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    I was curious what the other folks at BRP central have to say about 5e. I think 5e is in a much closer category to d100 than 3 and 4 were. I feel it's particularly close in function to MagicWorld, or perhaps OpenQuest. It's no longer magic item collection focused. Magic items are a rare and cool thing, rather than par for the course. They reigned in the upper levels of magical power significantly. Magic is a bit less pervasive in 5e than it is in most of the d100 fantasy games, since most of the d100 fantasy games seem to suggest that everyone should have some kind of magic when magic is an option. They've gone back to a similar feel 2e had in many ways. Personally, I have yet to be convinced I want 5e; we'll see about that in the future, however (and if they're any good this edition -I think they did a poor job with the setting in 4th-, I will likely still go out and pick up the forgotten realms books, even if I'm not using the system). In short, it looks alright, but I've not seen anything about it that says to me "Pick me! Pick me!", unless I really wanted to run a 2e D&D setting (I wouldn't want to go back and replay 2e itself).
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    So as there is apparently no future projects in the immediate pipeline, and as we've been told that if we want CotFE stuff we'll need to write it ourself, I'm starting a thread where those so inclined can make their own contributions to Ms. Newton's charming world. Of course nothing that follows can be considered entirely 'canonical,' but then, when has that ever stopped us! I'll begin: The Sickle Islands, The Pirate Theurges, and the Ing Shu. A curving chain of rocky, largely volcanic islands that stretches far into the Middle Sea. Ancient ruins are frequent upon the craggy slopes, and in the depths of the many shallow bays and coves. The most legendary of these drowned cities is Roma the Eternal. Legend has it that a fabled demi-god, Cezar Julus, sleeps in a tomb-temple within this ageless city, awaiting the time when he will waken and again rule the world. The Scils are rocky islets at the southern end of the Sickle Islands that are the home of the Pirate Theurges, wizardly pirates who extort princely sums from those who ply the waters around their islands. Chief among these is Hareela Thun, Queen of the Scils, and captain of the Empress of the Storms, perhaps the greatest warship upon the Middle Sea. She commands a horrible aquatic demon, the Syclla, which dwells in a marine grotto somewhere in the Scils. The amphibious Ing Shu are frequently found in the waters of the Sickle Islands, having established colonies in many of the drowned cities of the Ancients. Ing Shu, amphibious non-human race. The Ing Shu have two meter long eel-like bodies. At the lower part of their body they have stumpy lobe-like fins, upon which they can walk with an awkward, waddling gait. Their heads have a dome-like kneel, that contains their sonar organs. They possess two pairs of tentacles growing from their lower jaws; the outer tentacles longer than the inner. These tentacles are used for manipulation: the outer pair for more physical work, while the inner pair are reserved for fine manipulation. They are mammals, and give birth to live young. They are tireless enemies of the Atalaq, who are known to raid their creches to prey upon their young. Their main economies are fishing, and scavenging the sea-beds for various treasures which they trade to to the land-dwelling folk for metal goods and the like. STR 3D6+3 CON 4D6 SIZ 3D6+6 INT 3D6 POW 3D6 DEX 3D6 APP 3D6 HP 14 average Movement Walking/Swimming 3/25 Special Echo-location: As per the Super Sense. Must stay moist: After an hour out of water they must have their skin wetted, or suffer the loss of one point of CON. This continues for each remaining hour that they remain dry. Blubber: Their blubbery hide gives them 2 AP. Poor Eyesight: They are extremely near-sighted. Any tasks dependant upon long-range vision are difficult actions. Dual Actions: Their outer and inner tentacles can wield weapons simultaneously. But see below. Weak Inner Tentacles: Use Strength/2 for the weaker inner tentacles. Sonic Blast: As per energy projection (Level 2). Note that out of the water they use this ability as Level 1. This is a focused blast of stunning sound waves. For determining their total pool of available power points, CON/3, rounded up. Can Drown: They are air-breathers, and must routinely surface for air. The total time they can remain submerged is (4) times their CON in minutes. They are able to dive to a depth of 30 meters times their CON. Hit Locations: D20 Roll Location AP/HP 1-2 Tail 2/5 3-5 R. Leg 2/5 6-8 L. Leg 2/5 9-11 Abdomen 2/6 12-15 Chest 2/6 16 *R. Tentacle -/4 17 *L. Tentacle -/4 18-20 Head 2/5 *50% of either inner or outer-most tentacle being struck. Skills: Projection: Sonic Blast 50%, Spear 45%, Speak Low Sakaraic INT+30%, Bargain INT+20%, and Swim 60+DEX%.
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    All this talk got me jonesin' for some Pleistocene love. I'm sure everyone has seen Quest for Fire. If you havne seen 'Ao The Last Neanderthal', give it a go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0P0vsWAXtg . There are some historical liberties taken and a few scenes a little hard to believe, but overall it's entertaining and worth watching. There's some good story ideas to harvest.
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    Well, this is the "more games" forum so anything goes. Players are free to object when I don't use feats in the 5E games I run, but to no avail. Feats are the number one reason for referee burnout and munchkinism. On the other hand, I'm sad to see skills downgraded - the only reason I got into 3E in the first place was because they introduced a skill system. In fact, on-and-off I tinker with a d20 game that is entirely skill-based, and has no levels. It's quite interesting.
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    I'm running the 5E Starter Set at the moment (in fact just I spent the entire weekend doing it!). It's pretty cool for D&D, possibly my favourite edition as far as RAW goes. I actually miss the 3.0E / 3.5E / Pathfinder skills, though, which I thought were the best bit in the whole reboot. In fact I'll be trying out some house rules that more or less get rid of levels and turn it into a skill-based system (although classes are still there in a way as a setting thing, which is very rigid in terms of guilds and the church). Still, if you like D&D you sgould have a high probability of liking 5E. There are a lot of clever things to speed up play. For example there are very few bonuses and penalties, they are just replaced by a simple advantage / disadvantage system - roll two d20a, and pick the higher (for advantage) or the lower (for disadvantage). Much better than all the different modifiers from the old days (of RQ as well as D&D). Anyway, I'd recommend running or playing in the starter set game, that will quickly make up your mind.
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    Daagathla, the Lords of the Drowned Dead Horrid monsters that are a amalgam of kraken and fish, these invaders from an alien realm dwell in submarine caverns or subterranean lakes. Often they are worshipped by the P'Tek and the Atalaq. They worship the Reaver Gods, as well as their own alien deities. STR 5d6+6 CON 6d6+10 SIZ 5d6+20 INT 4d6+12 POW 4d6+12 DEX 4d6+3 APP 1d6+2 HP 32 Average Move Swim/Crawl 30/2 Special: Snare of congealed water: The Daagathla can transform water into a sticky, viscious slime, which they can use to drag down and drown foes. Even aquatic creatures can be drowned with this stuff, as it blocks the gills. Treat as the Snare Projection power, level 12. Particularly ancient Daagathla may have this ability up to level 24. Wall of thickened water: The Daagathla can use their power over water to create a wall of thick, ropy slime to protect them from incoming attacks. Treat as the Barrier power, level 4. Particularly ancient Daagathla may have this power up to level 8. Psychic Powers: The Daagathla possess the following psychic abilities: telepathy, eidetic memory, and mind control. Sorcery: The Daagathla has a 50% chance of possessing a number of sorcery spells equal to 1/3 of its POW. It can cast these spells at a level equal to its INT+10%. The Drowned Dead: Creatures drowned by the Daagathla raise as zombies, controlled by the Daagathla, some 24 hours after their death. They must remain moist, or again collapse into true death: the amount of time they can remain out of some liquid medium is equal to their hit points in hours. The number of such revenants that a Daagathla can control is equal to its POW. Link to water: To use the first two powers the Daagathla must have at least 2/3 of its body in water. Daagathla can only remain out of water equal to their CON in minutes, after that they begin taking CON damage at a rate of 1/minute. Attacks: Attack Damage Tentacle Lash 50% 1d6+Average Damage Modifier of 3d6 They can make up to 4 tentacle lashes/round. Armor: 2 AP scales and slime D20 Result AP/HP 1 Arm 1 --/8 2 Arm 2 --/8 3 Arm 3 --/8 4 Arm 4 --/8 5 Arm 5 --/8 6 Arm 6 --/8 7 Arm 7 --/8 8 Arm 8 --/8 9 Arm 9 --/8 10 Arm 10 --/8 11-15 Body 2/13 16-20 Head 2/13
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    1d8+DB, will you write the next CoFE supplement please?
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