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    Actually, the campaign takes place in Charlotte. The players are actually in Boone, N.C. area.
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    I start a Superworld Campaign this Sunday (if all goes well) with a LARGE group of people interested. We're making characters beforehand but I'm using the optional xp rules from the Superworld Companion as well (and bending quite a few rules for some of the powers that people want). I hope the campaign will go for a while, allowing the handout of hero points to eventually make the heroes more powerful (unsure if we'll get to cosmic power for a very long time or not). I video recorded the play test game (which took place in 1984), audio recorded it, and there is a role playing journal up online of what happened. The campaign that starts Sunday will take place in 2014 and be located in Charlotte, N.C.
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    These are my thoughts regarding 7E as it stands (as a play test draft before editing at least) i may end up posting this on the Chaosium site (as I’ve been invited to). My ideal Call of Cthulhu would have an unobtrusive system that was basically tidy in play, without drawing attention to itself. The core mechanic would be ‘roll high for success, below the skill score’ which would resolve contested rolls. Criticals would be based on matching dice (00, 11, 22, etc) below or above the skill score (with fumbles being over) and maybe having ’00’ being low rather than high to keep the maths balanced. I’d have less, more consolidated skills and some sort of link between Characteristics and Skills, along with Characteristics being translated in % scores as necessary. The game would remain as backwards comparable in terms of character profile as possible however. I’d disassociate Sanity with Power, and provide a mechanism for spending Magic or Power points as some sort of luck/fate mechanic if necessary. I’m not dogmatic in these wishes, and would quite happily accommodate different approaches within the game. That said, I find much of the rules approach taken in this edition to be quite heavy handed. ‘Pushing the roll’ is fine by me, although the bonus/penalty dice is more clunky than the application used in D&D5e which bears some similarity. Having a ‘tri-stat’ notation for every skill and characteristic seems like an over proliferation of data to myself, and the provision of a table to help work these things out along with an automatic ‘x5%’ conversion for all these stats, tends to belie any notion that the game is simplified in any practical way. Indeed, it’s really just become a more complicated system overall. I’m honestly not that interested in the new Chase rules (an entire chapter!) particularly, while the rational for the provision of this set of rules (along with a full combat chapter for the first time) tends to give away the perspective of the game that has driven all these changes: the game designers feel that CoC needs more support to be an action game. It’s an irritant to me, therefore, that this new material has been included at the expense of less ‘gamey’ content like Lovecraft’s original eponymous story and the ‘De Rerum Supernatura’ chapter. In short, less cerebral atmospherics and more action rules. I appreciate the art and the full colour presentation, and note that this is still the same game as previous editions (at a fundamental level). However, the rules revision itself is a bit mediocre, unfortunately, for me.
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