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    I'm taking a Bible as literature course this semester. For the second half of the class I have the option of doing a creative project rather than a second paper. I'm seriously considering doing a RPG supplement for the world of the Old Testament using the Legend system. I know this has been done already with the Testament RPG, but this would be a different system. And I'd be doing my best not to peek at Testament as I'm working on the supplement. Magic and miracles would be one of the more complicated aspects to the project, but as luck would have it my first paper is on magic in the Old Testament,
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    Hey all, I am currently laying out the Chronicler's Companion. It contains all of the material that Mr. Monroe stated earlier in this thread BUT with the addition of the Horsechester material that Mr. Richard LeDuc has written. The Horsechester material consists of a sourcebook detailing the village and environs of Horsechester as well as three scenarios that take place in and around the region. Look for it in the next couple of months. I'm going to try to get it to GenCon. Nick Nacario Magic World Guy Chaosium Inc. CORRECTION: The scenario in the back of Horsechester is a three part scenario, NOT three scenarios. Sorry for the mistake.
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    With Dragon Lines, I wanted to create something that used the existing rules more or less as-is, but repackaged in a way that allows for greater flexibility than in normal in BRP. It is very much a "draw from existing material" project, and as such fits in with a lot of how BRP and MW have developed. The Philosophical Engine & Expanded Allegiance is sort of the opposite of this approach. While it is always nice to get classic material back into play, I was noting that there wasn't a lot of new mechanical stuff coming out. At the time, my personal Hermetic practice was being infused by an influx of Jewish works on Kabbalah, and it occurred to me that, with suitable tweaking, some elements of the Tree of Life could be used as the basis for a DIY religion (which is how the Hermetic stuff works anyway). The article in the Chronicler's Companion is an expression of this idea in a game-rules format.
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    I know this wasn't directed at me, but I wrote that section and can give you an overview. The chapter is called "The Philosophical Engine & Expanded Allegiance", as there are two parts that mesh together. The first part, The Philosophical Engine, is a system for creating religious thought systems, cults, philosophies, and other religio-spiritual belief systems. The Engine is based on the Light/Balance/Shadow Allegiance system, but can be adapted to represent other forces. Essentially, you determine the basic nature of a belief system, and determine specific, concrete ways to express that belief system in the game. Doing so grants Allegiance points to that force. For examples, I use a religion followed by orks, called The Red Way. Orcs who follow The Red Way earn Allegiance to Shadow by acting according to the precepts of the Way. In contrast, the dwarven religion of Burianism grants is followers Allegiance to Balance for following its precepts. The second half, Expanded Allegiance, uses the character's Allegiance score. As character's Allegiance gets higher, they unlock certain benefits. Some of these are game-mechanical, like a point of person POW if you don't have enough for Sorcery, while others are mostly story-related. Like, you may attract a small cadre of followers who seek to learn your teaching, or you create a Holy Text that influences the world in subtle but extensive ways. Taken together, the two articles allow both players and Game Masters to craft belief systems & philosophies, and a means of having these systems interact with both the rules and the story in a meaningful way.
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    It's a bunch of stuff to help you get organized to run your game. And some extra bits to make your campaign more awesomer. Right now, I'd put it in the 96-120 pp. range. Specifically, here's the table of contents from my draft: Being a Magic World Chronicler Planning a chronicle Civilization NPC DIGEST Campaigning in the Southern Reaches The Philosophical Engine & Expanded Allegiance Enchantments FORMS But wait, that's not all! I'm talking to Nick and Charlie about taking the monograph "Horsechester" (not yet released), and including it in the Chronicler's Companion. That will add information on a small town to kickstart your campaign, as well as a few scenarios.
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