, I could have bought it online, but I'm lucky enough to have not one but two FLGS within a reasonable distance and I like to support them. Now, this is important to me for a sentimental reason. Last year a friend of mine was attending GenCon and picked up a copy of the RQG Core Rulebook for me. Jeff Richard and Greg Stafford were there and signed my copy. Then, sadly, Greg passed away. 😥 Until now I've been very careful with the signed copy and held off buying a 'bash around' copy until the slipcover came out. Then I showed up to my FLGS [shout out to Gabi's Olympic Comics and Cards, Lacey WA] only to find that they were having their spring sale! 20% off all new games! And no, I had no idea this was coming up. FUCKING SKWEEEE!, ok? It's a pretty good day at the office when you get a $160 item for $120. So I bought the Glorantha Sourcebook too 😎 There is much Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! at my place right now.
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    This is something I wrote up a while ago for some character background in a non-Glorantha game, but it seems to me like it would fit in well in Glorantha with maybe a couple of changes to small details: Once there was a fire who burned in a grate. When he was damped down to a little spark and he slept, he dreamed hungry dreams of the wood and thatch he saw through the bars of his grate. He dreamed of the wildfires that were his ancestors. "Just set me loose for a moment," he sighed in his sleep. "And I will feed my hunger. I will be an inferno." One day the grate was left open and the little spark was free! He leaped from the hearth to the table, from the table to the chair, from the chair to the curtain. He reached out with fingers of flame to climb to the roof. But a woman spoke and made him pause there. "You should let your hunger be satisfied," she told him. "With what you have already burned." "Why should I? My hunger is powerful and I would fill it." "If you do not temper it, it will control you." "Why should I care?" "Because people will fear you. They will tear down everything around you that could feed you. They will bring water and sand to quench and smother you. Your flame will be extinguished. You will be cold and dead. You know this to be true." The fire flickered with doubt. "If this is as you say, why should I not blaze hot and hungry in the short time I have left?" "You have a choice. If you temper your flame and walk with me, you will be more than a blaze that burns once and goes out. You will be many fires. You will be fire that brings warmth, fire that brings light, fire that gives comfort. You will be fire that cleanses, fire that consumes, fire that kills. When it is needed, little spark, I promise you will run free and hot and wild across the open plain. You will roar and your smoke and flames will reach up to the sky. Just choose." The fire chose. When the woman walked away from the house, flames danced in her eyes.
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    Latest - pretty much complete. Perhaps a few changes to make to the shading. Eeek! This is rework file 35, so have redrawn 36 sketches... Now reengaging in proofreading - again. All my reviewers ran away meeping and mewing. Armies & Enemies of Dragon Pass: 366 pages 239,166 words 63 sketches, 2 maps, 10+ diagrams, many smaller illustrations... Reading through document - now at page 160...
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    I think its unlikely. Here is why. I playtested a version, derived from some notes of Greg's at some cons. That v ersion had some unsatisfying elements. It was close, but not right. So I put it to one side to see if I could figure out what was wrong. Recently I had the flash of inspiration I needed when trying to re-work the game for my group, and reviewing a lot of stellar mythic material in the Stafford Library. Intriguingly, I recently had a conversation with Merlin Cox who had noted the same problems that I had noted with the original idea. That means I now have a clearer idea of what I am trying to show in this book. One thing I admire about the old RQ2 line was that Chaosium tried to show how to run different types of adventure. Griffin Mountain: wilderness hexcrawl. Borderlands: mission play; Pavis: City Adventure; Big Rubble: megadungeon. My goal is to riff off that idea, especially as we have less output and do the same. So we have PgTA: urban/noir; S:KoH: epic; TCS & 11L: saga and so I want the 'Dragonrise' book to be different. It's going to focus on heroquesting, and be an example of a high-level heroquesting game. Now I know how to hook that up, so you can see how to do it. But that means I have re-written and I am play-testing the new version. So whilst I hope to have a new first draft of the ms in the next few months, the time for art, review and revision, proofing and layout makes delivering in 2019 a real stretch.
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    If you are a new Keeper to Call of Cthulhu, whether a veteran role-player or new to the hobby, you may be wondering what the "tiers" of engagement are for the game. Here is my view of what I recommend at different levels. There is a lot of experience on this board, so CoC vets, please feel free to chime in. Also remember that if you purchase any of these products directly from Chaosium.com, you get the PDF for free with your purchase. Chaosium is really good at packing boxes so it will stay safe. What should I get first? Whether a veteran role-player or new to the hobby, you should pick up the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set. It contains everything you need to get started, plus more. You'll get dice, the basic rules of the game, a solo adventure to help you to start prepping character creation, three scenarios, handouts, character sheets, pre-generated characters and more. If you want to see what's inside, here is my Unboxing of the Starter Set: Veteran role-players may say: "Why should I get a Starter Set? Starter Sets are dumb and not useful." Chaosium is reinventing the Starter Set for the role-playing hobby, in my opinion. This isn't like Starter Sets you've seen for other large RPGs that shall remain unnamed, with a lot of flash and little substance. This Starter Set has depth. The scenarios are all classic scenarios, but with two key changes: 1) the production values and art have been upgraded tremendously and 2) the writing has been massaged to progressively teach Keepers and players how Call of Cthulhu "works" as they play through these scenarios. Two key differences between Call of Cthulhu and other role-playing games are that CoC is investigation-focused, not combat-focused. That means that even experienced role-players are going to find something new with this game. Rather than "gearing up" for an encounter you "knowledge up" in CoC. This also means that CoC is a handout/clue-focused game in which players are handed papers and objects that add to the immersion. The Starter Set includes models of what this is like so you, as Keeper, whether veteran or new, can see what the "prep" looks like for this game. There is more prep than most role-playing games, but that prep is VERY rewarding when you see players reacting to the immersion. Ok, we played and really enjoyed it! What next? The Keeper Rulebook, for sure. This is the Core ruleset, and will also give you a very rich introduction into the Mythos, how it works, and what your players could encounter (or try to avoid!). The Keeper Screen Pack is another great resource that is also a good value. A solid Keeper screen, two scenarios, a gorgeous map of Arkham, plus more. I'd also recommend that you check out Seth Skorkowsky's YouTube Channel. Seth is, I think it is fair to say, the preeminent Call of Cthulhu YouTuber. He has an 11 Part series walking you through the rules of the game, with tips on how to make them "pop" for your players. If you are immediately seeking new scenarios to play, I have two recommendations for you. Doors to Darkness is designed for new players and Keepers. These scenarios work well as is for new Keepers, and experienced Gamemasters will see opportunities to flesh them out even more. The beauty of Call of Cthulhu is that there is nearly 40 years worth of material to draw from. Everything produced in the past for CoC is compatible with 7th edition with very little conversion time. This game isn't about stats so much as characters and situations. Out of this huge past catalogue, I think a solid intermediate scenario collection is Mansions of Madness. After that? Well, that's up to you! By that time I think you'll be developing your own tastes of what you like. Explore Chaosium.com and see what's available. Check out licensees like Stygian Fox and Golden Goblin Press. Check out Seth's Channel or Bud's RPG Review or my Channel (RPG Imaginings) for more product unboxings and scenario reviews. Most of all, feel free to ask questions here. We would love to help you get started!
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    OK, I figured that may be the case. Still, to newcomers it doesn't look good.
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    Welcome to Cooking with Mahome! Today we're going to be looking at the proper way to roast a whole calf for the Sacred Time feast. First, never forget to inspect the calf for any signs of broo-birth, because broo larva will give the whole calf an unpleasant bitter taste and may cause eaters of the meat to grow hooves.
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    With the imminent print release of Shadows over Stillwater, the second release in our Down Darker Trails line, we spoke with Chaosium president and head of production Rick Meints about what's happening in our "Weird West" RPG series: https://www.chaosium.com/blogrick-goes-west-and-weird-with-down-darker-trails
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    Sounds cool! Illusions are challenging to create (except for the ones that only you can see via Hallucinate). There are other options though. Sheep are commonly associated with Heler the Rain God and clouds (many types are thought of as herds to sheep). Instead of creating Illusions, it could be a Storm-related Rune magic to Summon Cloud Sheep (must be cast when some % of the sky is cloud covered, or perhaps the size of the flock varies based on the % cloud cover). The Cloud Sheep are as ethereal as fog, but can move, make noise, and help hide you from foes. Vulnerable to Solar magics to clear away clouds (and perhaps powerful winds that blow them away). p.s. such storm/cloud magic would also fit well with ducks.
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    Available from Amazon is the Openquest edition of Ki Khanga- an afrocentric fantasy RPG. Funny on how you influence different creators.
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    Hey all, I will update this thread periodically as I upload more videos. The goal of this series is for me to showcase character creation for new players through the eyes of an experienced role-player new to Runequest.
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    Here's my take on "canon". I don't care about it. So Whitewall has changed from a previous map. Fine, I'll run the new Whitewall material with the new map. And if a few years down the line a new writer comes up with a new Whitewall scenario in which the layout is different again, so what? I'll use that. Maybe the new scenario material works better with a different map, maybe it needs a spooky ancient EWF building that was never detailed before, or has a dramatic final confrontation on a cliff edge that wasn't on the earlier map. I really have no problem with that, why would I? This is my pragmatic approach for stress reduction. Sit back and enjoy it, why not? Maybe poke a little fun about buildings popping up out of the ground, then move on.
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    I know I'm resurrecting a 2 year old thread here, but I do want to know if there are stats coming for some of the Big Names in the Hero Wars (past, present, and possible future). We do have stats for Queen Leika and her entourage, and they're not particularly impressive - but, they're just mundane queens - not full-blown heroes! (for those who haven't seen, they've got good attributes - but only occasionally does someone have anything over 18 (humans), and only rarely a 21. Skills tend to be 80+, but highest weapon skill was only 130% (and that's with a "magic" weapon... meaning, our newly formed characters aren't that far off from these people who would be veterans). In RQ1/2 versions, I was seeing stats in the numerous hundreds for weapon skills. So, given we're heading into the Hero Wars, what would be appropriate skill levels? And magic? Why is Harrek almost unbeatable? Just how awesome is Jar-eel? What makes Argrath amazing? And, of course, how can they pull off what they did? Ambitious adventurers need to know!!!
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    Beware when putting a metal rim on your shield, because you will lose teeth when you go berserk and start chewing it.
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    I'm adding it to the downloads of this site, and here it is: RQ Rune Fixes - 3rd July.pdf
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    Sure, we have had a couple of hold ups on the layout. It's coming. Soon.
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    The Nocturnal media forums are safe and will be available soon on a separate Pendragon resource site. For technical reasons it wasn't possible to migrate them here (or anywhere else). However I was able to archive the content. Nocturnal Media switched off their forums recently, but only once the content was saved. Please use this forum as Pendragon's new home. Many familiar members are here already including our KAP line editor @sirlarkins.
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    It took me hours with my trusty set of Crayolas.
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    This isn't very helpful as a response to someone who is relatively new to RuneQuest and Glorantha - referring them to a bunch of HQ products they don't own, and the GtG which is for seasoned Gloranthaphiles rather than newbies. This is precisely what lordabdul appears to be trying to avoid by asking for a few notes on this forum. Feel free to hate away, but perhaps not as a response to someone new to the game who is making a reasonable request about something they are interested in?
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    I had a bit of a look into doing an Ernaldan Heavy Infantrywoman and it's actually not a terrible choice. Although Ernalda doesn't have any super dramatic combat spells, you get access to lots of good spells from associated cults, like Shield, Earth Shield and Impede Chaos, as well as a lot of defensive/support spells. You also get Befuddle, Ignite and Demoralise, which are all very useful in a combat situation, and can learn Bladesharp from associated cults. And if that's not enough just get a pet giant snake or Earth Elemental and then you're in the business.
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    My son (14) announced that he wanted to play a duck character with the Ultimate Power of Shaggy and the ability to make a herd of sheep appear to confuse his foes. On further questioning the power of Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) would appear to be luck based. Possibly I can convince him to play an aged duck grandmother worshipping Asrelia (and assuming I can work up a cult description for Asrelia), but it is neither very adventurer worthy nor does it sort out the sheep issue. Instead I am leaning towards Eurmal and allow him to describe any magic he does as fortunate happenstance. The sheep can then be illusory. But is it me, or are Illusion rune spells a bit rubbish? To create a single illusory sheep that moves and sounds like a sheep would set you back 5 rune points A really small sheep weighs about 50kg which makes it SIZ 7 or 8 - which is 3 points of Illusory Sight, +1 point for Illusory Motion and +1 for Illusory Sound. Am I reading this wrong? Or is creating illusory sheep just a rubbish use of the spells? You could, for the same cost, create three (SIZ 3) fighting shadow cats.
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    I hear what you say @EpicureanDM and @lordabdul about the laundry list of names and places. I think one of the issues I have, and suspect it would be an issue for any new-comer to the game is the tendency of Gloranthan material to be written in character. Consequently the text makes the assumption that the reader is also in character and thus has a pile of background knowledge on the setting - hence the laundry list. It's great for Glorantha-philes who can then see all the subtle nuances being brought out. It is also a good way to highlight the way there is no absolute morality in Glorantha and "alignment" is relative. But for a newb it is confusing. To be honest, I find it a bit bamboozling despite playing the game in RQ1, 2 and 3 iterations - I was never into reading up on the background at the time. I think this is a real problem for RuneQuest and its potential in the future. Was a beginners set / box / book being planned? I hope so and I hope that the powers that be( @Ellie, @Jason Durall, @Jeff ) make sure to do blind testing on complete Glorantha newbies - i.e. hand them the game and see how they cope with no other input. Thanks all for the recommendations. I will pick up Kingdom of Heroes and the Voices pdf. I will let you know how I get on...
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    This stuff is all over Gloranthan literature. Many people fear that the entire God Learners project was actually a series of Trickster Lies. Same thing with Nysalor/Gbaji - the whole matter of Illumination is just a Trickster Lie. As for Charisma making it easier to persuade others, yep that is exactly what it does. You might hate Yanioth, but damn when she puts on her goddess aspect, she is so damn impressive that it is really hard to not follow her. She's not cheating, any more than Baranthos is cheating when he uses that 100% Orate skill of his. You know Baranthos is about to make one of his barnraising speeches the moment you hear that hackneyed opening, "Seven summers past, the wild queen, Cleopatra, dreaming her dreams of ruin on your lovely Empire, sailed her hopes into the harbour of Actium...." But despite knowing his oratorical techniques, even you find it a persuasive speech.
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    If you want it to be! I'd probably make a Heler Rune magic. But one day while Heler's sheep were browsing the Stormwalk Mountains, Heler heard Orlanth's call to battle. Heler didn't want to bring the sheep to battle (fearing they'd by slaughtered), so looked for someone to tend the sheep while he was away. Only Eurmal was around. Eurmal was sleepy, or naturally reluctant, or didn't want to be bothered, and only agreed if Heler taught him the song to call the sheep since he didn't want to have to get up to gather them if they strayed. Heler gave in, and taught Eurmal the song. But Heler didn't trust Eurmal, so made the song as ethereal as the sheep, and it's easily forgotten. However, since then some Eurmali manage to find the song and use the magic still.
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    My group recently finished our first session of HQG using The Missing from Eleven Lights. It was a good experience and I figured I’d share some thoughts from the session. There are spoilers for The Missing so read no further if you intend to play. First, The Missing is a great introduction to Eleven Lights. The interactions with Broddi and his three rivals let the PCs quickly get up to speed on the main political currents in the clan. The scenario also introduced three of the clan’s main enemies – the Lunars, the Telmori, and the Emerald Sword – in engaging ways. It’s a great set up for the rest of the campaign. The potential downside is that there is a lot for the GM to keep tabs on. I did a lot of prep to make sure I understood all the different NPCs and how they relate. I don’t say this is bad, as I think Eleven Lights’ complexity is great, it’s just something GMs should be ready for. The Missing is also a great introduction to HQG. The scenario naturally flowed from simple contests to a group simple contest (the attack on Grave Hill) and then to a group extended contest (a fight with the Emerald Sword at Creek Turn) and a climactic extended contest (persuading Wandle to release the children). The group was therefore able to get the hang of the underlying mechanics before moving on to more complex iterations. All told I think there were 20+ contests played during the scenario. Of these, 2 (Grave Hill and Creek Turn) were combat. Grave Hill was a group simple, and Creek Turn could have been avoided with different PC choices. So there was a lot of dice-rolling and tense, fun moments with the vast majority completely unrelated to combat. I can’t think of too many systems where that happens. Finally, I love that there is little chance to get “100% player victory” in The Missing. The PCs found the children and reconciled with Wandle, so some of the clan think they’re heroes. At the same time, they stirred up trouble with the Lunars, including a massive weregild, and deepened the feud with the Emerald Sword, so some of the clan think they’re Trouble People. It’s great how “completing the quest” actually set them up for more problems down the road. Great job Ian and Jeff! I’ll have a few thoughts on how the play developed in another post and then probably a post with some rules questions that arose.
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    The Guardian reports that the British Museum has finished cataloguing the Southend-on-Sea burial. Article link below https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/09/britains-equivalent-to-tutankhamun-found-in-southend-on-sea?utm_source=pocket-newtab
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    I am loving BRP central, myself This Page is honestly some of the best experiences in the cyber realms I have had since pre-net days of Stadtel BBSs run on the fabled atari 1040st-—Sherman, set the way back machine to the 80s. The Rrrock, and oh damn can't remember the name of the BBS (citadel?) but it was the best ever and the SYSOP was King of the Popes (Hey Bald Dwarf, are you out there? C'com Dimitrius, I know your here). The conversations were long, short, airy, eriudite, hilarious... and now a massage from the swedish prime minister... slap itty slap itty slap... heated and often helpful. Especially if help was asked for! And best of all from around the world (often on the SYSOPs and his slow friend's dime). Hell there was a thread about super-string theory was easily as long as the Pavis and the three billion questions thread found in the Glorantha Forum! Anyway should a praise thread be needed why doesn't some one do so and begin this anew there... You can quote me on that. Oh hell I think I will do that anyway...
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    Probably a third comes from sources, a third is misremembered stuff and a third is made up stuff. The problem is when people claim their made up stuff is actual stuff, or when two people are doing the same. That's the problem. Some people argue about their own ideas and treat them like canon, only to dismiss other people's ideas as made up. It can get quite ping-pongy, with I said You Said I said You Said. Sometimes they contain useful information, often they don't. The Page Down Button is you friend.
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    KALAVAN (Lodril Hastus, the Spear God, the Cult of the Invisible Spear) Vestkarthen first came to earth inside the Spear of Aether, thrown down to destroy a chaos thing. The Spear broke and the hot fury of Vestkarthen went into the Earth. Kalavan (or Lodril Hastus as he is known in the North) is the First Spear, the war god of the common people. While he is worshiped openly in Caladraland and Esrolia, Kalavan’s cult is suppressed in Peloria, Dara Happa and Teshnos, where the ruling class fears his might. There, his worship is kept alive by the Cult of the Invisible Spear, who honor him in secret in the fields and barns where the overlords never go, disguising their martial drills as “traditional peasant dances.” Worshipers of Kalavan have heard rumors that a great hero of the Invisible Spear has begun gathering followers in the wild lands near Dorastor. Though who they will fight for in the Hero Wars remains a mystery. Rune Lords of Kalavan are called Fire Spears. Candidates must have a POW of 15+, a Mythology (Vestkarthen) skill of 50%+, 90%+ in 1h or 2h Spear, and 90%in four other skills chosen from Battle, Scan, Orate, Sergeant, Cunning, Secretive, Disciplined, Pike and Shield, Lunge, Phalanx Tactics, Volcanic Thrust, Dance, Exotic Weapon (Shoot Lava), Thrown Weapon, or any Cult Rune. CULT PERSONALITY SKILL: Sergeant, Cunning, Secretive, Disciplined CULT SKILLS: Pike and Shield, Lunge, Phalanx Tactics, Volcanic Thrust, Dance, Exotic Weapon (Shoot Lava). Lunge (Attack Skill): A special attack that allows the user to move up to Lunge/20 meters forward in a straight line and attack once in the same melee SR. Requires Lunge, Balance, and a primary Melee Weapon Attack using either a 1h or 2h Spear, 1h dagger, 1h sword, rapier, or a similar impaling weapon. Attack is resolved at the lowest of the three skills and cannot be interrupted by held actions. On a successful hit, the number of hexes moved is added to the damage. Many dueling schools teach this fairly common technique, especially in Peloria (where it’s taught with the scimitar) and in Heortland and Safelster (where the rapier is favored). The cult of Vinga claims Vinga invented this technique and teaches it with spears. Pike and Shield (Attack Skill): Allows the use of a 2h Spear (Long Spear or Pike only. Halberd and Naginata are too unwieldy) while wielding a shield. Attack is limited to the Pike and Shield skill or the Spear skill, whichever is lower. This skill is taught by the Yelmalio cult and several Lunar phalanx gods. Volcanic Thrust (Agility Skill): This unusual technique is derived from the religious dances of the god Lodril (called Vestkarthen in Dragon Pass and the Holy Country). The attacker attacks from a prone position, usually after a fall, thrusting upward with his spear. This attack negates any offensive penalties from being prone and applies a Skill/20 bonus to damage. If the attacker can stand, he will be standing (as a free action) at the end of the attack. Attack is limited by the attacker’s Volcanic Thrust, Dance, and Spear skills. If the attacker is standing at the start of his SR, he can dive to the ground, move up to 1m, Volcanic Thrust, and return to his feet. In this case, the attacker’s Dance skill/5 is added to his attack skill. Note: Pikes, Naginatas and Halberds are too unwieldy to use effectively with this technique. Taught by the cults of Lodril, Vestkarthan, and the Volcano Twins cult of Caladra & Aurelion. CULT SPIRIT MAGIC: Strength, Bladesharp DEATH RUNE MAGIC DEFEAT HORSE NOMAD (Rune Magic, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt). Each pt of the spell gives the target a +10% to hit and +2 to damage and +10% to resistance checks vs. Pentians or similar foes (Char-Un or Grazelanders for example). DEFEND AGAINST INVADER (Rune Magic, Touch, Stackable 1 pt). Each pt of the spell gives the target a +10% to hit and +2 to damage and +10% to resistance checks vs. invaders who wage war on the croplands of peaceful farmers. NOTE: This spell only works when the Spear is fighting on his home territory. DESTROY OPPRESSOR (Rune Magic, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt). Each pt of the spell gives the target a +10% to hit and +2 to damage and +10% to resistance checks vs. oppressive noblemen or their deputies who abuse their farmers. PIERCING SPEAR (Rune Magic, Touch, 2 pts). This spell doubles the crit and impale chance of the target weapon. REACHING SPEAR (Rune Magic, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt). Each point of this spell allows the wielder of the affected weapon to make melee attacks 1 additional hex away with no penalties. FIRE RUNE MAGIC SHIELD FIRESPEAR (Rune Magic, Touch, Stackable, 1 pt.) Replaces Spear damage with 3d6 Fire damage. Each additional pt adds +1d6 Fire damage. SHOOT LAVA (Rune Magic, Touch/Ranged, 3 pts) This spell allows the user’s spear to shoot lava at anyone in range. Shooting Lava is Missile Weapon Attack with an SR of S/MR. Damage done is 1d6 per MP expended, and each MP spent after the first adds one SR to the firing time. Preparing another blast costs 5 SR. Armor protects normally. Shoot Lava is an Exotic Ranged Weapon Skill and can be trained normally. Lava can crit but it doesn't impale and receives no benefit from Damage Bonus. EXAMPLE: Blackkettle has a Dex SR of 1. If he casts Shoot Lava in SR 1, he can ready to fire +5SR, then fire a blast of 6d6 (5 Extra MP and +1 Dex SR) in SR 12. The next round, he decides to shoot a 12d6 blast in SR 12 (11 Extra MP + 1 Dex SR). The round after that, he fires a 4d6 blast in SR 4 and a 3d6 blast in SR 12. He must roll his Shoot Lava skill to hit each time. DISORDER RUNE MAGIC MORALE UPRISING (Rune Magic, Ritual, Range = 10m x Ceremony Skill per point, Instant, Stackable, 1 pt.) This spell must be cast from a hearth, Lodril shrine or temple, or specially prepared bonfire in the caster’s home territory. It informs all Vestkarthen/Lodril worshipers within range, regardless of subcult, to arm themselves and rally to a specific point as quickly as possible. It may only be cast in times of emergency and anyone using it frivolously will be attacked by Spirits of Reprisal. Multiple Spears can pool their uses of Uprising to extend the radius, but in this case, only a single rally point can be designated. KALAVAN’S SECRET (FIRE RUNE MAGIC) FIREFORM (Rune Magic, Self, 3 pts) The caster and his gear are covered in flames. All the caster’s weapons, including natural weapons, do 3d6 damage as if Firebladed. Any missile weapons thrown or fired are automatically Firearrowed. The caster is immune to fire damage for the duration of the spell and anyone attacking the caster with a natural weapon takes 3d6 damage to the appropriate location. Fireform is also known as Human Torch (by Lodrili) or Walking Volcano (in Caladraland).
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    I really, really hope we continue to see HeroQuest sourcebooks set in Glorantha. I was excited about the return of RuneQuest, as it was the game system that introduced me to Glorantha, but the more I interface with the new RuneQuest the more I yearn for the rich mythological and cultural detail of HeroQuest. I debated between HeroQuest and RuneQuest for my new campaign and we ultimately decided on RuneQuest, but I can’t tell you how often I wish I had pushed harder for HeroQuest. Even so, we’re playing 11 Lights and almost all my prep and research time is spent with HeroQuest materials. Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes is better than anything ever published for any edition of RuneQuest, imo. The only place where the new RuneQuest material surpasses the HeroQuest sources is in the art and production budget. I would love to see the HeroQuest books with the art budgets of the new RuneQuest line. Still, I prefer the setting as described in HeroQuest and we can apply the updated visuals to the world from the RuneQuest materials. Thanks again for all the lovely work put into HeroQuest Glorantha. I look forward to any additional books you’re able to produce, even if we have to wait a long time in between.
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    In 1625, the three metropoles, along with Glamour and Elz Ast, form the core of Lunar Heartlands culture. In each of these cities, the Lunar Way and the Dara Happan traditions are deeply merged. The only folk who might view the Lunar Way as a dangerous innovation are young Lunar aristocrats who try to show how Illuminated they are (especially if they aren't) by pointing out the dangers of the Lunar Way. The Red Emperor has been the ruler of Dara Happa for nearly four centuries - which actually makes his "dynasty" the longest-lived Dara Happan dynasty of Time. Pretty much every Yelmic aristocratic family is descended or otherwise related to the Red Emperor (who is after all the highest priest of Yelm). Each city is a world to itself, but also each city has its specialisation for which it is best known: Alkoth stands out for its martial spirit. The "Sparta of the Lunar Empire". Raibanth stands out for its endless rituals and ceremonies. Proxies of the Red Emperor perform a ceaseless procession of sacrifices, chants, and other ceremonies intended to keep the world in Golden Age harmony. Many of these rituals serve no obvious purpose, but are done because they have always been done. Only 20 miles from Glamour, Raibanth has a similar relationship with Glamour as Assur had with Nineveh. Yuthuppa is the "city of scribes" or the "city of sky-gazers". The city is the centre of the Irrippi Ontor cult, and is where promising youths go to study to become the imperial scribes who administer the Lunar Empire.
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    We are discussing the content of Rune Fixes 2.
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    Yes, this. I have an account and post here and there but FB is useless to actually follow a topic. I do not FB every hour of every day, instead I may check my feed once or twice a week. Trying to find posts relevant to me as opposed to the garbage FB wants me to see makes it worthless. If the information is on the companies site in a format that I can search and read, like a forum, then I follow it. If I have to dig through social media feeds to painstakingly excavate small grains of news, then I go find another game. The only thing that screams "do not buy our products" louder that over reliance on social media is defaulting to PODcasts. If I don't have time to search and skim through pages of social media streams, how can anybody think I have hours to listen to people babble about minutia just in case they actually mention a usable piece of information. I may sound a bit harsh, but I work full time with a hour+ commute. I actually love my job, but my gaming time is very very limited and I absolutely refuse to squander it digging for information that should be being pushed to me. The social media and PODcast craze masquerades as methods of easy communication, but the reality is it makes product information virtually impossible to easily access. Quick, in less than 5 minutes tell me if the 50 minute PODcast gives a release date and price. Quick, jump on FB and in 5 minutes or less find that post from sometime last Wednesday. Pretty much the only companies I really bother with are the ones that maintain active forums with an actual company presence or they maintain and actual updated website with a news page/blog. Well I guess I should end my rant now 😳
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