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    OK - the problems have persisted, but we've been able to post the following to our KS backers: "The bad news is that the printer is *still* having problems with the standard editions of Pirates & Dragons. The good news is that, due to the utter coolness of our print partner, DriveThruRPG, we're going to be able to send all you people who are still waiting for your standard hardbacks a premium hardback of the rulebook for no extra cost! We'll start sending them out next week." Thank you for your patience
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    BRP is a skill-driven system. The easiest way to balance it is simply to to cap a starting character's skill to a certain level. So maybe some characters will start with more skills than others, but they won't necessarily be better. And being better at something doesn't mean being best - those dice can be cruel. Characters with superiority complexes tend to die off faster than less skilled realists. If someone wants to play a specific race with some massive stat-boosts - yes, I'm looking at you, Iqari - it's time for those GM soft tools. Pretty sure I could go to town making the life of a giant birdman (or elf or dwarf) in a human society more complicated than not. And I'm not talking about screwing a player over, but simply playing up the differences in culture, problems of communicating, lack of compatible equipment, and the pretty much inevitable witchhunt when a homogenous society needs to blame something on someone. Or simply say "no, that race isn't a viable choice". Magic can be extremely powerful in the BRP-games. RQ6 gives you a lot of tools to help you get it right for your game. The BGB makes powerful magic more available, but at a price, both in skillpoints and magic points. If you use the fatepoint-option from the BGB with a twist, the mundane warriors can spend their powerpoints on rerolls, success-shifts and epic grit, while sorcerers must save them for their spells. "As for the GM avoiding using overpowered options, the problem with that is knowing which options to allow and which to disallow; and if adjustments need to be made, knowing what adjustments you need to make. And where RuneQuest has a lot more "Make your own enemies" than Pathfinder does (which has a massive assortment of disserent creatures and prebuilt NPCs to use), it's hard to know what sorts of damage output and success rates are reasonable" And that's an issue, I agree. This is very much trial and error-territory.
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    Having only experience with RQ6 (so far) and no experience with magic in any BRP derived games (not even in old RQ or CoC) I can only comment on a very limited experience (sorry about that). If you compare a combat with ogre against martial combatant (with weapons) and spell user (that might also know something about weapon combat) you have to consider some things. First of all, a proficient warrior doesn't run out of magic points that might not replenish anytime soon depending on the setting. Certainly fatigue can be a factor here but that ogre is as prone to fatigue as the warrior. Spell user casts the spell and delivers the effects (if they are not mitigated by willpower) and that's it. At the same time warrior can use special effects to create interesting tactical choices and ways to make that ogre a non-threat (whether by killing it or using non-lethal ways). So, without actually using any of the magic systems in RQ6 I have the feeling that there still is a place for non magical characters, even in combat. My experience with OpenQuest is from reading Company and Renaissance SDK. It really seems to be a bit lighter to run than RQ6 or Legend. As for other races (demihumans) certainly higher and lower stats affect skills but I don't know how much. I suppose elves should get more skill points because of their longevity but since this is the common problem in all fantasy games (for example in Rolemaster) I would just say that the particular elf is so young that he gets to spend as many skill points as normal starting characters.
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