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    Me too! The AD&D monster manuals Chris converted are great but I would love to have a polished product with a lot of depth!
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    This could be modeled with a specialty skill like 'Perform Impossible Feat of Strength' xx%. It depends how loose you want to run.
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    Personally, for gods and 'cosmic' entities, I prefer the approach of defining 'environmental' effects that they cause when they intrude upon the mortal plane: "for every round that Wuwuuwu the Wobbly is present, all 'unbelievers' within a 100 meters of the god, must make a dodge, or take 2d6+3 damage in 'divine wrath.'" A full stat block infers that there is a possibly of combat with the god, and the possibility of the god/titan/great old one being slain by the player characters. It think it is better to treat them as 'forces of nature', that you might be able to survive, or even be enriched by, rarely; but in no way can you 'fight' them.
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    Actually with Chaosium doing a discount on pdf purchases at the moment you'd be better off going for Malleus Monstorum in pdf.
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    Thinking very strongly of running some of the Spider God's Bride this Summer.
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    This is the reply I got from the author of the conversion. Hope it's helpful to someone else!
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    I think I'm just the right amount of anxious. LOL
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